Thursday, September 23, 2021

Table of Contents

1. Preface
- Prajna - scientifically cultivable Wisdom to "Know More about Oneself / Biết Mình Là Ai" and the Human Condition in one's Continuity of the consciousness - is another "Invisible Hand" to direct the "Invisible Hand of economics" toward What Count. It "Liberates" one from psychological "Knots or Burdens / Khai" then Frees one from the "Known / Phong", providing Right Foundation for "Innovative Development". Prajna is now deliverable, enabling "Being" a part of "Living" for a naturally qualified Latin humanitas legally protected in Human Rights or above as Announced 2023-09-07 in this video for the "Dignity" qualified by underlying Natural Laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED from humanity upward.


Having "Morality & Justice" on the Foundation of

Honesty & Care

in all Activities and Relationships at all Places from all Domains and Fields, "Making Life Easier and Happier".

"Honesty" is very fine built up from growing levels of "Conscience / Lương Tri of Right & Wrong in Wider Perspective of Dependent Nature of Harmonious Existence" - to be naturally qualified as Latin humanitas or above in positive Complex Fibonacci evolution - failed by "Cheating Confucius" in Thiên tử (天子) / Son of God (Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see similar to 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism[D19]).

"Care" can fill the incompleteness of Gotama's First (Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta / Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion[D20]) and Second (Anattalakkhana Sutta / Not-Self Characteristic[D20.1]) Discourses to turn his contributions - roughly and casually touched here / THE BUDDHIST TEACHING FOR PEACE 2023-04-21 - practical in scientifically verifiable and reproducible / TINH HOA GIÁC NGỘ TRONG TINH THẦN KINH DUY MA CẬT 2023-04-16, Confucius's contribution "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself" or the defectiveness from the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 7:12) “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you" from [ Kind Person / Người Tử Tế ] due to DISCOVERED Consciousness Technologies to detoxify tainted senses for (1) Knowing More about onself and (2) the Raison D'être of one's existence in Value of the values toward What Count[R23].

The key differences from DUY MA CẬT deductions at description level up to 2023-08-11 and KhaiPhong are (1) Thing-As-It-Is dukkha to be DISCOVERED underlying natural laws proven in modern Health Sciences - orthogonal to any complex issue of conflicting consciousness called Vertical Causation by Dr. Wolfgang Smith which can be in negative or positive Y-dimension at Transcending the Observed using Naturally qualified person as defined in Latin humanitas (biology, compassion, prajna) for a possible Harmonious Breakthrough Solution of Prajna Dialectic making all involved parties better off [ The negative vertical causation can Only lead to Hegelian Dialectic and can Not Transcend the Observed nor the Observer, may or may not Know Wu-Nien { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind Fresh / Free from stain and attachment" } - If you are a current human elite and know nothing about Detachmnent and Gateway-to-Oneness (Gotama's Jhanas) , you are in the degenerated cycle better use all available resources and Free Will to change yourself from degeneration due to tainted senses that you know if you still have a minimum level of conscience / lương tri to the Right Evolution according to discovered underlying natural laws in your Continuity of the consciousness - We can help ], (2) mass consciousness from grassroot contributions of Accountable creators and parts of the Responsible Creation 2023-04-16 - Making Life Easier and Happier in positive Complex Fibonacci evolution @ 6:25, and (3) there are wide ranges of consciousness qualities that one cannot BULLY others in cheating, stealing and cunning Intelligence of past Illuninati / Communist Elites and their esoteric criminal masters since it is "Universally Immoral and Against Underlying Natural Laws of Right Evolution" to be degenerated without Knowing Why / Buddhist Cosmic Unity evidenced in the total collapse of past esoteric feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods and their human slaves in International communist mafias copying the "Grand Inquisitor from the criminal Roman Catholic Church @ minute 44:40 of the video" (The Importance of Being Ethical). At implementation level, the differences boil down to the realization / implementation from selected areas for spreading to other areas of KhaiPhong Spiritual / Nghỉ Dưởng / Living Resources built and supported by the community: "Equanimity Community, raising from Tranquilty Community with Visible and Measurable outcomes" toward What Count relevant to one's Continuity of the consciousness from different Realms observable in countries like Switzerland, etc, riding on Invisible Hand of Economics directed by Scientifically Cultivable Prajna to bring together [ the "Haves >< Stakeholders >< HaveNots" ] of Personal Commitments / Exciting with Opportunities to Do Good / Democracy at Work.

It is the rationale for Inter-Realm Protection & Integrity of "IamX" via deliverable natural "Detachment" glimpsed and mathematically proven in Gödel’s theorem BUT Not Yet Scientifically Explored in all form realms as evidenced in the music from minute 3:50 and its annotations from heaven. The annotations are "cooking sand but blah blah blah as rice" since "a thought cannot get out of the thought just like 2500+ years of cheating Buddhist meditations on emptiness having No Payoff on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness. The "New Care Technologies" will validate democratic processes to effortlessly wipe out criminals and professional scam artists from all past isms in the Trusted Leadership 4.0 of the Right Society 5.0. The official conclusion of World Economic Forum (WEF) learned from China about KungTzu's "Trusted doctrine" was taken out which says something about the reality of "China, WEF and the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer played on both sides of Hegelian Dialectic" on the Duality Plane of Conflicting consciousness, and the Source of Conflicts identified by China since 2019 as "A Clash of Civilizations". Civilizations and Cultures are human endeavors In Search for the TRUTH and the Raison D'être of one's Existence. Out of these Turbulances and the Lesson learned from the total collapse of esoteric feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods, possible Solution emerged from the new Era of Humanity centered around "Security" under the Rule-of-Law with latest evidence in US - South Korean - Japan Security Pack, "Development" toward What Count from humanity upward under scientifically cultivable Normative and Positive Intelligence, and "Diversity" in multi-polar world from different angles to the TRUTH emerging from BRICS 2023 Summit. Via "Open Dialogue facilitated by advanced technologies", Chatham House has organized a new Venue to bring concerned parties together in the Responsible Creations of the Whole where "Double Standards / Empire of Lies" was publicly raised and the call for "Predictable Dialogues of Important Issues relevant to concerned parties".

All boil down to "TRUTH" beyond "Trust to hidden Cheating and Stealing as demonstrated here driven by Greed and Fears" to prevent "Too Big to Fail" in the total collapse of esoteric feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods, BUT Not All are Degenerated in masters-slaves relationships of entire humanity up to 2023. The solution is openly available from 2023 forward by KhaiPhong with (1) available technologies for Zero Trust Strategy having different levels of auditing depending on Value of the Needs, ready for Private Forensic Investigation to Verify the Agreement plus qualified Earned Trust and TRUTH if required, and (2) scientifically Cultivable Prajna Dialectic in the worthy definition of Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within from humanity upward. The Chatham House Venue forces opened the Issue of Multilateralism versus Universalism taken as the "TRUTH" imposed on humanity and publicly stated by EU as Not Any More a Blank Cheque to any institution and/or painted Ideal of the Past Civilizations from "China Cheating Confucius" and the "Hoax of Jesus Redeemer via US In God We Trust". It is the Key Solution KhaiPhong is trying to sell in a bigger scale to (1) China, (2) US/EU, and (3) Russia with Scientifically Cultivable Invisible Hand of Prajna Dialectic. Applying complex number of Complex Fibonacci in engineering feedback and feedforward control system, we develop scientific processes with required sensors in the participant's engaged Activities and Relationships at all Places to quickly move from negative Complex Fibonacci degeneration of cunning intelligence to Prajna Dialectic in the dynamic interactions of Inner Peace and Outer Peace - Making Life Easier and Happier and Freewill of the Right and Wrong according to the "Morality & Justice" of DISCOVERED underlying Natural Laws, statistically significant as epistemic "TRUTH".

Via natural Detachment plus Aspiration, a qualified practitioner can have [ Dissolution / Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness ] into No-Conflict consciousness such as singing and the singer - an Awareness [ Beyond the Self / Selfless / Buddhist Not-Self / Xuất Thần ] - also happened in playing music and the musician, dancing and the dancer, natural dissolution and the camper, etc, that we ask them reversed engineering to help many knowing #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness. The technologies enable "Being" into the "Living", having proven scientific processes to be DISCOVERED and SHARED closing the cycle from Oneness to diversities then back to Oneness "Making Life Easier and Happier in wider positive Complex Fibonacci evolution" of Harmonious Melting Pot. People having Prajna are Not Stupid and will Not Be Associated with those below naturally qualified human standards nor being cheated to glorify these degenerated animals such as the criminal "claimed Father God".

These technologies together with hard-earned engineering / management Know-Hows in Rule-of-Law and Too-Big-To-Fail will be exported to all form-realms from humanity upward to assure the Human Rights of Morality and Justice for one's Continuity ("IamX") of the consciousness where "criminal Voodoos against underlying Natural Laws must be "eliminated by their peers from "Good Forces" according to underlying natural laws who "Care" for oneself and the environment one a part. We must and can do something from 2023 in VŨ TRỤ BAO LA THẾ GIỚI MỘT NHÀ since innumerable cases before 2012 and after such as Robin Williams 2014, Prince (musician) 2016, Anthony Bourdain 2018, etc, were reported in the West Lucifer masters-slaves relationships to know Who you are and the Raison D'être of "IamX" existence; four subtle publicized criminal cases in VietNam involving both high-level esoteric masters and human slaves were (1) Bé Vân An 2022, (2) Lê Hoàng Long trường Gateway 2019, (3) Lê Hải An Thứ trưởng Bộ Giáo dục 2019, (4) Trần Đại Quang President of Vietnam 2016 - 2018.

