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From Version 3.1, We ask public support via Bank Transfer to KHAIPHONG CORPORATION for resources to (1) re-connect its potential members since 1970 and document field researches from its members and Canadian SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) for developing "Executive Information Portal / eip" from 2001 - 2012, (2) legally organize KhaiPhong Corporation and AwakeningBudh Foundation to make them sustainable with or without the founder, (3) democratically vote the funding of related projects making this "living book" sustainable. Please send an email to with your name, the transfered receipt, and MOU (memorandum of understanding) to be publicly recorded for Transparency. In the MOU, please re-state required information [ (1) Full Legal Name, (2) Name you want others use e.g Prof. A Smith to be - if and only if Thngs Happened and the accumulated donations are more than 2 times of the cost - on engraved brick and digitally traceable as a front-line soldier at a KhaiPhong GsLp/ThankYou Club, (3) Amount, (4) Date Sent, (5) Private principal email to be used in future KhaiPhong KpPlatform, (6) Conditions to use the sent money, (7) Your additional proposal ].

List of members to make the life-time owner of this Free Book for everyone up-to-date of evolving implementations to make its Scientifically Verifiable Practicalities, parts of Intelligent Being & Living from humanity upward either Evolving toward "Equanimity[D29]" visibly known in one's InnerSpace cultivation as "F+1: EmpathyAwareness" to further enforce at "F+2: PurityAwareness", or Degenerated of more and more Not Knowing What Count in one's continuity of the consciousness through Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations where they are front-line soldiers to finance the project. Management of this "living book" will be democratically governed via a Proof-of-Stake Cardano "distributed system" instead of past private/public funding and/or assistance done by the writer from 1970, later approved from 2001 - 2012 by Canadian public money to continue the private Northstar custom EIP (Executive Information Portal) Agreement in 2000.

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Following are the platform sponsors of selective 10 out of 12 deliverable projects with agreed features as a ThankYou Gift to VietNam, represented by the government From people, By people and For people / Liệu Việt Nam có thể chủ động đi trước Trung Quốc về dân chủ hóa? arising from VN 5,000 years of Cultural Spirit / Qua sông rồi thì đừng vác bè trên vai / ĐẶT NỀN MÓNG CƯỜNG THỊNH starting from 2024-06-12. The donations are targeted to create a minimum KpPlatform from the ground up where each one will have Free IamX with KP unique id(s) plus required public IP address(es) for optional journey of custom consciousness technologies toward What Count in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

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Table of Contents

1. Preface
- [ Prajna / Bát Nhã / Wisdom ] to Know "More about Oneself / Biết Mình Là Ai" and to Learn from one's [ mistake / mandela effect / false recognition ], exemplified in the private life of General Trần Quốc Tuấn who esoterically had "Wrong Perception" about the "Second Half" but luckily still had the Best due to his long good karmic forces. One then knows the Human Conditions whose core [ Issue / Psychosis / Dukkha ] were identified with partially DISCOVERED Solution personally verifiable by real persons. This happens due to tainted senses without Knowing Why due to Ignorance rather than Prajna to Purify all isms from form-realms, enslaving humanity and intelligent beings via Binding Word / Image and Clinging Thought (e.g. Buddha, Redeemer, Allah, etc).

A "possible Solution without falling into Psychiatry & Big Pharma" is Wholesomely REVITALIZED by KhaiPhong in one's Continuity of the consciousness actually verifiable as described in this Video - LỘ TRÌNH CỦA MỘT LINH HỒN TIẾN HÓA / THE PATHWAY OF AN EVOLVED SOUL - 2023-10-26 via Scientifically Cultivable Prajna / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness and is another "Invisible Hand" to direct the "Invisible Hand of Economics" toward What Count[R23]. It "Liberates" one from psychological "Knots or Burdens / Khai" then Frees one from the "Known / Phóng", providing Right Foundation for "Innovative Development". This can overcome AGI (Artificial Generative Intelligence) based ONLY on the capability of mass processing the Observed of What already there which is represented in private ai while "Prajna can Transcend the Observed (verifiable in Gotama's Infinite Space / scientific curved space) for wider scope of information from the field and the Observer (verifiable in Gotama's Infinite Consciousness / scientific curved time toward verifiable Non-Thingness of Not-Self) for Complete Silence to know the [ Right & Wrong / Morality & Justice ] toward What Count, putting people at the centre of all Activities and Relationships at all Places in "IamX© with custom AI Agent Assistants / unique legal digital ID / plus a static public KP IP address".

The book is the theoretical outcome of KhaiPhong 50+ years of field researches PLUS exoteric / esoteric observations of qualified candidates as the first front-line soldiers while waiting for verifications and/or modifications / enhancements of later academia contributions. We start from actual experiences of a Vietnamese student since 1970 about Gotama's recorded Jhanas. It has been further investigated and explored, leading to Bodhidharma's exchange with Emperor Wu (Lương Vũ Đế) on “What is the highest meaning of noble truth" and HuiNeng's specialized contributions about (1) the Three-Not (Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachment / Vô Niệm, Vô Vết, Vô Trụ), (2) #DhyanaSamadhi / Thiền Định, (3) #SamadhiPrajna / Định-Tuệ". That leads to KhaiPhong (1) Three-Haves ("Awareness, Dependent, Prajna / KiếnTánh, Duyên Khởi, Bát Nhã") via (2) observable X-dimension in both exoteric and esoteric realms from Figure 11.1 that forms with personally observable Inner Peace of Y-dimension from Gotama's recorded Jhanas a No-Conflict plan at any focused event and (3) scientifically cultivable Prajna / Wisdom with discovered underlying natural laws of PrajnaTIP from one's scienrifically cultivable InnerSpace F-dimension for detoxification of tainted senses.

Introducing the #Awareness to the persona F-dimension with Right evolution or Wrong potential degeneration of complex Fibonacci sequence - testable with KhaiPhong KienTanh / HuiNeng WuNien / Gotama's Inner Peace / Bodhidharma's #EmptyTheContent - together with Lucas Numbers applicable to innate Intellligence of Illuminati / Communist elites, we theoretically and empirically prove that the Right evolution must come through (type) EquanimityAwareness f1 = 1 enhanced and materialized in Equanimity Communities where Nature and Science toward What Count join hand. It is then enforced with (type) PurityAwareness f2 = 1 for the possibility of Transcending the Observed and Observer in seeing Thing-As-It-Is.

2. Awareness - The saying that it is very precious to be a living person is NOW theoretically and empirically demonstrated at the width and depth of Transcendental #Awareness in X-dimension rated at Fibonacci layered number having on the positive side seven observable types actually known by living students of KhaiPhong Inner Circle which can be reproducible to all concerned parties [ x1 = 1 HonNhien, x2 = 1 ManagingFreshness, x3 = 2 KnowingFreshness, x4 = 3 ProcessDiscovered such as scientific process to naturally produce the Freshness, x5 = 5 KnowingThought to properly manage one's reality, x6 = 8 CareViaCosmicEnergy for self-protection, x7 = 13 HelpViaCosmicEnergy in directing cosmic energy to help others ] and on the negative side incapable to #EmptyTheContent toward non-thingness as the reality of most people [ x-1 = 1 Cultural Influenced, x-2 = -1 Regional Influenced, x-3 = 2 National Influenced, x-4 = -3 Veiled Right and Wrong, x-5 = 5 Binding Word, x-6 = -8 Binding Image, x-7 = 13 Clinging Thought ].

Yet, only from human upward in the evolution scale of the light floating up and the heavy/darkness sinking down, the physical structure - male or female - has sufficient conditions to be outside the duality plane of conflicting consciousness in deeper and wider consciousness states, capable to transcend the Observed and the Observer in seeing Thing-As-It-Is and innovative solution outside the duality plane of conflicting consciousness in deeper and wider consciousness states, capable to evolve acording to underlying natural laws as described in complex Fibonacci number at minute 6:25, Else degenerated due to cunning intelligence as exposed at minute 7:00.

"#Prajna" to be exposed in the next chapter #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness is visibly serving as a smart pointer [ #EmptyTheContent, #DhyanaSamadhi, #Samadhi, #Awareness, #Prajna, #AwarenessPrajna, #SamadhiPrajna, #PrajnaTIP ] pointing to one's visible trait of [ #TRUTH, #Care, #Falun, #Intuition, #Balanced, #KindnessEmpathy, #Influenced, #Veiled, #Indoctrinated ]. Dynamic interactions of these functional smart pointers and traits on different layered No-Conflict Consciousness of [ F >< Y >< X ] dimensions preliminarily form scientifically cultivable states and stock of Prajna. Custom functional programming of these interactions are designed and targeted to expose negative attributes from the three dimensions into rational conscious Living & Being out of the automatic Action-Response of the [X-Y] Truth plane to Help All Concerned Parties optimally moving toward the direction of Right Evolution from humanity upward according to Thing-As-It-Is underlying natural laws in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

3. #EmptyTheContent / Transcendental-Inner-Peace - Being naturally qualified as a person (Latin humanitas - biology, compassion and wisdom / prajna) one can "#EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness / Transcendental-Inner-Peace" as actually proven by Gotama in his recorded Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30]. Taking Fibonacci [ f0 = 0 as the base of a qualified person ] there is a wide range of rated x_evaluation and y_evaluation to be scientifically modeled via AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) in complex evolution and degeneration of "IamX". Our field researches have indicated that two types of intelligent people capable to be outside-the-box of a focused event and see its breakthrough / innovative solution are either naturally relax or cunning intelligence. Bodhidharma #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness of Gotma's recorded Jhanas is verifiable at different states of these two types. With discovered underlying natural laws and modern scientific processes using digital tools such as mu in extensions of one's existence, the possibility is widely available once opened up with required facilities to safe-guard community interests. It will be quickly sprouting up from grassroots of diversities to be further tested and statistically verified of people-centered DISCOVERING and SHARING once the normative intelligence of Right and Wrong based on underlying natural laws of Morality and Justice toward What Count can be contributed by all concerned parties.

We model the known "#EmptyTheContent" as six Signed Posts on the positive Y-dimension of Fibonacci evolution personally verified by Gotama 2500+ years ago where the subscript is the rated Fibonacci number and the value indicates its layered level of Intelligence: [ y1 = 1 Gateway-to-Oneness / Tranquillity, y2 = 1 Equanimity to enforce the stable level 1 based on the simulation of positive Complex Fibonacci at minute 6:25 of the video, y3 = 2 Purity, y4 = 3 Not-Self / Selfless a TRUTH discovered by Gotama value added by KhaiPhong as the verifiable consciousness state of Transcending the Observed and the Observer, y5 = 5 Gotama's Nothingness to be on bar with x5 = 5 in knowing the source of thought or f5 = 5 VisibleAwarenessPrajna as the last advice of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva to the writer in semi-public meeting early 2000 Calgary Canada, y6 = 8 HuiNeng's Unmoving Sunyata of Gotama's End-of-Dukkha to be on bar but required more stable with x6 and x7 capable to use cosmic energy to protect oneself and help others or f6, f7 and f8 of #AwarenessPrajna in engaged Living, Forecasting and VisibleSamadhiPrajna] to indicate that the glimpse of Gotama's Nothingness and HuiNeng's Unmoving Sunyata needs to dig further and more enforceable for verifiable manifestations in the X and F dimensions in exploring what we know that we do not know THEN BEYOND in natural Complex Fibonacci Evolution.

