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Vision - "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings" invisibly driven by Prajna Dialectic in all domains and fields of all Activities and Relationships at all Places";

Mission - "Knowing more about oneself", Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position to regain one's innate [ Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Thing-As-It-Is ] in proper "Continuity of the Consciousness" according to DISCOVERED and SHARED (Prajna Way) underlying Natural Laws (thuận theo tự nhiên) which is battle of the TRUTH - TRUTH Is My Light - not the battle of any political power (isms) cross-cut all intelligent realms;

Execution - Implementing the Invisible Hands of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna and Economics" via KhaiPhong, Making Life Easier and Happier.

— AwakeningBudh / KhaiPhong

We are looking for qualified clients and/or partners via Chatham-House-Rule teleconference using Google Meet between Dr. Duong BaTien ( / 1-403-547-1287) and your Inner Circle (Persons, Esoterics, ETs). Please introduce yourself and state the Purpose of the Meeting - Canada/US Mountain Time.

The "Raison D'être of KhaiPhong and AwakeningBudh Movement"

  1. Starting from present Human Needs in (1.1) International Security threaten by doctrinal Chinese Han "group democracy" of the Communist party versus US "cheating democracy" of "I win You loose" on the "wait-and-see[R8]" of Europe and Arabsphere, plus Vietnamese and other countries Homeland Sovereignty, (1.2) Available resources from esoteric and human efforts having thousands of trillions US dollars from Illuminati Elites via Invisible Hand of Economics toward Globalization without a Quest and Scientific Solution in the moral "Value of the values" in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness" plus available Consciousness Technologies amongst intelligent beings (Humanitas, Esoterics, ETs), (1.3) Real quest of Dhyana-Samadhi (Thiền-Định) { "To be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Transcendental-Inner-Peace is Samadhi } and Mindfulness-Prajna (Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác) { "karma (binding and clinging forces) flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" } from all religions and civilizations but Not Yet scientifically deliverable, (1.4) Current realities of Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations[R20.5] all the ways up to the highest esoteric realms which are now divided in major conflicting forces trying to (1.1) re-brand its degenerated feudal systems into a new unified religion seen in VietNam, (1.2) perpetuate masters-slaves relationships of Lucifer (well known in Illuminati Elites) naturally failed in the past Esoteric / ET realms via cunning intelligence and bullying techniques of animal kingdoms - including a plan to wipe out 90% human population for easy management - trying to recoup its "cheating religion" again from Greed and Fears 180o opposite to the first re-branded religion, or (1.3) start new system based on their concrete technologies such as ETs or KhaiPhong / AwakeningBudh distributed systems from grass roots based on human fundamental rights of "Independence", "Liberated", and "Happiness" via DISCOVERING and SHARING TRUTH of underlying natural laws - TRUTH Is My Light - in verifiable "Living&Being" which can help other intelligent fractions actually knowing more about oneself in one's specific culture / manifestations of the real "Being&Living" rather than the cheating power game cross-cut all intelligent realms in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness",

  2. We "bring human and esoteric Available Resources" to start up "what most important in Opportunities for Doing Good" leading to the proposed solution of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" as outcomes of facing any event - visible or invisible, focused or sensing - from one's "Fibonacci Layered Inner Space" based on cultivable different depths of "Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Empty-The-Content" to harmoniously bring all concerned parties together based on their own "Continuously Right Efforts". It is not any more Accidental but Scientifically Discovered and Shared, starting from 2020-07-07 to be naturally selected as an Accountable Creator in a part of the Right direction of Responsible Creation. Consciousness is a form of energy which cannot be destroyed in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness". Naturally qualified by Nature as a person (Latin humanitas), one has an innate quality - commonly known as [ Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Compassion-Prajna defined by humanitas ] - to be outside the duality plane of conflicting consciousness for higher positive Fibonacci evolution or negative Fibonacci degeneration. The processes are impersonally regulated by underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED.

Value Proposition: Connecting significant dots together with New Discovery in layered No-Conflict Consciousness, KhaiPhong "target" is the "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" to verify Gotama's [ Mindfulness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm-Tỉnh Giác[D22] ] together with HuiNeng's [ Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind Fresh / Free from stain and attachment" }, [ Dhyana-Samadhi / Thiền Định ] { "to be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana (Thiền), and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi" }, and [ Samadhi-Prajna / Định-Tuệ ] { "Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna, while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi" }. The process points to the possibility of Not Only Managing karmic forces of one's reality having measurable progress based on one's securely and privately self evaluation to know more about oneself But Also the Power of Prajna in dissolving dominant karmic forces, Making Life Easier and Happier.

