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Takeaway: Each index is a node evolving through the four step process: (1) Commonly related nodes, (2) Conceptually related nodes, (3) Domain classified nodes, and (4) Ontological nodes. Glossary covers ontological nodes for clear communications between human and machine. Index and Glossary are special searches

Index defines a consistent way of encoding the structure and content in EPUB publications that enable indexes to be rendered in EPUB Reading systems. There are four ways of finding information in EPUB content: sequential reading, table-of-contents, search, and using Index.

Indexes have several characteristics to provide Human Indexes [entries of content that is considered to be substantive, selected and organized by a human indexer] and Topical Indexes [i.e. Commonly and Conceptually related topics, derived from the mass in using the publication].

To prepare for future visualization of nodes and relationships in Internet of everything (IoE) where machines and Artificial Intelligence are developed "From people, By people, and For people"[R7.4], we adopt the convention that each index is a node evolving through the four step process: (1) Commonly related nodes, (2) Conceptually related nodes, (3) Domain classified nodes, and (4) Ontological nodes. Glossary covers ontological nodes for clear communications between human and machine. Index and Glossary are special searches.


We use flexible dynamic layout of EPUB-3.01, content dynamically formatted on the fly rather than being typeset in a paginated manner. With HTML-5 and containerized Reader, we develop Pub+ (Publishing and more) where

  1. Contents are dynamically adjusted to the device view port,
  2. User can resume from the last place of the e-book no matter what device one uses (phone, tablet, laptop),
  3. Text-to-Speech can be activated,
  4. mu "Universal Layout" is the user Command Centre , relevant Now and Intelligent to what one is Planning.

In printed format, the publication needs to be reformated for the book size together with page indexes under Conceptually and Commonly related topics, plus Glossary. This will be done in a predesigned format to be supplied by your selected printer competing based on their comparative advantages. EPUB-3 pdf format has live links, automatically opened under a modern browser.

mark-up: such as URI, book-mark, etc is monospace, #7f2707, no text-decoration.

link hover: changes the mark-up to underlined mark-up.

"Block Quote" floats left and right with brown color #7f2707 on the background #ffffdd.

Blue Node
Commonly related
special words and quote
Conceptually related
Domain classified
Bold Italic
start node and relationship

In displaying:
  1. Normal: for print.

  2. Italic: for special words and quote.

  3. Bold: for highlight.

  4. Bold Italic: for candidate to start node and relationship.

Marking nodes for relationships; the tree branch is re-arranged in the reversed order of the following nodes:
  1. Commonly Related nodes are dark blue #000070 normal, visually indexed as a tree branch of nodes.

  2. Conceptually Related nodes are dark blue #000070 italic, visually indexed as a tree branch of nodes.

  3. Domain Classified nodes are dark blue #000070 bold, visually indexed as a tree branch of nodes.

  4. Ontological nodes are dark blue #000070 bold italic, visually indexed as a tree branch of nodes.

Under standardized EPUB together with machine-learning, the evolving ontology of the three indexes - Commonly Related nodes, Conceptually Related nodes, Domain Classified nodes - comes from the group wisdom in dynamic interactions amongst people and machines. By enabling members of the group to create related linked nodes to their specialized contributions, values of the book and its ecosystem start to grow. For that reason, lasting values of EPUB publications - especially in Internet of Everything (IoE) - can be a life-time value, dynamically evolving at the personal and aggregate levels to drive the environment toward What Count[R23]. That is part of the reasons ownership of the publication is a life-time non-transferable ownership of the book versions and membership of its social channel.

Commonly related nodes (topics)

We are waiting for a visual tree branch of managed nodes to incorporate your view of related topics.

Conceptually related nodes

While waiting for a visual tree branch of managed nodes where readers can contribute, followings are Conceptually related topics in book printing format.

Agent - the creator of all Activities and Relationships at all Places to change oneself toward What Count. Agent is usually a digital version of a persona (person, family, organization) wearing different hats to classify its activities into different tree branches. For historical agents such as Gotama, Jesus, Bodhidharma, HuiNeng, etc, the tree branch represents what that person did according to hard / accepted evidences to wide out unworthy people exploiting their names for the corrupted group benefits. Related: Being, Agent-of-Changes.

At-Home - being truly with oneself. Related: Right-Effort, Taming-The-Ox, Riding-The-Ox, Non-Thingness, The-Source.

Being - onto of the ontology, a branch of metaphysics to study the essence of things. Related: Thing-As-It-Is.

Buddha-Nature - the innate quality of a qualified human being, capable not only to know the worthy and unworthy relevant to one's existence but also abstract quality beyond conditioned existence to see Thing-As-it-Is for a Right Effort according to one's comparative advantages. It is commonly known as [ human nature / humanitas / Kingdom of God within ] with three core attributes: biology, compassion, prajna / wisdom. Related: Thing-As-It-Is.

Cosmic-Consciousness - consciousness dissolving both the Observed and Observer, equivalent to Gotama's jhanas in Infinite Space, Infinite Consciousness, and Beyond[D7]. Related: Transcendental-Consciousness, Unity, Agent-of-Changes, Oneness in KhaiPhong.