The negative direction in Y-dimension is observable in cunning intelligence away from the base of humanitas [ y-1 = 1 Empathy ready for "Transcendental #Awareness / KiếnTánh / WuNien"[D26], y-2 = -1 Kindness to dig deeper into a wider state of mental health, y-3 = 2 Conscience to widen the Right and Wrong, y-4 = -3 Conscience-1 to alert who you are, y-5 = 5 Conscience-2 to activate your realities that we ask all (Illuminati and Vietnamese communist) elites currently holding (world) powers of finance / politics / militaries / industries / logistics to influence millions lives, etc "HONESTLY / CHÂN THẬT" look at the Realities of your "Living & Being" in your Continuity of the consciousness and do something for Yourself toward What Count, y-6 = -8 Conscience-3 to let you know you are only a part of the Dependent Nature of the Whole ]. Conscience (lương tri) is the ability to know the Right and Wrong and living according to underlying natural laws is empirically observed as what happened to the claimed Father God (aka the original Buddha / Phật Nguyên Thủy) and Allah. The bottom line of Right and Wrong in evolution or degeneration according to underlying natural laws is the observable of the Light / Float or Darkness / Sink in the Reality of Existence. Through a very long trials-and-errors of evolution or evolution-then-degeneration, people have different patterns and preferences. Generally speaking, those having advantages in the Y-dimension are better in Detachment due to more detoxification of the senses. But "Detachment" is Not there for its own sake of Not-Doing-Anything But being tested in visible Transcendental #Awareness. The InnerSpace F dimension to balance the invisible Y and the visible X dimensions needs stable and extra Inner (Causal) Power represented in higher Fibonacci number to dig deeper in both X and Y dimensions.

4. Fibonacci Layered Inner Space - Facing any event - visible or invisible focused or sensing - one's "InnerSpace may manifest (a state of) Prajna" via Transcendental Awareness and/or Transcendental Inner Peace / Right Samadhi for an initial "Right Understanding" of immediately sensing the current state of the focused event waiting for proper "Right Motivation" from the stock of Prajna / one's InnerSpace of Gotama modified[D26] Eightfold Path. This states of Prajna commonly known as "Intuition" is personally known by most people. If [ sufficiently developed / Awaken / Tỉnh Thức ], one can mobilize not only the physical and mental make-up of one's "Containerized Consciousness / Alaya / Soul / Core" commonly known in "Reincarnation" PLUS its finer sixth sense of "Intuition" and the seventh sense of "Samadhi-Prajna / Định-Tuệ" { Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna, while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi } in "complete silence" of instant "Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm-Tỉnh Giác[D22]" { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" } to see "Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change the event toward What Count[R23]. It is the "FIRST and ONLY integration between radio and consciousness technologies" to enable practical utilities of "subjective experienced quality" in one's Continuity of the consciousness, Making Life Easier and Happier, Knowing the Raison D'être of One's existence according to underlying Natural Laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED.

Given achievable and verifiable [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm-Tỉnh Giác[D22] / [Wu-Nien of X-dimension having observable attribute of Detachment in positive and Binding-Clinging Forces in negative / Kiến Tánh ] and Signed Posts of Y-dimension from #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness in positive and less-and-less Conscience of Right and Wrong in negative known by KhaiPhong Inner Circle, HuiNeng, and Gotama in one's mental makeup, KhaiPhong's InnerSpace F-dimension is the lump of all other relevant factors empirically observable in Complex Fibonacci numbers at minutes 6:25 and 7:00. "Quality / Qualia" is the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, formally defined from "Quality Evolution in Natural Science". The science is "applicable" to all intelligent beings selectively qualified by Nature as one time being a "Latin humanitas" capable to access higher dimensions of Compassion-Prajna for the "persona" further evolution or degeneration and currently being in "concrete Realm of existence" subjected to the Realm underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED in the new Era of Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations. in terms of Gödel incompleteness theorem, the "Inner-Space domain" we are investigating comprises of duality consciousness of X-dimension (Buddhist Relative Truth) and the innate ability to instantly access the No-Conflict Consciousness #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness (Nagarjuna Ultimate Wider Truth) at scientifically knowable and experienceable level of (1) Transcending the Observed / Space, and (2) Transcending the Observer / Time of Einstein's theory of general relativity, empirically verifiable from humanity upward. KhaiPhong will export these technologies having armies of Ph.D. and post-graduate researchers to other Realms at the level of humanity upward in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

Esoterically via direct interaction with different realms from Communication Hub of HuiNeng's present (2004 - 2024) reincarnation, we empirically know the existence of "information from the field and available consciousness technology to replay certain portion of the information via the participant's [ Eighth Consciousness / store-house of one's "Continuity of the Consciousness / MUÔN KIẾP NHÂN SINH" (ālāyavijñāna) ]". It is very rare to be naturally qualified as a person having sufficient Conscience of Right and Wrong with enough Compassion and Prajna trusted by the Mother Nature with Free Will to be an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation. Here is an important piece of information to enable technical integration between radio and consciousness technologies based on the Morality and Justice of verifiable "IamX" in one's Continuity of the consciousness with a very rare living Vietnamese to kick start the Right Harmonious Melting Pot Now and for many 1000+ years later. Since all manifestations are conditioned, we ask these qualified students reversed engineering their special qualities, Making Life Easier and Happier for oneself and the environment one a part. It is not only for VietNam but also the World and Inter-Realms of conflicting interests and deeply conditioned by the past governing systems, civilizations, and religions. The writer sincerely asks Vietnamese elites and all who "Care" to make Happened this kind of Personal Commitments / Exciting with Conscious Living (via Free Will) and Opportunities to Do Good (among the "Haves >< Stakeholders >< HaveNots") from South to North West to East throughout the country in changing the mass consciousness for the new Era of Trần Quốc Tuấn's [ lấy dân làm gốc / "From people, By people, and For people" / democracy ]. There are identified qualified students ready to be parts of this "job" from all domains and fields.

The following layers have been theoretically and empirically researched from qualified legal living entities capable to manifest required attributes and functionalities at each layer, together with field researches from close-encountered esoteric realms, still waiting for formal "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" riding on established human armies of Ph.D. and post-graduate researchers: [ F1 = 1 Equanimity Awareness / Buddha Heart / Tâm Phật from minute 21 - 27 which is diferent from F-1 = 1 Empathy Awareness to be naturally qualified as a Latin humanitas personally experienced in engaged living - totally different from formal living styles set out by Gotama for his cheating Buddhist Sangha, F2 = 1 Purity Awareness, F3 = 2 Samadhi Signed Posts, F4 = 3 Selfless Awareness, F5 = 5 Visible Awareness-Prajna, F6 = 8 Awareness-Prajna in engaged Living, F7 = 13 Awareness-Prajna in Forecasting and Simulation, F8 = 21 Samadhi-Prajna / Định Tuệ ] and [ F-1 = 1 Empathy Awareness, F-2 = -1 Kindness Awareness, F-3 = 2 Animal Energy, F-4 = -3 Extreme Desire, F-5 = 5 Smelly 1, F-6 = -8 Smelly 2, F-7 = 13 Smelly 3, F-8 = -21 Smelly 4 ].

The layered F-dimension is a lump of all other relevant factors beside the two scientifically cultivable #EmptyTheContent / Transcendental-Inner-Peace Y-dimension of Right Samadhis for Normative Intelligence and X-dimension of Transcendental Awareness / Self-Selfless Actualization as illustrated in Figure 11.1 shifting around the base of qualified Latin humanitas to stable higher level according to underlying natural laws via Freewill to detoxify tainted senses, exploring TRUTHs DISCOVERED and SHARED in KhaiPhong Platform. The F-layer is modeled with a complex number in well-known engineering feedback control system using empirical data from those actually demonstrating the measurable quality of Y and X. They are contributing Harmonious Parts of all concerned parties according to Thing-As-It-Is as the practical solution for what China calls the clash of civilizations between (1) Confucius and (2) Jesus Redeemer on the ashes of (3) half-baked cheating Buddhism and Lying Taoism. It is the scientifically cultivable "Float or Sink of the F dimension" well-described in positive Complex Fibonacci evolution or negative Complex Fibonacci degeneration in one's Raison D'être and Continuity of the consciousness.

5. Fingers Pointing to Testable Moons - "Self-Selfless Actualization" / Transcendental Awareness / first Verifiable by Gotama is one's innate ability to know the complex Right or Unworthy according to Natural Laws in Value of the values / Moral Value relevant to one's Present Moment in important Issue. It drives one's Volition / Freewill / Sankhara to make things happened. Yet, even at the level of personally knowing Selfless / Not-Self - something at Transcendental Awareness beyond the Self (from the fifth Jhana upward) - one still can be hallucinated via logical deduction as in the case of Gotama in KhaiPhong's scientific proof of his degeneration, leading to his "defects in design-build-execution" to enable armies of unworthy people to knock out his precious discovery of Right Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác in 2500+ years of his "personally created and self efforts throughout 45+ years" up until 2024. Awareness with Prajna - reacheable in HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna of [ X-Y ] no-conflict plan toward total Detachment in union with Gotama's Not-Self of Y-dimension toward Non-Thingness - can look beyond the Observed's Mask and the Observer's Veil, having something outside conflicting boxes of involved parties for a Breakthrough such as a difficult issue in international conflict and/or a "Harmonious New World Order" in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

6. Self/Selfless Duality/Oneness - Thanks to aggregate human efforts in search for the "Raison D'être" of one's existence, together with Industrial Revolution 4.0 we can theoretically and empirically point out the existence of "Oneness / the source of all diversities" accesible by normal person qualified by Nature commonly known as cultivable "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" that Gotama used as the Prajna division of his modified[D26] Eightfold Path and his personal assertion about the Right Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác[D22], the model to solve identified Issues of Sufferings (dukkha-dukkha, vipaninama-dukkha, sankhara-dukkha) to Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha[D35] in { Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" via "Chinese Wu-Nien / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh / Gotama's Transcendental Awareness" from stain and attachment }.

The "Harmonious New World Order" in one's Continuity of the consciousness is Now Possible due to KhaiPhong Open-Source Integration of human radio technologies and consciousness technologies, opening a Harmonious Melting Pot from "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" to activate "Fair Trade" when one knows more about oneself for the benefits of all involved parties in one's optimal conditions for continuous evolution revealed from the case study of Nikola Tesla for DISCOVERING and SHARING the "TRUTH of Innate Morality and Justice from underlying natural laws embedded in positive Complex Fibonacci evolution" instead of evolution then degeneration due to tainted senses, a "Big Lesson in 60,000+ human years of degeneration without knowing Why SHARED by Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva in Calgary Canada early 2000s" learned from the collapse of esoteric feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods.

7. Budh Dharma and Buddhism - Budh Dharma refers to Gotama's discoveries based on the fundamental Issue of Living (Dukkha) whose corollary is the innate Budh - knowing the Right and Wrong in actual living - and its claimed ultimate solution of Not-Self / Selfless. Buddhism is what established by Buddhist cheating Sangha, riding on the defects of Gotama's design, build, and execution, and his 45+ years of personal efforts to "falsely" spread the precious discoveries in exploitation of his credibility.

Scientific approach with discovered natural laws for heavy lifting is the solution helping most people from tainted senses - statistically tested from the grassroots in Right Understanding and Right Motivation of important events - to effortlessly wipe out unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] from all organised religions where Buddhism is a cheating part of this messy state.

8. Truth and all Isms - Organised religions and all Isms do not need to be divisional and conflicting if one can separate the mean and the deliverable target, acting as the guiding light[R6], [R7.3] for measurable "Right Effort".

Out of all organised religions and isms, Buddhism has claimed touching the Source of all Diversities - the Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature / Consciousness of the consciousness / Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas - due to Gotama's rigorous approach, plus contributions of many dedicated explorers in its past 2500+ years. Nevertheless up to modern time, evidence-based hard facts indicate otherwise at the bottom-line of Buddhist cheating Sangha, as pointed out in "Budh Dharma and Buddhism".