It has unique Value-Adds to actually deliver the solution of (1) Knowing more about oneself and measurable changes in Value of the values, (2) "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" at HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity) from seven different depths of Transcendental-Mindfulness under its unique "Design - Build - Execution" ranging from Free and Open Sources with qualified supports to "100% custom" from qualified professionals of relevant fields for reclaiming one's innate quality of "Latin Humanitas / The Kingdom of God from within / The Buddha Nature" in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness", (3) Experiencing Right Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Empty-The-Content toward Nothingness to naturally purify the tainted senses effortlessly dissolving dominant outdated marks, and (4) Changing oneself and environment via cultivable Fibonacci Layered Inner Space, further enhanced by recommendation feeds for constant [ Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental-Mindfulness / Wu-Nien ] and deepening cultivable [ Prajna ] toward What Count at both Depths and Breadths of all integrated Issues in the complex Dependent Nature of Right Existence.

The process starts with rationally knowing "[ Kiến Tánh / Awareness / Wu-Nien / Transcendental-Mindfulness ]" then through scientifical cultivation using modern tool Mu for frequent reflection in all activities and relationships, one can actually know that one's "Inner Space in F-dimension" of "Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within" (F stands for custom modeling Function) is more than all visibly physical and mental manifestations in "Riding The Ox". That "Fibonacci Layered Inner Space or Stock of Prajna" is scientifically cultivable based on Gotama's precious discoveries of Signed Posts as Fibonacci layeres around Y-dimension deepening toward the common denominator of "Oneness / Nothingness", together with your actualities in State of Prajna as Fibonacci layers around X-dimension - aka HuiNeng's Wu-Nien, Gotama's Transcendental-Mindfulness, KhaiPhong's Awareness, Vietnamese Kiến Tánh - evolving toward the Energy Column visible as "Detachment / HonNhien" cross-cut all intelligent realms (Prajna Way underlying Natural Laws - thuận theo tự nhiên). It is the deeper inner cultivations of eight (8) actually known layers by current living studends of KhaiPhong Inner Circle and circle of inner circles in Pushing HuiNeng's Three Nots (Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachmnet) toward the "Vietnamese Then What" in "positive Fibonacci evolution" for the practical manifestations of KhaiPhong Three Haves [ Awareness, Dependent, Prajna / Kiến Tánh, Duyên Khởi, Bát Nhã ]. Due to a very long evolution and degeneration caused by Ignorance, the Fibonacci ratings of wider vibrations are not always balanced in X-Y-F dimensions where current Ethical AI toward What Count[R23] can be fully integrated for better Normative and Positive Value of the values.

Presentations: (1) The "Sixth Turning of Understanding", (2) "Why has Gotama's Eightfold Path (solution of Dukkha) no pay-off?", (3) "Prajnaparamita - Esoteric injection of their Understanding" (4) "Madhyamaka - A proposed Model of Truth", (5)"Yogacara - Another proposed Model of Truth", (6)"Tantra - Energy Weaving in Transcendental Inner Peace", (7)"KhaiPhong & AwakeningBudh".

One can drop all burdens once actions completed to freshly and continuously put measurable Right Effort in Prajna for heavy lifting out of the duality plane of conflicting events - being part of elites in Trusted Leadership 4.0 - transcending both Christian and KungTzu doctrinal leaderships in harmonious measurable real benefits of the Right Society 5.0. The process can happen very quickly when "the one percent controlling world resources" change the core Value in competition unknown in entire human history up until 2015 in the Conference about "Morality - Market and Capitalism" to be better for oneself and the environment in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness". It is the first time in entire history of humanity and higher realms the [ Haves - Stakeholders - HaveNots ] have "Raison D'être - Exciting with Opportunities for Doing Good", due to the Right Dependent Nature from scientifically cultivable Prajna, driven by Invisible Hands of Prajna and Economics. KhaiPhong pipelines of elites - riding on invisible hands of Prajna and Economics - enable sustainable foundation for harmonious manifested diversities.

