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Honesty & Care

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From Version 3.1, We ask public support via Bank Transfer to KHAIPHONG CORPORATION for resources to (1) re-connect its potential members since 1970 and document field researches from its members and Canadian SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) for developing "Executive Information Portal / KpEIP" from 2001 - 2012, (2) legally organize KhaiPhong Corporation and AwakeningBudh Foundation to make it sustainable with or without the founder similar to Long Môn Phật Động / Longmen Buddha Cave, Luoyang / Longmen Grottoes , (3) democratically vote the funding of related projects making this "living book" sustainable. Please send an email to with your name, the transfered receipt, and MOU (memorandum of understanding) to be publicly recorded for Transparency. In the MOU, please re-state required information [ (1) Full Legal Name, (2) Name you want others use e.g Prof. A Smith to be - if and only if Thngs Happened - on engraved brick and digitally traceable as a front-line soldier at a KhaiPhong GsLp/ThankYou Club, (3) Amount, (4) Date Sent, (5) Private principal email to be used in future KhaiPhong KpPlatform, (6) Conditions to use the sent money, (7) Your additional proposal ].

Here is a True story happened to a caucasian friend of KhaiPhong. While the writer was quietly practicing his "Mental Power" at a swimming pool of a Health Club, a caucasian stranger came to say "Hi". Without waiting for any answer, he said "you must be very careful and do Good. Otherwise, you will be an animal next life. That lady came to greet me and I sensed it was your energy to command her doing so", then left. The writer quietly observed him for some time and sensed he may be the "reincarnation of Phạm Ngũ Lão" with his unique introduction "Then" and "Now". Few days later, the writer came to greet him and started a conversation. Knowing he was an expat currently working in Arab countries having 25+ years of experiences as a petroleum engineer, the writer kept quiet for further observation since at that time the dark forces were also actively recruiting people having "power like him". Over six months later, we met again and shaked hands. Then more than a year later, we again met. The writer learned that he was working as a contractor in Texas USA. In 2019 before Covid-19 public restrictions, the writer saw him in another Health Club and learned that his contract in Texas was expired and not renewed. The writer said "you have to be very careful!". Up to that time, we never exchanged more than few friendly sentences. Yet his answer seemed to be in-tune and relevant to our silent communications: "they cannot hurt me!". Few months later, the writer learned that he was unemployed and looking for "another career". If things happened, we will look for him. He - born in Ukraine from a German father and a Russian mother - is a good candidate to be a member of KhaiPhong's Inner Circle.

List of members to make the life-time owner of this Free Book for everyone sustainable and up-to-date of evolving implementations to make its Scientifically Verifiable Practicalities, parts of Intelligent Being & Living from humanity upward either Evolving toward "Equanimity[D29]" or Degenerated of more and more Not Knowing What Count in one's continuity of the consciousness through Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations where they are front-line soldiers to finance the project. Management of this "living book" will be democratically governed via a Proof-of-Stake Cardano "distributed system" instead of past private/public funding and/or assistance done by the writer from 1970, later approved from 2001 - 2012 by Canadian public money to continue the private Northstar custom EIP (Executive Information Portal) Agreement in 2000.

Sender Name
Date Rec
Dương Bá Tiến
author, founder
*K = 1,000; M = 1,000,000

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