9. A Light out of Darkness - Using evidence-based measurable yardsticks of Right or Wrong Effort, each person - due to innate "Budh-Nature / Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas" - can play an Accountable part / creator to make up an aggregate "Responsible Creation" (family, community, regional, country, the world, and inter-realms) in one's Continuity of the consciousness. We drill down (1) Breakthrough of the Vicious Circle in Duality Consciousness to enable Science revitalise Gotama's target in "Freedom / Liberated" from the "Known / physical and mental manifestations" via his suggested solution in the "Four Noble Truths" and the right-side-up of the fourth TRUTH "modified[D26] Eightfold Path", having (2) Vertical Switches from Duality Consciousness to No-Conflict Consciousness with measurable Signed Posts that enable (3) Technical Singularity on the right direction of Making Life Easier and Happier "From people, By people, and For people". It is the outcomes of very long (4) Inter-Realms Competitions and Influences, proving (5) Continuity of The AwakeningBudh Movement in human realm to signify one's Raison D'être Life-after-Life Realm-after-Realm at the Right Times and Places, leading to logical (6) Ontological Systems and Projection of a Golden Era.

10. Nature of Things - "Nature-of-Things" is a collection of proven human discoveries unknown in other intelligent (Esoterics, ETs) realms of consciousness technologies we are aware of, augmented with current scientific "Know-Hows" to turn the discoveries into fundamental pillars of practicalities in engaged living, Making Life Easier and Happier in the positive Complex Fibonacci evolution where one "breakthrough" can sit on the proven accumulations of the past. The Three Pillars up to 2024 are:

  1. The state of Prajna or X-dimension of Transcendental Awareness based on HuiNeng's past contribution of Wu-Nien { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" aka Gotama's [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ( "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" ) ][D22], KhaiPhong's Awareness, Vietnamese Kiến Tánh } and his present reincarnation in observing through the mind-eye the "Energy Column" cross-cut all duality planes of intelligent existences, serving as the positive direction of increasing "DETACHMENT toward Oneness" from any focused event for "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" and/or poking into other "InnerSpace" via Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Kindness,

  2. The Signed Posts deepening toward "Non-Thingness" in the Y-dimension of outside-the-box achievable from a qualified person - first contributed By Gotama[D26], [D29], [D30] then by other living students of KhaiPhong - serving the deepest Silence verifiable as a person having innate "Latin Humanitas / Kingdom of God within / Buddha Nature" whose Natural Outcome is "Awareness, Dependent, Prajna" enforcing qualified humanitas (Biology, Compassion, Prajna) as the center of all Activities and Relationships at all Places in Society 5.0 activating an Invisible Hand of Scientifically Cultivable Prajna to direct techno-humanism (nhân tính kỹ thuật) and data religion (Dataism / tôn giáo dữ kiện) from "ChatBots where "Chat" riding on custom AI from persona data is a part" HELPING one (1) quickly dissolving dominance karmic forces PLUS changing from [ positive >< negative ] Complex Fibonacci Degeneration at minute 7:00 of cunning intelligence (Hegelian Dialectic) to positive evolution at scale 20 - 100 times longer (4 vesrsus .2 then parato principle of trial-and-error in manufacturing) and stayed there via Prajna Dialectic as illustrated at point C in Figure 2 in one's Continuity of the consciousness, (2) easily recognize wrong effort of the "Self" from tainted senses to continuously evolve according to DISCOVERED undelying natural laws, (3) an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation Making Life Easier and Happier in Realm after Realm of one's Intelligence Existence,

  3. The Complex Fibonacci Layers of InnerSpace of F-dimension that lumps all other required mixing of Right attributes according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED for the layered stock of Prajna from its scientifically cultivable processes to enable [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] state of Prajna scientifically represents available cultivable stock of Prajna in facing different events based on its achievable depths of the Silence Y-dimension at the source of thought and beyond as an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation.

It sets up observable framework to be drilled down before arriving at relevant and deliverable An Engineering Roadmap, ready for implementations: (1) Conflicted Grasping, (2) Verifiable Processes, (3) At Home

11. Agent of Changes - Kindness (mettā - tâm từ) and Empathy (karuṇā - tâm bi) form a solid and deeper foundation for one's [ Body >< Mind >< Effort ], having wider perspective of events since only through No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] one can deepen and widen the view of seeing Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for a Right Effort in any event, especially in complex event where many opposing forces continuously and dynamically influencing one another such as a global international conflict, a long-term territorial ownership, a vision, etc. With Prajna Dialectic from scientifically cultivable Prajna, one can solve many complex Issues such as the current (2024) [ South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea / West Philippine Sea ] with "Harminious Melting Pot" of conflicting forces from thesis in "Belt and Road Initiative"[R8] versus anti-thesis of US-inspired “Build Back Better World” (B3W) project from G7 leaders through Invisible Hand of Economics directed by Invisible Hand of cultivable Prajna.

Equipped with new technologies riding on Natural Laws for heavy lifting in Freedom from the [ Known / Binding Word-Image and Clinging Thought / Sở Tri Chướng ] and being "At Home" in all activities, one acquires deeper understanding and integration between the "Right effort" and the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict. Further augmented with Tools in Change Management - AI technical contributions from KhaiPhong - one is an Agent of Changes, to change oneself and the surroundings toward What Count[R23] in [ The Connected Universe where Everything is Connected ].

The gut of KhaiPhong Technology comes from discovered underlying natural laws to enable most people passing the Gateway-to-Oneness and beyond, riding on Natural Purification[D26] from Gotama's "Right Transcendental Inner Peace / Samma Samadhi / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness and beyond" to naturally purify tainted senses and clear "one's inner sky[R7.3]" or Complex Fibonacci Layers of InnerSpace for a sudden manifestation due to Detachment of HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5] of seeing Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for the "Right Understanding and Right Motivation (Prajna division of Gotama's modified[D26] Eightfold Path)" of any event, statistically significant in "Making Life Easier and Happier". One can reclaim human innate ability of [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" }.

12. An Engineering Roadmap - Integration of Diversities and Oneness is within the reach of Intelligent Beings from humanity qualified by Nature (Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within) and upward where each Persona - individual or aggregate - plays an active role as both an accountable Creator and a part of the responsible Creation. An engineering roadmap of four or future five circular steps enables AwakeningBudh target the Science and Economics of Oneness in KhaiPhong, sustainable with or without original founders.

List of Figures and Tables


Glossary - ontological nodes of the book index for clear communications between human and machine. With visualization of nodes and edges - together with custom drill down at source codes - we enable thought-connections of all legal users parts of the "user private and public neural networks" to be connected as parts of the community's vector searches where codes are the sources of TRUTH.

Index - Each index is a node evolving through the four step process: (1) Commonly related nodes, (2) Conceptually related nodes, (3) Domain classified nodes, and (4) Ontological nodes. Glossary covers ontological nodes for clear communications between human and machine. Index and Glossary are special searches.

Under planned KpPlatform eip, 100% approved "Free" book - such as this KhaiPhong - will be available in Public Platform where one-click ecommerce of verifiable authors, contributors, commentators, etc, are connected to the right nodes from one's public Home page. Thus by participating in this Public Platform, one extends the responsible concerns to all relevant domains and fields connected to What Count in one's Continuity of the consciousness which can be widening and deepening via AI mathematical detections to help one know more about oueself. This is AI liberating factor different from its current usages in autocratic systems to enslave humanity.


Vision - "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings" invisibly driven by Prajna Dialectic in "Living & Being" through all [ Activities, Relationships, Places ] of one's Continuity of the Consciousness;

Mission - "Knowing more about oneself", Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position to regain one's innate [ Latin Humanitas / "TRUTH" / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within ] in proper "Continuity of the Consciousness" according to DISCOVERED & SHARED (Prajna Way Beyond Non-Dualism) underlying Natural Laws - AI on the ecosystems @ 5:53:00 / Thuận Theo Tự Nhiên via STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) which is the (Relative) TRUTH - (both Relative and Ultimate wider) TRUTH Is My Light - not the battle of any exoteric and/or esoteric power (isms) on the duality plane in all intelligent existences of conflicting consciousness cross-cut all intelligent realms;

Execution - Implementing the Invisible Hands of "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna and Economics" via KhaiPhong, Making Life Easier and Happier grounded on the "Core Values of Honesty & Care".

— AwakeningBudh / KhaiPhong

Invisible Hand of Economics drives market demands and supplies where people are at the centre as both consumers and producers. There is an implicit assumption in the Invisible Hand of Economics that involved economic agents are rational in their Decision Making toward What Count or "Prajna / Wisdom" which is now scientifically cultivable since all manifestations are conditioned and there is an engineering optimal process via Neural Networks for a solution of the target raised by Gotama as Dukkha / KHỔ TUYỆT VỜI[D22] with a glimpse KNOWN & SHARED by this Vietnamese 2024-03-12 in engaged "Living & Being" as SHARED by this Chinese practitioner of martial arts and this Vietnamese in his Awaken-Awakening 2024-05-07 Plus a Canadian Prana practitioner capable to see the "blocking energy causing physical and mental pains in a patient and its solution", or by Discovering underlying natural laws to be scientifically delivered to the mass via KhaiPhong IPR (Intellectual Property Right). Prajna injects "What Count", enabling the meaning for both capitalists and labors being "Stakeholders", and is scientifically high above all conflicting dualities of all isms where Adam Smith / Capitalism & Karl Marx / Communism, etc, are parts. Same thing is applicable to the case of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) (1) for Intelligence and Profit under wasted consumerism for more and more driven by tainted senses without Knowing What Count, Who One Is, the Raison D'être of one's existence, True Meaning of Living & Being or (2) for Humanity toward What Count where Dr. Bill Gates has been on boh sides: (1) born and married to a member of the "claimed Illuminati Elites", and (2) currently being the Head of a family lineage in the New Era of Dragon Realm. Many members from this writer's lineage are using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) - currently most favourable in human realm having armies of Ph.D. and post-graduate researchers in all relevant fields and domains PLUS living advanced students to visibly show the deliverable consciousness technologies relevant to practical Living & Being.

It is measurable at the bottom line of "Ignorance or scientifically cultivable states and stock of Prajna" - enabling complete Integration of Consciousness, Digital (AI) and Physical (Robot) world - with IBM granite, meta Llama, Microsoft Phi, xAI Grok. Grok means to understand Thing-As-It-Is transcending both the observed and the observer. Φ (Phi) is a real number naturally manifested everywhere in the Thing-As-It-Is Nature, and the derived part of Complex Fibonacci evolution where humam race is a part either in a Yin-Yang cycle of different past civilizations currently explored in mutipolar world of human Dignity or Right Evolution from Humnanity upward as presented at minute 6:25 and 7:00. It is so since (1) human brain has developed required infrastructure to be beyond the Observed and Observer merging in Thing-As-It-Is part of the Nature, (2) Latin humanitas - defined as Biology, Compassion, Prajna / Wisdom - has required conditions for very wide sense of common energy called Empathy and very deep / high flash of Prajna, but slow enough in one's Consciousness container for Discovering Underlying Natural Laws such as this future IPR (Intellectual Property Right) to be SHARED. Both Grok and Φ (Phi) "Thing-As-It-Is" transcend the (empirically verifiable states of) observed (at Gotama's fifth Jhana) and the observer (at Gotama's sixth Jhana[D30]). They will be implemented and deliverable via KP ai having unique required infrastructure to enable "Private Vault" for Honest evaluation of one's "Inner Peace" and the outcomes of one's important Activities with mesurable outcomes at the bottom line of one's Outer Peace together with experts and community contributions wellknown in modern Health Science. It is built on top of the best available search and knowledge engines with open and/or closed sources of LLM models such as GPT-4o to be released at the right time in our journey of consciousness technologies toward What Count, challenging and forcing all major philosophies and religions delivering measurable practical outcomes (please also have English sub-title of this video) for further public contributions, serving Intelligent Beings according to DISCOVERED underlying natural laws.