The scientific processes are empirically observable from "Inner Qualities to Outer Qualities" as glimpsed from "The great heart will not be denied / ĐIỀU KHIỂN TRÁI TIM". So do KhaiPhong Scientifically Cultivable Prajna, discovering underlying Natural Laws to (1) #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingnes in the Y-dimension of Gotama's Samma-Samadhis to personally verify HuiNeng's Three Nots: "Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachment / Vô Niệm, Vô Vết, Vô Trụ" via seven achievable depths of [ HuiNeng Wu-Nien / Gotama Transcendental-Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh ] { Please have English subtitle of this video for the beginning of Scientific Cultivation of Prajna to manifest this "Transcendental Awareness" in solving current world affairs: (1.a) China's "A Clash of Civilizations" (1.b) Russia-Ukraine 2023 Conflicts, (1.c) Personal Issues of Elites, (1.d) Ism to bring its Prajna Dialectic to the table, (1.e) unfinished proposed projects to the Gov. of VietNam, and making this "Transcendental Awareness" available to the mass! } , (2) "Honestly Know" self-evaluated Inner-Qualities and priority of this life time via epistemic objective Inner-Space Cultivation - currently described in eight-steps of Complex Fibonacci evolution or degeneration for the manifestations of KhaiPhong's "Awareness, Dependent, Prajna / Kiến Tánh, Duyên Khởi, Bát Nhã for the contributions of Vietnamese living students" - which (3) can be fact-based self-evaluated at the bottom-line of one's [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] to fine-tune - with or without KhaiPhong KpSIS (Strategic Intelligence Service) - the ride on present existence as Agent of Changes toward What Count.

KhaiPhong and its KP Platform fill the incompleteness of Confucius's contribution and the defectiveness from the Prophets (Matthew 7:12) while raising "Honesty" to the required level of Socrates "TRUTH" at different depths and perspectives toward What Count of the Whole, first declared by Gotama as the foundation of human Virtue "Musà vàdà veramanì / Tránh xa sự nói dối" failed up to 2023-01-23 in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism. The Platform is the outcome of (1) the RE-DISCOVERED Consciousness Technologies from Buddhist Shurangama Sutra[D33] by the reincarnation of Trần Quốc Tuấn[R7.4] after personally experienced all Gotama's recorded Jhanas in 1970 as a graduate student from Canada, (2) Likes-attract-Likes plus Inner Vibrations to effortlessly join the present reincarnations of Ashoka's Inner Circle and circles of the Inner Circle people from different nationalities together, and (3) Available open-source technologies of people-centered Society derived "From people, By people, and For people" / democracy.

2. Awareness - Self-Selfless Actualization is scientifically cultivable in a qualified person to drop / detach from all binding Words / Images and clinging Thoughts, seeing Thing-As-It-Is in a wider vision of an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation. The process moves from containerized Self to Selfless on the X-dimension toward energy column supporting all intelligent beings cross-cut different realms of existence. It was one of Gotama's key discoveries, so important that he made it as the target of his second discource called Not-Self[D20.1] to be a part Responsible Creation according to underlying natural laws for DISCOVERING and SHARING. In that process, one can have [ HuiNeng's Wu-Nien / Gotama's Transcendental Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh ] X1 = 1 HonNhien / Naturally Unaffected Freshness versus X-1 = 1 of Cultural Influence which is the tested rating of one's glimpse of the "Kiến Tánh" to see through the THREE LAYERS [ Core, Energy, Manifestation ] of the "related distributed (CORE) for further specializations" qualified by Nature as a Latin humanitas ("IamX") upward whose integrity is legally protected in Human Rights, X2 = 1 Proper Management of that Freshness, X3 = 2 Knowing conditions to make up that Freshness, X4 = 3 Discovering scientific process to naturally produce the Freshness, X5 = 5 Knowing the source of one's Thought to properly manage one's reality, X6 = 8 Using cosmic energy for self-protection, X7 = 13 Directing cosmic energy to help others, X-1 = 1 Cultural Influence, X-2 = -1 Regional Influence, X-3 = 2 National Influence, X-4 = -3 Veiled Right and Wrong, X-5 = 5 Binding Word, X-6 = -8 Binding Image, X-7 = 13 Clinging Thought.

3. #EmptyTheContent / Transcendental-Inner-Peace - Being qualified as a person (Latin humanitas - biology, compassion and wisdom / prajna) one can naturally "#EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness / Transcendental-Inner-Peace" as actually proven by Gotama in his recorded Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30]. With discovered underlying natural laws and modern scientific processes using digital tools as extensions of one's existence, the possibility is widely available once opened up with required facilities to safe-guard community interests. It will be quickly sprouting up from grassroots of diversities to be further tested and statistically verified of people-centered DISCOVERING and SHARING once the normative intelligence of Right and Wrong based on underlying natural laws of Morality and Justice toward What Count can be contributed by all concerned parties.

The following Signed Posts have been well-established, first contributed by Gotama 2500+ years ago, modernized and digitized from vertical Y-dimension of one's cultivable Inner Space in Big Data AI (Artifificial Intelligence) by KhaiPhong: [ Y1 = 1 Gateway-to-Oneness different from Y-1 = 1 Empathy Awareness that requires both observed and the observer, Y2 = 1 Equanimity which is qualified by Gotama the starting point of his "Mindfulness", Y3 = 2 Purity, Y4 = 3 Not-Self, Y5 = 5 Sunyata Non-Thingness, Y6 = 8 Unmoving Sunyata ] and [ Y-1 = 1 Empathy Awareness, Y-2 = -1 Kindness Awareness, Y-3 = 2 Conscience 4 to widen the Right and Wrong, Y-4 = -3 Conscience 3 to alert who you are, Y-5 = 5 Conscience 2 to activate your realities, Y-6 = -8 Conscience 1 to let you know you are only a part of the Dependent Nature of the Whole ].

The difference between positive Complex Fibonacci evolution and negative Complex Fibonacci degeneration of equal Intelligence Y5 = 5 = Y-5 is naturally #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness having wider Vision and Compassion for the benefits of one and others, having natural Silence, lighter to float up VERSUS concentration (có ní nuận) of cunning intelligence in "I win You loose" always in the conflict rather than Harmonious in [ 1 + 1 >> 2 ], heavier to sink down regulated by Nature to detoxify the tainted senses[D32] according to underlying natural laws in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

4. Fibonacci Layered Inner Space - Facing any event - visible or invisible focused or sensing - one's "Inner Space may manifest (a state of) Prajna" an initial "Right Understanding" waiting for proper "Right Motivation" from (stock of) Prajna division of Gotama modified[D26] Eightfold Path. This state of Prajna commonly known as "Intuition" is personally known by most people. If [ sufficiently developed / Awaken / Tỉnh Thức ], one can mobilize not only the physical and mental make-up of one's "Containerized Consciousness / Alaya / Soul / Core" commonly known in "Reincarnation" PLUS its finer sixth sense of "Intuition" and the seventh sense of "Samadhi-Prajna / Định-Tuệ" { Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna, while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi } in "complete silence" of instant "Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm-Tỉnh Giác[D22]" { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" } to see "Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change the event toward What Count[R23]. It is the "FIRST and ONLY integration between radio and consciousness technologies" to enable practical utilities of "subjective experienced quality" in one's Continuity of the consciousness, Making Life Easier and Happier, Knowing the Raison D'être of One's existence according to underlying Natural Laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED.

Given achievable and verifiable [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm-Tỉnh Giác[D22] / [Wu-Nien of X-dimension having observable attribute of Detachment in positive and Binding-Clinging Forces in negative / Kiến Tánh ] and Signed Posts of Y-dimension from #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness in positive and less-and-less Conscience of Right and Wrong in negative known by KhaiPhong Inner Circle, HuiNeng, and Gotama in one's mental makeup, KhaiPhong's Inner Space F-dimension is the lump of all other relevant factors empirically observable in Complex Fibonacci numbers at minutes 6:25 and 7:00. "Quality / Qualia" is the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, formally defined from "Quality Evolution in Natural Science". The science is "applicable" to all intelligent beings selectively qualified by Nature as one time being a "Latin humanitas" capable to access higher dimensions of Compassion-Prajna for the "persona" further evolution or degeneration and currently being in "concrete Realm of existence" subjected to the Realm underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED in the new Era of Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations. in terms of Gödel incompleteness theorem, the "Inner-Space domain" we are investigating comprises of duality consciousness of X-dimension (Buddhist Relative Truth) and the innate ability to instantly access the No-Conflict Consciousness #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness (Nagarjuna Ultimate Wider Truth) at scientifically knowable and experienceable level of (1) Transcending the Observed / Space, and (2) Transcending the Observer / Time of Einstein's theory of general relativity, empirically verifiable from humanity upward. KhaiPhong will export these technologies having armies of Ph.D. and post-graduate researchers to other Realms at the level of humanity upward in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

Esoterically via direct interaction with different realms from Communication Hub of HuiNeng's present (2004 - 2023) reincarnation, we empirically know the existence of "information from the field and available consciousness technology to replay certain portion of the information via the participant's [ Eighth Consciousness / store-house of one's "Continuity of the Consciousness / MUÔN KIẾP NHÂN SINH" (ālāyavijñāna) ]". It is very rare to be naturally qualified as a person having sufficient Conscience of Right and Wrong with enough Compassion and Prajna trusted by the Mother Nature with Free Will to be an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation. Here is an important piece of information to enable technical integration between radio and consciousness technologies based on the Morality and Justice of verifiable "IamX" in one's Continuity of the consciousness with a very rare living Vietnamese to kick start the Right Harmonious Melting Pot Now and for many 1000+ years later. Since all manifestations are conditioned, we ask these qualified students reversed engineering their special qualities, Making Life Easier and Happier for oneself and the environment one a part. It is not only for VietNam but also the World and Inter-Realms of conflicting interests and deeply conditioned by the past governing systems, civilizations, and religions. The writer sincerely asks Vietnamese elites and all who "Care" to make Happened this kind of Personal Commitments / Exciting with Conscious Living (via Free Will) and Opportunities to Do Good (among the "Haves >< Stakeholders >< HaveNots") from South to North West to East throughout the country in changing the mass consciousness for the new Era of Trần Quốc Tuấn's [ lấy dân làm gốc / "From people, By people, and For people" / democracy ]. There are identified qualified students ready to be parts of this "job" from all domains and fields.

The following layers have been theoretically and empirically researched from qualified legal living entities capable to manifest required attributes and functionalities at each layer, together with field researches from close-encountered esoteric realms, still waiting for formal future "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" riding on established human armies of Ph.D. and post-graduate researchers: [ F1 = 1 Equanimity Awareness which is diferent from F-1 = 1 Empathy Awareness personally experienced in engaged living - totally different from formal living styles set out by Gotama for his cheating Buddhist Sangha, F2 = 1 Purity Awareness, F3 = 2 Samadhi Signed Posts, F4 = 3 Selfless Awareness, F5 = 5 Visible Awareness-Prajna, F6 = 8 Awareness-Prajna in engaged Living, F7 = 13 Awareness-Prajna in Forecasting and Simulation, F8 = 21 Samadhi-Prajna ] and [ F-1 = 1 Empathy Awareness, F-2 = -1 Kindness Awareness, F-3 = 2 Animal Energy, F-4 = -3 Extreme Desire, F-5 = 5 Smelly 1, F-6 = -8 Smelly 2, F-7 = 13 Smelly 3, F-8 = -21 Smelly 4 ].

