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Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings
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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

1. Preface

2. Awareness / Transcendental-Mindfulness

3. Empty-The-Content / Transcendental-Inner-Peace

4. Fibonacci Layered Inner Space

5. Fingers Pointing to Testable Moons

6. Self/Selfless Duality/Oneness

7. Budh Dharma and Buddhism

8. Truth and all Isms

9. A Light out of Darkness

10. Nature of Things

11. Agent of Changes

12. An Engineering Roadmap

List of Figures and Tables





Vision - "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings" invisibly driven by Prajna Dialectic in all domains and fields of all Activities and Relationships at all Places";

Mission - "Knowing more about oneself", Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position to regain one's innate [ Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / TRUTH ] in proper "Continuity of the Consciousness" according to DISCOVERED and SHARED (Prajna Way) underlying Natural Laws (thuận theo tự nhiên) which is the TRUTH - TRUTH Is My Light - not the battle of any exoteric and/or esoteric power (isms) on the duality plane in all intelligent existences of conflicting consciousness cross-cut all intelligent realms;

Execution - Implementing the Invisible Hands of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna and Economics" via KhaiPhong, Making Life Easier and Happier.

— AwakeningBudh / KhaiPhong

Elevator Speech

Invisible Hand of Economics drives market demands and supplies. People are social and creative animals, connecting together via relationships and organizations. With Industrial Revolution 4.0 and AI, globalization of demands and supplies will multiply many 100's folds in the Internet of Everything where people are the driving forces. Scientifically Cultivable Prajna introduces another Invisible Hand to drive Invisible Hand of Economics toward What Count or Happiness. The tools for these connections are KpPlan, enabling normative Inner Space to drive Outer Activities and Relationships at all Places visibly seen from KpGraph in the ecosystem of KpPlatform. The Platform targets development of any legal entity as a wholesome Accountable creator in a part of Responsible Creations, facilitated by Graph Analytics to know more about oneself in both normative Inner Space and positive Outer Relationships interacting with other Entities / Organizations / Projects / etc in "Harmonious Living&Being".

Issues of one's [ tainted senses and alaya-vijnana (storehouse consciousness) ] have been exploited in all intelligent realms by all isms such as religions, civilizations, cultures, classes, races, nationalities, languages, skin colors, etc. They enslave people in "prisons without bars on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness and diversities due to deeply tainted experiences in storehouse consciousness", commonly known as "Relative Truth" of Buddhist Madhyamaka without "Awaring Underlying Natural Laws toward What Count / Kiến Tánh / Wu-Nien" in one's Continuity of the consciousness[D22] NOW scientifically proven[D26] as "Right / Happiness" rated in positive Fibonacci evolution or "Wrong / Suffering / Degenerated" deeply engraved in negative Fibonacci degeneration from naturally qualified as a "Humanitas / Biology but also Compassion and Prajna". Out of these "Diversities", there is "Oneness" to "unite / transcend" the diversities in No-Conflict Consciousness such as "Kindness, Empathy" actually known by most people according to underlying natural laws of Thing-As-It-Is - E Pluribus Unum on US Great Seal along with Novus ordo seclorum (new order of the ages) - that all isms are trying to bind people together for exploiting one's ignorance or [ non-critical thinking to see Thing-As-It-Is and incapable to "#EmptyTheContent" ] whatever the contents not relevant to and/or burden for one's Continuity of the consciousness toward What Count or Happiness, which are now cultivable and measurable in positive Fibonacci evolution. That Oneness has been explored in Advaita (not-two) Vedanta saying that at some deep fundamental level, everything is unified while the surface level is diverse which is an "Actuality" discovered and proven by current sciences.

The "Oneness" can now be rationally understood proven by sciences to realize one's "Value of the values", then scientifically cultivable in Right Living of one's Raison D'être as an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation" in one's "Continuity of the consciousness". One lesson learned from 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism is that an outside-the-box seen from non-tainted senses - such as its "Eightfold Path" seen by Gotama - for the right solution in engaged living can also be changed to be relevant to different conditioned practitioners such as first to rationally understand for personal verification riding on the qualified humanitas at different order as long as one has "Honesty&Care", then scientifically test Buddhist order of the Path to theoretically and empirically prove the 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism that its "cheating Mindfulness in all Buddhist traditions" is not Gotama's "Transcendental Mindfulness"[D26] raised by a Buddhist scholar 2022-07-19 that KhaiPhong will prove at both theoretical and empirical levels with tested scientific processes by the mass while DISCOVERING and SHARING the order from your perspective versus the original Gotama's order as long as it leads to the target of seeing Thing-As-It-Is and Prajna solution of a focused event! One will be able to prove at both theoretical and empirical levels that Gotama's "transcendental mindfulness"[D26] is the description at his own angle; there are many proven others with or without any religious Faith to be deliverable in KpPlatform in wiping out criminals and professional scam artists in all organized religions where 2500+ year of cheating Buddhism is a part! One will learn quite a lot in this exercise with the help of modern prototype Mu from KpPlatform. Only outcomes - KhaiPhong Then What from HuiNeng's Sahadhi-Prajna / Định Tuệ - can measure the reality of one's evolution and quality. Do Not let anyone frame your discoveries as the case of cheating Buddhism exposed here by a Vietnamese scholar 2022-06-26, opening the door for criminals and professional scam artists "putting their garbages into Gotama's mouth" - please expose all of them - since the "description is not the described", and "Gotama / Your Described" needs to be scientifically verifiable in your dedicated DISCOVERING and SHARING which will be concretely facilitated in practical "KpPlatform" for all participants knowing more about oneself, having "Honesty&Care" in all Activities and Relationships from one's Consciousness of the consciousness!

That "Oneness Y-plane of No-Conflict consciousness" required for an ability to see Thing-As-It-Is from "high above the duality X-plane of conflicting consciousness" - such as 2022 Russia-Ukraine war with strategic moves and counter moves of involved and interested parties 2022-07-25 - for an outside-the-box solution of any Issue has been glimpsed by recorded dedicated explorers - known in Gotama's Samadhis, Jesus' Kingdom of God within, HuiNeng's Wu-Nien, Madhyamaka's Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Consciousness-Only's Perfected Nature, Prajna or Wisdom from Latin humanitas. The Y-plane is mathematically theorized as the plane perpendicular to the duality X-plane of diversities at any instant focussed point. The X-axis from the common line between the X-plane and Y-plane at any focused point has common property of No-Conflict consciouness observable from both planes, pointing its positive direction toward observable Energy Column via the mind eye cross-cut all intelligent realms having the property of Natural Detachment (of Oneness). The negative direction from any focusced point of the axix is toward binding and clinging forces of all isms we call "prison without bar". The Y-axis in #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness (Gotama's seventh Jhana) pointing its positive direction toward observable (Right) Samadhis verifiable by Gotama to be empirically tested by the mass once underlying natural laws and optimal processes have been publicly exposed via human IPR (Intellectual Property Right). The Y-direction from any focused point toward negative Fibonacci degeneration is called the "cunning intelligence" we have empirically observed in esoteric degenerated groups and their descendants currently living and holding financial, political, religious and military powers of the world. Due to the pattern of "I win You loose" riding on their cunning intelligence, one's quality of the consciousness is darken without one's recognition. By understanding the natural law of "Opening your Prajna / MỞ RỘNG TRÍ TUỆ", one can quickly change in a "Fair Trade" or even better in "opportumity to do good with one's own resources" via consciously generating the Right Environment of What Count for one and others that we are happy to be a part for your personal benefits and the related environments. The Z-axis from an observer to ride on "Tam Giáo Quy Nguyên Ngũ Chi Phục Nhất / Organized religions Merged into One and Five levels (Buddha God Saint Tien Man) United" where all religions must deliver visible and verifiable benefits - theorized as evolution or degeneration mathematically rated in positive or negative Fibonacci sequence.

From industry 4.0 Graph technology, we model via "RPA (Robotic Process Automation)" the tetrahedron [ AI Positive Intelligence: (1) People / Projects / Entities or Nodes where dynamic SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) implementations with actions toward TOWS are parts, together with changing Benefit-Cost analyses of (2) Relationships or Edges / Projects, (3) Groups / Organizations, (4) Code visualization in data >< processes with ] [ >< ] [ the (5) Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence of "mySamadhi" and "myAwareness" (in the spacial "Here / Space" modeled by Type), and "MyIntuition" (in the temporal "Now / Time" modeled by function) that an optimal professional Path can be designed for both individuals and oranizations. "Projects" can be both "nodes" with their own dynamic SWOT where [ people / groups / regions / countries ] are connected to achieve certain targets, but also "edges" with frequently changing Benefit-Cost analyses for deeper optimizations and dynamic adjustments in complex Dependent Nature of Globalisation, Trading, Shared Resources such as strategic projects of the mighty Mekong river and/or Vietnamese "Vision (Tầm Nhìn)" to 2045.

See for yourself the importance of Strategic Planning of evidence-based [ Code visualization in data >< processes ] where Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence introduces (5.a) a new domain of psychological development at the most fundamental transcendental layer of Non-Thingness to be formally started in academia, with (5.b) deeper researches in "storehouse consciousness" for enforcing proven desired qualities while detoxifying irrelevant binding and clinging forces with possible help of yogic flying which is the fruitful Buddhist Right Efforts based on DISCOVERED TRUTH of underslying natural laws, to (5.c) capture the insights known by real persons, such as activating cosmic energy to open a new Vista of mental possibilities which is the scientific validtions of Christian external forces (miracles) while shedding lights to the "claimed miracles from criminals and professional scam artists", debunking the "Father God", "Son of God", "King of Gods", or any XYZ. The (5.b) revitalizes Hindu's and Gotama's DISCOVERIES while exposing 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism. The (5.c) debunks the Christian Foundation from its cores namely the claimed Omnipotent, Omniscient & Omnipresent God due to the second law of thermodynamics, and the claimed One-Life-Only from his church due to Continuity of the consciousness since consciousness is a form of energy which cannot be Destroyed but Transformed. It is further upgraded with "RAP (Robotic Agent Processing)" having rule-based sensors with or without Machine Sensors as parts of "RPA". These are standard modern tools readily available to enable KhaiPhong's "Vision - Mission - Execution" a Worthy Reality in one's "Continuity of the consciousness" according to UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS to be DISCOVERED and SHARED in accordance with UNIVERSAL MORALITY and JUSTICE.

KhaiPhong currently has three Scientifically-tested layers in deepening the cultivations and possible solutions: (1) enabling all qualified persons as defined in Latin humanitas (biology, compassion, prajna/wisdom) rationally know one's innate Buddha Nature - "Kiến Tánh" - which is more than just the biology and inteilligence of animals in this Reaffirmed Buddhist Dharma from a Vietnamese monk to validate the TRUTH discovered by Gotama that the chance of being a person according to underlying natural laws and external forces is very rare worthy for more protections offered in modern society contrary to the [ Gloomy, Dark / Âm U, Tối Tăm ] qualities of consciousness fit only at animal levels or below of current bullying leaders in governments / militaries, finances, industries, etc, (2) discovering underlying natural laws to make most people know more about oneself and discovered states of Oneness (No-Conflict consciousness) known by Gotama, Jesus, HuiNeng for deepening and widening the "Right Living" where one is an Accountable creator and a part of Responsible Creation of the whole, (3) integrating radio and consciousness technologies to make people-based Society 5.0 a reality, capable to "activate past events / chronovisor" to discover underlying TRUTH and/or "#EmptyTheContent" whatever it is from storehouse consciousness due to "Detachment and Prajna" in natural state of Liberation which is an excellent tool verifiable and reversed enginneering by this writer to use available technologies to consciously detoxify past "horrible / persistent mistakes and/or deeper cultivations in [ Acquainted / Professional / Sexual / Spiritual / Aesthetic Relationships ]" using one's present-life Right Efforts and available resources. The process starts from Free entry level of [ KpPlan >< KpGraph ], starting at one's thinking processes [ step 1 ] from your "secured private corner protected by human rights" in connecting ideas (nodes) and the executions of these ideas [ step 2 ] then [ step 3 ] helping others in building one's private digital neuron networks from Inner Space to Outer Activities via Organizations and Relationships: "Inner Peace contributing to Outer Peace / Tâm Bình Thế Giới Bình".

We are looking for qualified clients and/or partners via Chatham-House-Rule teleconference using Google Meet between Dr. Duong BaTien ( / 1-403-547-1287) and your Inner Circle (Persons, Esoterics, ETs) Canada/US Mountain Time. Please introduce yourself, state the Purpose of the Meeting and if possible how/what you want being a part to kick-start both KpPlatform for integration of [ Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence >< AI Positive Intelligence ] and Scientifically Cultivable Prajna. They will be implemented via Democracy-Affirming Technologies under Chatham-House-Rule due to The End of American Exceptionalism but NOW evolving from Quad 3.0 2022-06 in the new reality of geopolitics and A New Era of Sustainable Development started at 2022-02-04 before the Russia-Ukraine war. The "Harmonious Melting Pot to be implementated in KhaiPhong Scientifically-tested three-layers" and VietNam "strategic geographical and cultural position" or Canada "culture of Inclusive Society and Diversity" may be a "Prajna Dialectic solution" for humanity and beyond in one's Continuity of the consciousness toward What Count.

It opens a new Era of psychological development, operating at scientifically cultivable levels of consciousness to the "most fundamental transcendental / divine" layer according to underlying natural laws explained from 2022-04-20 minute 40. That "most fundamental transcendental / divine" layer was "Verifiable" by Gotama as Non-Thingness at his seventh Jana of different depths[D30] where an intelligent being rated by Nature at the level of "Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within" protected by Universal Declaration of Human Rights can reach and be a part in its scientifically cultivable "How Then What at the Pulse of Critical Situations". This is the core of KhaiPhong to kick-start a New Era of "Personal Freedom" affirmed by modern humanity then "Personal Liberation" transcending all binding and clinging forces of "Prison without Bar" to be from Humanity upward in one's Raison D'être having innate "Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Positive Fibonacci Evolution" as an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation.

It is opposite to the [ Gloomy, Dark / Âm U, Tối Tăm ] realities of one's deeply engaged living at the bottom lines of Vietnamese 2022 National Health (Việt Á), Millitary, Education, Governments at all levels, etc, ruled by "autocratic [ animals / criminals ] who must follow underlying natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes in Continuity of the consciousness". There is no "Accountability and Transparency" in engaged living via autocratic management of "Đảng lảnh đạo, Nhà nước quản lý, Nhân dân làm chủ / the Communist Party solely leads, the Appointed State manages, the people own the country 2022-06-06 from minute 2:30" financed / contributed by the country resources and people taxes contributions. You are exploited / bullied against your "Personal Freedom" by the "Grand Masters" of these criminals and professional scam artists from negative Fibonacci degeneration happened to the degenerated Lucifers - Nói Vậy mà Không Phải Vậy - having No Moment of [ HuiNeng's Wu-Nien / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh / KhaiPhong Awareness / Gotama's Transcendental-Mindfulness / Jesus Kingdom of God within ] as quoted from the "Grand Inquisitor" at minute 44:50 ("Receiving their bread from us the people will clearly see that we take the bread from them to give it back to them and they will be only too glad to have it so it will deliver them from their greatest anxiety and torture - that of having to decide freely from them. Never was there anything more unbearable to the human race than "Personal Freedom" -- Dostoyevsky's The Grand Inquisitor"), happened in 2000+ years of criminal Roman Catholic Church, 100+ years of "Violent Communism cheating to its rotten core" up until 2022-06-29, and 2500+ years of Cheating Buddhism. These criminals do not Know yet claimed to know do not See yet claimed to see[D19] in their autocratically hallucinated "Cởi Trói Tư Duy / Untied the Thought" of revolutionary morality (đạo đức cách mạng) similar to and on the same conflicting foundation of Buddhist Virtue and Roman-Catholic Morality, blah blah blah in the realities of the current (2022-06-24) Vietnamese Communist Mafias and the Government Accountability and Transparency known by all having minimum "Honesty&Care" for "Personal Freedom" as exposed here from its beginning of the 100% evidence-based "Ignorant Founders esoterically manipulated from the Lucifer dark forces Clearly Known from 2022-06-08" to veil the realities of their "tainted senses" up until 2022 "then" pssible Liberated from the Known in your Continuity of the consciousness" using modern technologies from KpGraph. One must do something from the grass roots if the engaged livings are inconsistent with one's "Personal Freedom" - “Độc lập - Tự do - Hạnh phúc” trong Quốc hiệu Việt Nam - solemly declared in the Vietnamese National Seal plus 75+ years of tremendous efforts sacrified by many millions Vietnamese lives in three generations or more, Not to be ruled by negative-Fibonacci-degenerated animals cheating to their "bone marrow / xương tủy" without waiting for the "too-long enactment of the natural laws" evidenced from the total collapse of the esoteric "Blood&Terror" feudal systems. It is very high stakes to rationally show "Vietnamese Communist mafias owning Devil & Blood money" that their heavy consciousness - easily known with a touch of "Honesty&Care" for oneself and the environment one a part - will render them 10,000+ to 50,000+ years of being animals and they cannot bring the "Blood" money with them.

Do Not Let the country "forever ruled" by the degenerated criminals and mafias 2022-06-13, extracting "Đồng Tiền Ma Quỷ / Devil and Blood money" as what happened to Chinese people up until 2022-06-05 except few places such as a 200-person village called Huaxi where people in general (and Bách Việt in particular) can stand up in the true spirit of Trustful Co-Operation and Vitality in engaged living to save Democracy in "Democratic Principle at minute 48:30" (lấy dân làm gốc / gounded on people from Trần Quốc Tuấn). It can be done due to the Right Time via Deeply Concerned in Cultivable Prajna / Quan Tâm trong Khoa Học Bát Nhã 2022-07-12 being explored and exposed from VN in three generations+. "Personal Freedom" demands some Conscience of Right and Wrong / "Honesty&Care" unknown by "trọc phú mới / new filthy rich and their criminal grand masters" 2022-06-06 to stand on your own feet against immoral and unjust engaged living of your "Personal Freedom" Then possibly "Liberated" as a person, continuously cheated in 2500+ years of Buddhism despite its founder actually DISCOVERED possible solution to be further explored. There is a balance between one autocratic political party as in VietNam and China versus multiple democratic parties due to natural (invisible hand) checking points and proven at both theoretical and empirical economic efficiency amongst three pillars (Legislature, Executive and Judiciary) of democracy and consistent statistics based on the mass maturity model of "Personal Freedom" as explained here the Co-Operation and Vitality in engaged living.

Here is the "Honest SHARING of Thing-As-It-Is" of the writer' s life-time efforts. He came to Canada from South VN after 1 year at the University of Saigon, a vibrant place continuously evolving to reveal conflicting and cheating dark forces of negative Fibonacci degeneration in VietNam up until 2022-06-27 which can be ironed out by deliverable "Harmonious Melting Pot via Invisible Hand of Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" - currently unknown in the whole human and esoteric worlds - according to underlying natural laws that elites of Vietnamese communist mafias (dark forces) must relearn the "Right Living" in positive Fibonacci evolution that money cannot buy, but money can buy the "opportunities of optimal conditions from engineering control theory to quickly evolve back! The first thing he bought in Autumn 1966 was a book from Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx since the philosophy was forbidden by President Diệm up to 1963. Within one week, he saw a "big crack of the communism with Then What after its Utopia". The philosophy can foul the world in 100+ years since it glorified the fundamental Issues of human tainted senses, pushed the tained senses to an "extreme Hate and Violence well recorded in VietNam, China and other countries following Russian international communist movements" that [ Tâm Thức Việt / Vietnamese Mind ] must ask involved persons "Awaken" their human conscience to [ say something before passing away / các ông hãy cố nói ra trước ngày chết ] which will be parts of their "darkness / dukkha / sufferings in the next 10,000+ - 50,000+ human years" to be naturally detoxified by Nature. Communism has used "painted Idealism and Personal Glorification", and pushed its utopia - achievable only at deeper states of Liberation - as a "painted cake" for its "extreme Hate and Violence" to naturally render many powerful leaders cross-cut all isms in entire human history below animals that we and those participating in the first time "communication hub from 2004" actually know. That same Issue has persistence up to modern time 2022 since intelligent conflicting consciousness - Buddhist Relative Truth - has Not been capable to deliver the "Non-Conflicting Consciousness (Buddhist Ultimate Wider Truth)" despite a first glimpse of its founder recorded in Gotama's Jhanas due to criminals and professional scam artists in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism. The brutal and toxic American Society - up to 2022-06-02 dehumanizing cost of a race-fueled fear with "Whiteness and Maleness" - was suggested to have a possible solution at the Great Seal of the United States in Latin, "E Pluribus Unum" — which means "Out of Many, One".