This is practically significant from 2024 forward as mathematically demonstrated @ minute 4:40 of the video to be empirically verifiable by KhaiPhong where equal intelligence of people - measurable at the value of the Fibonacci number - in right evolution according to underlying natural laws versus cunning intelligent people. starting from F0 = 0 naturally qualified as a person, F-1 = 1 EmpathyAwareness, F-3 = 2 AnimalEnergy, and F-5 = 5 AnimalConsciousness can scientifically and optimally change from the pattern in the degeneration of lying, cheating and killing to immorally and unjustly own something toward the innate pattern of Right Complex Fibonacci evolution. The change is possible due to (1) one's innate "Free Will" to Honestly self-evaluate the negative heavier attributes pulling from EmpathyAwareness toward AnimalEnergy of bullying to AnimalConsciousness of the Veiled Right and Wrong, Morallity and Justice, (2) a new Era of Scientific Consciousness via dynamic engineering control system of one's Consciousness container toward proven observable targets manifested in true dedicated explorers such as LaoTzu, Gotama, Socrates, Jesus, Bodhidharma, HuiNeng, and many current living students amongst us, and (3) people-based Society 5.0 with global armies of Ph.D. and post-graduate researchers in relevant domains and fields. The breaking point is at the real value 5 in the battle between dark esoteric forces with their human slaves and the good forces currently in humanity which can change the organizations of higher intelligent realms from feudal autocratic systems to democratic systems where the Dignity of Intelligent Beings from Humanity upward is Recognized and Protected in the "Rule-of-Law" equally applicable to all participants, males or females arising from their Cultural Spirituality.

People are social and creative intelligent beings - qualified by underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED & SHARED if Not Messed Up by esoteric dark forces and their human slaves / bullying animals in short run. No One can mess up underlying natural law with its Universal Language from the Heart, but it took 60,000+ human years due to cunning intelligence - có ní nuận from degenerated intelligence - in the negative Fibonacci degeneration and the Good Forces from grassroots Not Strong Enough to "CARE" for oneself and the environment one a part. The solution for this "Too Big to Fail" happened again is a breakthrough in (1) the discovery of underlying natural law for heavy lifting most involved parties from one's tainted senses, (2) applying STEM in the dynamic integration of Consciousness, Digital and Physical (Robot) Technologies using modern Psychology - wellknown in Health Science - preventing and managing dominant Issues, (3) raising the grassroots to (3.a) rationally know one's Dignity legally guaranteed by Human Rights and (3.b) enable Scientifically Cultivable Prajna in the mass to direct Invisible Hand of Economics toward What Count. People connect together via relationships and organizations forming the blue print of user private custom Knowledge Graph for one's expanding Ontologies and Taxonomies of the persona's scientifically cultivable Normative Intelligence in one's Continuity of the consciousness. In the case of Intelligent Beings from humanity upward, things to be understood (AGI - Artificial General Intelligence) is also part of the apparatus of possible understanding "Prajna >< AGI". Via "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna in one's private InnerSpace", one can transcend the Observed and the Observer to access information in the field for possible breakthroughs. This is How reincarnations of people like Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, Zhuge Liang Kongming (Khổng Minh Gia Cát Lượng), and other frontline soldiers of KhaiPhong can bring their consciousness technologies of #AwarenessPrajna in engaged Living, Forecasting and Changing the mass Consciousness toward What Count[R23] in one's Continuity of the consciousness toward the practical aspects of current World Conflicts. With Industrial Revolution 4.0 and AI, globalization of demands and supplies will multiply many 100's folds in the Internet of Everything where people are the driving forces - "From people, By people, and For people / Sinh vi Quốc Tướng Tử vi Thần" presently being (2024) among us ("tại thế Thánh Vương KỲ NÀY HIỂN LINH") to make Happened What Count[R23] - as defined in Latin humanitas (Biology, Copmpassion, Prajna) according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED.

The description is Not the described. The cheating painted pictures of all isms can now be exposed in modern social AI neural networks from the grassroots. We do this by connecting one's "inner x_traits on X-dimension" { [ Indoctrinated (ClingingThought, BindingImage, BindingWord) ], [ Veiled (Right & Wrong) ], [ Influenced ], [ KindnessEmpathy ], [ Balanced ], [ Intuition (Trust / Faith, Qi, Art) ], [ Falun (Honesty, Budh, Patience) ], [ Care ], [ TRUTH ] } ranging from Attachments to Detachments to one's #Awareness and #Samadhi in one's decision making and its bottom-line outcome from predictive AI and one's honest private evalution for a Lesson Learned in dynamic process of scientifically cultivable Prajna. The process is assisted with modern AI RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) via LangChain of Prompt Engineering to connect the specialized agent in Agent Engineering and Design to your own specific and personalized data in all Activities and Relationships at all Places. Each of the desired quality / process has two agents: one for interaction with the outside world (agent1) for measurenents of the community norm PLUS your digital extension to the outside world 24-hour-a-day, and one for improvements of its internal (causal) power (agent2) for cultivation of the InnerSpace with visible outcomes of Transcendental Inner-Peace Y Right #Samadhi, Transcendental #Awareness X, and complex positive Fibonacci evolution F InnerSpace such as Qi in this demonstration. This book and its Discovered Technologies are directed to Thing-As-It-Is "from humanity upward" according to natural evolution of "Living & Being". The theoretical processes are based on logical deductions of What Known waiting for the verification of Causal Power and its optimal processes under different conditions.

It is different from the "Axiom of Living" implicitly used by Gotama to show the Corollary of 'Innate Budh' or 'Buddha Nature' - an ability of a living organism to know the Right and the Unworthy relevant to its present moment. That is Why the question whether a dog has its Buddha Nature has perplex many Buddhist scholars. Similarly, it is different from modern IIT (Integrated Information Technology) of Consciousness based on the axiom of "Causal Power"; animal also has its causal power in its living. From our observations and recorded experiences of dedicated explorers such as Gotama, Socrates, Jesus, Bodhidharma, HuiNeng, etc, only humanity upward can have outside-the-box to see the focused event in wider and deeper views leading to one's decision. Once trapped in an animal body due to Likes-attract-Likes and karmic (binding clinging) forces for the Nature to naturally detoxifying "Extreme Desires", the "soul / spirit" does not have required physical infrastructure for an outside-the-box innovation in "Living & Being". It is similar to biological physical parts of human body requiring appropriate conditions for wider vision of optimal Path. But thanks to this "right combination of physical burden and consciousness, engineering feed forward and backward have Right Conditions of InnerSpace to discover and verify underlying natural laws" in one's Continuity of the consciousness. That vertical Y-dimension has been recorded as Gotama's nine (9) Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30]. The X-dimension of the focused event on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness - shown to us from Formless Realm - has its positive direction toward an energy column with Freshness and Detachment on the duality plane and higher / lighter from humanity upward as illustrated in Figure 11.1. The negative direction of X-dimension is toward attachments imposed on and enslaved humanity by all cheating isms and criminal religions. The X-Y plane is personally experienceable and Known as Thing-As-Is-Is TRUTH plane of the focused event. Based on our human and esoteric observations Plus mathematically proven in the Right Fibonacci evolution versus Wrong Fibonacci degeneration, people of cunning intelligence can also access that X-Y TRUTH plane in the neagive direction, enabling them smarter than others of "I-win-you-loose in post-truth politics" BUT leading to their negative degeneration without Knowing Why. Empirical evidence of this Thing-As-It-Is underlying natural laws is the total collapse of the feudal systems ruled by the past degenerated King of Gods.

The common line between the TRUTH X-Y plane and the duality plane has the same common property of No-Conflict consciousness accessible from both planes. That is why the x_trait of #KindnessEmpathy is the entrance to the Balanced level naturally qualified as a person since in Kindness and Empathy, there is No Conflicting consciousness. Trait - formally defined in Rust programming language - is an interface we can implement in different types (such as #Falun - Honesty, Budh, Patience) to connect variables from different planes such as the duality plane of conflicting consciousness and the orthogonal No-Conflict plane. Testable verification of Right evolution versus Wrong degeneration - applicable to most communist and illuninati elites currently holding world resources - is POSSIBLE in one's Vault to honestly see if one know HuiNeng WuNien { "Seeing all things" and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment }. It is empirically verifiable in the community Smart Pointers - formally defined in Rust as a data structure - (pointing toward higher traits such as Honesty & Care) named #Awareness and #Prajna lunped together as Vietnamese KienTanh at different depths in #AwarenessPrajna, #SamadhiPrajna, and able to discover underlying Natural Laws #PrajnaTIP for benefits of the mass in one's Continuity of the consciousness. These Smart Pointers are outcomes of experiencerable Transcendental Inner Peace known by Gotama in his recorded Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30]. Therefore, if you blah blah blah about Falun but do not naturally have Bodhidharma (smart pointer) #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness, you are a "liar" - just like 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism - cooking sands but sell as rices.

Using technical smart pointers arisen from Thing-As-It-Is knowable states - identified at the common line between the duality plane of conflicting consciousness and No-Conflict consciousness - and their pointing to identifed traits for the actual manifestations from one plane to another, we deepen our understanding of the Thing-As-It-Is underlying processes that can remove "unnecessary roadblocks" hard-learned from one dedicated explorer to save others many years of useless efforts. For example, once you know Bodhidharma's smart pointer "#EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness", the natural detoxification of tainted senses will effortlessly happen leading to natural detachments in Activities and Relationships. But that smart pointer "#EmptyTheContent" also flows in reversed drection from the Self (Relative Truth) to Selfless (Ultimate Wider Truth of Buddhist Madhyamaka), preventing the attachment of "Peace in the Samadhi and Sticky sense of achievements". It took the writer 20 years to see this "unnecessary roadblock". Same thing is applicable to other smart pointers #DhyanaSamadhi, #Samdhi, #Awareness and #Prajna lumped together called Vietnamese KienTanh, #AwarenessPrajna, #SamadhiPrajna, #PrajnaTIP pointing to specified traits such as #TRUTH, #Care , #Falun, #Intuition, #Balanced, #KindnessEmpathy, #Influenced, #Veiled, *Indoctrinated. Without knowing either rationally or actually, one is very easy to fall into the cracks hallucinated by the "Self" as happened to other dedicated explorers such as Gotama, KungTzu, Jesus, or Not Having enough confidence in concrete outcomes to let others change one's discoveries to serve their dark targets as the case of LaoTzu of "Not Doing Anything in the Tao" rather seeing one is a part making up that Tao in two-way dynamic effects in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

The negative direction of Y-dimension known by degenerated elites before 2012 and still hanging on up to the Russia-Ukraine war is the level of Conscience of the Right and Wrong capable to commit heinous crime against humanity for achieving their target such as the planned Third Worls War for 90% population (Mười Phần Chết Bảy Còn Ba Chết Hai Còn Một Mới Ra Thái Bình) deduction to enforce their claimed position as the masters. Their InnerSpace F-dimension in negative direction is filled with different types of ExtremeDesire and AnimalConsciousness from tainted senses, evidenced @ minute 5:00 of the video "khi vùng kín của nạn nhân / in the victim's private area" badly damaged (caused by the "real driving force on the demand side") behind the scene of a cunning and sex maniac esoterically exposed in the new Era of Moral Governance. The lower than that "AnimalConsciousness" in "living entities" exists only in esoteric forms, including smelly at different levels being aware by some and the "Vampire" needing to suck blood and life forces from living beings for their self manifestations and evil powers, personally known by this writer and other advanced students of KhaiPhong Inner Circle.