The book contents and discoveries are very valuable from this writer's personal view since (1) not knowing the underlying natural laws of Layered No-Conflict Consciousness, the higher esoteric realm of Buddhas, Gods, Allah, Bodhisattvas, Saints etc, had been degenerated in the past 60,000+ man-years known in humanity as the collapse of Illuminati Elites where Dhipankara Buddha was one of the degenerated, (2) Gotama had only a glimpse of Prajna and its utilities so he had been fallen into his own "crack" in 2500+ years of his Buddhist Sangha, (3) It took the writer 20+ years of dedicated scientific investigation to be accidentally solved by his cultivable Prajna in the past 50+ years. The book is considered as his unconditioned gift to humanity - always Free and available - in this link for pdf and this link for Epub-3.01 where we will develop an AI Reader for (1) remembering the book location where you last read from any device, (2) alerting you on any change in the book and its location, (3) serving as a collaborative tool of ontology concerning about what kinds of things exist, (4) text-to-speech translating letting you continuing the book reading, (5) taking your annotated comments and its locations on the go, and (6) most important of all being an AI tool to make your best use of available resources of this life time in your focused Continuity of the consciousness. Toward this end, the book will be rewritten into (1) KP-General - a Free book for general public to be the next version of this blog, (2) KP-Breakthroughs - technical contributions available at #KP-Breakthroughs managed hashtag for public comments and contributions from KP-Platform addressing Why all human philosophies and religions have failed up until 2021, (3) KP-Technologies - proven technologies and processes available at #KP-Technologies managed hashtag for public comments and contributions from KP-Platform addressing what actually known and personally directed by current living students as world sustainable Community Services, riding on real contributions from past knowledge while weeding out all criminals and professional scam artists.

It is chievable via (1) scientifically cultivable [ HuiNeng's Wu-Nien / Gotama's Transcendental-Mindfulness / KhaiPhong's Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh ] and PrajnaTIPs©® for Mindfulness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác in engaged living of Signed Posts via [ Dhyana-Samadhi / Thiền-Định ] { "to be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana (Thiền), and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi" } for the persona's Fibonacci Layered Inner Space to know more about oneself in (2) Worthy Relationships from (3) all "Activities" with relevant and intelligent Information at (4) all "Places" having one's tetrahedron building blocks according to Thing-As-It-Is Nature. Due to its special Position, and evolving Situations in many 1000+ years of fighting for Independence, Freedom, and Happiness, VietNam may be a starting point of this Real Melting Pot! It definitely knows the strengths and weaknesses of Feudalism, Communism, all Established cheating Religions, Capitalism, etc, moving toward Nationalism and Populism in practical meaning of The Differences between Dictatorship - Democracy / PHÂN BIỆT THỂ CHẾ ĐỘC TÀI - DÂN CHỦ (2020-07-04 unavailable now due to Vietnamese autocracy) toward higher Value of the values in Independence and Freedom toward a True Enlighten Happiness, then Sharing with the World the meaning of Returning to the Source with Triumphal Songs (unavailable due to the blah blah blah of Vietnamese degenerated esoteric systems). To speed up the process already proven by Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4], we wish to add in some esoteric information that Only the involved parties know our messages!

There exists "Continuity of the Consciousness" and - besides conscious planning - there is some connecting vibration that one feels close connection to some historical event such as "Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC" of the third president of the US who was one of America’s Founding Fathers and the primary drafter of the Declaration of Independence in 1776: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, ... with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" similar to (Independence and Freedom toward a True Enlighten Happiness). But that is only a painted Ideal fully exposed only after 245 years thanks to the Universal Moral Challenge of all Human Conscience - similar to the criminally cheating Love of the claimed Father God or cheating Bodhisattva Ideal from entire Buddhist history in VietNam and world wide in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism - if one does not have Inner Force as outcome of the innate solution from true Inner Peace to live in it, "discovered by Gotama as Transcendental-Mindfulness, by HuiNeng as Wu-Nien, and scientifically implemented by KhaiPhong as Awareness" innate from humanity upward and/or degenerated below Animal Energy impersonally happened by underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED. The naturally Transcendental-Inner-Peace (#EmptyTheContent toward Nothingness and Beyond) is the driving force of an Accountable Creator in part of Responsible Creation to manifest the Right Passionate Force - Not Wrong passionate force driven by Greed and Fears - in changing oneself and the environment toward What Count in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. "The politics of hate and post-truth politics" is still rampant up to July 4, 2020 in almost all Americans - so do the rest of humanity - due to the lack of this not-yet manifested innate Transcendental-Inner-Peace of { Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment }, "Not To Be Cheated" by all kinds of fake News driven by binding and clinging forces of slaved living most evidenced in the whole 4-years-term of US President Donald Trump leading to his trial as the first US president to be charged with misconduct in office for a second time 2021-01-14.