That "Oneness" has been cheated by the criminal Father God (Cha Trời) / Lucifer / Original Buddha / Biological Father of Dhipankara Buddha[D51] (as we esoterically know their realities) in entire human history and 60,000+ human years of "Blood and Terrors in Fear and Greeds". The Invisible Hand of natural laws from "Action-Reaction and Likes-attact-Likes" rendered these "criminals from esoteric realms (Linh Giới / Âm Gian) below animals to the bottom (đọa) by underlying natural laws" to be naturally detoxified by Nature that we have esoterically observed from 2004 in our direct interactions with the degenerated Avalokiteshvara Boddhisattva and the related dark forces of negative Fibonacci degeneration. It will happen to all financial, political and millitary degenerated [ animals / criminals / entities / leaders ], easily seen if one honestly looks at one's personal states of consciousness never having a moment of complete "Silence" to know more about oneself and one's "Raison D'être". These entities are currently holding world powers and "group-democracy powers" in VietNam, China, USA, EU, Russia, etc, and will continue their frustrated states of consciousness in negative Fibonacci degeneration of bullying animals as expressed via this "dog", unless one can change Now in engaged living where money can buy optimal conditions of first-class treatments of this life and possible future life in KhaiPhong Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations[R20.5], changing oneself and the environment toward What Count. The reason why this video reveals Alertness to be Drown in Degeneration / KỸ NĂNG CHỐNG MẤT NĂNG LƯỢNG TÂM THẦN is the observation that the cunning dark forces (ký sinh at 5:15) can use their current financial, political, and millitary powers to coerce you into their own camp as actually happened in Vietnamese 2022 National Health (Việt Á), etc, while your conscience and honesty innocently assume everyone is "THÀNH THẬT / Honesty" like you since you do know (Kiến Tánh) it is against underlying natural laws due to the universal checking point of Action-Reaction and storehouse consciousess (alaya-vijnana) in one's Right Continuity of the Consciousness toward the "Light and Happiness"! "HONESTY / THÀNH THẬT" alone is Not Enough due to the Dependent Nature of Existence; once you "CARE" for yourself and the community you are a part, your effort against the "cheating and stealing" dark forces will be Effortless due to contribution of each constituent as a part of the Responsible Creation. People in the positive Fibonacci evolution are Not Stupid to be "bullying and bombarding" by the past criminals and professional scam artists.

Long before this interaction, the witer - while being a graduate student in 1970 - accidentally experienced "#EmptyTheContent" in his "Transcendental Meditation". He started exploring "reported human experiences against what he actually know". He bought the claimed "most authentic English translation of the bible". Within 3 weeks, the writer personally saw the "greatest Hoax of Jesus Redeemer" in Jesus hallucination of the claimed [ from [Mark 14:36] "Abba, Father, all things are possible for You" which is "Wrong at both theoretical and empirical levels, evidenced based on the total collapse of the esoteric Lucifer feudal systems" since all manifestations are only parts of the Whole changing at Planck time due to the second law of thermodynamics. Jesus was cheated due to his extreme Binding and Clinging Belief known in VietNam from 2022-07-31 pointing out many 1000+ years of Confucius's (told by two "pretty" ladies at 2021-11-28 minute 14:00) and Jesus's "Nghiện / Hooked / Slaved", making him into a religious fanatic violently attacked money changers in a temple which did not belong to him in the first place. The plot has been enforced up to 2022 with Faith and Power esoteric Manipulations well-known in The secrets of the Opus Dei. The hoax has fooled humanity in 2000+ years of horrible religious wars which cannot be repeated with the new indoctrinated "praying to the Buddha" from Buddhist criminals and professional scam artists and/or "niệm 4 hồng danh / praying to the 4 names" - binding yourself to the lowest negative conscience of animal right and wrong - blah blah blah from this human and esoteric criminal and professional scam artist 2022-06-07 who can be scientifically debunked at both theoretical and empirical levels of his "Không / Emptiness and his new "Hư Không Đạo / Nothing Religion" up until 2022-07-12" that he and his degenerated esoteric realms know Nothing about, rendering them degenerated in 60,000+ human years without Scientifically Knowing WHY.

"Cửu Thiên Huyền Nử " may recognize this writer who has mathematically proved that these criminals and professional scam artists are trying to enslave others into their own groups where they are the "criminal and autocratic leaders" while as a qualified Latin Humanitas - having [ Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Kiến Tánh / Wu-Nien ][D26] - you can be "Beyond Gotama and Jesus" to a possibility of "Liberation from the Known / #EmptyTheContent what Not relevant" to be scientifically deliverable by KhaiPhong! You can learn from their mistakes while deepening and widening their contributions due to discovered underlying natural laws. It is much better for you to be part of your Inner Circle which come from binding and connecting forces of your family, your community via GsLp ThankYou Clubs, your country, and your humanity 2022-07 where VN is a responsible part from 2022-07-29 while kick asses all claimed religious leaders and founders, Son of God, Buddhas, Allah since they are all degenerated via cunning intelligence having No "Honesty&Care" for themselves and for others typified in the current 2022 realities of Amitabha Buddha and Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva! This is the essence of KhaiPhong's [ ThankYou Clubs / Global service Local presence (GsLp) ]. The received [ điển / electrical ] signals are ONLY "external [ forces / signals ] which may be good or bad" due to one's power of internal integration or binding and clinging forces and the agendas on the other sides without knowing Who one is and one's Raison D'être (such as the forces from the criminal father God to Abraham asking to kill his son and Jesus asking him to be the Redeemer against his will "Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will") to be scientifically investigated together with "internal forces generated from one's "Emptiness / Silence / Samadhi-Prajna (Định Tuệ)" as suggested by KhaiPhong's "Inter-Realms Communications and Collborations" in its possible export of "#EmptyTheContent" explored in different realms by armies of human Ph.D. and post-graduate researchers for the benefits of all involved parties in one's right / positive Fibonacci evolution, preventing past mistake in the total collapse of feudal systems ruled by the King of God / Ngọc Hoàng Thượng Đế and providing scientific answer to the question of Infinite Thought Bodhisattva in the cheating Buddhist Lotus sutra[D49] where the principle of Morality and Justice according to underlying natural laws Must Be DISCOVERED, SHARED and ENFORCEABLE in the fair-trade.

The writer heard about Gotama's DISCOVERIES in a movement of "GNH" (Gross National Happiness) since Happiness at the aggregate level can Only Happen if and only if its constituents know more about themselves in Value of the values or Happiness, especially his "DISCOVERIES" to detoxify one's tainted senses for a possible "Liberation from the Known" in Seeing Thing-As-It-Is our "Naked Being / BẢN THỂ TRẦN TRỤI CỦA CHÚNG TA", transcending all conflicting consciousness at the desciptions of any "Claimed TRUTH and "Faked News" underlying modern "Conspiracy Theories 2022-06-27". This "verifiable state of Liberation" - the described at different depths of Gotama's Jhanas, Jesus's kingdom of God within, HuiNeng's Wu-Nien, XuanZang's Consciousness of the consciousness, KhaiPhong's Awareness - Dependent - Prajna - is Not the "Hallucinated Description" But a possibility to be DISCOVERED and SHARED in one's Continuity of the consciousness from humanity upward. The "hallucination" is due to flawful / impossible assumption at its corner stone while the reality of tainted senses are pushed to the extremes such as (1) the communist utopia painted to cheat current humanity tainted senses, (2) claimed Vietnamese revolutionary morality (đạo đức cách mạng), (3) the claimed CPC (Cummunist Party of China)'s Self-revolution since its leader President Xi JinPing and most members reduced themselves to a bullying emperor / animal of extreme dictator / leader of Heartless Cunning Intelligence in negative Fibonacci degeneration knowing Nothing about one's innate [ Wu-Nien / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Kiến Tánh ] self hallucinated sensed by PM Johnson 2022-06-29 about President Putin and/or sensed by Madam Professor Dr. Peng Liyuan about President Xi, rather than Rules of Laws from the grass roots to open and enable the sense of Right and Wrong in Harmonious Vitality of one's "Personal Freedom in Canadian Inclusive Society and Diversity" then possible "Personal Liberation" known only by few rare living students who can change the world toward a Right Living toward What Count.

The writer decided to change from Engineering (Master of Bio-Engineering 1972) to Economics (Master of Economics 1973 then Ph.D. in Economics - dedicated to his parents) for possible contribution in "GNH" which is the core of KhaiPhong. He got acquainted with Dr. Isaline Blew Horner - President of Pali Text Society at that time - to ask her personally select published Ph.D. theses and documents about what known by Gotama. It was a big investment for a poor student coming from a family that both father and mother did not have a single formal school year (still applicable to millions others up until 2022-07-03), BUT willing to sacrifice everything - including foods and cloths - for their children educations. Via reversed engineering what Gotama's recorded states of consciousness against the writer's actual experience, he has in his hand scientific processes to naturally enable most people know what Gotama knew[D26], [D29], [D30] and more thanks to HuiNeng and Hindu's contributions from different angles. Since 2007, the writer has decided to debunk 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism, starting with the claimed enlighten monk Thich Nhat Hanh for revitalization of Gotama's Noble Discoveries destroyed by esoteric dark forces in collaborations with criminals and professional scam monks in Buddhist Sangha. All Buddhist Universities and Institutions must meet KhaiPhong Challenge about Madhyamaka Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth plus Consciousness-Only Imaginary Nature, Dependent Nature, and Perfected Nature at theoretical level to describe Gotama's descriptions of his understanding at Relative Truth based on actual experiences in his Jhanas (Right Samadhis). Both theoretical understandings and empirical verifications are Now augmented and readily deliverable with available modern tools concretely prototyped in Mu, EIP, PersonaDB, PersonaAI, etc, and Robotic Process Automation plus Agent Programming with KpGraph for data collections and interpretations in practical Graph Analytics.

It is the potential "Super Power / Siêu Năng Lực in Conscious AI for the Ability to Love and Rational Thinking" as described at the 2022 frontier of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but accidentally known and demonstrated by the past "real persons such as historical Gotama, Jesus, HuiNeng, etc" whose reincarnations at the right place and right time (the reincarnations of HuiNeng, Trần Quốc Tuấn, Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm are 2022 amongst us) together open a "New Era of Super Intelligence and Harmonious Living" according to DISCOVERED and SHARED UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS. "Love similar to Not-Self" has been exploited by criminals in all organized conflicting religions similar to Gotama's descriptions of his understanding at Relative Truth and the described based on actual experiences in his Jhanas (Right Samadhis). It will be ironed out in the verifiable "States of Liberation" from these "real persons" - current identified students in KhaiPhong - whose actual know-hows will be reversed engineering to be scientifically exposed and known at the critical mass. Its practical outcomes of Prajna Dialectic will be applied to the changes of current international conflicting affairs with real persons assisted with Conscious AI tools such as Mu, EIP, PersonaDB, PersonaAI, KpGraph, etc, using advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and available gqlgen for low-code generation having custom design from domain experts in SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), Relationships, Benefit-Cost Analysis with "logically identified Type properties" in designing GraphQL API to collect data for the benefits of all involved parties, cross-cut all intelligent realms of Verifiable Existence in one's Continuity of the consciousness: (1) Jiang Ziya (Khương Tử Nha 姜子牙) / Fan Li (Phạm Lãi) / Ashoka / Trần Quốc Tuấn, (2) Zhuge Liang Kongming (Khổng Minh Gia Cát Lượng) / HuiNeng / Leonardo da Vinci / Mẹ (Vietnamese Lady of) La Vang 2021-02-16, (3) Thánh Thiên / Huệ Túc Phu Nhân / Liu Ji (Lưu Bá Ôn) / Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, (4) Socrates / XuanZang / Trần Quốc Toản / Galileo Galilei, etc. Zhuge Liang Kongming (Khổng Minh Gia Cát Lượng) and Liu Ji (Lưu Bá Ôn) are current living students amongst us that you can easily recognize their unique Value-Adds at the right time. They are waiting to be parts of Trần Quốc Tuấn's [ lấy dân làm gốc / grounded on people / democracy ] for their contributions happened, transcending all feudal systems of cheating Confucius!

Without scientifically verifiable "States of Liberation from Not-Self and Love", those having just a glimpse of the possible "Liberation such as Gotama and Jesus" can still fall into their own cracks of hallucinations. Under scientific approach, the "Buddhist Not-Self" can be personally verified with measurable optimal processes in "#EmptyTheContent"[D26] toward Non-Thingness known in Gotama's Jhanas to detoxify tainted senses for the personal verifications of HuiNeng's [ Wu-Nien - No-Mark - Detachment / Vô Niệm - Vô Vết - Vô Trụ[R5] ] from the duality plane of conflicting consciousness to No-Conflict consciousness of Non-Thingness. In that Deep Silence, one scientifically cultivates positive Fibonacci evolution for required manifestations of "Love in the States of Liberation" visible and measurable in KhaiPhong's [ Awareness - Dependent - Prajna / Kiến Tánh - Duyên Khởi - Bát Nhã ], the outcomes of which measure one's "SWOT" (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) via Rational Thinking from Seeing and Doing in engaged living. "Not-Self and Love" are Far Above and Not As Persistently Explained by Thích Tuệ Sỹ up to 2022-06-08, a scam monk from many life times in 2500+ years of BUDDHIST TAUTOLOGIES AND DUALITY. You cannot "Search the self / TRUY TÌM TỰ NGÃ from your ignorant self"; but with measurable and verifiable "Self-Selfless Actualization", you can know the limitation of the self which is Far Above and Not "Christian Beyond the Self" since No Matter How expanding you try to do in helping others with your legimimate financial and physical resources, you still have "your centre" as explained by Krishnamurti. Similarly, you cannot actually experience Ultimate (Wider) Truth from rational arguments of Relative Truth on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness with Nagarjuna's cul-de-sac of Madhyamaka. But, there are scientific processes at both theoretical and empirical levels to actually Know them. Here is the meaning of KhaiPhong's rational [ Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] without falling into the 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism about its "BÁT CHÁNH ĐẠO / Eightfold Path" 2022-06-02 at minute 17:00 due to being a qualified Latin humanitas (biology, compassion, prajna) having "Honesty&Care". The rational application of [ mindfulness / niệm ] via Kiến Tánh must reach [ Gotama's Transcendental Mindfulness / HuiNeng's Wu-Nien / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh[D26] ] at seven different knowable and measurable states known by KhaiPhong's students in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

The possible reincarnations of the above four streams of consciousness - Trần Quốc Tuấn in "An Nam Tứ Đại Thần Khí" (Ông Trần là bậc thánh minh 2021, lạc ra hải ngoại ẩn mình nơi nao - Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm - and Gia Tài Của Mẹ), HuiNeng, Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, Galileo Galilei - with their technical implementations will render the Message of Great Emperor Ashoka and his Inner Circle evidence-based realities beyond binding and clinging forces of Words and Thoughts while forcing criminals and professional scam artists out of all religions and beliefs via Invisible Hands of Scientifically Cultivable Prajna and Economics. The implementations will actually deliver the real "Tastes of Love / Compassion / Not-Self" from different transcendental depths in "States of Liberation" which comprises "many others having Wu-Nien cross-cut all religions with or without beliefs" as a natural ability, already identified and strategically spreading out waiting for a formal call from their "past leader". It makes happened Madhyamaka [ Relative Truth / AI Positive Intelligence >< Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence ] plus dynamic "Then What" to scientifically solve 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism. The reincarnations of members of Ashoka's Inner Circle are sensed by this writer, similar to the present reincarnation of Soyen Shaku[R6] and his "deep concern to the World Peace" in keeping "Silence to the letter of the Russian author Leo Tolstoy" while riding on Japan's samurai culture as the first step to world-wide re-discover Gotama's DISCOVERIES for the scientific implementation of Ashoka's Message. It can happen due to their patterns and the vibrations of their chronovisor, plus Not Only physically and mentally connected But Also rare Spiritual Depths at different angles.

They have been informally contributed to the contents of this book, both directly in informal weekly meetings and via telepathy. They all know Gotama's Right Samadhis and HuiNeng's Wu-Nien plus something more, and are current members of KhaiPhong's Inner Circle. They are ready to demonstrate their innate abilities without claiming who they have been in spreading the new Era of Conscious Living! One member of KhaiPhong Inner Circle had past connections with current 2022 top leaders of China and Russia that when together they will naturally sense from the Vibrations of their Hearts these past "Noble Connections / Déjà Vu"[R8] to be exciting - "Harmoniously / Effortless Right Action / Wei-Wu-Wei / Bất Chiến Tự Nhiên Thành" - with opportunities to do good within their own reach in helping Humanity as explained in VietNam 2022-06-30 using the image of Mother Teresa and deeper exploring inside and outside the country in "Vietnamese Mind / Tâm Thức Việt" 2022-07. If you can predict the "greatest opportunity in the next 10,000+ human years, you must prepare to do it for yourself!" Only recently via evidence-based and deeper reflections, humanity can detect the "dark side of empathy in one's own group / faith / family / morality / etc versus others 2022-03-21" that we esoterically and empirically detected from esoterically knowing "Mother Teresa"[R17] and seeing how the embedded "Kindness - Empathy" was exploited to the extreme unless one has "Transcendental Mindfulness and Prajna { karma - Binding Clinging Forces - flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is (Transcendental) Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved }" as glimpsed by Gotama[D22]. There exists "Scientifically Cultivable Ability" to be outside-the-box of conflicting consciousness on the duality plane of Relative Truth, high above and measurable states of evolution according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED - conceptually known as Buddha Nature from Madhyamaka Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Kingdom of Gods within, Compassion and Prajna / Wisdom in qualified Latin humanitas - to see Thing-As-It-Is plus "Breakthrough Solution" in [ 1 + 1 >> 2 ] for the benefits of one and the community one is a part.