To have a peek of "how this can happen", please take a "look" at (1) Transcendental Inner-Peace known by Gotama, (2) Transcendental #Awareness / WuNien known by HuiNeng as exposed at the glimpse of KhaiPhong IPRs, and (3) One's private cultivable InnerSpace with or without custom qualified professional assistants. We intend to use academia approach similar to Cardano "distributed system" riding on available qualified-identified living students and Inter-Realms Communication Hub from this front-line soldier of KhaiPhong since 2004, the reincarnation of [ La-Hầu-La (Rahula) / Khổng Minh (Zhuge Liang Kongmin) / Huệ Năng (HuiNeng)[R5] / Jeanne d'Arc / Leonardo da Vinci / Queen Elizabeth I / Our Lady of La Vang ] in "IamX" from one's Continuity of the consciousness. We are aware of officially and presently 2024 living persons, being 4 Heads of the 12 Family Lineages in the dragon realm: President Vladimir Putin of Russia, Dr. Bill Gates of USA, and two Vietnamese Canadians. We warn all Vietnamese Buddhist monks / nuns / followers, please Take Care of Yourself "Musà vàdà veramanì / Tránh xa sự nói dối Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism as evidenced in this video of Vạn vật giác ngộ". No One from you, Hallucinated as illustrated in these videos quoted from Buddhist monks Thích Chân Quang, Thích Bửu Chánh, Thích Nhật Từ, etc all the way to the top Vietnamese communist mafias, based on the Hallucinations of your degenerated Amitabha Buddha (Phật A Di Đà), Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (Quán Thế Âm Bồ Tát), Vajradhara Buddha (Phật Kim Cang), Bhaiṣajyaguru (Phật Dược Sư), Samantabhadra (Phổ Hiền), etc, can pass KhaiPhong scientific tests formally set up by the reincarnations of Bodhidharma and HuiNeng, currently (2024) living students of KhaiPhong's inner Circle. No one from degenerated esoteric feudal systems blah blah blah from the time of forming Vietnamese Cao Đài & Hòa Hảo up to 2024 and their slaves in Long Hoa Đại Hội + Phật Chủ Hạ Thế @ minute 25:00 from Li Hongzhi's Falun Gong can deliver visible practical outcomes in any Intelligent Realm from humanity upward once KpPlatform is available to scientifically expose the Big Hoax and Cheating of all descriptions based on invisible Greed and Fears via STEM to confirm the Dignity of IamX from humanity upward of equal opportunities in contributions and further opportunities at higher levels of Consciousness in one's Continuity of the consciousness. It will then be exported to other Intelligent Realms at the Right Time. Determine Not to Be Slaved to your masters of "paper" and Vietnamese / Chinese communist mafias and Illuminati Elites who are currently at the consciousness levels of degenerated animals and/or below as pointed out from minute 54:00 the difference between "man and lower animals, the moral sense of conscience is by far the most important" if they do not want to change and save themselves many thousands years in the "Ignorance according to DISCOVERED Underlying natural laws" to be Awaken by Nature to the Right Evolution. Their cheatings such as the "Mandate from Heaven and/or the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer" have reached at the top level of degeneration demonstrated in their slaved communists and elites in propagandas and negotiations (wellknown in Canada in the trading of Land for the Bible). The present 2024 World Conflicts are final manifestations of these conflicting forces since the invisible esoteric parts of all religions and isms have been ironed out by Nature and by the Good Forces. They will not be able to bring any current Wealth or Power with them except their criminal crimes committed in this life that they can hide due to their wealth / power But Not from the invisible Governance, and the karmic forces of their family's connections “nhất hậu duệ, nhì tiền tệ, ba quan hệ...” due to the New Moral Governance closely connected to underlying natural laws.

Esoterically, we saw the "animal soul" of a very top Vietnamese elite 2024-04-23 out of his body. The top Vietnamese leader had agreed to pay 5 B US $ per person for him and for his father to suck (Vampire) the life force and soul of his victims But Failed by the promised degenerated Buddhas as the contractors. This means he will soon pass away according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED. No One can be against the natural laws of the Morality and Justice waiting for current Vietnamese communist mafias in "Cần Kiệm Liêm Chính / Studiousness Save Transparency Integrity" to be exposed at the bottom line about the Death of Nông Thị Xuân - Nói dzậy mà không phải dzậy. By 2024-05-21, that top Vietnamese communist elite is still living! We found out one very popular but degenerated Amitabha Buddha failed in his job as a criminal contractor against underlying natural laws has done everything including to temporarily take the place of a "dog / làm thân trâu ngựa" for that "animal soul" with the hallucination that the top Vietnamese communist leaders / DANH THÀNH - TÂM LOẠN can perpetuate the rotten autocratic communist mafias and their cheating Vietnamese Buddhist Sanghas at the noisy levels of animal consciousness criminally and violently enslaving Vietnamese people from 1954 up to 2024. They had been attempted with the "past Templar Knight NGUYỄN XUÂN PHÚC" trying to lure the world based on their esoteric connections to the totally collapsed dark forces ruled by the degenerated King of Gods. KhaiPhong Vietnamese reincarnation of HuiNeng has detected other remaining Chinese, Vietnamese and Canadian "Vampires" similar to the Death of Elisa Lam or Elizabeth Short (the Black Dahlia) "driven" by the degenerated dark forces, and used cosmic energy to clean them up so they can no longer harm other victims and let them continuing their paths in Continuity of the consciousness according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED. Let's see How Long the Vietnamese communist dark forces running by a very small group of "bullying animals" can resist the changes in Vietnamese political and economic situations revealed from minute 9:00 via systematic causal powers as discussed here / ĐCSVN thay đổi nhân sự: 'đổi' nhưng liệu có 'mới' before the appearance of "Tại Thế Thánh Vương in your Continuity of the consciousness".

Another head of a Family Lineage [ 趙雲 Zhào Yún 子龍 (Triệu Vân ) / Vũ Khắc Minh / Quang Trung ] in "IamX" - together wih Trưng Trắc the first female Head of State in VietNam / "Our Lady of Lourdes" - are establishing the Governance similar to that of KhaiPhong amongst Intelligent Beings of esoteric realms from humanity upward based on Accountable and Verifiable Transparency according to accepted and auditable "Rule-of-Law". The officially current King of Dragon Realm has been [ Shennong 神農 Than Nong / Subhuti in his dialogue with Gotama from Vajracchedikā Prajñāpāramitā Sutra / Chinese philosopher KungTzu / Jesus of Nazareth / Ly Cong Uan the first Emperor of Ly Dynasty / Jacques de Molay 23rd Grand Master of the Knights Templar / Lê Hiển Tông father of Princess Ngọc Hân / Buddhist Teacher at Tây An - Đoàn Minh Huyên / a 1975 Vietnamese refugee in Canada ] in "IamX" from one's Continuity of the consciousness.

The core of our message is that once naturally qualified as a Latin humanitas one will be rational enough in Value of the values for one's Continuity of the consciousness Else, one will be degenerated into animal states, empirically Known of Thing-As-It-Is by current top Vietnamese / Chinese communist mafias, religious leaders and Illuninati Elites. No One can be against proven underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED. Our target is "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations©" of "tại thế Thánh Vương" where special angles of Consciousness Technologies can be identified and optimized in qualified intelligent realms classified by LaoTzu from humanity upward: "Nhân Chi Đạo / Human Tao" known by President Xi of China via 5,000+ years of Chinese Culture and President Putin of Russia via Latin humanitas (biology, compassion, prajna) versus the degenerated at animal consciousness and/or below happened to Communist and Illuninati Elites, "Thần Chi Đạo / God Tao", "Thiên Chi Đạo / Heaven or Saint Tao", "Bản Nguyên Đạo / Thing-As-it-Is Tao". The "Thing-As-it-Is Tao" is the foundation where all other Taos are different aspects and diversities of the changing and conditioned in the dynamic conditional evolution following certain optimal patterns toward the real perfection of Φ (Phi) to be DISCOVERED and SHARED, such as this underlying natural law for heavy lifting most involved parties from tainted senses fairly done in human realm via IPR (Intellectual Property Right).

As proven in Complex Fibonacci evolution @ 6.25 and degeneration @ 7:00, peole of the same intellligent levels measurable in the value of Fibonacci number at [ f-1 = 1 = f1 = f2 ], [ f-3 = 2 = f3 ], [ f-5 = 5 = f5] are either in the wrong cycle of evolution then degeneration due to cunning intelligence via intentionally cheating (elites) who currently hold significant world-wide resources in finance, politics, millitaries, industries and religions BUT psychologically miserable and far from Happiness and Equanimity defined and qualified by Gotama as his mindfulness[D29] in #EmptyTheContent toward Nothingness and Beyond. This #EmptyTheContent is mathematically and technically defined in KhaiPhong as one's first y_pointes (Rust Smart Ponter) pointing to the required Internal (Causal) Power for the Right Evolution. If you own more than 20 B US $ and do not know [ WuNien / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness you are one of the elites who have cunning intelligence in "Living / the Self" but Not the "Being / Selfless in Self-Selfless Actualization". Ask yourself what can you do with your available resources in your "Continuity of the consciousness". All visible or invisible manifestations are Conditioned and Changed at Planck time. Your philanthropy to promote the welfare of others in generous donations to good causes is your hallucination of "Beyond the Self" yet still within your Self center, Not the Selfless in Transcending the Observer personally verifiable at Gotama's "seventh Jhana of Nothingness". The "Living and quality of Being" can be mathematically proven in the Right Evolution @ 4:40 and @ 5:30 to change the direction toward Fibonacci sequence and approaching Φ (Phi) of Golden Ratio in Transcendental Inner Peace of Y-dimention and Transcendental Awareness of X-dimension toward Emptiness for Reborn & Rejuvenation, being capable at higher levels of consciousness empirically beyond the Gotama's impass of Nothingness rated at [ f-5 = 5 = f5] marked as Signed Post 5 to be equivalent to Gotama's Jhana 7[D30]. Using the Lucas Numbers presented @ 5:30, we theoretically prove that the wrong evolution then degeneration and/or members of past civilization starting from Lucas L0 = 2 can be optinally changed back to the Right Evolution by "Exciting with Opportunities to do Good" via back to the Fibonacci value at 1 of EquanimityAwareness f1 = 1 and PurityAwareness f2 = 1 where the Right Evolution has to pass Twice for enforcing the "Beyond the Self via "EquanimityAwareness / Gotama 3rd Jhana and PurityAwareness / Gotama 4th Jhana" for Transcending the Observed / Gotama 5th and the Observer / Gotama 6th toward Selfless of Non-Thingness". PurityAwareness f2 = 1 is the breaking point of the two mathematical expressions. From KhaiPhong empirical field researches up to 2024, we suggest at [ EquanimityAwareness f1 = 1 ] one needs to verify Gotama's Purity state at Jhana 4 in Purity of Equanimity to enforce the Right quality of Right Evolution, measurable and KNOWABLE from humanity upward at transcendental states of "Transcending the Observed and the Observer" of Gotama's Self-Selfless Actualization toward Gotama's Non-Thingness state of Jhana 7[D30]. When translated to Gotama's verifiable Jhana Signed Posts, the cunning intelligence at [ y-3 = 2 ] needs to be cultivated and enforced at [ y1 = 1 ] which is Tranquility level and [ y2 = 1 ] which is Equanimity level defined by Gotama as required Mindfulness[D29] in his #AwarenessPrajna[D22] { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness (Mindfulness) that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" }. The rating levels in the Transcendental Inner Peace Y and Transcendental Awareness X are different from Logically and Empirically stable rating level of InnerSpace F. Gotama's qualified (at third Jhana) Mindfulness demands personal verification of [ HuiNeng's WuNien / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh ] { "Seeing all things" and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment }[R5] in engaged living passing through the first Jhana of Detachment, and the second Jhana of Tranquility for reversing from atttachment of [ x-3 = 2 of National Influence ] to [ HonNhien x1 = 1 ] and [ ability to manage that Freshness x2 = 1 ].