The layered F-dimension is a lump of all other relevant factors beside the two scientifically cultivable #EmptyTheContent / Transcendental-Inner-Peace Y-dimension of Right Samadhis for Normative Intelligence and X-dimension of Transcendental Awareness / Self-Selfless Actualization as illustrated in Figure 11.1 shifting around the base of qualified Latin humanitas to stable higher level according to underlying natural laws via Freewill to detoxify tainted senses, exploring TRUTHs DISCOVERED and SHARED in KhaiPhong Platform. The F-layer is modeled with a complex number in well-known engineering feedback control system using empirical data from those actually demonstrating the measurable quality of Y and X. They are contributing Harmonious Parts of all concerned parties according to Thing-As-It-Is as the practical solution for what China calls the clash of civilizations between (1) Cheating Confucius and (2) the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer on the ashes of (3) half-baked cheating Buddhism and Lying Taoism. It is the scientifically cultivable "Float or Sink of the F dimension" well-described in positive Complex Fibonacci evolution or negative Complex Fibonacci degeneration in one's Raison D'être and Continuity of the consciousness.

5. Fingers Pointing to Testable Moons - "Self-Selfless Actualization" / Transcendental Awareness / first Verifiable by Gotama is one's innate ability to know the complex Right or Unworthy according to Natural Laws in Value of the values / Moral Value relevant to one's Present Moment in important Issue. It drives one's Volition / Freewill / Sankhara to make things happened. Yet, even at the level of personally knowing Selfless / Not-Self - something at Transcendental Awareness beyond the Self (from the fifth Jhana upward) - one still can be hallucinated via logical deduction as in the case of Gotama in KhaiPhong's scientific proof of his degeneration, leading to his "defects in design-build-execution" to enable armies of criminals and hard-core professional scam artists to knock out his precious discovery of Right Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác in 2500+ years of his "personally created and self efforts throughout 45+ years" up until 2023. Awareness with Prajna - reacheable in HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna of X-dimension toward total Detachment in union with Gotama's Not-Self of Y-dimension toward Non-Thingness - can look beyond the Observed's Mask and the Observer's Veil, having something outside conflicting boxes of involved parties for a Breakthrough such as a difficult issue in international conflict and/or a "Harmonious New World Order" in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

6. Self/Selfless Duality/Oneness - Thanks to aggregate human efforts in search for the "Raison D'être" of one's existence, together with Industrial Revolution 4.0 we can theoretically and empirically point out the existence of "Oneness / the source of all diversities" accesible by normal person qualified by Nature commonly known as cultivable "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" that Gotama used as the Prajna division of his modified[D26] Eightfold Path and his personal assertion about the Right Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác[D22], the model to solve identified Issues of Sufferings (dukkha-dukkha, vipaninama-dukkha, sankhara-dukkha) to Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha[D35] in { Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" via "Chinese Wu-Nien / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh / Gotama's Transcendental Awareness" from stain and attachment }.

The "Harmonious New World Order" in one's Continuity of the consciousness is Now Possible due to KhaiPhong Open-Source Integration of human radio technologies and consciousness technologies, opening a Harmonious Melting Pot from "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" to activate "Fair Trade" when one knows more about oneself for the benefits of all involved parties in one's optimal conditions for continuous evolution revealed from the case study of Nikola Tesla for DISCOVERING and SHARING the "TRUTH of Innate Morality and Justice from underlying natural laws embedded in positive Complex Fibonacci evolution" instead of evolution then degeneration due to tainted senses, a "Big Lesson in 60,000+ human years of degeneration without knowing Why SHARED by Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva in Calgary Canada early 2000s" learned from the collapse of esoteric feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods.

7. Budh Dharma and Buddhism - Budh Dharma refers to Gotama's discoveries based on the fundamental Issue of Living (Dukkha) whose corollary is the innate Budh - knowing the Right and Wrong in actual living - and its claimed ultimate solution of Not-Self / Selfless. Buddhism is what established by Buddhist cheating Sangha, riding on the defects of Gotama's design, build, and execution, and his 45+ years of personal efforts to "falsely" spread the precious discoveries and his credibility.

Scientific approach with discovered natural laws for heavy lifting is the solution helping most people from tainted senses - statistically tested from the grassroots in Right Understanding and Right Motivation of important events - to effortlessly wipe out criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] from all organised religions where Buddhism is a cheating part of this messy state.

8. Truth and all Isms - Organised religions and all Isms do not need to be divisional and conflicting if one can separate the mean and the deliverable target, acting as the guiding light[R6], [R7.3] for measurable "Right Effort".

Out of all organised religions and isms, Buddhism has claimed touching the Source of all Diversities - the Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature / Consciousness of the consciousness / Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas - due to Gotama's rigorous approach, plus contributions of many dedicated explorers in its past 2500+ years. Nevertheless up to modern time, evidence-based hard facts indicate otherwise at the bottom-line of Buddhist cheating Sangha, as pointed out in "Budh Dharma and Buddhism".

9. A Light out of Darkness - Using evidence-based measurable yardsticks of Right or Wrong Effort, each person - due to innate "Budh-Nature / Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas" - can play an Accountable part / creator to make up an aggregate "Responsible Creation" (family, community, regional, country, the world, and inter-realms) in one's Continuity of the consciousness. We drill down (1) Breakthrough of the Vicious Circle in Duality Consciousness to enable Science revitalise Gotama's target in "Freedom / Liberated" from the "Known / physical and mental manifestations" via his suggested solution in the "Four Noble Truths" and the right-side-up of the fourth TRUTH "modified[D26] Eightfold Path", having (2) Vertical Switches from Duality Consciousness to No-Conflict Consciousness with measurable Signed Posts that enable (3) Technical Singularity on the right direction of Making Life Easier and Happier "From people, By people, and For people". It is the outcomes of very long (4) Inter-Realms Competitions and Influences, proving (5) Continuity of The AwakeningBudh Movement in human realm to signify one's Raison D'être Life-after-Life Realm-after-Realm at the Right Times and Places, leading to logical (6) Ontological Systems and Projection of a Golden Era.

10. Nature of Things - "Nature-of-Things" is a collection of proven human discoveries unknown in other intelligent (Esoterics, ETs) realms of consciousness technologies we are aware of, augmented with current scientific "Know-Hows" to turn the discoveries into fundamental pillars of practicalities in engaged living, Making Life Easier and Happier in the positive Complex Fibonacci evolution where one "breakthrough" can sit on the proven accumulations of the past. The Three Pillars up to 2023 are:

  1. The state of Prajna or X-dimension of Transcendental Awareness based on HuiNeng's past contribution of Wu-Nien { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" aka Gotama's [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ( "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" ) ][D22], KhaiPhong's Awareness, Vietnamese Kiến Tánh } and his present reincarnation in observing through the mind-eye the "Energy Column" cross-cut all duality planes of intelligent existences, serving as the positive direction of increasing "DETACHMENT toward Oneness" from any focused event for "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" and/or poking into other "Inner Space" via Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Kindness,

  2. The Signed Posts deepening toward "Non-Thingness" in the Y-dimension of outside-the-box achievable from a qualified person - first contributed By Gotama[D26], [D29], [D30] then by other living students of KhaiPhong - serving the deepest Silence verifiable as a person having innate "Latin Humanitas / Kingdom of God within / Buddha Nature" whose Natural Outcome is "Awareness, Dependent, Prajna" enforcing qualified humanitas (Biology, Compassion, Prajna) as the center of all Activities and Relationships at all Places in Society 5.0 activating an Invisible Hand of Scientifically Cultivable Prajna to direct techno-humanism (nhân tính kỹ thuật) and data religion (Dataism / tôn giáo dữ kiện) from "ChatBots where MuChat riding on custom AI from persona data is a part" HELPING one (1) quickly dissolving dominance karmic forces PLUS changing from [ positive >< negative ] Complex Fibonacci Degeneration at minute 7:00 of cunning intelligence (Hegelian Dialectic) to positive evolution at scale 20 - 100 times longer (4 vesrsus .2 then parato principle of trial-and-error in manufacturing) and stayed there via Prajna Dialectic as illustrated at point C in Figure 2 in one's Continuity of the consciousness, (2) easily recognize wrong effort of the "Self" from tainted senses to continuously evolve according to DISCOVERED undelying natural laws, (3) an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation Making Life Easier and Happier in Realm after Realm of one's Intelligence Existence,

  3. The Complex Fibonacci Layered Inner Space of F-dimension that lumps all other required mixing of Right attributes according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED for the layered stock of Prajna from its scientifically cultivable processes to enable [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] state of Prajna scientifically represents available cultivable stock of Prajna in facing different events based on its achievable depths of the Silence Y-dimension at the source of thought and beyond as an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation.

It sets up observable framework to be drilled down before arriving at relevant and deliverable An Engineering Roadmap, ready for implementations: (1) Conflicted Grasping, (2) Verifiable Processes, (3) At Home

11. Agent of Changes - Kindness (mettā - tâm từ) and Empathy (karuṇā - tâm bi) form a solid and deeper foundation for one's [ Body >< Mind >< Effort ], having wider perspective of events since only through No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] one can deepen and widen the view of seeing Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for a Right Effort in any event, especially in complex event where many opposing forces continuously and dynamically influencing one another such as a global international conflict, a long-term territorial ownership, a vision, etc. With Prajna Dialectic from scientifically cultivable Prajna, one can solve many complex Issues such as the current (2023) [ South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea / West Philippine Sea ] with "Harminious Melting Pot" of conflicting forces from thesis in "Belt and Road Initiative"[R8] versus anti-thesis of US-inspired “Build Back Better World” (B3W) project from G7 leaders through Invisible Hand of Economics directed by Invisible Hand of cultivable Prajna.