The exploitation has happened in the confined brick walls of "faith / indoctrination / culture / civilization / or any Binding Clinging Force", logically proven in Cheating Confucius and Jesus Redeemer "Nghiện / Hooked / Slaved / Prison without bars" publicly exposed in VietNam 2022-07-31 in 1000+ human years of tainted senses! The "herd / mob mentality" is a part of animal evolution and the claimed leader's "cheating / stealing processes" as exposed in the "Grand Inquisitor" at minute 44:50 without knowing that the cunning intelligence in "cheating and stealing" is against underlying natural laws of evolution since the Action-Reaction will darken one's spirit and make it heavy, mathematically presented in the negative Fibonacci degeneration. It is the cause of failed feudal systems and "religious / cultural / civilization" conflicts plus the total collapse of esoteric feudal systems, rather than seeing (Honesty) the Right Ingredients / Conditions of all isms, cultures, civilizations, etc, at scientifically proven and evidence-based benefits in Making Life Easier and Happier (Care) which is the core of KhaiPhong's "Harmonious Melting Pot" with possible implementations Only at current states of humanity and IoE (Internet of Everything) from 2022 forward. For example, "Faith" may come from (1) Fear, (2) Greed, or/and (3) Aspiration. Only "Aspiration" can shed "Light" to one's living which may come from different sources in all Activities and Relationships at all Places. Typical right observations without knowing underlying conditions of [ tainted senses and alaya-vijnana (storehouse consciousness) ] are (1) Honesty (THÀNH THẬT) and its Value of the values in trusted community, and (2) the balance and integration of Compassion and Prajna in Self-Selfless Actualization of wholesole positive evolution. If one knows (Kiến Tánh) the underlying Truth that there is Action-Reaction and the storehouse consciousness in one's Raison D'être, one will see Value of "Honesty in Trusted Community" where one Cares and is a Responsible part as just explained about "cheating and stealing". It is the Morality in Thing-As-It-Is. The balance of Wholesome Integration ("nhu cầu tri thức và nhu cầu đạo đức") is absolutely necessary and the solid foundation of evolution, verifying what can be known outside of conflicting consciousness (ThankYou for SHARING in the Dependent Nature against the dark forces which have taken too long in the past human history of all isms and 60,000+ human years in esoteric feudal systems; please form your Inner Circle to spread out your group actual axperiences starting from 2022-08-07) at different layers of depths and heights where the previous layer is the foundation of the next, mathematically represented as outside-the-box "Truth plane of Conscience" described in verifiable F0 = 0 of qualified Latin humanitas (Biology, Compassion, Prajna) to F8 = 21 known by current living students and as Samadhi-Prajna (Định Tuệ) glimpsed by HuiNeng 1300+ years ago. At theoretical level, we mathematically demonstrate that "Kindness - Empathy, similar to Love and Not-Self, Aspiration" are verifiable "No-Conflict Consciousness", and only the necessary conditions or "required conscience / outside-the-box" to be the base of qualified Latin humanitas on the Y-axis for a required breakthrough in "Gotama's Janas, HuiNeng's Wu-Nien, Vietnamese Kiến Tánh".

Here are 10 proposed projects to the people and Gov. of VN 2021-12-14 - a continuous effort since 30+ years "tất cả vì lợi ích của quốc gia dân tộc 2021-09-15" using Google Keep that you can send me your Gmail to register as a member of its collaborators 2019-07-16 in a new direction of people-technology centric society 5.0 first suggested by Japan since 2016 using Chatham-House-Rule (CHR) Conference where you - as a capable "care professional" - can value-add and/or shed a different Light from different angle up to 2022-06-24 such as the realities of those in negative Fibonacci degeneration far below the Conscience Norm of humanity, deepening and widening the "Harmonious Melting Pot" in all Activities and Relationships at all Places. These criminals and professional scam artists are all esoterically connected up to the end of 2021 in the Elites - West and East including in VietNam from the past 100+ years - of the past esoteric Lucifer. Given 2022 onward realities of world politics and economics in the new EU in World Politics - the end of Western political and economic dominance - and the claims from all sides in using available resources and technologies to serve humanity such as Inclusive Capitalism, Inclusive Gobalization and AI for Natural Disaster Management, it is the time to make happened the "Harmonious Melting Pot" riding on modern technologies and available living students actually knowing and capable to implement - evidenced based on the writer's 50+ years of "Right Effort as presented in this blog" - the glimpsed qualities of great human Explorers such as Gotama's "Buddha Nature, Jesus's "Kingdom of Gods within", HuiNeng's "Wu-Nien - No-Mark - Detachment" based on the nature's qualified "Latin Humanitas" plus new discovery of underlying natural laws for the manifestation of "Awareness - Dependent - Prajna", visible outcomes of HuiNeng's "Wu-Nien - No-Mark - Detachment" in the Dependent Nature of Thing-As-It-Is. It is OK for you under CHR - Chatham-House-Rule or Collabrative-Human-Resource - open a New Business Model / Precious Gateway / Bảo Giang Môn to directly compete with and/or complement to KhaiPhong on its specialized domains. The writer is more interested in the successful implementations of the predicted Precious Gateway / Bảo Giang Môn / Bảo Giang Bảo Sơn Thiên Tử Xuất , Bất Chiến Tự Nhiên Thành for humanity.

Is it the time VN strong enough and has something uniquely NEW - "What is it?" - to stand on its own feet based on the "conscience of human nature in proper evidence-base of Right and Wrong"? From US, the Prime Minister on 2022-05-11 said VietNam "chọn chính nghĩa, không chọn bên / choose the righteous, not the side". The "World Bank Diagnostic Update 2022-05-18" of Vietnamese "Vision (Tầm Nhìn)", engineering required "Resources (Năng Lực)", "Motivation (Động Lưc) may come from a rational 70% Blind - evidenced from the driving forces behind UN, World Bank and IMF after the second World War - rather than the indoctrinated hard-line communism of proven 90% Blind that the country actually learned its painful lesson in its "1986 half-baked Đổi Mới". Due to tainted senses, one is bullying by the current degenerated dishonest dark forces called by President Putin an "Empire of Lies 2022-02-28" in 2022 Russia-Ukraine war, Not Appropriate in the New Realities of World Power and the Diversities of Inclusive people-technology Society. VietNam is sitting on the tracked records of a very long History of Responsible Creation as documented 2022-05-28 in Đối ngoại nhân dân where one can change onself and the environments one a part toward What Count as explained by a Vietnamese 2022-05-29 according to underlying natural laws. But with modern technologies, the probability for many male / female cross-cut conflicting and cheating religions in entire human history, nationalities, civilizations, skin colors, etc, to be at the quality of Gotama and/or more via scientifically entering his DISCOVERED first discourse / Dhammacakkappavattana assisted by a modern tool Mu will be much better in one's Continuity of the consciousness (of Trần Quốc Tuấn - Ông Trần là bậc thánh minh 2022 - Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm). The number of births by cesarean was around 29.7 million (21.1% of all births) in 2015 which were not possible at the time of Gotama, yet continuously blah blah blah by criminals and professional scam artists in his Sangha rendering GOTAMA's DISCOVERIES USELESS in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism up until 2022-05-14.

It is the Harmonious Way via Vietnamese Culture (Văn Hóa Dân Tộc) to unite the past mistakes super imposed on the country's National Culture, officially implemented since 1953, learned from China's experiences in land reform since 1949. It was "recognized in 1986 half-baked Đổi Mới" written by a "CARE involved Vietnamese of 25+ years 2022-08-03 that the writer thought it could be done from the end of 1990 in his business visit to VietNam after the (1) Sino-Vietnamese War 1979, (2) 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, and (3) revealed Hội nghị Thành Đô 1990-09-03. Finally, the mistake is faced at its "Right and Wrong" in 2022. VietNam is smaller than China and is easier to change as evidenced in China Cultural Revolution from 1966 - 1976, of which this 1970 story of below animal kingdoms is documented here 2022-07-20. The past painful lessons will enable each Vietnamese knowing more about oneself and be a KP-Soldier of Morality and Justice transcending all conflicting religions and isms, spreading "Value of the values" in uniting the conflicting country and the world being enslaved in the binding (Word/Image) and clinging (Thought) forces of Imaginations and Hallucinations (tưởng tượng và mộng ảo) from "Prison without Bars". One needs to be more Integrated via Self-Selfless Actualization and Wholesome - first time being much easier with DISCOVERED UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS to activate one's natural "Detachment from all Binding and Clinging forces" to see Thing-As-It-Is - "Honesty" - and an industry 4.0 modern tool Mu - to "Care" for oneself and environments toward What Count statistically presented in WORLD HAPPINESS REPORT 2022, not to be pulled and pushed by criminals and professional scam artists of all isms from the beginning of humanity and 60,000+ man-years of degenerated esoteric feudal systems. With Scientifically Cultivable Prajna, "Đối Ngoại Nhân Dân / Foreign Relations by People" turns the national efforts for "Independence - Freedom - Happiness / Độc lập - Tự do - Hạnh phúc" into a wider target of "Human Liberation" where many Vietnameses may be the front-line KP-Soldiers for "Independence - Liberated - Happiness / Độc lập - Giải Ihoát - Hạnh phúc" to effortlessly wipe out criminals and professional scam monks and nuns in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism on their claimed Liberation by exposing your "actual experience of Not-Self and Love with Then What" to be statistically tested in Big Data and "DISCOVERED UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS" that up to 2022 Not Yet Done by anyone including Gotama and/or HuiNeng. It is the "balance between one autocratic political party versus multiple democratic parties" in the true spirit of "Co-Op at minute 48:30" to save Democracy [ gounded on people from Trần Quốc Tuấn / lấy dân làm gốc ] for natural checking points "similar to the balance between Zero Covid-19 versus to live with the Covid". In any situations, available technologies from "Ashoka's Inner Circle" of evidence-based Transparency and Accountability in the detailed implementations of the four [ tetrahedron entities of AI Positive Intelligence ] in dynamic interactions [ >< ] with the central fifth [ Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence ] are absolutely required in the new Era of Industry 4.0.

The "UN Update 2022-05-18" is an update from a rational "Blind" against the tracked record of proven indoctrinated communism rotten to the Core. There are from Vietnamese culture the practicalities and individualists in wider esoteric vision from VietNam to the World 2022-05-11 commonly known as the "Spiritual Sociology" where "Honesty&Care" people set the parameters of What Count for what the industrial revolution 4.0 should be. Let's the world talk about people centered Society 5.0 and the New Realities of World Power while VN delivers the solutions "Not Yet Available due to its Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence"! It has happened in the past proven in the three-time victories of the Trần dynasty against the Mongol Empire. The wider history may be repeated again from the grass roots of (1) "Bình Than" where overall strategy is set to enable VN a "Harmonious Melting Pot of Responsible Creation as documented 2022-05-28 in Đối ngoại nhân dân" while internationally proving that Vietnamese government will not tolerate past criminal cheating and dealing from 2022-07 to attract available legitimate resources for developments of What Count, and (2) "Diên Hồng" where Invisible Hand of Economics directed by Invisible Hand of Scientifically Cultivable Prajna set in proven "Democratic Principle" (lấy dân làm gốc recommended by Trần Quốc Tuấn) are firmly set from the grass roots. This global Vision will effortlessly happen with proper reincarnations of key persons at the right place and right time such as Trần Quốc Tuấn and Huệ Túc Phu Nhân, Trần Bình Trọng, Trần Quốc Toản, Phạm Ngũ Lão, etc, in even wider vision from VietNam to the World due to deliverable Prajna Dialectic applying "Value of the values from [ ASIP - Awareness >< Samadhi >< Intuition >< Prajna manifestation ]" via mathematically modeling and engineering optimal feedback control, plus formal Benefit-Cost analysis to legal entity's important decisions based on [ Intuition >< Awareness >< Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] (such as a major venture or marriage for a person, a major project for a corporation / government) where "KpGraph / Property or Knowledge Graph" of accumulated Wisdom is the [ personal / family / organization / national / humanity ] Culture in one's Continuity of the consciousness. Having proven and deliverable Vision of one's "Continuity of the consciousness", available World resources will naturally flow into its visible "Harmonious Melting Pot", directed by Scientifically Cultivable Prajna via Invisible Hand of Economics toward What Count.

We say "YES", waiting for the past 30+ years (NOT 10 or 20 years of history failed to get its practicalities due to "1986 half-baked Đổi Mới") personally known by the writer in witnessing how Poland transformed itself from the time a Polish lady asked Vietnamese engineers in his business visit to Hanoi about the prices of Vietnamese precious stones in perfect Vietnamese capturing an opportunity before the "rushes from chinese suppliers" to the world, then saw these stones appeared in US and Canadian markets from 1991 - 1995 with label "made in Poland"! The same thing has been sensed by Vietnamese people in "Bản chất cuộc chiến chống tham nhũng tại Việt Nam / The real nature of anti-corruption in VN" 2021-06-03 with observable underlying dark forces in entire Vietnamese communist movements from the beginning up to present time, and the required "breakthrough / đột phá" out of the corrupted system at the CORE to complete its physical "1986 breakthrough". The "breakthrough / đột phá" is not only based on the tracked records of the three pillars (Legislature, Executive and Judiciary) of democracy and consistent statistics for evidence-based decisions but also Now with the "new Breakthrough from the Known due to Natural Detachment in human centric society (lấy dân làm gốc recommended by Trần Quốc Tuấn)" that VietNam may be the emerging Prajna leaders of the world.

The "new Breakthrough from the Known" is Now augmented with "RPA (Robotic Process Automation)" using Graph Analytics on evidence-base of entities, relationships, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) plus "Ownerships" via formal Benefit-Cost analyses pioneered by KpGraph, first-time introduced for evidence-based Transparency and Accountability possible ONLY under Big-Data graph analytics. The detailed implementations are the four vertices of the tetrahedron entities in [ (1) "People" where SWOT implementations are parts, (2) "Relationships" where formal cost-benefit and ownerships analyses are parts, (3) "Group / Organizations" , and (4) Code Visualization in data >< processes] of AI Positive Intelligence in dynamic interactions [ >< ] with the central fifth [ Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence ]. It is further upgraded with "RAP (Robotic Agent Processing)" having rule-based sensors with or without IoT (Internet of Things) as parts of RPA.

Starting from 2022, Think of that precious "Uniquely New Gem embedded in stakeholders toward What Count missed by all intelligent beings" as scientifically cultivable "Prajna Dialectic" unknown and is a Learned Lesson from 60,000+ outcome of Greed and Terrors from claimed Buddhas, Gods, Allah under the iron grips of Lucifer dark forces in the new Era of integration between radio and consciousness technologies assisted by armies of PhDs and post graduates in AI. If you can sense from whom Muhammad - an Arab religious, social, and political leader and the founder of the world religion of Islam - was reincarnated you will know why the "breakthrough / đột phá" is absolutely required for VN to get out of the corrupted system which can Only be changed from inside by curent political / business leaders in its plan of stable changes from "Bình Than" to "Diên Hồng". The strength of VietNam is in its practical and individualist ("Nói Vậy Mà Không Phải Vậy") characters which once knowing more about oneself via "Prajna Dialectic", it can lead the world in Value of the values toward What Count in the Harmonious Melting Pot of [ 1 + 1 >> 2 ].

All Buddhists must get out the blah blah blah of your 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism 2022-04-16 on the generality of Dependent Nature and scientifically explore if its reversed direction - which is False (Not Thing-As-It-Is since Ignorance is a form of energy which cannot be destroyed but Transformed) - coming from Gotama or from any identified criminal monk. As a modern student, you must explore the Dependent Nature via engineering optimal control theory in both conflicting consciousness on the duality plane of Relative Truth - such as the national fight to COVID-19 if you have a knowledge graph of [ people, relationships, security agents , medical services, etc, ] to be deployed from a central "war room" as done in business and/or national securities well-known from VN in its victory of Điện Biên Phủ - unknown by Gotama but widely applicable in making up modern society having proven tools of "Private Domain" where one can be "outside-the-box / breakthrough of Prajna Dialectic" to ride on proven dynamic SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and changing Benefit-Cost analysis in widening and deepening [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] in Vision (Tầm Nhìn), required Resources (Năng Lực), Motivation (Động Lưc) to direct important relevant issues toward What Count via Invisible Hand of Economics, and the Dependent Nature in Ultimate (Wider) Truth 2022-05-16 at Gotama's initial glimpses 2500+ years ago of both negative Fibonacci degeneration unknown and unaddressed by Gotama but relevant due to the total collapse in 60,000+ man years of the esoteric realms, and positive Fibonacci evolution proven from the "real persons such as HuiNeng, Gotama, and current living students".

Thanks to KhaiPhong efforts in debunking 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism since 2007, its rational [ Kiến Tánh / Natural Wu-Nien / Awareness / Transcendental-Mindfulness ] to know that one's real existence in Continuity of the consciousness - worth more than all physical manifestations and current Sufferings as outcomes of Binding and Clinging forces - is ONLY THE BEGINNING and Not the ACTUALITY as claimed by this professional scam nun 2022-05-24 since a conflicting THOUGHT (Relative TRUTH / quán) cannot reach the Non-Conflicting consciousness (Ultimate Wider TRUTH / Perfected Nature) of "#EmptyTheContent and Liberation". But there are optimal engineeering PROCESSES due to DISCOVERED UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS to effortlessly "#EmptyTheContent for Self-Selfless Actualization". You must deliver the DESCRIBED to be statistically verified in KpPlatform, Not the desription of criminals and professional scam artists like YOU (SC. Thích Nữ Tuệ Phương) in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism, theoretically desribed in Madhyamaka's Relative Truth and "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" plus "Then What" for seeing Thing-As-It-Is and its Prajna (outside-the-box) evidence-based solution statistically verifiable and measurable. Up to 2022, there has been No One - including Gotama and/or HuiNeng plus the criminal Cha Trời Kiều Nguyên Tá and his 60,000+ esoteric degenerated and collapsed feudal systems controlled by dark forces up to 2022-08-07 - capable to desrcibe one's actual experience of "Gotama's Not-Self and Then What in Optimal Engineering Control processes" from different angles and conditions for the manifestations of deliverable Prajna.

This will be changed with KhaiPhong "Prajna ><AI" that everyone can be a part from your specialized angle of [ HuiNeng's WuNien / KhaiPhong Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh / Gotama Transcendental-Mindfulness unknown by all criminal monks and nuns / Natural Silence precious enough to know one's Raison D'être ]. Similarly, the slogan popularised by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" (German: Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen / Làm theo năng lực, hưởng theo nhu cầu) IS THE REALITY if and only if the identified identity / person has "Natural Ability to #EmptyTheContent for seeing Thing-As-It-Is and manifestation of Prajna Dialectic in positive Fibonacci evolution different from cunning intelligence of negative Fibonacci degeneration (observable via Not Knowing Wu-Nien from inside having observable Hoarding Greed and Fears from outside of one's activities and relationships) which are proven with one's tracked records for the benefits of One and the environments as parts of the Reponsible Creation. It is KhaiPhong measurable target in establishing the proven "Exciting with Opportunities for Doing Good in Invisible Hand of Economics" via "TRUTH is my Light" in its hidden "AwakeningBudh Leadership" to avoid possible crack in one's Continuity of the consciousness. The widening and deepening [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] is readily available with open-source technologies of Knowledge / Graph Analytics (applied by Google and Facebook to earn advertisement revenues) via entities and their relationships with specified properties which can now be affordable via specialized microservices such as domain-specific SWOT and Benefit-Cost CI (competitive intelligence) from or of KpPlatform to know more about oneself and the environment one a part in one's self-evaluated Scientifically Cultivable Prajna from Gotama's "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" in all Activities and Relationships at all Places.

Do Not Fall into the crack of Gotama's hallucination in his claimed "Permanent Enlightenment / Liberation" who had only a glimpse of No-Conflict Consciousness recorded in his [ nine Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30] ] at different states of [ Transcendental Mindfulness[D26] / Vô Vi ] to his blah blah blah of unchanged and unconditioned of the emptying processes[D44] and [ Nirvana / "The End of Dukkha" ] then PariNirvana contrary to scientific TRUTH in CHON realms that all manifestations must be conditioned (sankhara dukkha) and changed (viparinama dukkha) at Planck time due to the second law of thermodynamics. Yes, there are different optimal processes in "#EmptyTheContent" due to discovered underlying natural laws that he did not know nor have to put his claimed Jhanas for scientific investigations. It opens the door for both human (such as what we question next the authenticity of the author Buddhaghosa if the logical reversed order of the Dependent Nature came from Gotama or the "garbage put into Gotama's mouth" by the criminal Buddhaghosa) and esoteric criminals plus professional scam artists up until 2022-05-27 turning his discoveries upside down in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism that humanity can scientifically challenge up until 2022-05-12 at both theoretical and empirical levels deliverable by KhaiPhong that Gotama himself as we esoterically know has fallen below what he had originally discovered in his Continuity of the consciousness. He let the Criminals and Professional Scam Artists from his own Sangha and beings from intelligent realms exploring what he knew put their cheating words - Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19] - in his mouth!