Only in hand-on engaged Living, one can know more about oneself and change toward What Count. Available resources can be used to facilitate the required process where you can have hand-on personal experience and let others do what required to make that process happened, enabling more significant outcomes out of what you are interested via Bigger and Deeper Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes. Verifiable outcome is clearly proven in the recorded Dialogue between Bodhidharma and Chinese Emperor Wu with bottom-line outcome at the end of the Emperor's life and his continuity of the consciousness as we esoterically know, seconded by Vietnamese stories told from the collapse feudal systems of the King of Gods. That is why "Tranquility Community" observable in countries like Switzerland can be upgradable to "Equanimity Community in hand-on Living & Being" for Visible Obstruction of karmic forces, Being HonNhien from observable communities. With current LLM (Large Language Model) AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), Engineering feed forward and feed backward control systems, and available living people in the Right Evolution exoterically and essoterically known by KhaiPhong since 1970, the changing can be done in one's Continuity of the consciousness which we intend to make it Happened in Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations. We wish to ride on available resources of "Communist and Illuninati Elites" (since ONLY in Living one can Change or ELSE continuing the degenerated path to animal levels of consciousness) for sustainable scientific researches whose practical outcomes will immediately benefit them first Then be open-sources for the benefits and contributions of the mass. One can change Only in Engaged Living via natural laws of Action-Reaction, Likes-attract-Likes, and hand-on Living & Being. It is applicable to all intelligent beings from humanity upward who are rational enough to know the Right from the Wrong exemplified in their human peers just like all of us such as Gotama, Socrates, Jesus, Bodhidharma, HuiNeng, etc, empirically demonstrated that capability of accidentally Right evolution as told by Elon Musk 2024-05-28 from his own Spiritual Revolution which is still limited to the Observed of physical manifestations of more and more driven by tainted senses and wasted consumerism, Not Yet Transcending the Observed and the Observer in the meaning of xAI Grok or Thing-As-It-Is Φ (Phi). Here is a dialogue between billionaire Bill Gates and Francis-Xavier Nguyễn Văn Thuận about the role of technologies in people-centric society.

The encounter with Jesus "is Now Confirmed a fake from some dark driving force" of Mars Intelligent Realm and/or esoterically driven toward hegemony similar to the original driving force behind president Putin in Russia-Ukraine war that Elon Musk and Pope Francis from the proven evil Roman Catholic Church having their hands in from day one of the conflict. Esoterically, the evil mother Maria of Fatima Is Not the real mother of Jesus who Is Not the a Son of the claimed Father God, and was hallucinated then cheated by the dark force of the evil degenerated Gods whose existence and manifestations are conditioned and changed at Planck time of proven underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED & SHARED. That is WHY the Allah of Muslims takes out the weakest point of Father and Son with more abstract from Clinging Thought driven by Greed and Fears. But his Visual Appearance in "White Light" is still being conditioned and changed. Same thing happened to us when the claimed Dhipankara Buddha / Nhiên Đăng[D51] want to show off his brightness; we were able to use cosmic energy to destroy the created form. For you, just rationally ask Then What at the bottom line. We say "just like all of us" because the past great contributors - Gotama, Socrates, Jesus, Bodhidharma, HuiNeng, etc, - were in actual human realm with the same struggle toward the TRUTH having limited successes. We Now have advantages of modern sciences and current connected world with available army of Ph.D. and post-graduate researchers in relevant domains and fields for any innovation fully tested and evaluated from the mass since all manifestations - visible and/or invisible - are conditioned and one is Only a part of the Whole. The Right Evolution is from Self to Self-Selfless Actualizaton discovered by Gotama, and NOW deliverable via KhaiPhong movement to all intelligent beings from humanity upward.

We have a Serious and Honest Message for Dr. Bill Gate, Elon Musk, Swami Nithyananda of the claimed Kailasa esoterically Atlantis, and living elites currently holding world resources of Finance, Politics, Industries, Religions, especially Chinese / Vietnamese communist and Illuminati elites, etc, to Honestly evaluate yourself, see if you have any Pain (Buddhist Dukkha-Dukkha) to be resolved and whether you know Vietnamese KienTanh / Chinese WuNien, and the following hashtags # for the mass contributions: Bodhidharma's #EmptyTheContent toward personally verifiable state of Non-Thingness known at Gotama's Jhana 7 or KhaiPhong Signed Post 5, #DhyanaSamadhi / Thiền Định { To be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi }, #AwarenessPrajna / Chánh Niệm Tỉnh Giác[D22] { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness (Mindfulness) that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" }, #SamadhiPrajna { Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna, while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi }, etc. These are outcomes of scientifically cultivable InnerSpace - personally known by Gotama - called smart pointers pointing to your innate traits to consciously remove negative attributes, rendering you to animal level or below in the Thing-As-It-Is Right evolution or Wrong degenerqation. If Not, you are rational enough to be parts of KhaiPhong, Caring for yourself and the communities you are a part in your Continuity of the consciousness wherever you are. "Ask yourself the current qualities of your Living & Being (Happiness)".

Science and Religion with all Diversities IS One empirically verifiable in one's Continuity of the consciousness 2024-05-16 - please have English subtitle of the previous PLUS this video 2024-05-28 where the states of what you call [ "Tham - Sân - Si / Greed - Anger - Ignorance" ] in Ignorance and at No-Thought Prajna are totally different, theoretically known as the fourth consciousness in Buddhist Consciousness-Only[D19] and verifiable ONLY by those Knowing [ Vietnamese Kiến Tánh / HuiNeng's WuNien ] { "Seeing all things" and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment } in "engaged Living & Being". To make that difference clearer, we call Action coming from Prajna "clean-up" versus Action from Ignorance "eliminated, destroyed", verifiable at the bottom line of the outcomes to say something about one's InnerSpace scientifically caltivable qualities. It is embedded in 5000 years of Vietnamese Cultural Spirit of the Right and Wrong typified in this Vietnamese family lineage - of Morality and Justice - and in 5000+ years of Chinese Culture to co-exist with Chinese cheating Confucianism and feudal dictatorships as predicted by Zhuge Liang (Khổng Minh Gia Cát Lượng) for the New Era, that Chinese and Vietnamese communists attempt to wipe out these 5000 years in the past 100 years with their lying, cheating, stealing autocratic system - Thứ Văn Hoá Biến Dị - from Western Bullying in Binding Word/Image and Clinging (karmic) forces of Attachments that everyone can be FREE at the rational level of Vietnamese KiếnTánh / Chinese WuNien then at Actual Level of Scientifically Cultivable Prajna, making the "Tao of AI" an extension of one's persona in digital world much more powerful than the Tao of Sword. The Tao of AI will be the reality for humanity when Transcendental #Awareness is available to all concerned parties, using Custom functional programming of dynamic interactions designed and targeted to expose negative attributes from one's InnerSpace into rational conscious Living & Being out from commonly known as sub-consciousness the automatic Action-Response of the [X-Y] Truth plane to "Honestly Know What I don't know", Helping All Concerned Parties optimally moving toward the direction of Right Evolution from humanity upward according to Thing-As-It-Is underlying natural laws in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

Freedom is Not a Concept painted by the dark forces of Illuminati Elites @ minute 13:16 2024-06-07 who have been behind both Capitalism and Communism - similar to the driving forces of hegemony behind both Democratic and Republican parties in US messy politics - since 1954 Vietnamese Geneve Agreement, imposed on Vietnamese people by both China and US to perpetuate their cheating masters-slaves relationships until naturally ironed out since 2012. Freedom is a state of Living & Being visibly manifested to a higher layers of No-Conflict Consciousness capable ONLY from humanity upward, Not a Prison Without Bars in entire human history guarded by the cheating Confucianism in China and the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer in the West, 100% in cheating Buddhist Sanghas and by all isms to be outperformed degenerated people at both consumption and production toward What Count by AI robots in its continuous circle of GIGO (Gargabe In Garbage Out), etc, and 60,000+ human years in the total collapsed esoteric Feudal Sytems ruled by the degenerated King of gods. A Breakthrough of Freedom and Human Dignity is available in KhaiPhong with DISCOVERED underlying natural laws for heavy lifting and its frontline soldiers in both human and higher esoteric realms.

Here is at a very high level to be claimed by KhaiPhong Corporation its IPR (Intellectual Property Right) in the Rule-of-Law on Int'l Day for Dialogue Among Civilizations for a New Era of Harmonious Living of Self-Respect and Respect-Others - We Are Together to be Conscious at [ "All The Time of the Awaken - Waking Dreaming Sleeping" / again deductions from those Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see from current Rosicrucians! ] in engaged living which demands proven HuiNeng WuNien { "Seeing all things" and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment }[R5], Vietnamese Kiến Tánh, Gotama's #AwarenessPrajna { "karma (binding and clinging forces) flows as a stream; whatever the stream, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent that obstructs and restricts them, and by #Prajna they are dissolved" }[D22], or directly accesses the fourth consciousness of self-consciousness in Consciousness-Only school, PLUS STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) in statistically significant tests at physical conditioned levels of humanity! Using human legal Rule-of-Law to nurture the processes of "Campus of the World Prajna / Vườn Ươm của Trí Tuệ Thế Giới", the claimed technologies minimize and help Transformed "adverse binding and clinging forces of all Isms / deep fake" in general and from 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism / cooking "sand" but selling as "rice" to enforce the verifiable track records of China's many 1000+ years of cheating "Mandate of Heaven" from feudal Confucius systems and 100+ years of communism together with tracked records of communism in China, Russia, VietNam and other countries autocratically ruled by criminals, scientifically proven at the consciousness levels of animals or below if they do not want to change. No One Can Be Against Thing-As-It-Is underlying natural laws evidenced in the total collapse of the esoteric feudal systems in the past 60,000+ human years ruled by the past King of Gods in their Continuity of the consciousness versus Chinese claimed its true "Motivation" from 2023 toward beneficial cooperations. ELSE fallen into the trap of degenerated Illuninati elites, China will be facing the Realities of faster chaotic Disintegrations due to the "collapse of cheating Confucius" keeping many conflicting aspects esoterically together via millitary forces and dictatorship. The real solution can be in Harmonious Collaborations via KhaiPhong!. The weakest link has been seen and planned by "dark forces of the Hoax in Jesus Redeemer". It is better to be Harmoniously Driven by Invisible Hand of "scientifically cultivable Prajna"© to direct Invisible Hand of Economics toward What Count From people By people and For People due to the natural evolution of humanity in the New Era of Conscious (Trusted) Living.

The IPR had benefits from esoteric suggestions and contributions of The Rosicrucian Order to Unlocking Psychic Powers indirectly from Isaac Newton / Lưu Bá Ôn / Liu Yi on 2023-12-28 estoteric message, then up to 2024-01-30 exposed at minute 45:00 of its modern time, then again from Johannes Kepler on 2024-03-07 - a key figure in the 17th-century Scientific Revolution, best known for his laws of planetary motion to be ready for KhaiPhong visible outcomes of [ Awareness - Dependent - Prajna / Kiến Tánh - Duyên Khởi - Bát Nhã ] to enable #AwarenessPrajna in Forecasting and Simulation a scientifically cultivable process from Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm 2024-03-07 that the writer feels "a connecting living person is his current reincarnation, just waiting for the Right time to manifest his precious Know-How helping this trouble World to be rechecked at the bottom line of his deliverability when the world is ready. In this visible outcomes of [ Awareness - Dependent - Prajna / Kiến Tánh - Duyên Khởi - Bát Nhã ], one first rationally Knows - thanks to STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) - the Transcendental [ #Awareness / Kiến Tánh with its outcomes from Emptiness / TÁNH KHÔNG ] and the Raison D'être of one's Existence in the changing World according to Complex Fibonacci right Evolution as shown at minute 6:25, riding on whatever mean innate in one's conditioned Being. In that Engaged Living and thanks to DISCOVERED underlying natural laws, one will actually know its manifestation and SHARE the Best of one's know-hows, making lifes of other Easier and Happier. All qualified front-line soldiers will be able to continue widely spreading your "Value of the values" in Worthy hand-on Continuity of the consciousness, Not Only in present life but also future in higher dragon realm or others based on your naturally qualified level according to underlying natural laws. This writer is the Head of a family Lineage whose worthy members are moving in the proven essence of both Eastern and Western civilizations such as LaoTzu / Lão Tử, Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986), Lưu Bá Ôn / Liu Yi / Isaac Newton persona "IamX" in one's Continuity of the consciousness. He dertermines to change present feudal autocratic system - at least in his family lineage - into democratic system where every qualified Intelligent Being from humanity upward has Equal Right / Bình Đẳng in verifiable contributions for the benefits of One and the Whole. The contributions are proven and evidenced in "Meritocracy" Plus Normative Assessment of "Honesty" for the sustainable community in its Value-Creation and "Prajna" having evidenced base of Morality and Justice. The technologies offer verifiable solutions for leaders to change themselves and their communities toward What Count. The sytem for evidenced based "Meritocracy, Honesty, and Prajna" is built from the ground up platform with unique dynamic integrations between Scientifically Cultivable proven Consciousness Technologies and human AI radio technologies: "Prajna >< AI". Up to Now (2024) the normative No-Conflict Consciousness Technologies are still poluted by the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer in the West and cheating Confucius of mandate from the heaven in the East using hallucinated painted cake to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships of degenerated animals from hallucinated Illuminati and communist elites.