One of its founding member - Thomas Jefferson - did not live with what he said evidenced at the bottom line of "his Slavery practice" due to inner Conflicts and outer Conflicts of Greed, Fears, and Angers, similar to criminal High Priests of all cheating religions that the involved parties can actually know if 100% Honest with oneself and Care for oneself and the environment since No One can cheat the Nature in its many billions years of evolution. Only in engaged living, the party can know the real Truth. So does "Thomas Jefferson" present reincarnation and just recently discovered impostor of the reincarnation, currently playing a very important role in Vietnamese politics up to 2021-02-12! One thing is absolutely true according to Thing-As-It-Is Nature that the cunning mind in "the politics of hate and post-truth politics" gradually darken one's quality of the consciousness. But in this case, the reincarnation of "Thomas Jefferson" is currently a very successful entrepreneur riding on scientific contributions of Nikola Tesla and Tesla name and still can be a person having ET connection, whereas "the impostor of the reincarnation" is a remaining part of the criminal processes well kown as the "Lucifer Illuminati elites". It is much deeper but very similar to the "esoteric impostor Huỳnh Phú Sổ " (founder of a lay-Buddhist organisation Hòa Hảo 1939) as a part of 60,000+ years of the total collapse of the esoteric feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods that most parties in the rulling class do not know the "Right and Wrong / Conscience" of living driven by "Extreme Desire" according to underlying natural laws until it is too late due to the natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes. The bottom line is your "qualia" or quality of Fibonacci Layered Inner Space can be self-rated (measurable) and scientifically cultivable via measurable outcomes of your activities and relationhips in your Value of the values - economic resources directed by cultivable Prajna - toward What Count in your Continuity of the consciousness.

The writer likes to announce a "BREAKTHROUGH" in entire evolution then degeneration according to Tao Yin-Yang (neo-Malthusian) circle or continuing to further evolve according to Fibonacci sequence due to innate quality of "Human Nature / Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature / Consciousness of the consciousness / Outside the box" to be DISCOVERED and SHARED while "preventing the broken process due to individual Ignorance of dictators" in Too Big to Fail of all Intelligent Beings (Human, Esoterics, ETs) identified as an ability to know the "Right and Wrong / Conscience" evolving from a very long evolution of animal kingdoms, ranging from Instinct for the physical existence - including sexual instinct - toward a "wider Intuition (sixth sense) of information from the field" to Oracle of forecastings and simulations, plus "Thing-As-It-Is and one's comparative advantages - the seventh sense Prajna - to change the Event toward What Count" in "Making Life Easier and Happier" for the Whole in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

The "BREAKTHROUGH" is possible due to (1) available living students capable of innate Transcendental-Inner-Peace at different depths manifested from different conflicting angles of duality existence, (2) relevant outcomes of these desired qualities immediately applicable to high-valued impacts of pain points such as conflicting International Issues, thousands years of divisions and conflicting forces introduced by criminals and professional scam artists from all isms and religions driven by Greed and Fears, etc, (3) industrial revolution 4.0 to deliver KP-Platform with its essential building blocks such as Mu, PersonaDB, PersonaAI, Executive Information Portal / Executive Inter-Realms Portal plus innumerable injected microservices from communities at the grassroots Exciting with Opportunities for Doing Good, (4) modern quantum scientific discoveries and mathematics in descovering and describing underlying natural laws such as "Emptiness / Nothingness / Blackhole", and (5) theoretical and empirical proof of Fibonacci Layered Inner Space (positive No-Conflict Consciousness) plus its practical deliveries in #EmptyTheContent from conflicting consciousness. This is the First Time in entire human history and in entire existence of Esoteic Realms and ETs, there is a harmonious "Melting Pot" available first for Humanity then for other Intelligent Reamls defined in (1) Latin Humanitas (Biology, Compassion, Prajna), (2) Rule-of-Law for stability and Right Evolution, (3) "Too Big to Fail" in Finance which can be applicable to all important issues such as national security, humanistic healths and cultures, etc, of intelligent existences, (4) peaceful solution mathemtically proven in International Trades, and (5) possible "Fair Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations of DISCOVERED and SHARED underlying Natural Laws peculiar to different Realms of Existence". It is a "BREAKTHROUGH" to alert one's evolution in the "Right or Wrong path" toward What Count and its possible solution relevant to one's Things-As-It-Is based on intelligence of individual and the mass evolution "Outdide the Box" applicable to one's present conditiones!