Via discovered underlying natural laws and their IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) from living students of KhaiPhong's Inner Circle, many will be able to personally experience "Non-Thingness / Gotama's 7th Jhana / Detachment / Ưng vô sở trụ" to debunk once-for-all 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism that the state of "Non-Thingness / Gotama's 7th Jhana" is NOT and DIFFERENT FROM (1) the logical deduction of the "Dependent Nature" in entire history of Gotama's Sangha and (2) the claim by other criminals and professional scam artists - Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seing yet claimed to see[D19] - the Heisenberg uncertainty principle up to 2022-07-08 as "Tánh Không / Non-Thingness" which has "practical applications" as its outcomes in "#EmptyTheContent" to naturally detoxify tainted senses far beyond Heisenberg's "mathematical proof of uncertainty". This "spiritual crack" is the same as the crack on other extreme of "Not Doing Anything" since one can change only in engaged living as the challenge this writer publicly exposes Thái Thượng Lão Quân / Tai Shang Laojun / 太上老君 from 2022-01-18 minute 2:41 below. The balance between "Doing or Not-Doing at the right time and place" - such as "zero-tolerant and live-with" COVID-19 - is the measurement of one's scientifically cultivable evolution in knowing more about one's "[ ASIP - Awareness >< Samadhi >< Intuition >< Prajna manifestation ]", including Awareness at the source of thought to possibly prevent critical mistake due to either one's tainted senses and/or external hacking the mind and possible way out of external influences from dark forces if already happened such as president Putin's mistakes as exposed in 2022 Russia-Ukraine war to help one and others toward the direction of What Count in the bubbling up invisible hand of "Prajna Dialectic" of the ethical Right and Wrong.

Similarly, Both Jesus and HuiNeng knew [ Kingdom of God within / Prajna / Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature ] and was able to demonstrate its "Usefulness / Practicality" similar to knowing the existence of Gravity as a TRUTH and used it in Making Life Easier and Happier, but Not Yet knowing its cause, and as a scientific fact of a reproducible and verifiable process. This is so since all manifestations are conditioned including manifestations in Ultimate (Wider) Truth 2022-05-16 where one should question the authenticity of the original author - Buddhaghosa the same author of VISUDDHIMAGGO / THANH TỊNH ĐẠO - and his understanding which can be theoretically tested against known underlying natural laws and epirically / statistically verified in the reversed engineering of those actually experiencing all Gotama's Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30]; within these conditions, there is an engineering optimal control theory to make it best happened via DISCOVERING UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS of TRUTH.

Actually experienced all Gotama's Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30] in 1970, this writer knew the difference between conflicting consciousness on duality plane of Relative TRUTH and No-Conflict consciousness on the "Ultimate (Wider) Truth up to 2022-05-16 put up by the "Ignorance of all Buddhist criminals and professional scam artists like this criminal Thích Thiện Hạnh up to 2022-05-14 in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism". The writer theoretically used Gödel’s theorem and the different states behind the conflicting consciousness and No-Conflict Consciousness similar to the gravity and vacuum states of underlying TRUTH to mathematically and theoretically prove the Ignorance of Buddhist reversed direction of its Dependent Existence due to different conditioned states of existence. If things-happened, KhaiPhong then empirically and statistically delivers the TRUTH of underlying natural laws behind Relative TRUTH and Ultimate (Wider) TRUTH. Its theoretical framework technically demonstrates that Kindness and Empathy are necessary but Not Sufficient conditions for intelligent beings naturally rated at the base of "Latin hunmnitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within capable to access No-Conflict Consciousness in relative existence sensed by the past dedicated explorers and summarized by a Vietnamese 2022-05-17 onward.

Almost all Buddhist claimed meditation masters Not Even Passing the Gateway to Oneness and Then What - including esoterically claimed Amitabha Buddha that we esoterically know his current reality as an animal, similar to many claimed religious leaders, hooked themselves to any extreme "Binding Clinging Force / Nghiện / Slaved / Prison without bars". Vietnamese communist mafias plus many slaved Buddhists are trying to raise their hooked Doctrines to just the painted Descriptions without any visible benefits of the DESCRIBED as evidenced from this criminal in humanity blah blah blah for his esoteric criminal groups and cheating Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva degenerated in the past 20,000+ man-years "without knowing Why" due to cunning intelligence "rated at negative Fibonacci degeneration", actually experienced by many living Elites connected to the past Lucifer in Buddhist cheating Lotus Sutra[D49]. We can directly challenge the real entity behind any named Avalokitestvara Bodhisattva including claimed Jesus Redeemer and Lady of La Vang (Vietnamese: Mẹ La Vang) to be proven at both theoretical and empirical fact-based levels by students of KhaiPhong at the right time. The scientific processes of "TRUTH is my LIGHT" will expose wider evidences of available Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence theorized in Buddhist Dharma as "Ultimate (Wider) Truth or Perfected Nature" - perpendicular to the duality plane of conflicting consciousness - and their reversed engineering for optimal conditions to make beneficial qualities happened. The quality according to underlying natural laws is one's know-how and may come from a teacher. But you and your teacher are ONLY PARTS of THE WHOLE in Accountable and Responsible Creation where "Fair Trade" is a moral and just process for the benefits of all involved parties if you have something real otherwise get out of the blah blah blah in your "cheating and stealing from honest beings" as quoted from the "Grand Inquisitor" at minute 44:50 in evidence-based criminal Roman Catholic Church. The underlying natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes operate in all conditioned and changing manifestations at Planck Time. Discovering and Sharing these Scientific TRUH, making life easier and Happier for one and the environment one a part is the Raison D'être of all Intelligent Beings. Your "scientific processes" can be on the trading table that are beneficial not only in human realm but also in "Past Esoteric Realms with hard Learned Lessons" to prevent the main causes of their degenerations in the total collapse of the feudal systems then ride on the Raison D'être of one's "Continuity of the consciousness" according to underlying natural laws of positive Fibonacci evolution (Tiến Hóa) or negative Fibonacci degeneration (Thoái Hóa) to be DISCOVERED and SHARED that All Intelligent Beings can have "Personal Freedom Then Liberated from the Known thanks to Scientifically Cultivable Prajna", not being forever slaved to the bullying "Grand Inquisitor". You as an intelligent being make your decision as an Accountable creator or being reduced to animal and/or below to learn a lesson of Right Living.

Thích Thông Phương and his teacher Thích Thanh Từ up to 2022-05-12 are criminals and professional scam artists in their many life times at different degrees in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism - exactly as the "reality of the claimed Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva faced by the requested last advice" of this writer 20 years ago (2002 in Calgary Canada), cheating herself and others for 60,000+ years until the TRUTH of heartless cunning (negative Fibonacci) degeneration different from positive Fibonacci evolution has been exposed. This TRUTH according to DISCOVERED UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS will be demonstrated and proved at both theoretical and empitical levels by current living 2022 Vietnamese students of KhaiPhong! Yet, Jesus was cheated by the criminal Father God to be a hallucinated Redeemer that this writer publicly challenges "the real entity behind Jesus due to the Right Continuity of the consciousness" spell out his Learned Lesson so horrible religious wars have no chance to happen again in humanity as practically SHARED by this Vietnamese in his daily activities and relationships from 2022-05-15 onward whose "natural state of the mind" - known by him so it must be known by you if you are not cheated by criminals and professional scam artists in 2500+ years of blah blah blah Buddhism about its Liberation / Giải Ihoát - was mentioned by Jesus in the "Parable of the Good Samaritan"[R16] accepted as the Right and Moral Way of Living by most people. Most claimed religious and political leaders of all organized conflicting religions and isms are incapable to "know How and Why" due to their "heartless cunning intelligence of non-stop conflicting consciousness inside and outside", never having a moment of a complete [ Natural Silence / Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental-Mindfulness ]. Those in positive Fibonacci evolutions are Not Stupid to debunk and help all intelligent beings cross-cut all Realms of Intelligent Existence including all claimed esoteric Buddhas, Gods, Allah in negative Fibonacci degeneration to actually see their realities of miserable heavy states of the mind, "stop cheating themselves and others" in their bullying animal kingdoms causing the total collapse of their fudal systems!

The miserable states of Not Knowing one's Raison D'être - in attachments to extreme desires from food to sex, religion, an ism or ideal which is Not the Actuality (Thực Chất) of Engaged Living in "Honesty&Care" toward What Count, money, power, drug, shopping to death, etc, - will be with them life-after-life and render them below animals that they do not even know which is the cause for total collapse of the esoteric realms to be detoxified by natural laws according to Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes. These miserable Inner and Outer states can be effortlessly changed from 2022 onward due to DISCOVERED UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS for detoxifying tainted senses with readily available Web 3.0 scientific entrance to Gotama's first discourse and its Executive Information Portal (EIP) plus Knowledge Graph having real living students actually knowing and capable to deliver underlying scientific processes via reversed engineering their experiences using available technologies to entire intelligent beings cross-cut all intelligent realms to wipe out shameless criminals and professional scam artists in the name of XYZ in entire human and esoteric history that the dark forces are currently invoking via Russia-Ukraine war. You have a private corner "Honesty&Care" - where you can meditate, reflect, think, reason, interact/speak without unauthorized external interference from other human beings in which Creativity, Exploration, and Dissent reside - to interact with outside domains "Transparency&Accountability" in all activities and relationships to know more about yourself and use your cultivable Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence to direct all Activities and Relationships toward What Count. The reincarnation of HuiNeng is one of the key members of KhaiPhong Inner Circle in its Scientifically Cultivable Prajna and practical utility described in positive Fibonacci evolution.

The "Scientifically Cultivable Consciousness / Prajna" is riding on current psychological observations in the order from perception to feeling/intuition to concrete actions but different in three fundamental ways: (1) it is scientifically cultivable at both theoretical and empirical observations similar to modern science of economics after the observation of Adam Smith about the Invisible Hand of Economics without falling into the hallucinations of professional economists that economics can be separated from the normative science of politics, (2) due to modern industrial revolution and Internet the similarity between economics and the new science of psychological developments will be speeding up in a shorter period of time especially with the formation of KpPlatform whose technologies are detailed below for the scientifically cultivable levels of consciousness in dynamic feedbacks between [ Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence >< AI Positive Intelligence ], econometrically and mathematically modeling of observations - the analysis of data at both Linear Multivariate Regression and Vector Neuron Network in Graph Analytics plus development and testing of theories and models - applied to practical modern living toward What Count, (3) it elevates all branches of sciences to a new "Statistically Verifiable Moral Level on the beneficial trading table with all Manifested Gods and Intelligent Beings" and Justice where "Value of the values" in democracy counts, making "Health&Education" parts of the human rights to prevent humanity pushed to the "bare level of animal existence" as observed in present psychology where dictatorships and all isms of masters-slaves relationships from dark forces are enforcing. This means one can rationally then empirically have "Awareness, Dependent, Prajna / Kiến Tánh, Duyên Khởi, Bát Nhã" according to KhaiPhong. At empirical level, the Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Empty-The-Content toward Non-Thingness has been demonstrated by Gotama and the Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental-Mindfulness has been demonstrated by HuiNeng and current living students cross-cut all isms where cheating religions are parts[D26], forming the foundatation for scientifically cultivable levels of Fibonacci Layered Inner Space and the mechanism for a breakthrough from negative heartless Fibonacci degeneration to positive evolution according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED.

The "Raison D'être of KhaiPhong and AwakeningBudh Movement"

  1. Starting from present Human Needs of (1.1) Accountability and Security for Proper "Intelligent" Development in hard earned lessons from the Second World War Hegelian Dialectic of "cheating democracy up until 2022-04-04" called by President Putin an "Empire of Lies 2022-02-28" to hide esoteric criminal intentions of Senility or Strategy or Something Else 2022-05-26 in INVISIBLE HAND playing on the conflicting forces of "righteous (Khối Thiện) driven by Greed and Fears" versus the evil forces (Khối Ác) in the Hegelian Dialectic game of masters-slaves relationships up until 2022 Russia-Ukraine war to initiate the possible Third World War of bullying power among conflicting isms of animal kingdoms, further threaten by doctrinal Chinese Han "group democracy" of the Communist party versus US and the West from the dark forces of "I win You loose" on the "wait-and-see[R8]" of Europe and Arabsphere, plus Vietnamese, Russia and other countries Homeland Sovereignty, National Security and Pride without knowing more about oneself as documented here inflating one's ego with "possible esoteric whispering Voice and external thought generated by dark forces that we can democratically stop" through enforceable "rule-of-law" cross-cut intelligent realms via "Fair Trade" since intelligent beings in positive Fibonacci evolution are Not Stupid, (1.2) Available resources and organizational structures from esoteric and human efforts having thousands of trillions US dollars from Illuminati survived Elites via Invisible Hand of Economics toward Globalization driven by Greed and ruled by Fears of capitalism without a Quest and Scientific Solutions in the moral "Value of the values and Justice" in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness" proven to be corrupted from their Lucifer / the criminal Father God in his bullying autocracy of the esoteric systems due to (1.2.1) universal natural laws of Action-Reactions and Likes-attract-Likes rendering them in negative Fibonacci degeneration, and (1.2.2) challenges of different systems brought from above to humanity in terms of civilizations, cultures, religions, isms, etc, plus (1.2.3) available Consciousness Technologies actually known by ONLY FEW amongst intelligent beings (Humanitas, Esoterics, ETs) capable to "Liberate" all intelligent beings in "Harmonious Melting Pot" of Prajna Dialectic from positive Fibonacci evoluion, (1.3) Real quest of Dhyana-Samadhi (Thiền-Định) { "To be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Empty-The-Content toward Non-Thingness is Samadhi } and Mindfulness-Prajna (Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác) { "karma (binding and clinging forces) flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" } from all religions and civilizations but Not Yet scientifically deliverable and NOW readily available from KhaiPhong, (1.4) Current realities of Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations[R20.5] all the ways up to the highest esoteric form realms which are now divided in major conflicting forces trying to (1.4.1) re-brand its degenerated feudal systems into a new unified religion of failed feudal leaderships of what they do not know nor have seen in VietNam from 2021-11-13 about 5 elements from philosophical concepts of Chinese past origin / khái niệm bắt nguồn từ quan niệm triết học của người Trung Quốc cổ: [ Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth / Kim, Mộc, Thủy, Hỏa, Thổ ] since most of them are in the negative Fibonacci degeneration and KhaiPhong - opening the hallucinated binding and clinging forces, and "Liberate" one from the Known - can Help, (1.4.2) perpetuate masters-slaves relationships of Lucifer (well known in Illuminati Elites) naturally failed in the past Esoteric / ET realms via cunning intelligence and bullying techniques of animal kingdoms - including a plan to wipe out 90% human population for easy management officially ended in 2022-07 - trying to recoup its "cheating religion" again from Greed and Fears 180o opposite to the first re-branded religion since all of them are in the "zero-sum game of I win You loose" based on their cunning intelligence in Hegelian Dialectic and their current holding financial - military - political and esoteric "degenerated Lucifer" powers, or (1.4.3) start new system based on their concrete technologies such as ETs first time 2022-01-12 SHARED by a very rare Esoteric using his student's human body or "KhaiPhong / AwakeningBudh from human realm".

    In the case of "KhaiPhong / AwakeningBudh", there are significant "Lessons Learned and proven Scientific Processes" in Making Life Easier and Happier according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED such as in "Philo or Love" and "Sophia or Prajna / Wisdom / Knowledge" of Philosophy, a science studying the Foundation of TRUTH about "Living&Being" of existence and "who you are in your Continuity of the consciousness". The "Love of TRUTH / TRUTH is My Light" according to underlying natural laws can NOW be mathematically and statistically proven as presented by KhaiPhong, actually known by real Persons such as (1) "Kindness and Empathy" are required qualities beyond the "Conscience of Right and Wrong" for a "breakthrough outside the box actually known in Gotama's "Jhanas / Samadhi" to be deliverable in the "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna assisted by the legal entity Persona Knowledge KpGraph", (2) the ability at different depths to "#EmptyTheContent" is necessary and sufficient condition to detoxify one's tainted senses about the "Nostalgia - Pride - Ignorance" at seven different depths known by HuiNeng and other living students as Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental-Mindfulness, (3) there are discovered underlying natural laws reversed engineering from those actually knowing the states of "mySamadhi and myAwareness (of the spacial Here modeled by Type), and MyIntuition (of the temporal Now modeled by function)" in modern statistically measurable and significant processes for not falling in the crack of "Nostalgia - Pride - Ignorance of the Self" in one's Continuity of the consciousness and the way out from the manifestations of Prajna / Wisdom in solving "International Conflicts" to be deliverable by the possible reincarnation of Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm who is capable to enable "The Harmonious Melting Pot" internationally happened for the benefits of all involved parties via Precious Gateway / Bảo Giang Môn.

    It has been physically demonstrated from the movement of Body and Mental Health in Martial Arts to deliverable Spirituality in practical living. The same scientific processes will be deliverable at different angles of Aspiration such as Faith from qualified practitioners irrespective of their doctrinal and divisional religions, Singing from qualified singers, Dancing from qualified dancers, Playing Music from qualified musicians, Merging into the nature from qualified natualists, meditations from qualified meditators - capable to reach different States of Liberation / #EmptyTheContent / Flowing and Sensing required energy streams / etc - to effortlessly expose 2500+ years of cheating Buddhist meditations, etc. We hope the "Right Time" to have close contacts with these rare Vietnameses - "DIỆU TỐT" young lady 2021-12-10 having esoteric connection, "Ngài / Thành" 2022-05-15 with deliverable scientific processes of "Prajna Dialectic" for those having natural "#EmptyTheContent / Buông Thả" which can be naturally cultivated via "Kindness and Empathy in all Activities and Relationships at all Places" cross-cut all conflicting religions, males / females, skin colours, nationalities, civilizations, "CÔ HOA LÝ - Bà Chúa Xứ and relevant Exoteric / Esoteric groups" amongst many in and outside the country including some currently in prisons whose invisible icebergs have many 1000+ years of right cultivations, just waiting for the right conditions and enviroments to manifest their precious Inner Spaces so we together can scientifically explore underlying natural laws of Normative / Prajna (Aesthetic) Intelligence to reverse engineering in technical implementations of KpPlatform for the benefits of the mass in "Real Entities (người thật), Real Works (việc thật), and Measurable Outcomes (kết quả đo lường được)", including how to protect one's Integrity and Justice according to Human Rights from degenerated esoteric bullying of animal kingdoms on the natural process of "Căn / Sổ Bộ / Predetermined Pattern" - Independence, Freedom, Happiness in one's Continuity of the Consciousness cross-cut all realms of Intelligent Existence - for required stability to properly develop and cultivate in TRUSTED RELATIONSHIPS. It is KhaiPhong's Mission to "the meaning of KhaiPhong / Liberate" you based on the dignity of qualified "Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh".