Equipped with new technologies riding on Natural Laws for heavy lifting in Freedom from the [ Known / Binding Word-Image and Clinging Thought / Sở Tri Chướng ] and being "At Home" in all activities, one acquires deeper understanding and integration between the "Right effort" and the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict. Further augmented with Tools in Change Management - AI technical contributions from KhaiPhong - one is an Agent of Changes, to change oneself and the surroundings toward What Count[R23] in [ The Connected Universe where Everything is Connected ].

The gut of KhaiPhong Technology comes from discovered underlying natural laws to enable most people passing the Gateway-to-Oneness and beyond, riding on Natural Purification[D26] from Gotama's "Right Transcendental Inner Peace / Samma Samadhi / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness and beyond" to naturally purify tainted senses and clear "one's inner sky[R7.3]" or Complex Fibonacci Layered Inner Space for a sudden manifestation due to Detachment of HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5] of seeing Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for the "Right Understanding and Right Motivation (Prajna division of Gotama's modified[D26] Eightfold Path)" of any event, statistically significant in "Making Life Easier and Happier". One can reclaim human innate ability of [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" }.

12. An Engineering Roadmap - Integration of Diversities and Oneness is within the reach of Intelligent Beings from humanity qualified by Nature (Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within) and upward where each Persona - individual or aggregate - plays an active role as both an accountable Creator and a part of the responsible Creation. An engineering roadmap of four or future five circular steps enables AwakeningBudh target the Science and Economics of Oneness in KhaiPhong, sustainable with or without original founders.

List of Figures and Tables


Glossary - ontological nodes of the book index for clear communications between human and machine. With visualization of nodes and edges - together with custom drill down at source codes - we enable thought-connections of all legal users parts of the "user private and public neural networks" to be connected as parts of the community's vector searches where codes are the sources of TRUTH.

Index - Each index is a node evolving through the four step process: (1) Commonly related nodes, (2) Conceptually related nodes, (3) Domain classified nodes, and (4) Ontological nodes. Glossary covers ontological nodes for clear communications between human and machine. Index and Glossary are special searches.

Under planned KP-Platform EIP, 100% approved "Free" book - such as this KhaiPhong - will be available in Public Platform where one-click ecommerce of verifiable authors, contributors, commentators, etc, are connected to the right nodes from one's public Home page. Thus by participating in Public Platform, one extends the responsible concerns to all relevant domains and fields connected to What Count in one's Continuity of the consciousness which can be widening and deepening via AI mathematical detections to help one know more about oueself. This is AI liberating factor different from its current usages in autocratic systems to enslave humanity.


Vision - "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings" invisibly driven by Prajna Dialectic in all domains and fields of all Activities and Relationships at all Places";

Mission - "Knowing more about oneself / BÍ QUYẾT THÂN KHOẺ - TÂM AN", Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position to regain one's innate [ Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / TRUTH ] in proper "Continuity of the Consciousness" according to DISCOVERED and SHARED (Prajna Way Beyond Non-Dualism) underlying Natural Laws (thuận theo tự nhiên) which is the TRUTH - TRUTH Is My Light - not the battle of any exoteric and/or esoteric power (isms) on the duality plane in all intelligent existences of conflicting consciousness cross-cut all intelligent realms;

Execution - Implementing the Invisible Hands of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna and Economics" via KhaiPhong, Making Life Easier and Happier.

— AwakeningBudh / KhaiPhong

Invisible Hand of Economics drives market demands and supplies. People are social and creative intelligent animals - qualified by underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED & SHARED if Not Messed Up by criminal esoteric dark forces in short run. No One can mess up underlying natural laws, but it took 60,000+ human years due to cunning intelligence - có ní nuận - in the negative Fibonacci degeneration and the Good Forces from grassroots Not Strong Enough to CARE for oneself and the environment one a part. People connect together via relationships and organizations. With Industrial Revolution 4.0 and AI, globalization of demands and supplies will multiply many 100's folds in the Internet of Everything where people are the driving forces - "From people, By people, and For people" - toward What Count.

Scientifically Cultivable Prajna whose visible outcome is philosophically explained by a Vietnamese scholar 2022-11-03 to partly introduce the Vietnamese practical Inner Living. "Prajna / TUỆ" with highlights of each chapter in "Table of Contents" for a brief overview of the book has been publicly and practically introduced in "KhaiPhong" since 2007 to publicly debunk the claimed enlighten monk Thich Nhat Hanh in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism. KhaiPhong discovers at both theoretical and empirical levels another Invisible Hand to drive Invisible Hand of Economics toward What Count or Happiness in deeper and wider Implementations of "Harmonious Melting Pot" due to visible "Prajna / TUỆ" grounded on people as advised by Trần Quốc Tuấn's [ "lấy dân làm gốc / grounded on people / democracy" ] capable to deliver the three-time millitary victories for Vietnamese Trần dynasty against the Mongol Empire. It is so since one is ONLY a part of the whole; the wider that Scientifically Cultivable Prajna is deeply available in the mass, the more stable environment one is in to validate one's Prajna Manifestation as an Underlying TRUTH in one's Continuity of the consciousness and evolution. The tools for these connections are KpPlan, enabling normative Inner Space to drive Outer Activities and Relationships at all Places visibly seen from custom KpGraph in the ecosystem of KP-Platform. Your custom persona neural-network KpGraph takes the trained and researched public tools such as ChatGPT from OpenAI, etc, as the first round of relevant searches to be augmented with KP-Platform opinionated-trained data donated by users PLUS your personal data, professionally trained and researched by qualified staff to be a part of your IoE (Internet of Everything). The Platform targets the developments of any legal entity and/or major project / event as a wholesome Accountable creator in a part of Responsible Creations, facilitated by Graph Analytics to Know More about Oneself / How to understand yourself objectively in both normative Inner Space and positive Outer Relationships interacting with other Entities / Organizations / Projects / etc in strong "Harmonious Living & Being" on the foundation of "Compassion" securely and privately self-evaluated in "Honesty & Care".

KhaiPhong's complete solution at both theoretical and implementation levels has gradually evolved since early 1970's from a Vietnamese graduate student in Canada. The light is NOW at the end of the tunnel via group field research of the writer's peers and his IoE (Internet of Everything) thanks to rapid evolution of Industry 4.0. It has evolved from scientific research of What Gotama knew versus the writer actual know-how of Buddhist recorded Jhanas on the duality plane of "Right-Wrong from the Self / Relative TRUTH / X-dimension" to the No-Conflict consciousness "#EmptyTheContent / Ultimate (Wider) TRUTH / Y-dimension", named by Dr. Wolfgang Smith as "Vertical Causation" being outside-the-box of or perpendidular to the duality plane of the focused event. The research was hit wih empirical evidences from the writer's close encounter with esoteric Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva through a Vietnamese channel "Xuân Mai" in Calgary Canada who SHARED the "final advice" on the importance of "Alertness at the source of THOUGHT" in one's Continuity of the consciousness, either "Float (Thăng) or Sink (Đọa)" from connecting realms [ Sắc Giới / Dương Gian và Linh Giới / Âm Gian ] using naturally qualified human beings from the horizontal bar as the base of Transcendental-Inner-Peace (Samadhi) or cunning intelligence via concentration - có ní nuận - from the vertical bar of outside-the-box focusing upon the event, then observations from the total collapse of the esoteric feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods in specialized communication hub of a Vietnamese reincarnation of HuiNeng, epirically validating the negative ("Sink") dimensions of X and Y contrast to the positive ("Float") evolution according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED.

The synthesis - illustrated in Figure 11.1 - has been done from the first version of this book at the end of 2012 according to Thing-As-It-Is three camps in conflicting esoteric and exoteric forces called by China the clash of civilizations between (1) Cheating Confucius and (2) the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer on the ashes of (3) half-baked cheating Buddhism and Lying Taoism. The outcome of this synthesis - symbolized in a Phoenix rising from ashes in Saigon VietNam - is the pattern of scientifically cultivable "Float or Sink of the F dimension" well-described in positive Complex Fibonacci evolution at minute 6:25 or [ negative / positive in Wrong Path at minute 7:00] Fibonacci degeneration. Having innate "Free Will", one can either to be an Accountable creator via a part of Responsible Creation in DISCOVERING and SHARING "TRUTH" sitting on the foundation of "Honesty & Care" - Figure 10 - to know more about oneself in one's Continuity of the consciousness from positive Fibonacci evolution or being regulated by Nature in negative Fibonacci degeneration. The scientific processes are deliverable optimal engineering controls of required conditions for natural Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent on the vertical Y from Conflicting toward Non-Thingness perpendiculat to the horizontal "X from Diversities to Oneness" - Figure 2 - moving from Self to Selfless / Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness of the X-dimension.

Issues of one's [ tainted senses and alaya-vijnana (storehouse consciousness) ] have been exploited in all intelligent realms by all isms such as conflicting and criminal religions, encaged civilizations - cultures - classes - races - nationalities - languages - skin colors, etc. They enslave people in "prisons without bars on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness and diversities due to deeply tainted experiences in storehouse consciousness", commonly known as "Relative Truth" of Buddhist Madhyamaka without "Awaring Underlying Natural Laws toward What Count / Kiến Tánh / Wu-Nien" in one's Continuity of the consciousness, Proven at both theoretical and empirical levels exposed below about the TRUTH of Eastern "Widom / Prajna" versus Western Hoax of Jesus Redeemer and his criminal Father God. It was recently raised up by Russia Foreign Minister 2022-12-07 due to "current World conditions / tình hình thế giới" to rationally expose the fact-based Western Civilization of cheating ('Empire of Lies'), cunning and bullying forces for 2000+ years, even before the born of the criminal Roman Catholic Church. "TRUTH is my Light" via Scientifically Cultivable Prajna pioneered by KhaiPhong will expel the "Western Darkness" from the motto "God is my light / Latin: Dominus Illuminatio Mea" as this writer wishes to further expose the underlying natural law of "consciousness" unknown in higher esoteric realms to be later verified in the Dignity and Fair Trade of human and intelligent beings via "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" employed by "Persistently Criminal Esoteric Plots" from the claimed Amitabha Buddha and Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (the video was deleted) But persistently fool 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism perpetuated by criminal monks, nuns, followers of entire Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha - Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19] - directed by Vietnamese communist mafias empirically rated at different levels of [ cunning intelligence / có ní nuận ] from negative Fibonacci degeneration after the failed attempt by the degenerated King of God / Ngọc Hoàng Thượng Đế as well as the well-hidden criminal Father God in Christianity and Allah in Islamism to prevent the 60,000+ human years of "Blood & Terrors" up to 2022-11-07 in esoteric intelligent realms based on the Free Will and Higher Aspirations evidenced in Lady KHEMA and available living students from conflicting isms for personal verifications of the "Right Living & Being".