Dependent-Nature - conditioned existence in all manifested (visible) phenomena of [ changing / conditioned ] and in invisible of [ Oneness ] to be discovered for Harmonious Living and Happiness of Intelligent beings in according to natural laws. The transformations in these Dependent Nature is measurable. Related: Perfected-Nature, Imaginary-Nature, Oneness.

Empty-The-Content - scientifically cultivable from different contributed angles, and empirically verifiable in recorded Gotama's Jhanas. Related: Transcendental-Mindfulness, Layered-No-Conflict-Consciousness.

Imaginary-Nature - conditioned existence having no basis on Actuality, detectable by rational thinking. Related: Dependent-Nature, Perfected-Nature, Oneness.

Layered-No-Conflict-Consciousness - recently discovered by KhaiPhong, capable to be "Outside-the-Box due to Wu-Nien" in Self-Selfless Actualization for being beyond duality plane of conflicting consciousness described in positive Fibonacci. The degeneration described in negative Fibonacci can be "out-side-the-box due to cunning intelligence", but cannot beyond duality plane of conflicting consciousness, always in "I Win You Loose" of zero-sum game. Related: #EmptyTheContent, Transcendental-Awareness.

Natural-Purification - the source to neutralize stresses and negative forces for sustainable ecosystem according to Thing-As-It-Is. Related: Ultimate-Wider-Truth, Perfected-Nature, Oneness.

Non-Thingness - transcending the "Observed" and the "Observer" - from gross to finer verifiable attributes toward a [ Consciousness / Awarenes ] of "Non-Thingness" and "Beyond" for Natural-Purification, rejuvenation and reborn in changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) existence. Related: At-Home, Right-Effort, Taming-The-Ox, Riding-The-Ox, The-Source.

Perfected-Nature - same meaning to Oneness and Ultimate(Wider)-Truth. Related: Dependent-Nature, Imaginary-Nature, Oneness.

PrajnaTIP - technologies to Transcend (Transcendental) Inner Peace (TIP). Related: Oneness.

Relative-Truth - what one can see in visible/manifested existence. The seeing can be (1) purely Imaginary due to tainted senses such as utopia of all isms where organised religions are parts, (2) thing-as-it-is according to Dependent-Nature for a Right Effort, (3) ontology in nature of things. To realize (2) and (3) one needs to be in No-Conflict Consciousness for Natural Purification of the tainted senses. Related: Ultimate-Wider-Truth, Madhyamaka, Oneness.

Riding-The-Ox - riding on the discovered "Natural Laws" in accessing "Verifiable Emptiness", being "Outside-the-Box" in the power of "Cosmic-Consciousness" that everyone can contribute. Related: At-Home, Right-Effort, Taming-The-Ox, Non-Thingness, The-Source.

Right-Effort - the normative aspect of the "Buddha Nature" in "Transcendental-Awareness", scientifically cultivable by discovering underlying natural laws according to the "Dependent Nature" of existence. Related: At-Home, Taming-The-Ox, Riding-The-Ox, Non-Thingness, The-Source.

Taming-The-Ox - "Natural-Purification" for "Seeing Thing As It Is", moving from "Imaginary-Nature" toward "Dependent-Nature" for a Right Effort which is all about the "Effortless Effort - wei-wu-wei - toward What Count". Related: At-Home, Right-Effort, Riding-The-Ox, Non-Thingness, The-Source.

The-Source - common denominator of divert manifestations according to Natural Laws where one is only a part of the Whole. Related: At-Home, Right-Effort, Taming-The-Ox, Riding-The-Ox, Non-Thingness.

Transcendental-Consciousness - consciousness dissolving the Observed, empirically verifiable in Gotama's first four stages of his Verifiable Emptiness[D29] and Beyond. Related: Cosmic-Consciousness, Unity, Agent-of-Changes, Oneness.

Transcendental-Awareness - an "Awareness" of Thing-As-It-Is at different depths and widths in the trained specialized fields and domains. Related: Transcendental-Consciousness.

Ultimate (Wider)-Truth - an innate ability at different depths within one's Buddha Nature. Oneness enables one (1) sense the driving force of Volition / Freewill / Sankhara and the "States" of one's Being to properly manage one's Realities, (2) open the knots of outdated Marks for the Quality of present living, and (3) expand one's Potentiality in higher Consciousness. Related: Relative-Truth, Madhyamaka, Oneness.

Unity - consciousness beyond the Observed and Observer reachable from humanity upward. It is empirically verifiable in Gotama's last three jhanas in Non-Thingness, border line between conditioned and unconditioned, and momentary Nirvana / End-of-Dukkha[D26]. Related: Transcendental-Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Agent-of-Changes, Oneness.

Domain classified nodes

Consciousness of the consciousness - nature of Thing-As-It-Is in human consciousness, capable to reverse the process from Form back to Consciousness, bypassing past conditioned commonly known as a breakthrough and/or invention. Related: .