With KhaiPhong Three Pillars from humanity: (1) Scientifically Cultivable Prajna and available accomplished students at different depths to actually deliver and further explore the outcomes, (2) Rule-of-Law for stability and Right Evolution from conflicting forces such as Public / Personal Security / Privacy, (3) "Too Big to Fail" in Finance applicable to all intelligent existences to assure natural evolution according to natural laws applicable to both humanity and all "intelligent realms", all parties can be a part of the New Era for faster evolution from one's current quality of the consciousness first raised up by the real Vietnamese Lady Trưng Trắc and her Generals capable to bring many practicalities to the cornerstones of democracy in all intelligent realms - Independence (Độc Lập), Liberty (Tự Do), and the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness (Quyền Mưu Cầu Hạnh Phúc) - where VietNam is a part in this modern complex and sustainable people-centric Human Rights. The solution is there since people having Prajna Dialectic are Not Stupid and there are scientific processes to move from conflicting forces in "The politics of hate 100% driven by Greed and Fears and post-truth politics" 100% driven by criminals and professional scam artists to the "No-Conflict line on the duality plane of conflicting forces called Relative Truth".

There is "No Choice" for you - Amitabha Buddha, Lucifer, other conflicting forces - and your esoteric-plus-human parties but change from immoral killing (fully aware and parts of the criminal plots by the human slaves in Vietnamese politics and investments), cheating and stealing culture of Voodoos. You already know your Voodoos (Bùa) imcomparable to cosmic energy according to underlying natural laws to be Discovered and Shared. Your Voodoos (Bùa) in breaking intelligent wholesome entity into [ body (xác), energy (vía), core (hồn / soul) ] and in controlling lower integrated intelligent beings is "incomparable" to the esoteric Voodoos (Bùa) curently controlling Christians and Muslims from illuminati elites, so do your financial and political powers in comparison with those curently holding the world financial, industrial, military and political powers. We look forward to the prediction esoterically revealed from minute 21:30 for all intelligent esoteric realms and ETs, plus "scientific processes of the Know-How" in sensing dominant forces that may lead to that prediction as we do have both the reincarnations of Zhuge Liang Kongming (Khổng Minh Gia Cát Lượng) and Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm as living students! If "Things Happened", this writer ultimate objective is to establish enforceable "Rule-of-Law" and transferable "criminal offenses" in all intelligent realms to protect "human / intelligent rights" away from the culture of cheating and stealing in your past degenerated feudal systems ruled by the past King 0f God (Cao Đài) and help spreading the cornerstones of Human Rights - Independence (Độc Lập), Liberty (Tự Do), and the Right to the Pursuit of Enlighten Happiness (Quyền Mưu Cầu Hạnh Phúc Thật) - in all intelligent realms from humanity upward. "Tetrahedron" building block having unique embedded ID to protect the Right to Integrity of the Person is the symbol of KhaiPhong in enforceable Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations.

Deliverable "Prajna Dialectic" - unknown in entire human history and Highest Esoteric Realms preventing future major inter-realms disaster happened - to the mass are ready from 2020-07-07 since KhaiPhong has qualified people to (1) know deeply underlying Natural Laws that no criminals nor professional scam artists in both human and esoteric realms from all isms can touch to kick start major Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations beneficial to all involved parties, (2) know both Prajna and modern technologies to direct the development toward the Right direction of What Count yet competitively sustainable as independent businesses due to minimum technical risk in the green field of Normative >< Positive Intelligence, and (3) know Mindfulness-Prajna plus direct senses of major world-wide movements to change "Bad Faith into Good Faith, zero-sum game into mathematically proven benefits of International Trade, and touching the True Happiness in one's Continuity of the Consciousness while harmoniously dissolving critical hot pots of international confrontations (Effortless Right Action / Wei-Wu-Wei / Bất Chiến Tự Nhiên Thành).