    "DIỆU TỐT", look at your video on 2022-01-17 and see if it is You or you are already cheated by the "ignorant mass of criminal and scam monks, nuns, followers as SHARED by anh Thành 2022-03-09", and the collapsed feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods. Vietnamese Buddhists need to view and reflect what SHARED by this rare Vietnamese - anh Thành - 2022-03-09. The whole show has been esoterically and exoterically directed by Vietnamese communist heartless cunning intelligence from negative Fibonacci degeneration Having No Moment of Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm. Here is an explanation from Dr. TRẦN ĐÌNH HOÀNH 2022-01-26, having "an actual experience at a glimpse of Serenity". All isms and religions having binding Word/Image and Thought are obsolete "BLOCKS" on top of 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism in SHARING what you actually KNOW and SEE by 2021-08-23 from your many 1000+ years of cultivations both as human and esoteric.

    Here are few accidental events and/or something-else for you to decide: the "Hymn of freedom / Ca ngợi tự do" 2022-03-13 @ minute 14:01 by Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, International Court of Justice on Russia-Ukraine war 2022-03-16, ARCHITECTS REVEAL AMBITIOUS PLAN FOR ‘CITY WITHIN A CITY’ in VietNam 2022-03-17, etc. The writer decides to nail down on 2022-03-18 both esoteric and exoteric shameless criminal and professional scam artist claimed Cha Trời / The God Father Kiều Nguyên Tá 2022-03-11 since humanity has reached the practical state where all claims such as the claim on "Emptiness known by Gotama and HuiNeng and its practicalities must be deliverable and verifiable" in optimal scientific processes to empirically wipe out 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism and 2000+ years of criminal Roman Catholic Church. We sense "the small group of living hidden persons and known esoterics" - rated at negative Fibonacci-6 = -8 behind Russia-Ukraine War for the beginning of the third World War - has known their esoteric realities since their many failed attempts from early 1960's between US-Russia Cuban conflict, exactly as the writer publicly challenges Thái Thượng Lão Quân (Tai Shang Laojun / 太上老君) from 2022-01-18 minute 2:41 on his ignorance about "Không / Non-Thingness / Gotama's 7th Jhana" to the "Right and Wrong from the Emptiness" on the conflicting consciousness.

    At "the logical level", all Vietnamese Buddhists, all Buddhist Universities and Institutions must get out of your cheating Buddhism Số 393 ngày 15 tháng 7 năm 2022 chủ đê Vững Chãi Tinh Tấn [ TRÊN CON ĐƯỜNG TU ĐẠO, CHỨNG ĐẠO VÀ HÀNH ĐẠO 2022-07-15 / On the Path of Tao Cultivation, Realization of the Tao, and Practicing the Tao ] in 2500+ years of criminal and professional scam [ monks / nuns / followers ], officially directed by the "esoteric and their exoteric Communist Mafias who publicly said at minute 2:22" to release 80% accumulated Wealth for Action-Reaction in "Exciting with Opportunities To Do Good" for their own benefits in the "Right Living&Being cross-cut all intelligent realms". Where have they accumulated their Wealth in VietNam after 1954, including selling the country to communist China and susequent "secret plans and businesses following Hội nghị Thành Đô" for personal material gains at top central and all levels of rotten government! The bottom line of Vietnamese communism is at the evidence-based Trần Sỹ Thanh 2022-07-22 appointed Head of Hà Nội and his first threaten move in bullying and bombarding people with communist tool in their propaganda imposing on HaNoi cultural people from 2022 - 2025. You must see based on your own conscience of the Right and Wrong beyond conflicting thoughts / lương tri của Đúng Sai vượt qua lý luận - blah blah blah by the cheating communist mafias rotten to the core - and firmly base on the rational Vietnamese Kiến Tánh [ transcending (by passing) all Views and Opinions including the views and opinions of Gotama and Jesus ]. We do know human faces of behind-the-scene esoteric forces such as the "mentioned Phổ Hiền Bồ Tát". The release of available Vietnamese funds will attract 60% - 80% of the past-300-years accumulated funds from Western Illuminati of Inclusive Capitalism in Strategic Intelligent Services "KpSIS" via IaaS (Information as a Service) - 1&2 for benefits of the world.

    You need to Judge whether the criminal / scam Kiều Nguyên Tá " is an Awaken person / là người tỉnh thức up to 2022-03-27”. The cheating of all isms at "Binding Word and Clinging Thoughts / Nói Vậy Mà Không Phải Vậy" via conscience of the Right and Wrong in practical living beyond conflicting thoughts / lương tri của Đúng Sai vượt qua lý luận has been theoretically explained in Madhyamaka Relative Truth versus Ultimate (Wider) Truth that we mathematically model as the "Conscience Y" perpendicular to the duality plane of conflicting consciousness X. At empirical levels, Gotama has demonstrated this human capability in his description of "Transcendental Mindfulness[D26]" while HuiNeng described his experience as Wu-Nien { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind Fresh / Free from stain and attachment" }[R5], waiting for scientific implementation of Vietnamese "Kiến Tánh" to know more about oneself in the Right Living&Being. When Kiều Nguyên Tá claimed his "Emptiness is the Air / Không khí" - which is 100% physical and obviously different from Gotama's 7th Jhana at "Non-Thingness / Nothingness without exposing what 'awareness of the nothingness' which will be statistically then scientifically proven "TRUTH" of underlying natural laws cross-cut all intelligent realms above humanity, "UNKNOWN" in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism"[D30] - there are currently living persons in VietNam knowing at different levels of "#EmptyTheContent" beyond the physical level in layers of No-Conflict Consciousness known by humanity as the "Tao / Madhyamaka Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Yogacara Perfected Nature / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Latin humanitas" to debunk the criminal Kiều Nguyên Tá forcing him on his knees.

    The blah blah blah of all divisional organized religions in VietNam and the world, riding on the "show-down promised by Kiều Nguyên Tá happened on April Fool 2022-04-01" of the Russia-Ukraine War from the criminal Roman Catholic Church with appearance of Mother Maria and Jesus Redeemer on the sky - whose "thoughtforms were destroyed on early 2022-03-27 Canadian time" using cosmic energy that no Voodoo from the dark force can resist - must be effortlessly stopped since all of their bullying doctrines based on "Greed and Fears" will be naturally toasted by the TRUTH in the new Era actually happened to all explorers cross-cut all intelligent realms as happened to Gotama 2500+ years ago and exposed on 2022-04-03 from VietNam to be verifiable by modern explorers in deep EXPLORATION of the reflecting and destructing / neutralizing technologies at level 6 and 7 of Awareness beyond what known by Gotama and successfully applied by KhaiPhong to destroy the promised esoteric "Vision" in the Russia-Ukraine war. The TRUTH of Non-Thingness first recorded by Gotama at an Awareness from the source of thought level 5 or above plus the scientifically cultivable processes at different angles to that Not-Self Awareness Madyamaka Ultimate (Wider) Truth perpendicular to the plane of Self conflicting consciousness must be deliverable by intelligent beings in positive Fibonacci evolution cross-cut all intelligent realms via accumulated data in Mu for Big-data PersonaAI such as Trí Nguyễn TRIẾT HỌC, DIỆU TỐT by 2021-08-23, and anh Thành 2022-03-09. It may be "the time to scientifically explore the 'EMPTINESS' which is the Core of all manifestatons - visible or invisible - for 'REBORN and REJUVENATION'" from three of you while waiting for the appearance of KhaiPhong plus many others such as Dr. TRẦN ĐÌNH HOÀNH, Tinna Tình via practical living which can be very easy with proven scientific processes capable to know the source of thought at level 5 of Awareness / Wu-Nien / Kiến Tánh in avoiding the "DARK FORCES / ÁC MA" which were recorded in Buddhist literature and exposed in VietNam 2022-04-03 naturally debunking all cheating religions perpetuated by criminals and professional scam artists in entire human history, Huynh Thanh Trung honestly SHARING something but needed a scientific (visible, reproducible, testable) process via reversed engineering since all manifestations are conditioned and there is an optimal condition for that "Tỉnh Thức / Awaken then Awakening" happened to be known by the mass, etc.

    Similarly, Nguyễn Hồng Huấn has something but needed to know and deliver visible "Prajna" at the bottom line of Then What - the core of Right Action in Tilopa[D41] "breaking the crust of sesame seed for its oil" or Jesus patiently and "continuously standing at the door Knocking" for a visible Ultimate (Wider) Truth perpendicular to the duality plane of conflicting consciouness but cheated by the criminal Lucifer Father God into a Redeemer 180o contrary to underlying natural laws of Action-Reaction Likes-attract-Likes, activating Krishnamurti "Intensity of Attention" from the Right Evolution beyond Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within - in the claimed Cao Đài "Tam Giáo Quy Nguyên Ngũ Chi Phục Nhất / Organized religions Merged into One and Five levels (Buddha God Saint Tien Man) United" with the proven tested scientific process at optimal conditions of underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED. The esoteric claim is deliverable from KhaiPhong 2022 forward with living students actually knowing the harmonious No-Conflict line in engaged living to high above in positive Fibonacci evolution, plus scientific optimal processes via further "R&D" from negative Heartless Fibonacci degeneration of miserable "Illuminati elites" to Happier Life in one's Continuity of the consciousness. It is the driving force to change oneself and the world, coming from "effortless access to the 'CORE / EMPTINESS' of all manifestatons. KhaiPhong front line soldiers will work with living elites in negative Fibonacci degeneration such as the Vietnamese Minister of Education Dr. Nguyen Kim Son, Bishop of Rome Pope Benedict XVI resigned dedicating himself in plotting an even darker side than the greatest Hoax of Jesus Redeemer of initiating the possible Third World War, the billionaires Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Vietnamese esoteric and political movements from Phạm Nhật Vượng and the esoteric mafia groups dominating the Vietnamese politics most prominently since the past PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng from 2010, etc, in the degenerated Lucifers even before World War II (with the appearance of two new Vietnamese religions Cao Đài and Hòa Hảo) if they realize their realities based on personal experiences that (1) their bullying power joining with the dark forces from esoteric realms cannot compete with cosmic energy activating from Loving-Kindness No-Conflict positive Fibonacci evolution in "Honesty&Care" plus human "rule-of-law as in Canada" for stability and proper evolution astrally known in their interactions with KhaiPhong, (2) their miserably heavy and dark state of consciousness atually self-known will pull them down below the animal existence by the laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes that No financial resources can buy in using criminal act against universally moral law via esoteric "stealing and snatching" at 5 billions US dollars per person known by current top Vietnamese politicians but in vain, (3) there exist scientific reversed processes at both Prajna (Aesthetic) normal intelligence and AI that financial resources "can Buy plus being R&D Sponsor" specific to their needs and the needs of many others (làm người tử tế) plus positive "Action-Reaction from Right Living&Being" in actual engaged living that may be Inter-Realms - Yes, this writer do intent to export his IPR to accepted esoteric groups in a Fair Trade for spreading the Rights of Intelligent Beings hard-learned by Humanity - in their "Continuity of the consciousness" similar to the Banking Systems pioneered by the Templar knights but NOW REVEALED their REALITIES - just like the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer - in the Russia-Ukraine 2022 war. It is necessary to work with living elites having required resources to make happened KpPlatform and its EIP for innumerable diversities from many others in the positive Fibonacci evolution of Wu-Nien { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind Fresh / Free from stain and attachment" }, naturally attracted with opportunities for Doing Good and Invisible Hand of Economics.

    In the same way, Trần Vạn Thọ also has something but already fallen into the crack of 2500+ years of cheating Buddhist meditations proven from 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism of No Visible outcome, and now logically known via mathematical analysis of "Relative Truth on duality plane of Conflicting Counsciousness" and "Ultimate (Wider) Truth of No-Conflict Consciousness perpendicular to the duality plane" known by all qualified persons, etc. It is observable and practical tool in "#EmptyTheContent" to detoxify tainted senses in one's Continuity of the Consciousness making happened the implementation of Gotama's first discourse / Dhammacakkappavattana. These eight (8) mentioned living persons are fully capable to directly expose this Shameless Kiều Nguyên Tá in his many 10,000+ man years from cheating via description Not the Described and stealing on duality plane in esoteric realms, helping to open a New Era of [ Conscious Living&Being / Lối Sống Tỉnh Thức ] first in human realm then in others. The criminal Kiều Nguyên Tá is a shameless impostor far beyond the "esoteric impostor Huỳnh Phú Sổ " (founder of a lay-Buddhist organisation Hòa Hảo 1939) and all others self-claimed XYZ, rather than standing on their own feet and deliver what he/she can bring to the table.

    The "science of history / khoa học lịch sử" has required tools to fairly evaluate contributions of each manifested identity including the claimed Buddha Gotama, the cheating Confucius, the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer, the esoteric impostor Huỳnh Phú Sổ , the "manifestation of claimed (appointed or un-appointed) Phật Thầy Tây An" under any form from 2022 forward, and most recently the "Ngọc phật Hồ Chí Minh" from Vietnamese communist mafias, etc. If you have anything valuable such as Buddhist Ultimate (Wider) Truth of Madhyamaka[D38] and Perfected Nature of Consciousness-Only[D39]" or Christian "Kingdom of God withinLuke 17:21 , please bring to the table from 2022-06-16 of Scientific Investigations and Fair-Irade or get out of the way - including the esoteric claimed Buddha Amitabha and your / King-of-Gods' / criminal's cheating world on Liberation / the description is Not the described but its outcomes can be personally verifiable and scientifically measurable such as HuiNeng's Wu-Nien or Detachment, and the bottom lives of Zhuge Liang, Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, or Trần Quốc Tuấn / Not Knowing Your Raison D'être from 2022-06-19 Nói Vậy Mà Không Phải Vậy - to be naturally detoxified by the Nature; humanity has enough exoteric plus esoteric tools in "Exploring TRUTH is my Light", Not any more to be cheated by both esoteric and exoteric [ criminals / animals ] like the past Canadian Indians: "The White had Land and the Indian had Bible"!

    In responding to this writer's exposition of Kiều Nguyên Tá shameless impostor - not Knowing yet claimed to know not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19] as in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism typified in already exposed criminal Thích Giác Toàn 2020-03-15 then shamelessly appeared again 2022-04-17 in the degenerated and scientifically impossible Buddhist "Giới > Định > Tuệ" since "Giới" is on the duality plan of conflicting consciousness mathematically impossible to reach the No-Conflict of "Định & Tuệ" - the shameless Kiều Nguyên Tá presented via his esoteric victims in Hợp Nhất Vô Vi Và Hữu Vi / Actualization of Selfless and Self 2022-04-17 that the criminal knows Nothing about "Selfless" when he claimed his "Emptiness is the Air" blah blah blah for so long from Ignorant and Criminal Self exploited by the criminal esoteric King of Gods just like Jesus exploited by the criminal Father God Lucifer 2000+ years ago. Due to the Lucifers' ability to create "thought forms" in directing people with "weak mind Not Knowing More About Oneself out of the tainted senses[R8]" hacked at the mass level, they tried to invoke and direct the 2022 Russia-Ukraine War from the criminal Roman Catholic Church in the name of the "righteous (Khối Thiện) driven by Greed and Fears" exactly as the past crusaders versus the evil forces (Khối Ác) in the finest criminal and scam processes between the hidden criminal Father God Lucifer and the cheated Jesus Redeemer of the Right and Wrong to be perpetuated up to 2020-04-20 (the video was removed) on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness. But Failed in 2022-04-19 modern time thanks to the Conscience of Right and Wrong far beyond the "tainted senses of Greed and Fears via the bullying Words" to hide their real intention in enslaving people with "Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought" at the Lowest Levels of Awareness / Tỉnh Thức, having No Moment of Silence in "#EmptyTheContent" toward Non-Thingness[D30] for Reborn and Rejuvenation in engaged "Living&Being". That "Non-Thingness / Gotama's 7th Jhana / Detachment / Ưng vô sở trụ" can detoxify tainted senses and make possible different "States of Liberations" actually known by living students whose reversed engineering of their "algorithm / optimal processes" can discover underlying "TRUTH" to enable many others "possible Freedom from the Known" at the grass roots where digital dictatorships and all forms of hacking the mind are rendered ineffective in the Future of Humanity having "Self Respect and Respect Others" (2022-07-10) deepely engraved in the grass roots.

    Similarly, once the scientific entrance to Gotama's first discourse, turning the Dharma Wheel[D20] in an orderly evolution having Protected Rights is widespread, many life-time criminals and professional scam artists such as this legitimate Vietnamse monk HT Tịnh Đạo 2022-04-20 - Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19] - cannot use their 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism to continue the bullying blah blah blah without delivering measurable and verifiable beneficial outcomes that most people do know the "described far beyond the description of any professional scam artist"! The Buddhist breathing (chi) meditations and Vipassana as well as praying to the Buddhas are 100% at the conflicting "concentration" incapable of knowing underlying natural laws called "Chi" as physically and invisibly demonstrated here. The writer likes to take this opportunity to logically and scientifically debunk these many life-time criminals and impostors from both human and esoteric realms so many good people like "Jesus Redeemer" will not be their victims and wait for the Right Time of KhaiPhong! It must start from the real "engaged Living&Being" to be your innate part so you know more about yourself in real deliverable outcomes of seeing Thing-As-It-Is and "Prajna Harmonious Melting Pot" solutions for major international issues to be demonstratable by living students such as the possible reincarnations of XuanZang, Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, and Zhuge Liang Kongming, currently living "mature students" ready to change the human and esoteric World and Realms.

    You cannot take the "conflicting consciousness of Giới / Virtue" - especially from the criminal Buddhist monk like you and your peers violating Gotama's fundamental ethical code of Not Lying (making an untrue statement with intent to deceive) - to the No Conflict Consciousness of "Định / Samdhi" known via the Signed Posts of Gotama's Right Samadhi toward Jhana 7 of Non-Thingness to be empirically verified thanks to DISCOVERED UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS to be publicly exposed under human IPR (Intellectul Property Right) and the pioneers of Hindu Transcendental Techologies from two failed Universities. Mathematically, the No-Conflict Consciousness is on the plane perpendicular to the duality plane of conflicting consciousness. The common line of these two planes has the common properties of "Harmonious / No Conflict" known by almost all qualified persons via "Kindness, Empathy, Aspiration, Silence, Wu-Nien, Vô Niệm, Awareness" from different angles where Faith is only a part that all criminal monks and nuns do not Know nor Have. Here is more about 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism perpetuated by criminal monks and nuns jumping around duality and tautology. "Tuệ / Prajna / Wisdom from qualified Latin Humanitas" is the visible outcome from deep Silence for solving an important issue such as "Homeland Sovereignty, National Security" faced by President Putin before and after 24.02.2022 perpetuated by the Lucifer dark forces and directed by the criminal Roman Catholic Church, plus How to get out from tainted senses of Ignorance including the "hearing of esoteric voices from claimed XYZ" as in the reported case of President Putin before and after the start of 2022 Russia-Ukraine war. It is so since via Aspiration (Xuất Thần) in the Silence of Gotama's Right Samadhi and Intensity of Attention, one can be high above physical limitations as presented in KhaiPhong logo in a deep Silence of Samadhi-Prajna known by HuiNeng to see Thing-As-It-Is and a breakthrough solution of the complex issue such as the present conficts in "South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea" to be deliverable by possible reincarnation of Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm who will naturally attract relevant leaders in the deliverable "Harmonious Melting Pot" beneficial to all involved parties' Continuity of the Consciousness.