Dukkha / Sufferings - formally comprising of dukkha-dukkha (Sufferings), sankhara-dukkha (Conditioned) and viparinama-dukkha (Changed). The conditioned and changed are parts of Thing-As-It-Is natural laws due to the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Dukkha can be "suffering-dukkha" due to not knowing Thing-As-It-Is which is beyond-thought and far above the Vietnamese Zen Truc Lam motto "[ Knowing the Wrong Drop it ]". The motto is a hallucination of "the blinds touching elephant" until the implementations and benefits of Soyen Shaku's challenge[R6] are delivered. Up until then, what they know are filtered by tainted senses and what they want to drop is far beyond all practitioners in the entire history of their sect up until 2024.

Here is a brief dynamic process in implementations and delivering benefits of [ "God (Dharmakaya / Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict) not in the world is the false God and the World not in God (Dharmakaya / Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict) is unreality" ]:

  1. Since a conflicting duality cannot see other conflicting duality As-It-Is, one must be able to actually know the effortless transcendental states of dissolving the contents toward Sunyata Non-Thingness. Alternatively, through degeneration via negative Fibonacci sequence against underlying natural laws manifested in the heavy states on the quality of one's consciousness with cunning intelligence, one is always on the degenerated games of "I win You loose", harming oneself and the environment toward "What Count" in one's Continuity of the consciousness. All Buddhist blah blah blah meditations at [ duality relative truth ] are painted cakes of professional cheaters[R18.4], sabotaging Gotama's discoveries and cheating humanity in 2500+ years of the Buddhist Sanghas.

    This first requirement is called by HuiNeng "Dhyana-Samadhi", the sine-qua-non for knowing the Right and the Wrong, by-passing innumerable outdated marks in binding word/image and clinging thought to be Beyond-Thought at the present moment to intelligently know how to apply one's decision on any relevant event based on the known and possibly beyond due to wider view from high above on the plane of cultivable [ Prajna, Wisdom, Conscience, Oneness ] perpendicular to the plane of duality where all events and their influencing forces are happening generated by all stakeholders. This is the practicality of spirituality and the sources of all isms including current sciences in searches for the TRUTHS of underlying natural laws, traceable to the human nature via Latin humanitas (biology, compassion, prajna / wisdom) sabotaged by unworthy[R18.3] and professional cheaters[R18.4] bullying humanity for so long.

  2. Once knowing this Oneness - passing the Gateway-to-Oneness - one can function at the Silence of the Whole Ocean rather than at the flickering waves on the surface, using the cosmic power in one's Right Effort toward What Count[R23], effortlessly knowing how and when to make decision on targeted event making happened the cross-breed between Indian Dhyana and Chinese practicality commonly known as Wei-Wu-Wei.

  3. There are different depths of the above (1) and (2) which are measurable feedback at different signed posts applicable to all domains of human efforts which can be epistemic objectives to enable the critical mass from 8% upward making important decisions on politics (normative economics) and (positive) economics according to human rights. This is the soft power according to natural laws of human nature to lead regional and international developments in the new Golden Era to take current human civilization to the next level of higher consciousness in Value of the values according to Thing-As-It-Is / Actuality.

  4. Since all manifestations are conditioned, the optimal conditions can be statistically measurable in reverse engineering of tested processes to sustain the Science and Economics of Oneness in KhaiPhong.

It can be Thing-As-It-Is dukkha due to the Real Insight from the Emptiness - far beyond thought - known by dedicated explorers such as Bodhidharma[D35], HuiNeng[R5], etc, and exposed in the Heart Sutra[R2]. Its utility comes from Detachment capable to effortlessly drop all forces required to make Things happened to the best one can. But once done - either success or failure - one's Intensity of Attention is naturally focused to what relevant at the presence. Related: .

[ Ignorance >< Attachment / Greed >< Aversion / Fear ] - kicking a common process - opposite of Prajna - due to not seeing Thing-As-It-Is perceived through tainted senses. This is how people are pulled and pushed, acting as robots knowing nothing about one's true nature of existence perceived in the term "humanitas" [ biology, compassion, prajna / wisdom ] or being in the living. Related: .

Normative Intelligence / Cultivable Intelligence - referring to consciousness states reachable by humanity as recorded in Hindu dhyana-samadhi, Buddhist jhanas, the kingdom of God/Allah from within by Christian and Muslim mystics. Since all manifestations are conditioned, by observing optimal conditions for the manifestations of these consciousness states we can discover the underlying natural laws to make the subjective opinions - considered as theoretical assertions to be empirically verified if there is any TRUTH behind it - into statistically epistemic objectives for the benefits of many others. Based on our personal experiences and reverse engineering, we reclassify Gotama's nine stages of jhanas into six Signed Posts in the Science and Economics of Oneness in KhaiPhong. These are cultivable according to our limited field research to be ready for world investigations and value-adds. Related: .

Ontological nodes

Glossary is Human Index or ontological nodes in printed format.

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