We sense the reincarnations of "La-Hầu-La (Rahula) whose two recognizable reincarnations were Zhuge Liang Kongming (Khổng Minh Gia Cát Lượng) and HuiNeng (Huệ Năng)", and "lady KHEMA" from the 2022-11-07 published research being the current (2023) living Vietnameses knowing HuiNeng's Wu-Nien just like many identified living students in KhaiPhong Inner Circle and circles of inner circles such as the present reincarnation of Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm - Có thầy Nhân Thập đi về Tả hửu phù trì / kỷ nguyên Di Lặc cây cỏ thành binh - whose "two known past lives" were Liu Ji (Lưu Bá Ôn) and Huệ Túc Phu Nhân, etc, ready from 2023 forward for verifiable outcome from 2026 in the fight between Good Forces (in positive Fibonacci evolution for the manifestations of Prajna Dialectic) and Dark Forces (in negative Fibonacci degeneration of cunning intelligence in Hegelian Dialectic), waiting for the right time to reverse engineering their optinal "Right Conditions" according to DISCOVERED and SHARED underlying natural laws for benefits of the mass. The task has been beyond ability of any monk, nun, or follower up to 2022-10-31 in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism and drummed up by Vietnamese communist mafias in their cunning intelligence of the dark forces at level X-5 = 5 Binding Word, Y-5 = 5 Conscience 2 of low quality in the Right and Wrong and F-5 = 5 "Smelly animal" capable of concentration to out play good people in Hegelian Dialectic (có ní nuận / Hội đồng Lý luận Trung ương, Học viện Chính trị Quốc gia Hồ Chí Minh). Any claimed Buddhist teacher - monk, nun, follower, etc, Not Experiencing Gotama's Transcendental Awareness[D26] and/or HuiNeng's WuNien[R5] - must shut up your mouth or you intentionally violate Gotama's fundamental Virtue of Not Lying unfit to live in modern people-centered Society of "Honesty & Care". The situation has been changing with 2012 being the demarcation where the good forces are rising and the dark forces have been continuously sinking according to underlying natural laws, forcing the dark forces out of human environment into their natural states of animals for the Nature to detoxify their "toxic concentration in the Greed of tainted senses". People at mature states from the reincarnations of "La-Hầu-La (Rahula)", Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, Trần Quốc Tuấn's [ "lấy dân làm gốc / grounded on people / democracy" ], plus many others, etc, actually knowing positive Fibonacci evolution from X5 = 5 Knowing the source of one's Thought, X6 = 8 Using cosmic energy for self-protection, Y5 = 5 Sunyata Non-Thingness, Y6 = 8 Unmoving Sunyata, F5 = 5 "Visible Awareness-Prajna" and F6 = 8 Awareness-Prajna in engaged Living, the light will expell all darkness of the past, having 1000+ years and life-time contributions of many since the time of Gotama's spreading his Dharma to Ignite the forces of "[ Honesty & Care / CHÂN THẬT & Quan Tâm ]".

Most recently were the forces of Buddhism against Catholism in South VietNam, ending with the coup d'état in 1963. If you claim to be "Phật, Tiên, Thánh, Thần / Buddhas, Tiên, Saints, Gods surrounding the criminal and professional scam artist Cha Trời Kiều Nguyên Tá of "Emptiness is the Air / Không khí", see for yourself if any of you and/or he himself has a moment of HuiNeng's WuNien { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind Fresh / Free from stain and attachment" }[R5] rated at measurable and verifiable 7 levels of "Awareness / Kiến Tánh", and natural "Detachment / Ưng vô sở trụ / #EmptyTheContent / BUÔNG / (Awaken) One Knowing the Ultimate Reality in the Science of Mind to be further explored in Modern Psychology revered - preserved and spreaded - 2200+ years ago by Emperor Ashoka" waiting for the right time of the critical mass and the return of his Inner Circle to deliver the hidden treasure OPENED UP by Gotama, cross-cut Intelligent Form Realms in one's Continuity of the consciousness. The Know-How to be ready for Big Data statistical test IS Not Yet widely available which IS ONLY logically seen up to 2023 by the world - including the entire history of Buddhist Madhyamaka and Consciousness-Only - typically in "the blind touching elephant" such as this Vietnamese doctor up to 2022-08-15 blah blah blah on what he does not know nor have else describe your state of consciousness THEN WHAT in practical outcomes to be statistically verifiable in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism and the blah blah blah of Taoism.

The Issue has been recently raised by a Vietnamese explorer 2022-11-14 in "ĐI TÌM CHÂN LÝ / Searching for the TRUTH". It is Not ANYMORE a "wishing game / Ước thì sẽ được" of past explorers, but (1) measurable Assistance from available fruitful dedicated explorers such as the present reincarnations of HuiNeng, Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, XuanZang, etc, actually knowing the "required states" of Transcendental Awareness recorded in Gotama 9 Jhanas that we simplify into distinct 6 verifiable Signed Posts thanks to discovered underlying natural laws, (2) having the present reincarnation of Trần Quốc Tuấn knowing / experiencing What Gotama known in his 9 Jhanas as a starting point of scientific field researches with his "identified peers" riding on the two failed Universities attempting Transcendental States for the mass, plus his scientific processes at Postdoctoral Level together with business practical outcomes to make the movement sustainable with or without original founders, (3) having the latest digital technologies of Industrial revolution 4.0 such as secured end-to-end containerized Communications and Collaborations with mathematical proof of "Confidentiality" (only You can read data), "Integrity" (only You can modify data), "Attestation" (You can prove it in Zero Trust strategy which will be the foundation in the new Era of Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations), ready to export its Intellectual Property Rights to other Intelligent Realms on the Principles of Morality and Justice that with "Freewill and Aspiration in the Good Forces you are Not a slave and Pavlov dog based on Greed and Fears as shown up to 2022-11-13 of cunning esoteric criminals" raised up by the criminal Allah and Father God in 60,000+ human years of the "Blood & Tears" under their degenerated King of Gods, stupidly copied by degenerated Amitabha Buddha and Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva far behind the extreme Violence the criminals Allah and father God have had in 1,000+ years of human indoctrinations we personally KNOW exactly as What happened in the Vietnamese autocratic communist system rotten to the core against all Humanistic Values and their graduated Vow as medical doctors and workers since many leaders up to Minister of Health are degenerated animals, "evidenced / fact based degenerated at the bottom line But don't know Why / nhiều người phạm tội mà không biết mình phạm tội".

It has seen by a retired Vietnamese lawyer having "Conscience / Lương Tri" but Not by 60,000+ man-years from a Bodhisattva and a Buddha. Scientifically Cultivable Prajna help making the border line between Right and Wrong clearer / làm rỏ nét ranh giới đúng sai to definitely avoid the Third / Nuclear World War and the mistake driven by "dark forces causing 2022 Russia-Ukraine War. From this dynamic interaction, humanity is a part in one's "Continuity of the consciousness" to change according to underlying natural laws statistically tested to be DISCOVERED and SHARED. VietNam may be the center of starting places to revitalize Gotama's discoveries from Not Only blah blah blah Huyền Cơ 2022-11-23 / Power from the sutra 2022-11-10 at the bottom line of Verifiable Outcomes But Also from discovered underlying natural laws and required client facing tool box of modern sciences to enable discovered solutions statistically optimized in Big Data of custom AI from many angles of Diversities, currently categorized into three [ Camps / Polararities of the world ] where world-wide Vietnameses cover all three spectrums to the top (cream) of the top (cream) in Value of the values as demonstrated by KhaiPhong: "Eastern Wisdom / Prajna", Christian Family Values, Values from extreme concentration - geo-politically represented in China and APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) in verifiable "Aspiration from relative TRUTH" such as music / spiritual practice via Qi Gong, Russia and EU of true Western Values, US in changing (viparinama dukkha) and Islamism, demonstrating a hard lesson learned in 60,000+ human years of degenerated esoteric feudal systems ruled by the criminal King of Gods and his behind-the-scene "dictator identified by KhaiPhong as the criminal and degenerated Allah" persistently and criminally sticked to their "too big the lesson against Natural Laws being DISCOVERED and SHARED" to be happened again for intelligent beings cross-cut all Intelligent Realms from humanity upward.

Consciousness is a form of energy following the laws of Likes-attract-Likes from energy vibrations and Action-Reaction. By connecting followers' energy together via these natural laws to one's own source such as Allah, Father God, Mother Maria, Amitabha, Avalokiteshvara, etc, one can suck the living forces of the physical youth energy similar to the Tao's pratices of Three Precious Things / TAM BỬU: tinh, khí, thần visibly evidenced in all deviant forms of sexual behaviors from the West Lucifer and the hidden East (Yes!) including in China and VietNam, evidenced in Bé Vân An up to 2022 criminally committed on the demand-side by Vietnamese esoteric-exoteric degenerated elites similar to the known Pizzagate (conspiracy theory) in US and EU of the past with many hidden esoteric and exoteric criminal crimes. The degenerated can have perverted sexual pleasures and/or direct the combined energy forces toward Chaos and Fears against underlying Natural Laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED for preventing another total collapse of the esoteic feudal systems ruled by the King ofGods, exactly as done by Vietnamese communists in "Đấu tố " or in August 1945 to take over the rulling power in their 1000+ years of tracked records from higher esoteric realms. In VietNam, esoteric criminals claim that your connected ancestors (Cửu Huyền Thất Tổ ) such as "the Duong" - the source of stable (family) culture - may help you, but ONLY THEY can save you which is "FALSE just like the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer" and against the natural Action-Reaction. Riding on the binding and clinging forces of your ancestors to them, your ancestors are their slaves to "induce" their childrens and grand childrens into criminal esoteric "cages" to use your "dedicated right efforts" to whatever fit their needs, exacly as "feudal Kings of cheating Confucius" having armies of ruling slaves to take the national wealths and pretty girls as their own wealths and consorts 180o different from the New Era of Scientifically Cultivable Conscious Living.