Truths are Not self-evident due to tainted senses which are applicable to all statements from greatest explorers such as Gotama in his assertion of Nirvana and Pari-Nirvana, Jesus in his "Faith" and cheating "Redeemer", all the way to the proven criminal God "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was GodJohn 1:1", and since the description is NOT the described. It is applicable to the highest realms, logically deducted by this writer when Avalokiteshvara-Bodhisattva came to tell us that she was an ancient Buddha! It is absolutely necessary to share one's discovery for scientifically testing to arrive at universal Truth of underlying natural laws! For example Gotama's discovery of the Dependent Nature, now scientifically proven by the second laws of thermodynamics applicable to all manifested phenomena. Yet without knowing the "Dependent Nature in No-Conflict Consciousness", he falls into his own crack of Pari-Nirvana, hallucinated himself with "possible liberation from Birth and Death" in subsequent reincarnations that No One in higher realms has taken him seriously! This is the required Trusted Leadership 4.0 - at the bottom lines of observable outcomes / Things-As-It-Is / "Nói Vậy Mà Không Phải Vậy" - of the Right Society 5.0.

Part of the beneficial reaction from this discovery should go to Avalokiteshvara-Bodhisattva for her courageous sharing, removing this very fine psychological hurdle in trial and error! Via "Broadcasting from Communication Hub" through the mind of a living KhaiPhong Sound Specialist - the identified present reincarnation of HuiNeng - this writer tells the Sound Specialist and his esoteric friends that "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" is now available via reversed engineering of actual states known by identified living students. Accumulated real resources preparing for the New World Order (NWO) from Illuminati Elites can be used in SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) for the benefits of all involved human and esoteric parties in one's "protected" Continuity of the consciousness.

The time from 2021 onward is Right for this very important event - Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations[R20.5] - since (1) the attempt has been explored by human and esoteric realms for a long time manifested in I-Ching plus other oracular processes, to automatic writing in forming Vietnamese Cao Đài Religion, to direct Voice Communication and Teleportation plus Chaneling, and finally to "Communication Hub" actually demonstrated by the front line living explorer of KhaiPhong Inner Circle using cosmic consciousness from Consciousness Technologies accessible from humanity upward in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness", (2) human radio technologies via Industrial Revolution up until 4.0 from 2021 onward has demonstrated proven required processes in "Too Big to Fail" via "Rule-of-Law" in distributed democratic processes of fundamental Human Rights of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" in the balance between "Private and Public Securities" where all intelligent beings can be "Accountable Creators and parts of the Wholesome Complex Dependent Nature in Responsible Creation", (3) verifiable and statistically significant integrations between radio technologies and consciousness technologies from different angles have been discovered and actually deliverable by living students of KhaiPhong Circle and circles of Inner Circles, ready to make happened discovered underlying natural laws of Invisible Hand of Economics driven by Invisible Hand of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" for the benefits of all involved parties in wide ranges of evolution.

The above [ Vision - Mission - Execution ] is measurable outcome of one's or aggregate "Right Effort" in all activities and relationships, making happened the Science driven by Invisible Hands of Prajna and Economics where The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence are outcomes of Prajna in democratising the Practicalities of "Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position" at different depths of Verifiable Emptiness and delivering solutions to Soyen Shaku's challenge: "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality [ due to one's tainted senses ]".

After the collapse of Illuminati Elites (NWO) and degeneration of many cunningly and unnaturally (immorally) developed esoteric and human entities, the present surviving elites are forced to take a critical look at the question "Should Corporate Sustainability Reporting Be Mandated" organised by Saïd Business School from Oxford University, the oldest English-speaking university (established in 1096) with its motto [ God is my light / Latin: Dominus Illuminatio Mea ] which claims as an Extra Ordinary School developing purposeful leaders. The Corporate performance includes financial, human and natural capitals such as Climate Change, resource depletion, pollution, social responsibilities such as employment relations, bribery, corruption, etc, which are mostly intangible assets and must be reporting to gauge the Corporate Sustainability by concerned parties. The market way - which depends on both sensible consumers, responsible producers and all concerned stakeholders - approach is suggested as the best way. Climate Change, Bio-Diversities, and Inequality are urgent questions to be addressed that cannot wait for the market-base approach of the past credibility and processes. People want decision makers (toward what targets and agendas?) to act Now. But up to 2021, most of human actions are GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out driven by Greed and Fears - leading to Ignorant Hegelian Dialectics rather than Prajna Dialectic of Thing-As-It-Is, "Making Life Easier and Happier".