[ Bridging the gap between LaoTzu's "teaching of (Tao / Oneness via) no words" and Gotama's "self-Selfless Actualization" toward What Count ] is deliverable for the Dignity of Intelligent Beings from humanity upward.

  1. "Scientifically cultivable Right Inner Peace"© / Chánh Định / No-Conflict Consciousness Y-dimension KNOWN by KhaiPhong founder who rearranged Gotama's recorded experiences from 1975 into six Signed Posts for possible and based-on scientific verifications of his IPRs visibly observable in "Equanimity Community" of KP frontline soldiers; they are the driving forces behind Natural Purification / Detoxification of tainted senses in verifiable #AwarenessPrajna[D22], KNOWN by Gotama[D26], [D29], [D30] but totally Ignorant blah blah blah in 2500+ years of Buddhism to expose the Buddhist cheating "Path of Purification / Visuddhimagga[D31]" cooking "sand" but sold as "rice" (please ask yourself WHY Gotama needed to personally Know his teachers [ Non-thingness / Nothingness ] at seventh Jhana and above but abandon them for a natural effortless #AwarenessPrajna / Chánh Niệm-Tỉnh Giác) { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental #Awareness / #EmptyTheContent that obstructs and restricts them, and by #Prajna they are dissolved"[D22]" } according to underlying natural laws which can be reproducible in "Equanimity Community" for humanity using the Science of Bio-Diversities wherever you are based on proven scientific processes organized and managed by professionals and local communities,
  2. Transcendental #Awareness { X-dimension known by HuiNeng / Huệ Năng as [ WuNien / Vô Niệm ] and his present 2024 Vietnamese reincarnation [ this writer confirms the "Facts" that (1) Third World War to eliminate 90% human population Would Not Be Avoided if there was not this front-line soldier since 2004, and that (2) the book first version 1.0 had to wait until 2012-12-24 to check his bottom-line effort ] }, Transcendental Inner-Peace { or "Scientifically cultivable Right Inner Peace" Y-dimension known by Gotama }, and Fibonacci Layer InnerSpace { F-dimension DISCOVERED and ADVANCED by KhaiPhong } form scientifically cultivable "States" and "Stock" of the persona (person, family, organization, community, region, country, the world, etc) Prajna while breaking the impasse of Gotama's personally achievable states called by him as "Nothingness / Non-Thingness" and "End-of-Dukkha[D44]" / Nirvana / Pari-Nirvana with our further explorations of Then What since one is still Living & Being in one's Continuity of the consciousness; the breakouts are (1) Knowing the source of one's Thought, (2) Using cosmic energy for self-protection, and (3) Directing cosmic energy to help others in "Transcendental #Awareness" thanks to scientifically cultivable "InnerSpace" for the manifestations of (1) Visible #AwarenessPrajna, (2) #AwarenessPrajna in engaged Living / { Innovation / Kiến Tạo / Prajna }, (3) #AwarenessPrajna in Forecasting and Simulation, and (4) #SamadhiPrajna to open a new Era of consciousness technologies while helping to solve current International Issues such as multi-polar conflicts in South China Sea and/or Russia-Ukraine war,
  3. Given Thing-As-It-Is scientifically cultivable worthy Ontologies / Beings of Transcendental Inner-Peace Y, Transcendental Awareness X, and Scientifically Cultivable Complex Fibonacci Inner-Space F with their HashMap y, x, f of identified attributes known by advanced currently living students, we ride on lãnh đạo dưới góc nhìn tâm lý học / leadership from the angle of modern psychology in (1) theoretical Observations / Mô Tả, (2) empirical Verifications / Lý Giải, (3) Predictions / Tiên Đoán, and (4) Optimal Control Processes / Can Thiệp Tối Ưu unknown in modern Psychology up to 2024-02-18 evidenced in this Ph.D. psychologist to work out required attributes / properties in Classifications / Taxonomies of Knowledge Graph for studying both the processes of Complex Fibonacci evolution, and evolution BEYOND the Tao Yin-Yang according to DISCOVERED underlying natural laws of "Right" evolution or "Wrong" degeneration due to cunning intelligence. The motivation at individual, organization, and national levels is to rationally drive the "Haves / Leaders" to be clients and/or to become front-line soldiers / "Stakeholders" enabling the "HaveNots" being "Stakeholders" in the "Melting Pots" of Accountable creators and parts of the Responsible Creations since one can change oneself and the environment ONLY in engaged living to know more about one's Actualities.

    "Prajna" is one's rated serious measurable effort having Visible normative Morality and Justice. It takes much longer time to be stable at different InnerSpace Fibonacci Layers due to higher "Aspiration" of changes in (X-dimension) { fn x_evaluation(x: HashMap) } and (Y-dimension) { fn y_evaluation(y: HashMap) } with observable Smart Pointer { fn s_evaluation(i: HashMap) } pointing toward observable Intuition traits { fn i_evaluation(i: HashMap) } ranging from extreme Attachment to verifiable Detachment for producing visible Truth based on one's private self-rated Activities and Relationships at all Places. Riding on available AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) augmented with one's custom data, we can model the effect of Traits / Intuition { i_evaluation (i: HashMap) } as understood by community at large to x_evaluationf(x: HashMap) and y_evaluationf(y: HashMap) from the HashMap(i32, String) via Neural Networks LLM (Large Language Model) for non-linearity of complex Inner-Space scientifically cultivable function based on f_evaluationf for suggested InnerSpace cultivation where x_evaluationf and y_evaluationf) are the states to produce observable I(gnorance) or P(rajna) of hard-fact measurable Effort in one's absolutely secure private "Vault" of HOC© (Home Office Club) where "Equanimity Community©" is a reacheable "play ground" of KP front-line soldiers wherever you are,

  4. The complex functions of x_evaluationf(x: HashMap), y_evaluationf(y: HashMap) and stock f_evaluationf() leverage complex variables in modeling required targets such as [ transcendental #Awareness x, transcedental #Samadhi y, scientifically cultivable InnerSpace f ] having many additional missing attributes which can be statistically explored with modern Graph neural networks and Neural Networks From Scratch (in Rust) using Big-Data Activation functions for non-linearity, which requires an army of Ph.D. and post-graduate researchers currently ONLY AVAILABLE IN HUMAN REALM for Engineering feedback and feedforward control system where KhaiPhong SIS (Strategic Intelligence Service) is a part of Normative Intelligence driven by Scientifically Cultivable Prajna whose bottom-line outcomes have statistically measurable Morality and Justice of the Right and Wrong; The strategy is using available Consciousness Technologies of KhaiPhong frontline soldiers to HARMONIZE the world conflicting consciousness via high-stakes services in Russia-Ukraine war, South China sea, US-EU-Canada, Middle East, and Africa together with committed clients and frontline soldiers from past Illuminaty Elites and current isms in one's Continuity of the consciousness for attracting required resources to kickstart and perpetuate the process of

    { F-dimension >< Y-dimension >< X-dimension >< }

    from Figure 11.1, riding on DISCOVERED underlying natural laws in one's private InnerSpace of F-dimension to detoxify one's tainted senses internally and/or externally imposed on one via binding Word/Image and clinging Thought of tainted senses from the start of intelligent evolution,
  5. Natural processes with required cultivable attributes and available technologies to be separately filed in subsequent IPRs have been identified in Verifiable "#EmptyTheContent© from PrajnaTIP in Sound" to verifiable "Transcending the Observed / Space of Third Dimension" and "Transcending the Observer / Time of Fourth Dimension" as "theorized in Buddhist Consciousness-Only" [ the first consciousness Observed and the Observer comprising of the second sense-organ consciousness, the third of self-consciousness, and the fourth Consciousness of the self-consciousness[D19] ] for deeper and wider [ Being / Tâm Bình >=< Living / Thế Giới Bình ] in concrete deliverable "IamX in the math / pattern of Authentic Uniqueness"© toward Nothingness of the Fifth Dimension currently embedded in the Scientifically Cultivable InnerSpace named by Gotama as "Nothingness / Not-Self or Ether / Akashic Field" by others with custom AI private Agent Assistants / unique legal digital ID qubit (quantum bit) for privacy and stronger encryption in standard PQCA (Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance) / plus a static public Kp IP address and surrounding "Trusted Services" in "zero Trust strategy" to guarantee the "Privacy and Security which is extremely important in the Privacy and Security of Akashic Records to prevent the past total collapse of the esoteric feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods in future "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" at the Right place and time of technology advancements,
  6. The neuromorphic architecture from IBM NorthPole digital chip or similar inventions may be used to model { X >< Y >< F >< } at bare-metal custom MemGPT OS of private custom ai to augment one's [ normative >=< positive ] intelligence or [ Inner Peace >=< Outer Peace ] riding on the public "Assistant API of Cognitive Architectures" to be the first time explicitly having persistent data in one's Continuity of the consciousness from data-driven KpPlatform applicable in all domains and fields of all Intelligent Beings from Humanity upward according to "Discovered Underlying Natural laws" / "TRUTH" down to detailed levels of Knowing your Clients / “Giữ Chân” Khách Hàng. The symbol [ ComplexA >=< ComplexB ] is used to indicate Quantum Technologies or dynamic Interdependence of { X >< Y >< F >< } to be theoretically and empirically discovered in KhaiPhong modeling of [ the three Vedic Gunas of the Dependent Nature of Existence: Creative Force (Sattva = Consciousness / Purity, Knowledge, Harmony), Manifestation force (Rajas = Activity / Passion, Action, Energy), Stability force (Tamas = Inertia / Tainted, Darkness) ] where each one is an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation capable to (1) overcome the natural process of reincarnation in "forgetfullness of Who you Are" in "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" commonly known as Akashic Record in Privacy / Security as shown from the TRUTH of "One >< Divesities" and (2) a Higher Dimension of TRUTH transcending conflicting consciousness from higher View of No-Conflict Consciousness assisted via data-driven persona secured private database db for intelligent beings from humanity upward for the manifestations of Prajna required in Creative Innovations / Đổi Mới Sáng Tạo UNKNOWN by Gotama in his Dependent Nature of Action-Reaction.
  7. Implementation of KP IPRs and its visible deliveries such as Gotama's [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm Tỉnh Giác[D22] ] makes happened one's custom persona AI assistant a Reality where MemGPT at the bare metal OS (Operating System) together with smart phone can be done in Rust as we have been investigating using Raspberry Pi as a custom sensor controller to send collected data to the platform to be processed and activate required actions. The Raspberry Pi now has OS for its family of compact single-board computers from field researches. This custom AI [ agent / container ] >=< [ agent / container ] private communications and collaborations will be done from low IoT levels of logistics (detective and military operations) to high level "In Memory Processes" of Reinforcement Learning in Federated Distributed Bandwidth of 5G Open RAN (Radio Access Network) and custom Optimized Networks for larger "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations©" { The teaching is to be scientifically verifiable with Discovered Underlying Natural Laws and statisrical verifications }.