That is why (1) good people in their accidentally right are still exploited, visibly manifested in VietNam of the past 75+ years from "cả một thời đểu cáng (animals "có ní nuận" sending down from higher esoteric masters-slaves feudal systems - Nguyển Ánh Nguyển Huệ conflict) as evidenced from the top leaders of the Highest Council of Vietnamese communist mafias up to 2022-08-28 13:50 lên ngôi", (2) the criminals and professional scam artists - evidenced in the International Mafia Kidnapping 2022-11-14 having involvement of Government of VietNam and Challenged by the World up to 2023-08-10 evolving from the "cheating" Laws and Orders of the past Empire of Lies in the West up to 2022-02-28 in masters-slaves relationships - thought they are smarter (cunning intelligence due to ability of concentration in the Fibonacci degeneration of Hegelian Dialectic) and winners without knowing their degenerations according to underlying natural laws evidenced in the entire Vietnamese autocratic communist system of cheating and stealing (the vedeo was deleted) as actually happened to the King of Gods, Mother Maria, Amitabha Buddha, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, Father God in Christianity and Allah in Islamism, (3) we start from "qualified persons as defined in Latin humanitas" - a rare and precious opportunity to possibly breakout vicious circle on duality plane of conflicting consciousness - to trace out underlying natural laws in "evolution and degeneration" with proving visible signed posts for the mass statistically testing, verifying, deeper and wider DISCOVERING and SHARING in what we call "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" in measurable outcome of Prajna Dialectic from the self-evaluation of all participants in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

The key point here is that (1) all visible manifestations are conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and there is an optimal engineering process according underlying natural laws to make it happened, (2) once the "consciousness technologies" known by Allah, Father God, Amitabha, ETs, etc, - especially their Voodoos to immorally and unjustly violate other people Rights - are scientifically verifiable by armies of human Ph. D. and post-graduate researchers applicable to different Realms of Intelligent Existence, the technologies can be applied by Good Forces of [ Morality and Justice / “Bác” nào là... “vỏ” ] according to underlying natural laws, (3) the "Good Forces" can combine both radio and consciousness technologies to protect the Raison D'être / Root of Intelligent Existence in one's Continuity of the consciousness according to Thing-As-It-Is. With DISCOVERED TRUTH of underlying natural laws of Prajna and SHARED at the right time, most people can enjoy these scientific advancements to (1) Know more about oneself, (2) #EmptyTheContent toward "Nothingness Known by Gotama in his 7th Jhana", (3) Be outside the box accessing information from the "field" and have significant contribution to this inter-realm and domain specialized field in one's Continuity of the consciousness. Available solutions of these Issues described by Gotama { karma - Binding Clinging Forces - flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved[D22] } can NOW be implemented and scientifically proven[D26] as "Right / Happiness" rated in positive Complex Fibonacci evolution versus "Wrong / Suffering / Degenerated" deeply engraved in negative Complex Fibonacci degeneration from a "Humanitas / Biology but also Compassion and Prajna".

Out of these "Diversities", there is "Oneness" to "unite / transcend" the diversities in No-Conflict Consciousness such as "Kindness, Empathy" in wider and deeper perspectives actually known by most people according to underlying natural laws of Thing-As-It-Is - E Pluribus Unum on US Great Seal along with Novus ordo seclorum (new order of the ages) - that all isms are trying to bind people together for exploiting one's ignorance or [ non-critical thinking self-encaged in deceitful binding Word/Image and clinging Thought of Vietnamese communist mafias in 75+ years of an "indoctrinated Blind" - being perpetuated by this Cheer Leader with Extreme Desire without a clear Conscience of Right and Wrong using his life-time talent to serve the corrupted communist system rotten at both theoretical and practical levels in cheating, stealing and bullying others using painted pictures to be failed by all Vietnamese communist leaders and their planned Resolutions / Nghị Quyết up to the 2021 of the current government still to be seen - Not to see Thing-As-It-Is and incapable to "#EmptyTheContent" ] whatever the contents not relevant to and/or burden for one's Continuity of the consciousness toward What Count or Happiness. These properties are now cultivable and measurable in positive Fibonacci evolution. The Oneness has been explored in Advaita (not-two) Vedanta saying that at some deep fundamental level, everything is unified while the surface level is diverse which is an "Actuality" discovered and proven by current sciences.

The "Oneness" can now be rationally understood proven by sciences to realize one's "Value of the values", then scientifically cultivable in Right Living of one's Raison D'être as an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation" in one's "Continuity of the consciousness". One lesson learned from 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism is that an outside-the-box seen from Gotama's "non-tainted senses" for the right solution in engaged living can also be changed to be relevant to different conditioned practitioners due to the dynamic and conditioned nature of consciousness embedded in innumerable situations to be scientifically DISCOVERED and LEARNED, not static blah blah blah by all cheating monks and nuns in all Buddhist cheating meditations from all domains and fields in their 2500+ years of cheating history. An example is Gotama's "modified[D26] Eightfold Path" which may be first to (a) rationally understand - known only from a qualified person (Latin humanitas of biology, compassion and prajna / wisdom) upward - and to (b) take advantage of slow changing environment of [ Body & Mind ] to personally experience and reflection rather than too fast at thought level in esoteric consciousness for later personal verification riding on the qualified humanitas at different order as long as one has "Honesty & Care". One then scientifically tests Buddhist order of its [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ] to theoretically and empirically prove the 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism. KhaiPhong revitalizes the Gotama's Path to be useful again by replacing its "Right Mindfulness" with "Right Transcendental Awareness[D26]", since Gotama "pecked his Mindfulness at the Equanimity third Jhana"[D29] unknown by almost all monks / nuns / followers.

Mathematically, Gotama's Equanimity is on the vertical Y-dimension of Y2 = 1 Equanimity, corresponding to horizontal X-dimension of X2 = 1 knowing the proper Management of that Freshness from the lumped-together orthogonal F-dimension F2 = 1 Purity Awareness which is KhaiPhong's required level to assure stable environment in enforcing the stable level 1 based on the simulation of positive Complex Fibonacci at minute 6:25 of the video. You can prove the "cheating Mindfulness in all Buddhist traditions" not Gotama's "Transcendental Awareness"[D26] at both "Equanimity and Purity Awareness" where non-relevant contents can be naturally "#EmptyTheContent" toward "Non-Thingness / Nothingness" for a "Samadhi / Silence" to see Thing-As-It-Is and/or for "Reborn and Rejuvenation in Verifible Emptiness" far beyond the 60,000+ human years of Lucifer esoteric degeneration blah blah blah at Word level (the video for this proof was deleted) / The description is Not the described / DANH THÀNH - TÂM LOẠN (Cảnh báo cho người nổi danh) / Successful - Disturbed Mind without knowing "WHY and WHAT in one's Continuity of the consciousness". It has been raised by a Buddhist scholar 2022-07-19 and empirically pointed out by another 2022-08-27. KhaiPhong will prove at both theoretical and empirical levels "Wu-Nien, Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh" with tested scientific processes by the mass while DISCOVERING and SHARING the order from your perspective versus the original Gotama's order as long as it leads to the target of seeing Thing-As-It-Is and Prajna solution of a focused event as summerized at Sun Tzu in overcoming conflict! Applying Machine Learning from one's private Knowledge Graph KpGraph in one's personal Neural Graph Database KpDb as embedded database of KhaiPhong user-facing KpMu, we can (1) model the complex function based on identified patterns and target properties of advanced students (as target variable) versus the monitored properties of training agents (as control variable) manipulated via Freewill of key properties (manipulated variable) via Engineering feedback and feedforward control system to deliver Scientifically Cultivable Prajna. Applying Sun Tzu strategy, KhaiPhong HR policy is a center place where all involved parties are center in its visible triangular of (1) the company, (2) the Clients, (3) the Competitors.

One will be able to prove at both theoretical and empirical levels that Gotama's "transcendental Awareness"[D26] is the description at his own angle; there are many proven others with or without any religious Faith to be deliverable in KP-Platform in wiping out criminals and professional scam artists from all organized religions where 2500+ year of cheating Buddhism is a part! One will learn quite a lot in this exercise with the help of modern prototype Mu from KP-Platform in your Frequent Reflection / THÓI QUEN TƯ DUY to know more about yourself, having a private Neural Graph Database of your "Inner Space / Neuron Network", DISCOVERING underlying natural laws most appropriate to you, and forming your Inner Circle to SHARE what you actually know in your Continuity of the consciousness, possibly Beyond This Present Life Time. Only outcomes - KhaiPhong Then What from HuiNeng's Sahadhi-Prajna / Định Tuệ (not necessaty at the same time) - can measure the reality of one's evolution and quality. Do Not let anyone frame your discoveries as the case of cheating Buddhism exposed here by a Vietnamese scholar 2022-06-26, opening the door for criminals and professional scam artists "putting their garbages into Gotama's mouth". Please expose all of them - since the "description is not the described" - and "Gotama / Your Described" needs to be scientifically verifiable in your dedicated DISCOVERING and SHARING which will be concretely facilitated in practical "KP-Platform" for all participants knowing more about oneself, having "Honesty & Care" in all Activities and Relationships from one's Consciousness of the consciousness as defined in Latin humanitas (Biology - Compassion - Prajna / Wisdom)!