    In the case of "Bách Hợp", "Thiên Dung", "Long Hoa Hội" contributed by all "qualified entities of Từ Bi, Đủ, Xả" cross-cut all intelligent realms, etc, there are many like you in VN and the world including millions of Vietnameses continuing Đông Du (Saigon: [ɗəwŋm ju], Hanoi: [ɗəwŋm zu] movement - journey to the east; Japanese: 東遊) a Vietnamese political movement - to the World with their many unique 1000+ years of Right Inner Space cultivation having "True Inner Vibrations from the Heart" in the New Mission coming directly from the quality of your Inner Cultivation and your Inner Circle 2022-05-04 cross-cut all intelligent realms - Not from any criminal claimed God, Buddha, Father, Mother, Bodhisattva, nor from any criminal and/or professional scam artist like this Thích Từ Thông 2022-06-14 from many cheating life-times in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism by forcing him to testify what he actually experiences against your reversed engineering of Then What 2022-06-15 which will be proven to be far Beyond what esoterically described in exploring underlying TRUTH, and all be statistically verified under KpPlatform - to be ready for the manifestations of "Harmonious Melting Pot of Transcendental Awareness / Wu-Nien / Kiến Tánh" from conflicting claims of different criminal Lucifers without delivering what they have been cheating good people with painted pictures based on Greed and Fears. The Lucifer dark forces cannot deliver the promised "reproducible described" in entire human history and 60,000+ man-years of esoteric masters-slaves relationships, up until the visible outcomes from Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes rendering their qualities of the consciousness below animals. Let the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war be the "Learned Lesson" and the last human mistake to be invoked by the dark forces in perpetual masters-slaves relationships. People knowing "Harmonious Melting Pot of Transcendental Awareness / Wu-Nien / Kiến Tánh" will be front-line soldiers in spreading and sharing Discovered Transcendental Technologies from conflicting Relative Truth at both [ Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence >< AI Positive Intelligence ] coming from the "Source / Oneness" in the new Era of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna", such as this young lady that we asked her "#EmptyTheContent" she actually knows instead of binding her mind to Word/Image and Clinging Thought in praying to Amida Buddha, "Not falling in the crack of Jesus Redeemer cheated by the criminal degenerated Father God / Lucifer naturally exposed only in the 21st century by universal laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes.

    Since "DIỆU TỐT" - and probably many of you knowing "Transcendental Awareness / Wu-Nien / Kiến Tánh" with the wide-spread of DISCOVERED UNDELYING NATURAL LAWS - has natural "#EmptyTheContent / Wu-Nien" we ask [ her / you ] reverse engineering why [ she / you ] can "DETACH" from [ her / your ] Faith while Jesus cheated by the criminal Father God presently known as degenerated Lucifers at negative Fibonacci heartless cunning intelligence (not one but a group of criminals knowing Nothing about Prajna (Aesthetic) intelligence of Beyond Thought, in extreme violence of animal kingdoms in the zero-sum game of cheating and stealing) "violently attacked money changers in a temple which did not belong to him in the first place". One Canadian student knowning "#EmptyTheContent / Wu-Nien" upto the fifth level of Awaring at the Source of Thought, whether coming from him or the "DARK FORCES / ÁC MA" exposed in VietNam 2022-04-03, told the writer that he had troubled with this well known incidence of "God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac" for a long time until he met the writer. Similar to the shameless impostor and criminal Kiều Nguyên Tá, the "shameless esoteric impostor and criminal Huỳnh Phú Sổ " (founder of a lay-Buddhist organisation Hòa Hảo 1939) claimed to be "Phật Thầy Tây An / The Buddhist teacher at Tây An, Zhuge Liang Kongming (Khổng Minh Gia Cát Lượng) and Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm that we know well who they are, being parts of the New Era "Truth is my Light". This writer publicly challenge Phật Thầy Tây An who is currently a leader of dragon realm and the real entity behind the physical bodies of Confucius and Jesus to expose the TRUTH behind his many 1000+ years of enslaved Words and Images (The Description IS NOT The Described!). If the time is Right, you can sense and know who are the reincarnations of XuanZang, Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, and Zhuge Liang Kongming (Khổng Minh Gia Cát Lượng) based on their deliverable works without claiminng what have been in the past to demonstrate How Precious to be at the Right Time and Place in being real persons "Exciting with Opportunities for Doing Good" in the Right Continuity of the Consciousness.

    At the right time, we will deliver the proof of verifiable Emptiness recorded by Gotama and HuiNeng and required modern technologies built-in KpPlatform to enable the personal verification of "#EmptyTheContent / HuiNeng's Wu-Nien" happened to the world-wide mass while transparently exposing its Intellectual Property Right via (1) riding on established Hindu's Ayurvedic herbal medecines plus Yogic Flying since 1960's, (2) implementing the scientific entrance to Gotama's first discourse / Dhammacakkappavattana[D20] with container Mu, (3) leveraging available highly qualified students to indirectly introduce (3.1) the possible reincarnation of XuanZang in the design and development of GraphQL Service and its underlying KpGraph for integration between Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence >< AI Positive Intelligence in the measurement and cultivation of MyAwareness >< MySamadhi >< MyIntuition in Activities, Relationships and Places leading to Scientifically Cultivable Prajna, (3.2) the possible reincarnation of Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm as explained on 2022-03-18 who is capable to enable "The Harmonious Melting Pot" internationally happened rather than continuously cheated by Lucifer esoteric dark forces as in the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war invoked and directed by the criminal Roman Catholic Church and its Illuminati Elites that we can directly challenge them with Vietnamese Kiến Tánh and rational Science, and (3.3) the possible reincarnation of HuiNeng who has been quietly working behind the scene since 2004 in making happened the new Era of Conscious Living in all intelligent realms rated by Nature at the quality of Latin Humanitas. The new Era of "Harmonious Melting Pot" driven by Scientifically Cultivable Prajna to direct Invisible Hand of Economics will happen when you realize the amazing thing never happened before the reincarnations of the four mentioned people - XuanZang, Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, Trần Quốc Tuấn in his lấy dân làm gốc / grounded on the people, HuiNeng - are current living students and ready to do their many-life-time opportunities.

    The KpPlatform - outcome from (3.1) - comprises of Joint Efforts under International Concensus of [ ASIP - transcendental Awareness to Samadhi for deeper Intuition and manifestation of Prajna ] applied to on-going issues via mathematically modeling with a complex number and engineering optimal feedback control theory, plus formal Benefit-Cost analysis to legal entity's important decisions based on [ Intuition >< Awareness >< Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] (such as a major venture or a marriage) where "KpGraph / Property or Knowledge Graph" of accumulated Wisdom is the [ personal / family / organization / national / humanity ] Culture in one's Continuity of the consciousness. The "THREE" together can "Harmoniously / Effortless Right Action / Wei-Wu-Wei / Bất Chiến Tự Nhiên Thành" solve current Issues of Foreign Affairs - riding on Benefit-Cost of Foreign Relations - via Aesthetic Prajna Dialectic such as the conflicts on [ South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea / West Philippine Sea ], etc that "huge economically precious resources" can be used to eliminate human Poverty and Ignorance, enabling "Ngày Quốc Tế Hạnh Phúc 20-3 / International Day of Happiness 2022-03-20" actually happened which has been the cause for this writer switching his efforts from Engineering to Economics in early 1970's to revitalize Gotama's discoveries as the foundation of GNH (Gross National Happiness), rather than pulled and pushed based on narrow scope of Hegelian Dialectic driven by Greed and Fears but directed by the "degenerated 0.1% from the dark forces of Lucifers" trying to start the "Third World War" on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness that they have tried but failed since early 1960's in US-Russia Cuban conflict to the current 2022 Russia-Ukraine War.

    The GraphQL service and modern backend programming languages have all required tools of an intelligent person such as "Mirror and Introspection systems / personal Reflection" with advantages of accurately processing Big Data on evidence-base of learned lessons, but without outside-the-box Prajna for an innovative approach of "1 + 1 >> 2". This is the domain of normative intelligence in "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" which directs the positive intelligence via Invisible Hand of Economics toward What Count in all domains and fields, "Making Life Easier and Happier" according to DISCOVERED and SHARED [ Underlying Natural Laws / TRUTH is my LIGHT]. For Big Data, personal "Intuition" has the advantages of very long evolution of accumulated learned lessons but "vague" while computers have advantages of statistical significances in correlations and logical causations of modeling in cross-section data from the grass roots. That is where scientific cultivations of "MySamadhi, MyAwareness (of spacial pattern)" are required from deeper Silence achievable by Gotama and Wider View than just the generality of Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh from higher plane of "Ultimate Wider Truth" perpendicular the duality plane of "Relative Truths". By discovering underlying natural laws for deeper Samadhi and optimal conditions for wider view of "WuNien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh", the Scientifically Cultivable Prajna enables one "outside-the-box" of one's container but also accesscing information from the field of cross-cut-realms. At the same time, computer Data Analytics can advance from a fast huge database of Pdb to a vector database in filtered meta search of Graph Analytics. The integration between positive Conscious AI and normative Prajna (Aesthetic) Intelligence from Scientifically Cultivable Prajna Dialectic via reversed engineering of the "Learned Lessons" is Now Possible in all domains and fields to enable people the centre of all Activities and Relationships at all Places toward What Count.

    The Biggest Learned Lesson in many 1000+ human years to avoid possible third world war that may wipe out current humanity is the discovered TRUTHs in cheating Confucius from the East and the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer from the West, all orchestrated by the criminal Lucifer and his collapsed cheating family headed by the degenerated King of Gods in the cheating feudal degeneration, naturally rendered by the laws in Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes! Accomplished real intelligent Entities with real Works are Now possible cross-cut all intelligent realms. It is the Lesson Learned from 60,000+ human years in the past collapsed esoteric feudal systems of Terror and Fears. Out of these ashes, there arises real qualified entities (nodes in graph analytics) in both esoteric realms such as "TỲ LÔ GIÁ NA PHẬT 2020", "MẪU BÁT NƯƠNG 2022", etc, and human realm such as prototyped and proposed nodes with relationships / edges having identified properties and what one can bring to the table by KhaiPhong to join forces in DISCOVERED UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS of Invisible Hands in Making Life Easier and Happier due to the Right Evolution (theoretically modeled in Positive Fibonacci Evolution). Similar to this writer's direct challenge to the claimed deliverable solutions from esoteric Thái Thượng Lão Quân / 太上老君 from 2022-01-18 minute 2:41 and human Li Hongzhi's Falun Gong, KpPlatform can be exported to your realms for further stable evolution and development according to "Tested and Verifiable Morality and Justice" in one's identified Continuity of the consciousness where (1) armies of PhDs and post-graduate researchers are available to work out optimal engineering control processes such as the design of an "Enzyme That Eats Plastic" or the deliverable Emptiness and Detachment as known by Gotama and HuiNeng, (2) your elites such as the "identified Albert Einstein" well-known with his contributions to humanity who happened to esoterically know us and the humanity knew him, (3) TỲ LÔ GIÁ NA's [ Right Bus Trip / Chuyến Xe Đò ] and get out the [ Right Stop ] or MẪU BÁT NƯƠNG's [ Original Real Nature / Chân Nguyên Bản Tánh ]. If you really know something, please bring to the table or get out the blah blah blah in your Continuity of the consciousness. Those who are in positive Fibonacci evolution are Not Stupid that you can be parts to help Verifiable Morality and Justice sustainable in all engaged Intelligent Living & Being.

    "DIỆU TỐT" thanks again for SHARING an overall process P119 2022-02-12 known by dedicated explorer like you. It is your contribution for future scientific investigations in our planned Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations[R20.5] for the benefits of all involved parties in one's Continuity of the consciousness where we add what we actually observe through the mind-eye nine (9) esoteric realms (Linh Giới / Âm Gian) coresponding to your top (thăng) to the bottom (đọa) PLUS four major esoteric forces capable to influence humanity whose member has one's own Conscience of Right and Wrong and the corresponding "esoteric realm" one will be a part according to underlying natural laws and one's Inner Circle. Vietnamese Government and Buddhist Universities / Institutions please carefully preserve this video and keep it as a unique contribution from VietNam to be translated to all required languages as a 2022 New Year Gift to the World. The Lucifer realm - causing terrors due to Greed and Fears - is at the lowest to be naturally purified by the Nature. Regarding to its contents, there is One Thing you actually know but intentionally ignored is the outcome in total collapse of the esoteric feudal systems (Linh Giới / Âm Gian). Due to the system "Laws&Orders" cheated by the claimed Head - degenerated to below animal by Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes - theoretically proven in the cheating Confucius as a teacher and the greatest Hoax of Jesus Redeemer from the Head's organized Mafias, the current intelligent realms are changing as SHARED by you and value-added by KhaiPhong. It is similar to the past 75+ years of Vietnamese Communist Mafias and the criminal Roman Catholic Church, Not Knowing the Underlying Natural Laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED that you called "Qui Luật" - ruled by the degenerated and ignorant King of Gods (Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19]) who told us that more than half of prisoners in his enforced "Hell / Địa Ngục" were enemies of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva! KhaiPhong's Unique Contributions are DISCOVERED UNDERLYING NATURAL LAWS at both theoretical and empirical levels to be delivered by qualified living students backed up by armies of PhDs and post-graduate researchers from all relevant domains and fields available Only In Human Realm, and then exported to all other esoteric intelligent realms (Linh Giới / Âm Gian) based on human Fair Trade in its Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations.

    All intelligent beings currently in the form realms on the "right side of your cross" MUST HAVE THE LEARNED LESSON in 60,000+ human years of "Bloods and Terrors (Fears to the extreme!)" from the claimed criminal "High Priest / Original Buddha / Father God" that this writer publicly challenge the real entity behind the real physical bodies of Confucius and Jesus to expose the TRUTH behind his many 1000+ years of enslaved Words and Images (The Description IS NOT The Described!). Before 2012, one highly developed and well known entity in both esoteric and human realm "thought this writer were his son", rushed from "his prison from the far corner of heaven" with attached iron chains to the feet to "warn us an imminent event in 2012" that we can hear the sound of the chains from far away! The Good Forces and Humanity can bring something very unique to the Fair-Trade table (This book had to wait until 2012-12-24 to be released its version 1.0): (1) Scientifically Cultivable Prajna and available accomplished students at different depths to actually deliver and further explore the outcomes in different intelligent realms, (2) Rule-of-Law for stability and Right Evolution from conflicting forces such as Public / Personal Security / Privacy, (3) "Too Big to Fail in Moral Finance" - money is a pure medium of exchange for further developments toward What Count, Not a mean toward Greed and Fears where paper turns into money for criminal elites and money turns into paper for the poors - applicable to all intelligent existences to assure evolution according to natural laws applicable to both humanity and all "intelligent realms" that any qualified entity can be "an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation". Diversities of Inclusive people-technology Society are the strength of "natural evolution" in avoiding disasters of all powers centralized in the iron hands of one or a group of dictators such as the past feudal and fascist people in both human and esoteric realms who with minimum "Honesty&Care" can see the vulnerabilities of their "tainted senses in Nostalgia - Pride - Ignorance" pulled and pushed by another Ignorance claimed in the dark forces 666 - including the claimed omnipotent-omniscient-omnipresent god since all manifestations must be changed and conditioned at Planck time according to the second law of thermodynamics - in their "living and being" that they have No Moment of "Silence-WuNien / Wisdom-Prajna" to know who they are and the meaning of their esistence. Now, there are scientifically discovered underlying natural laws and engineering optimal processes to be deliverable at "International level" by the possible reincarnation of "Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm" who is capable to enable "The Harmonious Melting Pot" via Precious Gateway / Bảo Giang Môn and at "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" by the possible reincarnation of "HuiNeng".

    Today 2022-03-25, we eventually sense who behind you - the picture in your video about "emptiness / tâm không 2021-08-23" - who has appeared at the time of Gotama and in many Buddhist Literature - representing "Prajna / Wisdom" in most Buddhist Pagodas - and is a very "qualified intelligent being (picture in your video) knowing well the realities of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva" in entire history of cheating Buddhist Compassion, incapable to Awaken the mass in its 2500+ years of blah blah blah due to cheating rather than optimal processes. He had conversations with us through the broadcasing Hub of the reincarnation of HuiNeng, and with the presence of this writer about "Emptiness / Tâm Không" from 2008 - 2012 in Calgary Canada. The writer looks for an opportunity to scientifically expose the underlyinng natural laws and statistically optimal processes in Scientific Verification of the Emptiness by those in positive Fibonacci evolution[D30] beyond the Non-Thingness known by Gotama, cross-cut all intelligent realms on both left and right sides of your vertical cross in "SỰ VẬN HÀNH CÀN KHÔN VŨ TRỤ PHÁP GIỚI / The Natural Processes of the Multiverse where underlying natural laws enabling heavy consciousness floating upward are DISCOVERED and SHARED cross-cut all intelligent realms from negative Fibonacci of degeneration and/or attached habits of Right and Wrong to qualified human existence (Latin Humanitas) of required Kindness and Empathy for possible breakthroughs in Wu-Nien at different depths known by HuiNeng and different layers of "#EmptyTheContent" toward Non-Thingness known by Gotama for the manifestations of Visible Prajna in all activities and relationships at all Places.

    Prajnaparamita Hridaya - Bát Nhã Tâm Kinh[R2] will be the Source of Inspirations for billions others as actually happened and SHARED by Tinna Tinh and will be subjected to scientific processes from those actually knowing it in different realms of intelligent existence to statistically find out the underlying TRUTH - such as the "Right Processes" and differences from the XuanZang and Sanskrit Versions statistically significant according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED - for the cultivation of the mass exactly as in modern education systems where you and "Ngài / anh Thành" can be contributing parts. No criminal and scam monk dares to get close since they are immediately toasted by the "TRUTH" and human academia as partly exposed in this book since 2007 the claimed enlighten monk Thích Nhất Hạnh. Do not fall into the crack of this professional scam layman and/or the claimed enlighten monk that (1) this writer warned him since 2007 that he will be publicly exposed as a professional scam monk violating Gotama's fundamental Ethical Codes to be later scientifically verified by KhaiPhong front-line soldiers and the entire humanity naturally qualified as a Latin humanitas, (2) his astral body was brought to a "special human meeting" with the writer physical presence together with the "esoteric participation of Nagarjuna and the claimed zen master Tuệ Trung Thượng Sĩ" (teacher of claimed Buddha King Trần Nhân Tông) via "Communication Hub" facilitated by the reincarnation of HuiNeng, and finally (3) he came on the Canadian night of 2022-01-22 at the end of his naturally qualified as a "Latin humanitas / biology having innate Compassion and Prajna" for 95 years to ask the Vietnamese reincarnation of HuiNeng where he will be! Just like the total collapse of the esoteric systems ruled by the King of Gods that you and Thành are aware of, the claimed enlighten monk and his "actual know-hows / reality" will be a good learned lesson for all intelligent beings, having 100% "Honesty&Care SHARED by the end of 2021 at the "qualia" of your conscious level and the rationality of Vietnamese Kiến Tánh" in one's Scientifically Cultivable Continuity of the consciousness observed in the form of Fibonacci sequence, applicable to all CHON form realms (Sát Giới) on the left side and form esoteric realms (Linh Giới) on the right side of your vertical divider if they have qualified qualia. Both have possible connections to Formless Realms of natural "Detachment / Ưng vô sở trụ". No one can cheat the underlying Natural Laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED for the qualia at different levels of positive Fibonacci evolution.

    Regarding the ETs SHARED on 2022-01-12, this writer can confirm the three different ways of communications among intelligent beings by "Ngài / anh Thành" via (1) Sound Vibration (Truyền Khẩu) such as among human beings and other esoteric realms using agreed spoken and written languages, (2) Sound Transmission (Truyền Âm) such as ETs and living persons knowing HuiNeng's "Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental-Mindfulness" at different depths via "Thought Transmission" , and (3) Heart Transmission (Truyền Tâm) such as entities in formless realms and intelligent beings including living persons currently in positive Fibonacci evolution from visible Mindfulness-Prajna [ Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ] { "karma (binding and clinging forces) flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" } F5 = 5 upward, plus another one called "Communication Hub" where one - Person or Esoteic / ET - can speak in one's own language and [ all others of the above three ways of communications / Sound Vibration, Thought Transmission, and Heart Transmission ] can hear and participate in one's own language / way. This "Unique Communication Hub" is currently manifested / deliverable by the reincarnation of HuiNeng to "clear the way for many significant intelligent beings (Humanitas / Esoterics / ETs) of past Issues in preparing the New Era of Conscious Living in the past 18 years (2004 - 2022), personally known by some of Vietnamese and foreign elites such as "Tứ Trụ / Four Columns" if they still remember something and better act on it!