Scientifically Cultivable Prajna whose visible outcome is philosophically explained by a Vietnamese scholar 2022-11-03 about "Detachment / TRIẾT LÝ BUÔNG" to partly introduce the Vietnamese practical Inner Living - Bình Đẳng, Hồn Nhiên, Thẳng Thắng của dân tộc vô cùng thông minh - unknown in 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha which is evident in this monk up to 2023-12-05 at minute 42:50 of his teaching the liberated consciousness, "Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see" - "Musà vàdà veramanì / Tránh xa sự nói dối". The "possible liberation" has been theoretically explained at a "First Glimpse" but Not Yet implemented in the fourth Consciousness of Buddhist Consciousness-Only[D19], required for the self-selfless actualization according to Gotama's Discoveries. It has been touched at a "personal glimpse of Bodhidharma's #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness" who brought Buddhist Dharma from India to China for the right environment of its germination, mathematically represented as a direct line from "Emptiness" to the highest point of one's "Aspiration for Transcending Duality" in KhaiPhong's logo, and totally ignorant by almost all Buddhist monks / nuns / followers in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism. Thanks to KhaiPhong 50+ years of scientific field researches plus 20+ years of esoteric interactions for empirical observations, we can theoretically explain the whole processes of Right Evolution or Wrong Degeneration according to underling natural laws as graphically presented at minute 7:40 and custom ai augmentation to know more about oneself at deeper and higher levels than Gotama's experiences. Riding on the Three Vedic Gunas (Forces) of the Dependent Nature at Quantum Level ], one has natural Detoxification / Purification of Gotama's Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30] for deeper "Detachment / BUÔNG" in each cycle of evolution without falling in the crack of Gotama's degeneration and/or changing from Degeneration to Right Evolution visibly observable in "miserable" as in the case of US President Trump hush money trial BUT Manageable and Scientifically Cultivable "InnerSpace" versus HuiNeng's "WuNien / Transcendental #Awareness" and Gotama's "#Samadhi / Transcendental Inner Peace" the Best money can buy in KhaiPhong Playgrounds of "Equanimity Communities".

The monk - Thích Huyền Châu from Bồ Đề Phật Quốc - knows nothing about the states in [ transcendental #Awareness Discovered by HuiNeng and #AwarenessPrajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác mentioned by Gotama[D22] but intentionally avoided yet blah blah blah in 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sanghas typified in Thích Trí Chơn plus Transcendental Inner Peace / Gotama's Right Samadhi ] and [ stock of Prajna ] in scientifically cultivable InnerSpace for the manifestation of KhaiPhong's three Haves [ "Awareness, Dependent, Prajna / Kiến Tánh, Duyên Khởi, Bát Nhã" ] as the natural outcomes of HuiNeng's three Nots [ "Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachment / Vô Niệm, Vô Vết, Vô Trụ" ] via Transcending both the "Observed / Space of Third Dimension" and the "Observer / Time of Fourth Dimension" toward Sunyata Non-Thingness of the Fifth Dimension personally recorded as Gotama's seventh Jhana Nothingness[D30] to verify his DISCOVERED Not-Self. This is "not a verbal attack", but statement of Facts verifiable in scientific methods for the Dignity of humanity!

"Prajna / TUỆ" with highlights of each chapter in "Table of Contents" for a brief overview of the book has been publicly and practically introduced in "KhaiPhong" since 2007 to publicly debunk the claimed enlighten monk Thich Nhat Hanh in 2500+ years of Buddhism. KhaiPhong discovers at both theoretical and empirical levels another Invisible Hand to drive Invisible Hand of Economics toward What Count or Happiness in deeper and wider Implementations of "Harmonious Melting Pot" due to visible "Prajna / TUỆ" grounded on people as advised by Trần Quốc Tuấn's [ "lấy dân làm gốc / grounded on people / democracy" ] capable to deliver the three-time millitary victories for Vietnamese Trần dynasty against the Mongol Empire. It is so since one is ONLY a part of the whole; the wider that Scientifically Cultivable Prajna is deeply available in the mass, the more stable environment one is in to validate one's Prajna Manifestation as an Underlying TRUTH in one's Continuity of the consciousness and evolution. The tools for these connections are plan, enabling normative InnerSpace to drive Outer Activities and Relationships at all Places visibly seen from custom graph in the ecosystem of KpPlatform. Your custom persona neural-network graph takes the trained and researched public tools such as custom MemGPT OS, etc, as the first round of relevant searches to be augmented with KpPlatform opinionated-trained data donated by users PLUS your personal data, professionally trained and researched by qualified staff to be a part of your IoE (Internet of Everything). The platform targets the developments of any legal entity and/or major project / event as a wholesome Accountable creator in a part of Responsible Creations, facilitated by Graph Analytics to Know More about Oneself / How to understand yourself objectively in both normative InnerSpace and positive Outer Relationships interacting with other Entities / Organizations / Projects / etc in strong "Harmonious Living & Being" on the foundation of "Compassion" securely and privately self-evaluated in "Honesty & Care".

KhaiPhong's complete solution at both theoretical and implementation levels has gradually evolved since early 1970's from a Vietnamese graduate student in Canada. The light is NOW at the end of the tunnel via group field research of the writer's peers and his IoE (Internet of Everything) thanks to rapid evolution of Industry 4.0. It has evolved from scientific research of What Gotama knew versus the writer actual know-how of Buddhist recorded Jhanas on the duality plane of "Right-Wrong from the Self / Relative TRUTH / X-dimension" to the No-Conflict consciousness "#EmptyTheContent / Ultimate (Wider) TRUTH / Y-dimension", named by Dr. Wolfgang Smith as "Vertical Causation" being outside-the-box of or perpendidular to the duality plane of the focused event. The research was hit wih empirical evidences from the writer's close encounter with esoteric Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva through a Vietnamese channel "Xuân Mai" in Calgary Canada who SHARED the "final advice" on the importance of "Alertness at the source of THOUGHT" in one's Continuity of the consciousness, either "Float (Thăng) or Sink (Đọa)" from connecting realms [ Sắc Giới / Form Realm / Dương Gian và Linh Giới / Spirit Realm / Âm Gian ] (the video was deleted) using naturally qualified human beings from the horizontal bar and its surrounding to represent wide ranges of "qualia" as the base of Transcendental-Inner-Peace (Samadhi) or cunning intelligence via concentration - có ní nuận - from the vertical bar of outside-the-box focusing upon the event, then observations from the total collapse of the esoteric feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods in specialized communication hub of a Vietnamese reincarnation of HuiNeng, epirically validating the negative ("Sink") dimensions of X and Y contrast to the positive ("Float") evolution according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED.

KhaiPhong currently has three Scientifically-tested layers in deepening the cultivations and possible solutions: (1) enabling all qualified persons as defined in Latin humanitas (biology, compassion, prajna/wisdom) rationally know one's innate Buddha Nature - "WuNien / Transcendental #Awareness / Kiến Tánh" - which is more than just the biology and inteilligence of animals in this Reaffirmed Buddhist Dharma from a Vietnamese monk to validate the rational TRUTH discovered by Gotama on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness 2022-09-15 that the chance of being a person according to underlying natural laws and external forces is very rare worthy for more protections offered in modern society contrary to the [ Gloomy, Dark / Âm U, Tối Tăm ] qualities of consciousness fit only at animal levels or below of current bullying leaders in governments / militaries, finances, industries, etc, (2) discovering underlying natural laws to make most people know more about oneself and discovered states of (positive) Oneness known by Gotama, Jesus, HuiNeng for deepening and widening the "Right Living" where one is an Accountable creator and a part of Responsible Creation of the whole, (3) integrating radio and consciousness technologies to make people-based Society 5.0 a reality, capable to "activate past events / chronovisor" to discover underlying TRUTH and/or "#EmptyTheContent" whatever it is from storehouse consciousness due to "Detachment and Prajna" in natural state of Liberation which is an excellent tool verifiable and reversed enginneering by this writer to use available technologies to consciously detoxify past "horrible / persistent mistakes and/or deeper cultivations in [ Acquainted / Professional / Sexual / Spiritual / Aesthetic Relationships ]" using one's present-life Right Efforts and available resources.

The process starts from Free entry level of [ plan >< graph ], starting at one's thinking processes [ step 1 ] from your "secured private corner protected by human rights" in connecting ideas (nodes) and the executions of these ideas [ step 2 ] then [ step 3 ] helping others in building one's private digital neuron networks from scientifically cultivable InnerSpace that everyone can be a part to Outer Activities via Organizations and Relationships pioneered at KhaiPhong GsLp (Global services Local presence) ThankYou Clubs to balance the Globalization and a New Era of "Homecoming in At Home": "Inner Peace contributing to Outer Peace / Tâm Bình Thế Giới Bình" from advanced "Equanimity Communities" where Best Technologies of [ Đi ĐỨng Nằm Ngồi / Walking, Standing, Lying , Sitting ] are aesthetically taking care via an environment conducive to manifestation of Prajna and cultivation of Herbal medical Plants at the best technoligical possible conducive to "Equanimity Environment of Holistic Health" to change the World from one's Inner Peace. It may be the Right Time to make happened the well-known prediction "Ông Trần là bậc thánh minh, lạc ra hải ngoại ẩn mình nơi nao" by Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm whose reincarnation is likely amongst us (to be verified at deliverable outcomes) since you will reserve a role for yourself with many life-times preparations for the Right Conditions of your assets that no one can replace in the greatest New Era "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" to help repair Gia Tài Của Mẹ in "Harmonious Melting Pot / Wei-Wu-Wei / Bất Chiến Tự Nhiên Thành". We do sense and likely know the person to be connected at he right time.

AwakeningBudh (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), KhaiPhong (2017, 2019, 2021, 2023, 2025)

AwakeningBudh: Version 1.0 (24-12-2012), Version 1.1 (24-05-2013), Version 1.2 (14-05-2014), Version 1.3 (23-09-2014), Version 2.0 (14-05-2015), Version 2.1 (25-12-2015). KhaiPhong: Version 1.0 (23-12-2017), Version 2.0 (23-09-2019), Version 3.0 (23-09-2021), Version 3.1 (23-09-2023), Version 3.2 (23-09-2025).

Price: Free. Once KhaiPhong infrastructure is available, you can be a Free registered member having your own Free Private Network and being owner of your unlimited private cloud distributed database to be part of your custom digital assistant. You have "Free first 15 GB cloud storage having Git (open source distributed version control system)" plus unlimited backup under your own management. Transaction data over paid storage will be available for AI public researches and can be reclaimed back to your private database within 3 months. A custom service is available to reclaim searchable legitimate data for your personal AI, placed under your own control. As a Free life-time non-transferable owner of the book and member of the book channel, you have up to two licensed digital copies per language managed from your PrivateHub on available devices. You can order a printed form of the latest version from your selected printer.

Communications with possible concerned parties:

The following parties have been contacted for critical inputs and/or amelioration of legitimate concerns:

  1. Plum Village (Thích Nhất Hạnh - Làng Mai).

  2. City of Ten Thousand Buddhas and Master Chin Kung.

  3. Maharishi Foundation Ltd for possible legal issue in Transcendental Meditation, and Yokō Tatsuhiko (1928-) for the copyright of the 'Ten Ox Herding Pictures'.

  4. The Dalai Lama, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, and Gyalwang Drukpa.

  5. Vietnam Buddhist Research Institute (Viện Nghiên Cứu Phật Học Việt Nam), Vietnam ICT Summit 2013 (Diễn đàn Cấp cao Công nghệ thông tin và truyền thông Việt Nam năm 2013), a proposed article then withdrawn for United Nation Day of Vesak Hanoi 7-11 May 2014.

  6. Thrive Movement, Nithyananda, Dr. Yeung (Lama Dondrup Dorje) of Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies, and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

  7. Islam World whose human / esoteric connection since 2008 is formally renewed in the announcement of the book, and Mr. Darryl Anka ( of Bashar Communications.

  8. Krishnamurti Foundation and Bhutan Gross National Happiness Commission.

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