That Y-plane of No-Conflict consciousness - mathematically required in conceptualized Buddhist Madhyamaka Ultimate Truth from a wider and deeper View of the focused event - hopefully first "happened in VietNam from 2023". It is required for an ability to see Thing-As-It-Is from "[ outside-the-box / đột phá / perpendicular to ] the duality X-plane of conflicting consciousness in all relevant fields and domains of Engaged Living" - such as 2022 Russia-Ukraine war with strategic moves of US and Nato 2022-07-25 and counter moves of involved and interested parties in Eastern Economic Forum 2022-09-07, and/or the target in "Bế mạc Hội nghị TƯ 6" scientifically exposed from the Y-plane of the Harmonious Melting Pot in "yearning for peace / khát vọng hòa bình, the First Spring" (Mùa xuân đầu tiên Văn Cao, author of "Tiến Quân Ca" the National Anthem of VietNam since 1945) from Invisible Hand of Prajna to naturally direct the Invisible Hand of Economics in "yearning for prosperity / khát vọng thịnh vượng" - for a breakthrough solution of any Issue being glimpsed by recorded dedicated explorers - known in Gotama's Samadhis, Jesus' Kingdom of God within, HuiNeng's Wu-Nien, Madhyamaka's Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Consciousness-Only's Perfected Nature, Prajna or Wisdom from Latin humanitas. The Y-plane is mathematically theorized as the plane perpendicular to the duality X-plane of diversities at any instant focused point. The X-dimension from the common line between the X-plane and Y-plane at any focused point has common property of No-Conflict consciouness observable from both planes, pointing its positive direction toward observable Energy Column via the mind eye cross-cut all intelligent realms having the property of Natural Detachment (of Selfless); the negative direction from any focusced point of the X-dimension is toward binding and clinging forces of all isms we call "prison without bar or Self" representing the Self/Selfless (from negative to positive) X-dimension. The Y-dimension in #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness (Gotama's seventh Jhana) pointing its positive direction toward observable (Right) Samadhis verifiable by Gotama to be empirically tested by the mass once underlying natural laws and optimal processes have been publicly exposed via human IPR (Intellectual Property Right). The Y-dimension ranges from conscience of Right and Wrong "Duality" from negative direction to positive direction of Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness of "Oneness". It is from any focused point toward negative Fibonacci degeneration, called the "cunning intelligence due to ability of concentration / có ní nuận" that the Vietnamese communist party is trying to "encage" people in its "deceptive thinking and bullying power".

We have empirically observed in esoteric and exoteric degenerated groups and their descendants currently living and holding financial, political, religious and military powers of the world, well-known in Illuminati Elites. It is called "cunning intelligence" on the negative dimension of Fibonacci sequence due to the observable pattern of "I win You loose / zero-sum game" well known in a Canadian saying that "The White had land and the Indian had bible". Due to the pattern of "I win You loose" riding on their cunning intelligence of "Self" against underlying natural laws, one's "quality of the consciousness is darken without one's recognition". It is NOW OBSERVABLE if one has a minimum "Honesty & Care" assisted by a scientific entrance to Gotama's first discourse / Dhammacakkappavattana, turning the Dharma Wheel[D20] in an orderly evolution. If you are a current elite in any field, but in "miserable mental states due to tainted senses" and/or cannot "#EmptyTheContent toward Nothingness" known by Gotama, HuiNeng, and others in the positive direction of Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness of Gotama's seventh Jhana, you are in negative Fibonacci degeneration and "will be animals due to natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes" in 1000+ years ahead to enable Nature detoxify your extreme destructive (according to underlying natural laws) desires. By understanding the natural law of "Opening your Prajna / MỞ RỘNG TRÍ TUỆ" which can be NOW scientific for the "best money can buy", one can quickly change to a "Fair Trade" or even better in "opportumity to do good with one's own resources" via consciously generating the Right Environment of What Count for one and others that we are happy to be a part for your personal benefits and the related environments in your Responsible Creations. The F or Fibonacci dimension from an observer to ride on "Tam Giáo Quy Nguyên Ngũ Chi Phục Nhất / Organized religions Merged into One and Five levels (Buddha Tien Saint God Man) United" where all religions must deliver visible and verifiable benefits in the "Float or Sink" evolution first DISCOVERED by Gotama according to underlying natural laws[D32], theorized as evolution or degeneration mathematically rated in positive ("Float") or negative ("Sink") Fibonacci sequence.

From industry 4.0 Graph technology, we model via "RPA (Robotic Process Automation)" the tetrahedron [ AI Positive Intelligence: (1) People / Projects / Entities or Nodes / Chủ thể where dynamic persona SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) are implemented in team building actions toward the [ group / company ] external Opportunities and Threads driven by the internal Strengths and Weakness TOWS for achieving the sustainable business, together with changing Benefits-Costs of (2) Relationships or Edges / Projects, and (3) Groups / Organizations, via (4) Code visualization in data >< processes with ] [ >< ] [ the (5) Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence of "mySamadhi Yf" and "myAwareness Xf" (in the spacial "Here / Space" modeled against fact-based subjective evaluations from Plan >< Execution >< Feedback via 8 different shades of Intelligence viewed at 16 dynamic fibonacci levels ranging from both negative degeneration to positive evolution), and "MyInnerSpace / MyIntuition" (in the temporal "Now / Time" as Golang or Rust "struct outcome" of myAwareness Xf and mySamadhi Yf) that an optimal professional Path can be designed for both individuals and oranizations based on its innate properties and Machine Learning from mass data of digital ID in one-click or claimed "IamX" Ecommerce. KhaiPhong breakthroughs are practically available in integration of proven radio with verifiable consciousness technologies, plus normative and positive AI processes in Industrial Revolution 4.0. Scientifically Cultivable Prajna is fact-based subjective evaluation when one's InnerSpace focuses on an event to measure statistical significance of different claimed "KnowHow".

KP-Platform enables all subjective claims statistically demonstrate their bottom lines and refined optimal processes. "Projects" can be both "nodes" with their own dynamic SWOT where [ people / groups / regions / countries / chủ thể ] are connected to achieve certain targets, but also "edges" with frequently changing Benefits-Costs for deeper optimizations and dynamic adjustments well-known in advanced countries but Not Yet Learned in VietNam up to 2022-10-29 under the new leadership in complex Dependent Nature first time attempted to model via "event nodes" and mathematical graphs of Globalisation, Trading, Shared Resources that we will do it at for Inner Space Cultivation of Complex Fibonacci observable patterns such as (1) strategic projects of the mighty Mekong river and/or (2) Vietnamese "Vision (Tầm Nhìn)" to 2045, having required Alert Systems and dynamic visual Project Management. From the writer hand-on regulatory experience on the technical merits in Alberta billions dollars tar sand project and teaching Benefit-Cost Analysis when he formed his own economic consulting firm Teconomics (Technologies + Economics 1978), any project approaching 50 millions US dollars or over needs formal benefits-costs and instantaneous updates where subjective assumptions / judgements are explicit parts together with follow-up reviews to assure the vitality of the project and required measures to keep the pulse of the project Healthy, first time srutinized by the Prime Minister 2022 in entire history of modern VietNam. The task is NOW possible in this digital society "Graph Visualization With GraphQL & directed-force-graph which is the core of present digital transformation applicable to all fields - such as Human Resources in detecting capable people for the right jobs - and domains, a part of KhaiPhong exploration and drill-down of its KpPlan >< KpGraph.

Technically, the sytem starts at Kata container where each legal persona has its own OnLine Home Pod, the smallest Pod in Kubernetes container orchestration with initial FREE resources and services to enable almost everyone being a FREE participant in people-and-technology-centered Society via Accountability and Transparency toward What Count. The core Prajna Normative Intelligence are written in Rust language on a custom stripped-out for required agent-(container)-to-agent-(container) proprietary processing from youki container for core security at its directory files to be implemented in namespaces and cgroups in rootless "KP-Container", the kernel of distributed personal KpDb key-value database transformed into Neural Graph Database with Open Community Managed adopted Names similar to Cloud Events plus optional other private containers: Home ("Facebook" clone with containerized browser-based Mu - Miss you - as "Twitter" clone, and Chatham-House-Rule "LinkedIn" clone in your secure Vault of Personal OnLine data), OffLine / CoLoc (your data backup co-location of what you need to keep for custom AI and Machine Learning), MuHub (your Hub of Internet of Things, private Backup, WiFi and Span emergency network).

The core of Prajna Normative Intelligence is written in Rust via (1) reversed engineering from living highly qualified students using custom-types of Rust struts and enums (myAwareness, mySamadhi and MyIntuition for states and stocks of Prajna in different domains and fields based on our past 50+ years of "poor-man field research"), then (2) Academia Ph.D. theses starting from private self evaluation of "mySamadhi Yf" and "myAwareness Xf" in [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] via 8 different shades of Intelligence and their combinations viewed at 16 dynamic fibonacci levels ranging from both negative degeneration to positive evolution of one's Inner Space Cultivation. This is the first time KhaiPhong can scientifically implement and deliver the "direct Path to the source of Oneness as illustrated in Figure 11" PLUS THEN WHAT in entire human history and 100,000+ man-years of esoteric feudal systems evidenced in this Vietnamese Buddhist monk from many of his life times as criminals in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism to prevent "Too Big To Change" as what happened in the total collapse of the feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods. Different possible means - Aspiration, Music, Dancing, Qi Gong, Yoga, Faith, etc, according to underlying Natural Laws - such as "Mantra Sound" to the Source of Awareness plus the NEW Direct Path has its "public correct first glimpse" here 2023-06. The Path was personally DISCOVERED and SHARED by Gotama[D26], [D29], [D30] as a starting point we have been privately working since 1970 with collected Buddhist public documents from Pali Text Society, vesus 2500+ years of cheating Buddhist meditations and all kinds of blah blah blah from all organized religions and esoteric Buddhas, Gods, Allah, Saints, Bodhisattvas, etc.

its neural networks of scientifically cultivable [ Inner Space >< Outer Space ] are expanded to Rust and Golang struct of entities, relationships, SWOT, Benefits-Costs in KpGraph as outcomes of KpPlan. It further grows in non-linear neural networks of nodes and edges in Visual Graph using D3.js Force-directed graphs for display, then customed-by-KhaiPhong drilled down to the Core of Normative and AI Intelligence in top-down, bottom-up, and 360o of dynamic interactions, starting from your ID in one-click Ecommerce: "Confidentiality" (only You can read data), "Integrity" (only You can modify data), "Attestation" (You can prove it in Zero Trust strategy which will be the foundation in the new Era of Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations). The raw data are value-added by specialists into adjacency matrix and adjacency list representations with different time and space complexities as part of KpDb vector database, a high dimensional representation of user private network to be inputs into ML (Machine Learning). From collected data of your realities in connected Activities, Relationships and Places, we use Mathematics as an extra sense of Patterns, Relationships and logical Connections to let you know more about yourself and the naturally optimal Path of Evolution based on tracked records and optimal engineering control of "living and proven dedicated explorers" rather than Degeneration in the past 60,000+ human years of higher esoteric realms leading to their total collapse of feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods. You have armies of Ph.D. and post-graduate researchers to work on your dominant Issues and contribute the fruits of that research back to the community of DISCOVERING and SHARING where legitimately accumulated WEALTH can be with You in your Continuity of the consciousness.