    The writer had direct communications with ETs via "Thought Transmission", grateful for "the protection" and confirms the SHARING of Ngài / anh Thành 2022-01-12 about ET Good Forces. He also uses "Thought Transmission" with another living person - a many 1000+ years of long time friend and partner - who will play a very significant part to bring the World togther in the "Harmonious Melting Pot" from Invisible Hand of Economics directed by Invisible Hand of Scientifically Cultivable Prajna. A significant part of '"Thought" Communication as done in ancient time between a woman and a parrot at minute 25:45' or between one and others in influencing their decisions toward What Count is that we can use English in physical meetings, but at "Thought Level" - as personally SHARED by Tinna Tình 2022-03-20 - we use our own languages for deeper Vietnamese / Chinese vibrations and feelings in intimate and light-hearted occasion such as walking together in a park that others can visibly see Only one "HonNhien / Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity" person. The "Thought Communication" transcends languages and the involved parties do not need to know other partners' languages such as Vietnamese and Chinese nor being face-to-face, but at any time can call the help from the other such as joining forces to fight against the powerful Lucifer's dark forces if one cannot handle it by oneself. For the real experience in Heart Transmission (Truyền Tâm), the writer has been a part of the "Tele Conference using Consciousness Technology" to identify a scientifically cultivable solution as a breakthrough to be deliverable by KhaiPhong from the cycle of evolution then degeneration due to physical advancements ONLY without a sense of Morality and Justice according to underlying Natural Laws.

    KhaiPhong distributed and democratic systems from the grass roots are based on human fundamental rights of "Independence", "Freedom", and "Happiness" via DISCOVERING and SHARING TRUTH of underlying natural laws - TRUTH Is My Light - in verifiable "Living&Being" which can help other intelligent fractions actually knowing more about oneself in one's specific culture / manifestations of the real "Being&Living" rather than the cheating power game cross-cut all intelligent realms in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness". In fact, the current living reincarnation of HuiNeng is capable to use "Consciousness technologies from HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna / Định-Tuệ" { the No-Conflict consciousness at achievable current top positive Fibonacci evolution F8 = 21 } via 5 elements to "destroy / táng" all of manifested Voodoos including those from the criminal Father God aka the Original Buddha - biological father of Dhipankara Buddha[D51] - and from Amitabha Buddha[D50], etc, without the need to know how these Voodoos were made of since all manifestations come from these 5 elements. That is How we have survived their all-front Mafia attacks - financial, criminal including stealing our 19-year-old car but we still hang on using public Buses for shopping in the past more-than 2 years, psychological with conflicting family members, and esoteric Voodoos - driving us to be their slaves since 2000, BUT Failed as they failed to enslave humanity.

  2. We "bring human and esoteric Available Resources" to start up "what most important in Opportunities for Doing Good" leading to the proposed solution of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" as outcomes in facing any event - visible or invisible, focused or sensing - from one's "Fibonacci Layered Inner Space" based on cultivable different depths of "Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Empty-The-Content toward Non-Thingness" to harmoniously bring all concerned parties together based on their own "Continuously Right Efforts". It is not any more Accidental but Scientifically Discovered and Shared, starting from 2020-07-07 to be naturally selected - if you have some "good Worthy Relationships / Likes-attract-Likes" you may get help in the form of happened event but it is [ You / Action-Reaction ] to make it happened - as an Accountable Creator in a part of the Right direction of Responsible Creation. Consciousness is a form of energy which cannot be destroyed in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness", but changed and transformed naturally described in Fibonacci evolution or degeneration. Being qualified by Nature as a person (Latin humanitas), one has an innate quality - commonly known as [ Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Compassion-Prajna defined by humanitas ] - to be outside the duality plane of conflicting consciousness for higher positive Fibonacci evolution or negative Fibonacci degeneration of cheating and stealing perpetually in masters-slaves relationships in the bullying culture of animal kingdoms. The processes are impersonally regulated by underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED, contrary to any criminal claim as the "first creator" who is also subjected to the same underlying natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attact-Likes due to universal "Dependent Nature of conditioned existence / manifesttion", empirically proven by the scientific second law of thermodynamics.

    The technologies of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" are built from five layers of contributions currently available ONLY in Human Realm having armies of Ph.D. and post-graduates researchers: (1) Gotama's nine stages of "Transcendental-Inner-Peace" as recorded in his nine Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30] simplified into six Signed Posts for sicientifically measurable ratings, (2) HuiNeng's personal contributions in "Wu-Nien" - "Dhyana-Samadhi" - "Samadhi-Prajna" scientifically rated at seven achievable qualities known by current living students of KhaiPhong's Inner Circle, (3) Transcendental meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi[D54] combined with Sound Technologies from Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva in Buddhist Shurangama Sutra[D33] certified by Gotama as the easiest process without scientifically identified causes and effects plus optimal conditions for statistically tested results, (4) Mathematically and econometrically modeling of economics - the analysis of data plus development and testing of theories and models - applied to complex modern economies such as Canada for long term strategic decisions, (5) Engineering optimal and feedback control systems using a complex number to model actual achievements of living students and Laplace transformation in feedback control to help the mass quickly moving toward desired targets of advanced students taking them many thousands man years of trial and errors for desired results, cross-cut all intelligent realms.

  3. Taking naturally qualified humanitas (person) as the base, one's Inner Space qualia is a Function F discovered to be evolving or degenerating according to Fibonacci sequence depending on two inner closures of scientifically cultivable [ HuiNeng's Wu-Nien / Gotama's Transcendental-Mindfulness / KhaiPhong's Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh ] in facing any event at X-dimension Awareness toward natural "Detachment" as its positive direction personally proven by Huineng, and achievable depth of "Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Empty-The-Content toward Non-Thingness in Y-dimension personally proven by Gotama. The X-dimension toward "awaring one's driving forces of thoughts / knowing the sources of thoughts in its possible causes and effects" to properly manage one's realities toward What Count, including activating cosmic energy for fulfilling the role of an Accoutable Creator and part of the Responssible Creation is in positive direction of the event toward cross-cut "column energy" seen as perpendicular to all duality planes of intelligent existences, while being away from Detachment is in the negative degeneration. The Y-dimension of "Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Empty-The-Content toward Non-Thingness" is in positive evolution while being away from Right and Wrong according to underlying natural laws is in the negative degeneration. Sufficient qualities in "Kindness (Y-2 = -1) and Empathy (Y-1 = 1)" are scientifically identified required breakthroughs of Latin humanitas in wider and deeper responses to any focused event for the manifestations of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna". Only in angaged living, one can "Honestly" test to know more about oneself to change toward What Count. All rational beings MUST Be Exciting with Opportunities for Doing Good, changing oneself and the environment toward WHAT COUNT. The modelling starts from personally reversed engineering of those actually demonstrated the required qualia and the self-evaluations of their [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] >< { Effort } together with their psychological and physical profiles as targets.

    Applying Optimal Control Theory and Engineering Feedback Control System to DISCOVERED AI toward What Count Patterns of real persons knowing all Gotama's Samadhis and deeper states of HuiNeng's Wu-Nien, we can model the AI patterns with a complex number as the "discovering target" similar to the temperature of the house and required heating / cultivation from any client's profile via standard Laplace transformation. One's custom SIS (Strategic Intelligence Service) at personal level starting from one's custom psychological and physical profile, and the most important target with available dedicated resources form an agreed Monitoring Plan and custom feeds for one's Activities and Relationships at all Places already prototyped here with its embeddded private database and scientifically cultivable consciousness levels to value add personal contributions from Gotama and HuiNeng. It comprises eight current intelligent solutions to accessing natural laws of Oneness and Diversities. This is the way to bring the Haves of all Intelligent Realms and their Associates into stakeholders for those having extra physical resources such as [ Money / Wealth / Inter-Reams connections ] But Honestly Knowing one's Realities and Caring for one's qualia and the environment one will be a part in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness". The eight proposed solutions are: (1) re-branded religion from the huge esoteic systems 2021-11-24 of the past, (2) Nagarjuna[D38] connected to Lucis Trust with headquarters in New York, London, and Geneva, (3) Asanga Consciousness-Only[D39] connected to Krishnamurti Foundation, (4) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his university back-up by Hindu civilization, (5) Gods of the darkness Lucifer / THƯỢNG ĐẾ CỦA CÁI ÁC LÀ AI 2021-10-02 back-up by its accumulated Illuminati resources, (6) Gotama in his recorded Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30] and esoteric back-up figuring out how to bring accessible Samadhis to practical engaged living, (7) Wait-and-See ETs, and (8) KhaiPhong with deliverable solution of Scientifically Cultivable Prajna Dialectic via integration of Gotama's Samadhi and Fibonacci Layered Inner Space of HuiNeng's Wu-Nien. To bring the HaveNots into stakeholders in starting the Foundation of Living TRUTH "Independence - Freedom - Happiness / Độc lập - Tự Do - Hạnh phúc / the Foundation of Human Rights", current management know-hows and legal frameworks are starting points with only one fundamental change in the "Attitute toward Self Respect and Respect Others" where Kindness Awareness and Empathy Awareness which embrace all good points of all civilizations, religions, isms in actual engaged living, wiping out past criminals and professional scam artists[D19] cheating and selling what they do not know nor have are seen as required states of the Fibonacci Layered Inner Space to break its cycle of degeneration to be ready for inner cultivations based on the state and stock of one's Prajna.

    KhaiPhong's "Harmonious Melting Pot" are (1) starting from available highly qualified students to solve the world practical solutions (koans) for attacting required resources to deliver the required prototype of its KpPlatform where all claimed solutions can be parts to be tested by underlying natural laws of Invisible Hand of Economics directed by Invisible Hand of Prajna, (2) deliverable the working prototypes and required infrastructures of the proposed practical solutions, (3) fully operational required infrastructures of normative and positive intelligence for the mass market "Equalizer", supporting the DISCOVERED Living TRUTHS as foundation of Democracy to change the structures of all Intelligent Realms where humanity is a part. The technologies behind "KpPlatform" are again possible ONLY in Human Realm having armies of Ph.D. and post-graduates researchers in industrial revolution 4.0: (1) Kubernetes distributed data centers housing standard rootless containers, (2) Kafka event-driven architecture of value-added microservices where standard Pod (Personal online data) is a value-added service, (3) proof-of-stake Blockchain technology in distributed transactions, (4) standard networks and Democracy-Affirming Technologies of IOE (Internet of EveryThing), (5) ReactJS eco-system at both client and server sides to effortlessly integrate with distributed server backend services, etc.

    Typical example is the koan / công án" for someone partnering with KhaiPhong to break into the "Kiến Tánh / Awareness / Wu-Nien / Transcendental-Mindfulness" helping people living close to the land and nature, naturally harmonious, kind, and hard-working to deserve a much better portion of the economic Shares in Clean Ecology and let KhaiPhong concentrating on International Conflicts in "Vietnamese East Sea, South China Sea, West Phillipine Sea". This is a part of KhaiPhong International drive in its ThankYou / GsLp (Global service Local presence) Clubs, Helping and Enabling local people "Front-Line Soldiers of KhaiPhong", being the driving forces of their community into a sustainable contribution toward What Count. One empirical observation from limited research is that the cunning intelligence from "the whites had land and indians had bible in Canadian past history" comes from negative side of the TRUTH plane where all involved parties are worse-off different from the belief at "I win You loose in post-truth politics" of zero-sum game where there is no winner in the long run due to universal laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes operating on the quality of the committed "cunning intelligence in its narrow scope" against natural evolution of all involved parties. Industrial revolution 4.0 is the most appropriate and modern tool to (1) scientifically cultivable Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Empty-The-Content toward Non-Thingness demonstrated by Gotama and DISCOVERED as an effective mean to natually detoxify tainted senses, (2) scientifically trainable HuiNeng's Wu-Nien / KhaiPhong Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh / Gotama's Transcendental-Mindfulness via AI custom feeds and suggestions, and (3) private meditation and reflections from one's Fibonacci Layered Inner Space in facing important decisions. The tool has these features embedded in its innate structure of functional programming, ready in custom implementations for any qualified client with measurable outcomes of "Beyond The Known" coming from Scientifically Cultivable Prajna available for further pattern detections to be parts of the Platform mass benefits.

Value Proposition: Connecting significant dots together with New Discovery in layered No-Conflict Consciousness, KhaiPhong "target" is the "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" to verify Gotama's [ Mindfulness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm-Tỉnh Giác[D22] ] together with HuiNeng's [ Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind Fresh / Free from stain and attachment" }, [ Dhyana-Samadhi / Thiền Định ] { "to be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana (Thiền), and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi" }, and [ Samadhi-Prajna / Định-Tuệ ] { "Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna, while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi" }. The process points to the possibility of Not Only Managing karmic forces of one's reality having measurable progress based on one's securely and privately self evaluation to know more about oneself But Also the Power of Prajna in dissolving dominant karmic forces[D22], Making Life Easier and Happier.

It has unique Value-Adds to actually deliver the solution of (1) Knowing more about oneself and measurable changes in Value of the values, (2) "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" at HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity) from seven different depths of Transcendental-Mindfulness under its unique "Design - Build - Execution" ranging from Free and Open Sources with qualified supports to "100% custom" from qualified professionals of relevant fields for reclaiming one's innate quality of "Latin Humanitas / The Kingdom of God from within / The Buddha Nature" in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness", (3) Experiencing Right Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Empty-The-Content toward Non-Thingness to naturally purify the tainted senses effortlessly dissolving dominant outdated marks, and (4) Changing oneself and environment via cultivable Fibonacci Layered Inner Space, further enhanced by recommendation feeds for constant [ Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental-Mindfulness / Wu-Nien ] and deepening cultivable [ Prajna ] toward What Count at both Depths and Breadths of all integrated Issues in the complex Dependent Nature of Right Existence.

The process starts with rationally knowing "[ Kiến Tánh / Awareness / Wu-Nien / Transcendental-Mindfulness ]" then through scientifical cultivation using modern tool Mu for frequent reflection in all activities and relationships, one can actually know that one's "Inner Space in F-dimension" of "Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within" (F stands for custom modeling Function) is more than all visibly physical and mental manifestations in "Riding The Ox". That "Fibonacci Layered Inner Space or Stock of Prajna" is scientifically cultivable based on Gotama's precious discoveries of Signed Posts as Fibonacci layeres around Y-dimension deepening toward the common denominator of "Oneness / Non-Thingness", together with your actualities in State of Prajna as Fibonacci layers around X-dimension - aka HuiNeng's Wu-Nien, Gotama's Transcendental-Mindfulness, KhaiPhong's Awareness, Vietnamese Kiến Tánh - evolving toward the Energy Column visible as "Detachment / HonNhien" cross-cut all intelligent realms (Prajna Way underlying Natural Laws - thuận theo tự nhiên). It is the deeper inner cultivations of eight (8) actually known layers by current living studends of KhaiPhong Inner Circle and circle of inner circles in Pushing HuiNeng's Three Nots (Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachmnet) toward the "Vietnamese Then What" in "positive Fibonacci evolution" for the practical manifestations of KhaiPhong Three Haves [ Awareness, Dependent, Prajna / Kiến Tánh, Duyên Khởi, Bát Nhã ]. Due to a very long evolution and degeneration caused by Ignorance, the Fibonacci ratings of wider vibrations are not always balanced in X-Y-F dimensions that one has to choose as one's "top priority" in current life time as typified in the selections from Gotama and Jesus where current Ethical AI toward What Count[R23] can be fully integrated for better Normative and Positive Value of the values.

Presentations: (1) The "Sixth Turning of Understanding", (2) "Why has Gotama's Eightfold Path (solution of Dukkha) no pay-off?", (3) "Prajnaparamita - Esoteric injection of their Understanding" (4) "Madhyamaka - A proposed Model of Truth", (5)"Yogacara - Another proposed Model of Truth", (6)"Tantra - Energy Weaving in Transcendental Inner Peace", (7)"KhaiPhong & AwakeningBudh".

One can drop all burdens once actions completed to freshly and continuously put measurable Right Effort in Prajna for heavy lifting out of the duality plane of conflicting events - being part of elites in Trusted Leadership 4.0 - transcending both Christian and KungTzu doctrinal leaderships in harmonious measurable real benefits of the Right Society 5.0. The process can happen very quickly when "the one percent controlling world resources" change the core Value in competition unknown in entire human history up until 2015 in the Conference about "Morality - Market and Capitalism" to be better for oneself and the environment in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness". It is the first time in entire history of humanity and higher realms the [ Haves - Stakeholders - HaveNots ] have "Raison D'être - Exciting with Opportunities for Doing Good", due to the Right Dependent Nature from scientifically cultivable Prajna, driven by Invisible Hands of Prajna and Economics. KhaiPhong pipelines of elites - riding on invisible hands of Prajna and Economics - enable sustainable foundation for harmonious manifested diversities.

The book contents and discoveries are very valuable from this writer's personal view since (1) not knowing the underlying natural laws of Layered No-Conflict Consciousness, the higher esoteric realm of Buddhas, Gods, Allah, Bodhisattvas, Saints etc, had been degenerated in the past 60,000+ man-years known in humanity as the collapse of Illuminati Elites where Dhipankara Buddha was one of the degenerated, (2) Gotama had only a glimpse of Prajna and its utilities so he had been fallen into his own "crack" in 2500+ years of his Buddhist Sangha, (3) It took the writer 20+ years of dedicated scientific investigation to be accidentally solved by his cultivable Prajna in the past 50+ years. The book is considered as his unconditioned gift to humanity - always Free and available - in this link for pdf and this link for Epub-3.01 where we will develop an AI Reader for (1) remembering the book location where you last read from any device, (2) alerting you on any change in the book and its location, (3) serving as a collaborative tool of ontology concerning about what kinds of things exist, (4) text-to-speech translating letting you continuing the book reading, (5) taking your annotated comments and its locations on the go, and (6) most important of all being an AI tool to make your best use of available resources of this life time in your focused Continuity of the consciousness. Toward this end, the book will be rewritten into (1) KP-General - a Free book for general public to be the next version of this blog, (2) KP-Breakthroughs - technical contributions available at #KP-Breakthroughs managed hashtag for public comments and contributions from KpPlatform addressing Why all human philosophies and religions have failed up until 2022, (3) KP-Technologies - proven technologies and processes available at #KP-Technologies managed hashtag for public comments and contributions from KpPlatform addressing what actually known and personally directed by current living students as world sustainable Community Services, riding on real contributions from past proven and tested knowledge based on underlying natural laws while weeding out criminals and professional scam artists from all isms where conflicting religions are criminal parts since "the description is Not the described". The "manifested described" is always in "Dependent Nature" and there are optimal conditions to make it happened as scientifically deliverable from the above described processes of "[ Kiến Tánh / Awareness / Wu-Nien / Transcendental-Mindfulness ]".