The reality of Climate Change and Sustainability failed by past Illuminati elites was only recently alarmed by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg's tearful address to the UN. Its key message is "Change The System Not the Climate" then "Climate Change, Bio-Diversities, and Inequality" will be properly addressed. KhaiPhong's Three Pillars from humanity: (1) Scientifically Cultivable Prajna, (2) Rule-of-Law, and (3) "Too Big to Fail" will enable everyone being an Accountable Creator and a part of the Responsible Creation to change oneself and a force to drive all Activities and Realtionships at all Places toward What Count. China - a 5,000-years-old civilization and its future prediction - poses a very direct question to the "I win you loose zero-sum-game[R8]" when standards of living for billions people (around USD 10,200 GDP per capita) are raised to the Western level similar to Switzerland (around USD 80,189). The thread of "Greed and Fears" are more than ever relevant to both Christian and KungTzu Leaderships in the name of God and Heaven. Its solution is in the "Cultivable Prajna" accessible by all people in all activities and relationships - a hidden precious gem contributed by XuanZang and HuiNeng - to see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change oneself and the environment toward What Count.

Harmonious Diversities can only happen when the "Haves / Stakeholders / HaveNots" see the "Raison D'être" in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness" according to Natural Laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes for the floating up of higher and lighter quality of the consciousness[D32]. The purpose of human existence and its fundamental issue of "knowing more about oneself" has been explored by Gotama 2500+ years ago but failed by his Buddhist cheating Sangha, and Socrates leading to Latin Humanitas (biology, compassion, wisdom/prajna). A possible solution has been touched by few dedicated explorers known as [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental-Mindfulness / Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment } rated at seven (7) different depths in seeing Thing-As-It-Is and what most relevant in the focused issue. It is now available with the Sixth Turning of Understanding via Cultivable Prajna that transcends Christian and KungTzu Leaderships applied by Western countries and China up to 2021. We are looking for strategic partners in both Not-for-Profit AwakeningBudh and its technical arm KhaiPhong.

AwakeningBudh (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), KhaiPhong (2017, 2019, 2021)

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Price: Free. Once KhaiPhong infrastructure is available, you can be a Free registered member having your own Free Private Network and being owner of your unlimited private cloud database (already proven to 1000+ Terabytes). You have "Free first 5 GB cloud storage having Git (open source distributed version control system)" plus unlimited backup under your own management. Transaction data over paid storage will be available for AI public researches and can be reclaimed back to your private database within 1 month. A custom service is available to reclaim searchable legitimate data for your personal AI, placed under your own control. As a Free life-time non-transferable owner of the book and member of the book channel, you have up to two licensed digital copies per language managed from your PrivateHub on available devices. You can order a printed form of the latest version from your selected printer.

Communications with possible concerned parties:

The following parties have been contacted for critical inputs and/or amelioration of legitimate concerns:

  1. Plum Village (Thích Nhất Hạnh - Làng Mai).

  2. City of Ten Thousand Buddhas and Master Chin Kung.

  3. Maharishi Foundation Ltd for possible legal issue in Transcendental Meditation, and Yokō Tatsuhiko (1928-) for the copyright of the 'Ten Ox Herding Pictures'.

  4. The Dalai Lama, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, and Gyalwang Drukpa.

  5. Vietnam Buddhist Research Institute (Viện Nghiên Cứu Phật Học Việt Nam), Vietnam ICT Summit 2013 (Diễn đàn Cấp cao Công nghệ thông tin và truyền thông Việt Nam năm 2013), a proposed article then withdrawn for United Nation Day of Vesak Hanoi 7-11 May 2014.

  6. Thrive Movement, Nithyananda, Dr. Yeung (Lama Dondrup Dorje) of Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies, and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

  7. Islam World whose human / esoteric connection since 2008 is formally renewed in the announcement of the book, and Mr. Darryl Anka ( of Bashar Communications.

  8. Krishnamurti Foundation and Bhutan Gross National Happiness Commission.

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