See for yourself the importance of Strategic Planning of evidence-based [ Code visualization in data >< processes ] where Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence introduces (5.a) a new domain of psychological development at the most fundamental transcendental layer toward Non-Thingness to be formally started in academia and empirically verified at the qualified Latin humanitas thanks to discovered underlying natural laws and engineering optimal control, with (5.b) deeper researches in "storehouse consciousness" for enforcing proven desired qualities while detoxifying irrelevant binding and clinging forces with possible help of fruitful Right Efforts based on DISCOVERED TRUTH of underslying natural laws contributed by qualified Inter-Realms intelligent beings to wipe out all criminals and professional scam artists such as in [ “bố thí mà không thấy người bố thí” tức không an trụ vào “bố thí”, đạt đến cái “tánh không” / "give without seeing the giver" means not dwelling on "giving", attaining "emptiness" ] from human slaves of the Lucifer, Allah, Amitabha, HCM, and the [ Slaves / Blinds ] Not Even Passing the Gateway-to-Oneness [ all are degenerated by natural laws to below Latin humanitas that with scientifically cultivable Wu-Nien at X6 = 8 via cosmic energy, you can command the "Reflection" cross-cut all conflicting religions due to DISCOVERED common underlying natural laws of required attributes namely "Honesty & Care" plus ability of "Natural Silence / Kiến Tánh / Tramscendental Wu-Nien / Samadhis / Kingdom of God / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature / Prajna" at enforced many times (1000+) stronger to teach the bullier the immediate law of Action-Reaction exactly as the internal "Chi / Prana" to naturally protect the practitioner's physical body ], to (5.c) capture the insights known by real persons, such as activating cosmic energy at X7 = 13 to open a new Vista of mental possibilities which is the scientific validtions of Christian external forces (miracles) while shedding lights to the "claimed miracles from criminals and professional scam artists", debunking the "Father God", "Son of God", "King of Gods", or any XYZ.

When you see and/or not want to see the "giver" without ability to "Transcend / Empty / Dissolve it", you are already in the tainted senses of the self in the "cheating Not Self from 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism". That practical ability needs scientically cultivable processes UNKNOWN by its founder to be Not Fallen in one's own crack of imaginary permanent Nirvana / End-of-Dukkha then Pari-Nirvana. The "Reflection" - as physically demonstrated in the Heart Sutra - is accidentially discovered by KhaiPhong Inner Circle to fight against the dark forces if you do not want what the bullier did to you and/or your communities. The (5.b) revitalizes Hindu's and Gotama's DISCOVERIES while exposing 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism. The (5.c) debunks the Christian Foundation at its cores namely the claimed Omnipotent, Omniscient & Omnipresent God of the esoteric criminal and his groups due to the second law of thermodynamics, and the claimed One-Life-Only from his church due to Continuity of the consciousness since consciousness is a form of energy which cannot be Destroyed but Transformed. It is further upgraded with "RAP (Robotic Agent Processing)" having rule-based sensors linking Physics and Mathematics shown from minute 16:00 of the video (Ruliad implemented in MuOmSunyata as the message THÔNG THIÊN PHÁP GIỚI / Inter-Realms Dharma 2023-06-22) with or without Machine Sensors as parts of "RPA / Robotic Process Automation" on top of the rating normative Right and Wrong out of the model Plan >< Execution >< Feedback from user custom AI where one's tainted senses can be purified / detoxified from proven underlying natural laws specifically applicable to one's relevant states of consciousnous moving toward the direction of What Count from one's specific angle. These are standard modern tools readily available to enable KhaiPhong's "Vision - Mission - Execution" a Worthy Reality in one's "Continuity of the consciousness, possibly extended to different Realms in the new Era of Conscious Living" according to UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS to be DISCOVERED and SHARED in accordance with UNIVERSAL MORALITY and JUSTICE.

To enable "Prajna Dialectic" as a "Uniquely New Gem embedded in stakeholders toward What Count missed by most intelligent beings" - scientifically cultivable BUT unknown and a Learned Lesson from 60,000+ human years in outcome of Greed and Terrors - from claimed and degenerated Lucifer, Allah, Amitabha, XYZ in negative Fibonacci degeneration, VietNam can ride on its current stock of intelligent and advanced people coming from above due to the total collapse of esoteric feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods, ready to deliver practical outcomes of consciousness technologies as scientific processes to the mass such as the real ability of "ĐỜI SỐNG TÂM LINH CHÂN THẬT" to actually and personally testify what "Ven" claimed about Buddhist "diệt thọ tưởng định / Gotama's fourth Jhana of Purity" directly connected to practical aspects of "Living & Being" in both human and esoteric intelligent realms. The ability of "Natural Silence / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental Awareness / Wu-Nien / Samadhis / Kingdom of God within / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature / Prajna" together with proven scientific processes of "Making Life Easier and Happier - Knowing Your Raison D'être - Managing What Count" will naturally attract major influx of foreign investments to wholesome development projects in Knowing more about oneself and Opportunities of Doing Good for themselves and environments they are parts since one can ONLY CHANGE in engaged living in one's "Continuity of the consciousness". In this multi polar world power where Invisible Hand of Economics will be directed by Scientifically Cultivable Invisible Hand of Prajna, VietNam can also ride on its geographically strategic position for Harmoniously "Prosperous, Strong, Democratic, Culturally Advanced, and Beautiful" DEVELOPMENTS, protected by its independently managed Quân Cảng / Military Cam Ranh 2023-07-26 to guarantee peacefully stable beneficial environments of "Harmonious Living&Being".

KhaiPhong currently has three Scientifically-tested layers in deepening the cultivations and possible solutions: (1) enabling all qualified persons as defined in Latin humanitas (biology, compassion, prajna/wisdom) rationally know one's innate Buddha Nature - "WuNien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh" - which is more than just the biology and inteilligence of animals in this Reaffirmed Buddhist Dharma from a Vietnamese monk to validate the rational TRUTH discovered by Gotama on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness 2022-09-15 that the chance of being a person according to underlying natural laws and external forces is very rare worthy for more protections offered in modern society contrary to the [ Gloomy, Dark / Âm U, Tối Tăm ] qualities of consciousness fit only at animal levels or below of current bullying leaders in governments / militaries, finances, industries, etc, (2) discovering underlying natural laws to make most people know more about oneself and discovered states of (positive) Oneness known by Gotama, Jesus, HuiNeng for deepening and widening the "Right Living" where one is an Accountable creator and a part of Responsible Creation of the whole, (3) integrating radio and consciousness technologies to make people-based Society 5.0 a reality, capable to "activate past events / chronovisor" to discover underlying TRUTH and/or "#EmptyTheContent" whatever it is from storehouse consciousness due to "Detachment and Prajna" in natural state of Liberation which is an excellent tool verifiable and reversed enginneering by this writer to use available technologies to consciously detoxify past "horrible / persistent mistakes and/or deeper cultivations in [ Acquainted / Professional / Sexual / Spiritual / Aesthetic Relationships ]" using one's present-life Right Efforts and available resources. The process starts from Free entry level of [ KpPlan >< KpGraph ], starting at one's thinking processes [ step 1 ] from your "secured private corner protected by human rights" in connecting ideas (nodes) and the executions of these ideas [ step 2 ] then [ step 3 ] helping others in building one's private digital neuron networks from scientifically cultivable Inner Space that everyone can be a part to Outer Activities via Organizations and Relationships pioneered at KhaiPhong GsLp (Global services Local presence) ThankYou Clubs to balance the Globalization and a New Era of "Homecoming": "Inner Peace contributing to Outer Peace / Tâm Bình Thế Giới Bình". It may be the Right Time to make happened the well-known prediction "Ông Trần là bậc thánh minh, lạc ra hải ngoại ẩn mình nơi nao" by Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm whose reincarnation is amongst us to help repair Gia Tài Của Mẹ in "Harmonious Melting Pot / Wei-Wu-Wei / Bất Chiến Tự Nhiên Thành".

AwakeningBudh (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), KhaiPhong (2017, 2019, 2021, 2023, 2025)

AwakeningBudh: Version 1.0 (24-12-2012), Version 1.1 (24-05-2013), Version 1.2 (14-05-2014), Version 1.3 (23-09-2014), Version 2.0 (14-05-2015), Version 2.1 (25-12-2015). KhaiPhong: Version 1.0 (23-12-2017), Version 2.0 (23-09-2019), Version 3.0 (23-09-2021), Version 3.1 (23-09-2023), Version 3.2 (23-09-2025).

Price: Free. Once KhaiPhong infrastructure is available, you can be a Free registered member having your own Free Private Network and being owner of your unlimited private cloud database (already proven to 1000+ Terabytes). You have "Free first 15 GB cloud storage having Git (open source distributed version control system)" plus unlimited backup under your own management. Transaction data over paid storage will be available for AI public researches and can be reclaimed back to your private database within 3 months. A custom service is available to reclaim searchable legitimate data for your personal AI, placed under your own control. As a Free life-time non-transferable owner of the book and member of the book channel, you have up to two licensed digital copies per language managed from your PrivateHub on available devices. You can order a printed form of the latest version from your selected printer.

Communications with possible concerned parties:

The following parties have been contacted for critical inputs and/or amelioration of legitimate concerns:

  1. Plum Village (Thích Nhất Hạnh - Làng Mai).

  2. City of Ten Thousand Buddhas and Master Chin Kung.

  3. Maharishi Foundation Ltd for possible legal issue in Transcendental Meditation, and Yokō Tatsuhiko (1928-) for the copyright of the 'Ten Ox Herding Pictures'.

  4. The Dalai Lama, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, and Gyalwang Drukpa.

  5. Vietnam Buddhist Research Institute (Viện Nghiên Cứu Phật Học Việt Nam), Vietnam ICT Summit 2013 (Diễn đàn Cấp cao Công nghệ thông tin và truyền thông Việt Nam năm 2013), a proposed article then withdrawn for United Nation Day of Vesak Hanoi 7-11 May 2014.

  6. Thrive Movement, Nithyananda, Dr. Yeung (Lama Dondrup Dorje) of Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies, and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

  7. Islam World whose human / esoteric connection since 2008 is formally renewed in the announcement of the book, and Mr. Darryl Anka ( of Bashar Communications.

  8. Krishnamurti Foundation and Bhutan Gross National Happiness Commission.

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