It is achievable via (1) scientifically cultivable [ HuiNeng's Wu-Nien / Gotama's Transcendental-Mindfulness / KhaiPhong's Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh ] and PrajnaTIPs©® for Mindfulness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác in engaged living of Signed Posts via [ Dhyana-Samadhi / Thiền-Định ] { "to be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana (Thiền), and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi" } for the persona's Fibonacci Layered Inner Space to know more about oneself in (2) Worthy Relationships from (3) all "Activities" with relevant and intelligent Information at (4) all "Places" having one's tetrahedron building blocks according to Thing-As-It-Is Nature. Due to its special Position, and evolving Situations in many 1000+ years of fighting for Independence, Freedom from foreign dominances and all cheating isms Then "possible Liberated from the Known / the Description is Not the Described", and Happiness, VietNam may be a starting point of this Real Melting Pot! It definitely knows the strengths and weaknesses of Feudalism, Communism, all Established cheating Religions, Capitalism, etc, moving toward Nationalism and Populism in practical meaning of The Differences between Dictatorship - Democracy / PHÂN BIỆT THỂ CHẾ ĐỘC TÀI - DÂN CHỦ (2020-07-04 unavailable now due to Vietnamese autocracy) toward higher Value of the values in Independence and Freedom Then Liberated toward a True Enlighten / Liberated Happiness, then Sharing with the World the meaning of Returning to the Source with Triumphal Songs (unavailable due to the blah blah blah of Vietnamese degenerated esoteric systems painting a picture of what they do not Know nor Have in their negative Fibonacci degeneration[D19] visibly apparant in forcing them to deliver the Vietnamese "Kiến Tánh of Then What"). To speed up the process already proven by Trần Quốc Tuấn[R7.4], we wish to add in some esoteric information that Only the involved parties know our messages!

There exists "Continuity of the Consciousness" and - besides conscious planning - there is some connecting vibration that one feels close connection to some historical event such as "Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC" of the third president of the US who was one of America’s Founding Fathers and the primary drafter of the Declaration of Independence in 1776: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, ... with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" similar to (Independence and Freedom Then Liberated toward a True Enlighten / Liberated Happiness). But that is only a painted Ideal fully exposed only after 245 years thanks to the Universal Moral Challenge of all Human Conscience - similar to the criminally cheating Love of the claimed Father God or cheating Bodhisattva Ideal from entire Buddhist history in VietNam and world wide in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism - if one does not have Inner Force as outcome of the innate solution from true Inner Peace to live in it, "discovered by Gotama as Transcendental-Mindfulness, by HuiNeng as Wu-Nien, and scientifically implemented by KhaiPhong as Awareness" innate from humanity upward and/or degenerated below Animal Energy impersonally happened by underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED. The naturally Transcendental-Inner-Peace (#EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness and Beyond) is the driving force of an Accountable Creator in part of Responsible Creation to manifest the Right Passionate Force - Not Wrong passionate force driven by Greed and Fears - in changing oneself and the environment toward What Count in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. "The politics of hate and post-truth politics" is still rampant up to July 4, 2020 in almost all Americans - so do the rest of humanity - due to the lack of this not-yet manifested innate Transcendental-Inner-Peace of { Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment }, "Not To Be Cheated" by all kinds of fake News driven by binding and clinging forces of slaved living most evidenced in the whole 4-years-term of US President Donald Trump leading to his trial as the first US president to be charged with misconduct in office for a second time 2021-01-14.

One of its founding member - Thomas Jefferson - did not live with what he said evidenced at the bottom line of "his Slavery practice" due to inner Conflicts and outer Conflicts of Greed, Fears, and Angers, similar to criminal High Priests of all cheating religions that the involved parties can actually know if 100% Honest with oneself and Care for oneself and the environment since No One can cheat the Nature in its many billions years of evolution. Only in engaged living, the party can know the real Truth. So does "Thomas Jefferson" present reincarnation and just recently discovered impostor of the reincarnation, currently playing a very important role in Vietnamese politics up to 2021-02-12! One thing is absolutely true according to Thing-As-It-Is Nature that the cunning mind in "the politics of hate and post-truth politics" gradually darken one's quality of the consciousness. But in this case, the reincarnation of "Thomas Jefferson" is currently a very successful entrepreneur riding on scientific contributions of Nikola Tesla and Tesla name and still can be a person having ET connection, whereas "the impostor of the reincarnation" is a remaining part of the criminal processes well kown as the "Lucifer Illuminati elites". It is much deeper but very similar to the "esoteric impostor Huỳnh Phú Sổ " (founder of a lay-Buddhist organisation Hòa Hảo 1939) as a part of 60,000+ years of the total collapse of the esoteric feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods that most parties in the rulling class do not know the "Right and Wrong / Conscience" of living driven by "Extreme Desire" according to underlying natural laws until it is too late due to the natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes. The bottom line is your "qualia" or quality of Fibonacci Layered Inner Space can be self-rated (measurable) and scientifically cultivable via measurable outcomes of your activities and relationhips in your Value of the values - economic resources directed by cultivable Prajna - toward What Count in your Continuity of the consciousness.

The writer likes to announce a "BREAKTHROUGH" in entire evolution then degeneration according to Tao Yin-Yang (neo-Malthusian) circle or continuing to further evolve according to Fibonacci sequence due to innate quality of "Human Nature / Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature / Consciousness of the consciousness / Outside the box" to be DISCOVERED and SHARED while "preventing the broken process due to individual Ignorance of dictators" in Too Big to Fail of all Intelligent Beings (Humanitas, Esoterics, ETs) identified as an ability to know the "Right and Wrong / Conscience / Lương Tri" evolving from a very long evolution of animal kingdoms, ranging from Instinct for the physical existence - including sexual instinct - toward a "wider Intuition (sixth sense) of information from the field" to Oracle of forecastings and simulations, plus "Thing-As-It-Is and one's comparative advantages - the seventh sense Prajna - to change the Event toward What Count" in "Making Life Easier and Happier" for the Whole in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

The "BREAKTHROUGH" is possible due to (1) available living students capable of innate Transcendental-Inner-Peace at different depths manifested from different conflicting angles of duality existence, (2) relevant outcomes of these desired qualities immediately applicable to high-valued impacts of pain points such as conflicting International Issues, thousands years of divisions and conflicting forces introduced by criminals and professional scam artists from all isms and religions driven by Greed and Fears, etc, (3) industrial revolution 4.0 to deliver KpPlatform with its essential building blocks such as Mu, PersonaDB, PersonaAI, Executive Information Portal / Executive Inter-Realms Portal, Home of social apps, plus innumerable injected microservices from communities at the grassroots Exciting with Opportunities for Doing Good, (4) modern quantum scientific discoveries and mathematics in descovering and describing underlying natural laws such as "Emptiness / Non-Thingness / Blackhole", and (5) theoretical and empirical proof of Fibonacci Layered Inner Space (positive No-Conflict Consciousness) plus its practical deliveries in #EmptyTheContent from conflicting consciousness. This is the First Time in entire human history and in entire existence of Esoteic Realms and ETs, there is a harmonious "Melting Pot" available first for Humanity then for other Intelligent Reamls defined in (1) Latin Humanitas (Biology, Compassion, Prajna), (2) Rule-of-Law for stability and Right Evolution, (3) "Too Big to Fail" in Moral Finance which can be applicable to all important issues such as national security, humanistic healths and cultures, etc, of intelligent existences, (4) peaceful solution mathemtically proven in International Trades, and (5) possible "Fair Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations of DISCOVERED and SHARED underlying Natural Laws peculiar to different Realms of Existence". It is a "BREAKTHROUGH" to alert one's evolution in the "Right or Wrong path" toward What Count and its possible solution relevant to one's Things-As-It-Is based on intelligence of individual and the mass evolution "Outdide the Box" applicable to one's present conditiones!

With KhaiPhong Three Pillars from humanity: (1) Scientifically Cultivable Prajna and available accomplished students at different depths to actually deliver and further explore the outcomes, (2) Rule-of-Law for stability and Right Evolution from conflicting forces such as Public / Personal Security / Privacy, (3) "Too Big to Fail" in Moral Finance applicable to all intelligent existences to assure natural evolution according to natural laws applicable to both humanity and all "intelligent realms", all parties can be a part of the New Era for faster evolution from one's current quality of the consciousness first raised up by the real Vietnamese Lady Trưng Trắc and her Generals capable to bring many practicalities to the cornerstones of democracy in all intelligent realms - Independence (Độc Lập), Freedom (Tự Do), and the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness (Quyền Mưu Cầu Hạnh Phúc) - where VietNam is a part in this modern complex and sustainable people-centered Human Rights. The solution is there since people having Prajna Dialectic are Not Stupid and there are scientific processes to move from conflicting forces in "The politics of hate 100% driven by Greed and Fears and post-truth politics" 100% driven by criminals and professional scam artists to the "No-Conflict line on the duality plane of conflicting forces called Relative Truth".

There is "No Choice" for you - Amitabha Buddha, Lucifer, other conflicting forces - and your esoteric-plus-human parties but change from immoral killing (fully aware and parts of the criminal plots by the human slaves in Vietnamese politics and investments), cheating and stealing culture of Voodoos. You already know your Voodoos (Bùa) imcomparable to cosmic energy according to underlying natural laws to be Discovered and Shared. Your Voodoos (Bùa) in breaking intelligent wholesome entity into [ body (xác), energy (vía), core (hồn / soul) ] and in controlling lower integrated intelligent beings is "incomparable" to the esoteric Voodoos (Bùa) curently controlling Christians and Muslims from illuminati elites, so do your financial and political powers in comparison with those curently holding the world financial, industrial, military and political powers. We look forward to the prediction about the reincarnation of an ancient Chinese military strategist, politician, and businessman Fan Li (Phạm Lãi) - currently a living Vietnamese - esoterically mentioned from 2020-11-13 starting at minute 21:30 for all intelligent esoteric realms and ETs, plus "scientific processes of the Know-How" in sensing dominant forces that may lead to that prediction as we do have both the reincarnations of Zhuge Liang Kongming (Khổng Minh Gia Cát Lượng) and Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm as living students! If "Things Happened", this writer ultimate objective is to establish enforceable "Rule-of-Law" and transferable "legitimate assets" as done by the International Banking of Knight Templar But this time Inter-Realms and "criminal offenses" different from the "Hell" of the past feudal systems But Accountable and Transparent of lesson learned from humanity in all intelligent realms. The system target is to protect "human / intelligent rights" away from the culture of cheating and stealing in your past degenerated feudal systems ruled by the past King of God (Cao Đài) and help spreading the cornerstones of Human Rights - Independence (Độc Lập), Freedom (Tự Do), and the Right to the Pursuit of Enlighten / Liberated Happiness (Quyền Mưu Cầu Hạnh Phúc Thật) - in all intelligent realms from humanity upward. "Tetrahedron" building block having unique embedded ID to protect the Right to Integrity of the Person is the symbol of KhaiPhong in enforceable Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations, technically implemented via your secure private sub-net.

Deliverable "Prajna Dialectic" - unknown in entire human history and Highest Esoteric Realms preventing future major inter-realms disaster happened - to the mass are ready from 2020-07-07 since KhaiPhong has qualified people to (1) know deeply underlying Natural Laws that no criminals nor professional scam artists in both human and esoteric realms from all isms can touch to kick start major Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations beneficial to all involved parties, (2) know both Prajna and modern technologies to direct the development toward the Right direction of What Count yet competitively sustainable as independent businesses due to minimum technical risk in the green field of Normative >< Positive Intelligence, and (3) know Mindfulness-Prajna plus direct senses of major world-wide movements to change "Bad Faith into Good Faith, zero-sum game into mathematically proven benefits of International Trade, and touching the True Happiness in one's Continuity of the Consciousness while harmoniously dissolving critical hot pots of international confrontations (Effortless Right Action / Wei-Wu-Wei / Bất Chiến Tự Nhiên Thành).

Truths are Not self-evident due to tainted senses which are applicable to all statements from greatest explorers such as Gotama in his assertion of Nirvana and Pari-Nirvana, Jesus in his "Faith" and cheating "Redeemer", all the way to the proven criminal God "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was GodJohn 1:1", and since the description is NOT the described. It is applicable to the highest realms, logically deducted by this writer when Avalokiteshvara-Bodhisattva came to tell us that she was an ancient Buddha! It is absolutely necessary to share one's discovery for scientifically testing to arrive at universal Truth of underlying natural laws! For example Gotama's discovery of the Dependent Nature, now scientifically proven by the second laws of thermodynamics applicable to all manifested phenomena. Yet without knowing the "Dependent Nature in No-Conflict Consciousness", he falls into his own crack of Pari-Nirvana, hallucinated himself with "possibly liberated from Birth and Death" in subsequent reincarnations that No One in higher realms has taken him seriously! This is the required Trusted Leadership 4.0 - at the bottom lines of observable outcomes / Things-As-It-Is / "Nói Vậy Mà Không Phải Vậy" - of the Right Society 5.0.

Part of the beneficial reaction from this discovery should go to Avalokiteshvara-Bodhisattva for her courageous sharing, removing this very fine psychological hurdle in trial and error! Via "Broadcasting from Communication Hub" through the mind of a living KhaiPhong Sound Specialist - the identified present reincarnation of HuiNeng - this writer tells the Sound Specialist and his esoteric friends that "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" is now available via reversed engineering of actual states known by identified living students. Accumulated real resources preparing for the New World Order (NWO) from Illuminati Elites can be used in SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) for the benefits of all involved human and esoteric parties in one's "protected" Continuity of the consciousness.

The time from 2022 onward is Right for this very important event - Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations[R20.5] - since (1) the attempt has been explored by human and esoteric realms for a long time manifested in I-Ching plus other oracular processes, to automatic writing in forming Vietnamese Cao Đài Religion, to direct Voice Communication and Teleportation plus Chaneling, and finally to "Communication Hub" actually demonstrated by the front line living explorer of KhaiPhong Inner Circle using cosmic consciousness from Consciousness Technologies accessible from humanity upward in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness", (2) human radio technologies via Industrial Revolution up until 4.0 from 2022 onward has demonstrated proven required processes in "Too Big to Fail" via "Rule-of-Law" in distributed democratic processes of fundamental Human Rights of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" in the balance between "Private and Public Securities" where all intelligent beings can be "Accountable Creators and parts of the Wholesome Complex Dependent Nature in Responsible Creation", (3) verifiable and statistically significant integrations between radio technologies and consciousness technologies from different angles have been discovered and actually deliverable by living students of KhaiPhong Circle and circles of Inner Circles, ready to make happened discovered underlying natural laws of Invisible Hand of Economics driven by Invisible Hand of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" for the benefits of all involved parties in wide ranges of evolution.

The above [ Vision - Mission - Execution ] is measurable outcome of one's or aggregate "Right Effort" in all activities and relationships, making happened the Science driven by Invisible Hands of Prajna and Economics where The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence toward What Count are outcomes of Prajna in democratising the Practicalities of "Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position" at different depths of Verifiable Emptiness and delivering solutions to Soyen Shaku's challenge: "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality [ due to one's tainted senses Liberated Only from underlying Natural Laws named God to be DISCOVERED and SAHARED ]".

After the collapse of Illuminati Elites (NWO) and degeneration of many cunningly and unnaturally (immorally) developed esoteric and human entities, the present surviving elites are forced to take a critical look at the question "Should Corporate Sustainability Reporting Be Mandated" organised by Saïd Business School from Oxford University, the oldest English-speaking university (established in 1096) with its motto [ God is my light / Latin: Dominus Illuminatio Mea ] which claims as an Extra Ordinary School developing purposeful leaders. The Corporate performance includes financial, human and natural capitals such as Climate Change, resource depletion, pollution, social responsibilities such as employment relations, bribery, corruption, etc, which are mostly intangible assets and must be reporting to gauge the Corporate Sustainability by concerned parties. The market way - which depends on both sensible consumers, responsible producers and all concerned stakeholders - approach is suggested as the best way. Climate Change, Bio-Diversities, and Inequality are urgent questions to be addressed that cannot wait for the market-based approach of the past credibility and processes. People want decision makers (toward what targets and agendas?) to act Now. But up to 2022, most of human actions are GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out driven by Greed and Fears - leading to Ignorant Hegelian Dialectics rather than Prajna Dialectic of Thing-As-It-Is, "Making Life Easier and Happier".

The reality of Climate Change and Sustainability failed by past Illuminati elites was only recently alarmed by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg's tearful address to the UN. Its key message is "Change The System Not the Climate" then "Climate Change, Bio-Diversities, and Inequality" will be properly addressed. KhaiPhong's Three Pillars from humanity: (1) Scientifically Cultivable Prajna, (2) Rule-of-Law, and (3) "Too Big to Fail" will enable everyone being an Accountable Creator and a part of the Responsible Creation to change oneself and a force to drive all Activities and Realtionships at all Places toward What Count. China - a 5,000-years-old civilization and its future prediction - poses a very direct question to the "I win you loose zero-sum-game[R8]" when standards of living for billions people (around USD 10,200 GDP per capita) are raised to the Western level similar to Switzerland (around USD 80,189). The thread of "Greed and Fears" are more than ever relevant to both Christian and KungTzu Leaderships in the name of God and Heaven. Its solution is in the "Cultivable Prajna" accessible by all people in all activities and relationships - a hidden precious gem contributed by XuanZang and HuiNeng - to see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change oneself and the environment toward What Count.

Harmonious Diversities can only happen when the "Haves / Stakeholders / HaveNots" see the "Raison D'être" in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness" according to Natural Laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes for the floating up of higher and lighter quality of the consciousness[D32]. The purpose of human existence and its fundamental issue of "knowing more about oneself" has been explored by Gotama 2500+ years ago but failed by his Buddhist cheating Sangha, and Socrates leading to Latin Humanitas (biology, compassion, wisdom/prajna). A possible solution has been touched by few dedicated explorers known as [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental-Mindfulness / Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment } rated at seven (7) different depths in seeing Thing-As-It-Is and what most relevant in the focused issue. It is now available with the Sixth Turning of Understanding via Cultivable Prajna that transcends Christian and KungTzu Leaderships applied by Western countries and China up to 2022. We are looking for strategic partners in both Not-for-Profit AwakeningBudh and its technical arm KhaiPhong.

AwakeningBudh (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), KhaiPhong (2017, 2019, 2021, 2022)

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Price: Free. Once KhaiPhong infrastructure is available, you can be a Free registered member having your own Free Private Network and being owner of your unlimited private cloud database (already proven to 1000+ Terabytes). You have "Free first 5 GB cloud storage having Git (open source distributed version control system)" plus unlimited backup under your own management. Transaction data over paid storage will be available for AI public researches and can be reclaimed back to your private database within 1 month. A custom service is available to reclaim searchable legitimate data for your personal AI, placed under your own control. As a Free life-time non-transferable owner of the book and member of the book channel, you have up to two licensed digital copies per language managed from your PrivateHub on available devices. You can order a printed form of the latest version from your selected printer.

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  3. Maharishi Foundation Ltd for possible legal issue in Transcendental Meditation, and Yokō Tatsuhiko (1928-) for the copyright of the 'Ten Ox Herding Pictures'.

  4. The Dalai Lama, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, and Gyalwang Drukpa.

  5. Vietnam Buddhist Research Institute (Viện Nghiên Cứu Phật Học Việt Nam), Vietnam ICT Summit 2013 (Diễn đàn Cấp cao Công nghệ thông tin và truyền thông Việt Nam năm 2013), a proposed article then withdrawn for United Nation Day of Vesak Hanoi 7-11 May 2014.

  6. Thrive Movement, Nithyananda, Dr. Yeung (Lama Dondrup Dorje) of Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies, and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

  7. Islam World whose human / esoteric connection since 2008 is formally renewed in the announcement of the book, and Mr. Darryl Anka ( of Bashar Communications.

  8. Krishnamurti Foundation and Bhutan Gross National Happiness Commission.

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