Saturday, September 23, 2023

An Engineering Roadmap

Takeaway: Integration of Diversities and Oneness is within the reach of Intelligent Beings from humanity qualified by Nature (Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within) and upward where each Persona - individual or aggregate - plays an active role as both an accountable creator and a part of the responsible Creation. An engineering roadmap of four or future five circular steps enables AwakeningBudh target the Science and Economics of Oneness in KhaiPhong, sustainable with or without original founders.

With keen observations of natural phenomena - ranging from microscopic atom to macroscopic ecosystems at both Consciousness and Physical Technologies where Intelligent Beings from humanity upward can transcend Space-Time / Space-Memory - man has rediscovered himself in a continuous process of Making Life Easier and Happier, knowing the [ meaning of existence / value of the values / one's Raison D'être ] in one's Continuity of the consciousness since Consciousness is a form of energy which can be Transformed but Not Destroyed. Different "dots" have been touched and described by many dedicated explorers at both the "Dependent Nature" of Diversities and manifested Oneness. The integrated picture of "Thing-As-It-Is" toward the targeted Making Life Easier and Happier has been veiled up until 2024 due to unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] to perpetuate their claims of masters-slaves relationships. The Rediscovered Process has been revolutionised since the collapse of Illuminati Elites due to Awakening of humanity innate "Buddha Nature" (an axiom of Buddha Dharma) or "Kingdom of God within" (an axiom of Christianity), an innate ability to know the Right and Wrong relevant to one's present moment.

That ability to know the Right and Wrong is "Rediscovered" as "innate ethical code" embedded in Intelligent beings from humanity upward having ability to by-pass one's tainted senses for (1) Transcending the Observed" personally verifiable from Gotama's Infinite (curved) Space (fifth Jhana) or deeper in complete Silence to see "Thing-As-It-Is" for a Right and Wrong decision of a focused event, and (2) Transcending the Observer" verifiable from Gotama's Infinite (curved) Time (sixth Jhana) or deeper at Sunyata Non-Thingness (seventh Jhana) to go beyond the limited data accumulation called Intuition of one's containerized stream of consciousness for accessing information in the field of all Intelligent Beings with possible breakthrough solution in positive Fibonacci evolution at minute 6:25 of Complex Fibonacci numbers. Since all manifestations are conditioned (sankhara dukkha) and changing (viparinama dukkha) at Planck time, outcomes from statistically significant normative Rights can be reversed engineering to discover underlying natural laws and optimal conditions (such as the universal Action-Reaction) for Making Life Easier and Happier while validating all philosophies and ethical frameworks of all isms to drop the Wrongs and value-add the Rights. It is the "Hamonious Melting Pot" Khai Phong brings to the table with its Scientifically Cultivable Prajna in people-centered Society 5.0. The theoretical framework is 100% "Thing-As-It-Is" without relying on any Axiom such as the "Buddha Nature".

The road map brings together measurable hard facts via Artificial Intelligence (AI) of positive values to augment the normative values from Consciousness Technologies in Knowing more about Oneself as both an accountable creator and a part of the responsible Creation, Reclaiming one's innate ability (knowing more about oneself) of [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh (Please have English subtitle of this video for the beginning of Scientific Cultivation of Prajna to manifest this "Transcendental Awareness" in solving current world affairs) ], NOT ONLY in this life BUt life-after-life and realm-after-realm. The scientific process enables people the driving forces behind both productions and consumption toward some Lasting Values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. We call it the "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" where qualified "Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác" in Gotama's answer to Ajita's questions[D22] - cultivable and beyond conditioned thought to higher Signed Posts of Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity - is the key process to "manifest" the states and stock of one's innate and measurable "Prajna" personally demonstrated in Gotama's reported "Right Transcendental Inner Peace / Samma Samadhi / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness and beyond". It is known in Gotama nine attributes of 'Verifiable Emptiness[D29], [D30]' and/or scientific process to empirically and statistically test the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] in scientifically establishing "Prajna Foundation and required Inter-Realm Investigated Directions" for one's Continuity of the consciousness.

The immediate five (below) circular and dynamic steps are [ 1 >< 2 >< 3 >< 4 >< 5 ] for deeper and wider scientific processes of DISCOVERING and SHARING "TRUTH is My Light". Implementation of the road map is important to (1) correct tremendous damages caused by esoteric dark forces in entire human history up until 2024 in their plan of perpetual masters-slaves relationships, (2) enable "humanitas" - precisely defined as biology, compassion and wisdom (Prajna) - the driving forces as both accountable creators and a part of the responsible Creation in all activities and relationships "From people, By people, and For people", (3) export the process to other intelligent form realms on the Fair Trade or Prajna Dialectic table. The fifth step is the scientifically optimal consciousness technologies and environments for personal development similar to human optimal environment for the cultivation of Samadhi or Transcendental Awareness.

The esoteric dark forces were well exposed in the collapse - due to Natural Laws / Thing-As-It-Is and the "Right Thing to Do" from Good Forces - of Illuminati Elites (NWO) with a plan to wipe out 90% human population. The gut of this painful lesson is the "Technical Excellence of Self" having No wider perspective of "Selfless" discovered by Gotama as "Not-Self / Selfless" in one's continuity of the consciousness. There is the Wrong changes against evolution of the whole where one is only a part, and the Right changes where one can play a part in Self-Selfless Actualisation - ability to see Thing-As-It-Is focused event and one's strategic position - to change oneself and the environment toward What Count[R23]. The Wrong changes are the division between the visible and invisible, the life and divine rights, the state and organised religions claiming their conflicting divine rights carried out by armies of unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] to enslave humanity.

Discovering underlying natural laws of Thing-As-It-Is in making life easier and happier have been contributed by many dedicated explorers such as LaoTzu and Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] [ Tao (Sunyata) >< Oneness >< Diversities (Duality) ], Gotama Not-Self to solve the issue of Dukkha (self) with his (modified) Eightfold Path[D21] in cultivable transcendental Awareness-Prajna[D22][D26], KungTzu's law and order for stable development in diversities and Socrates TRUTH lover in the meaning of humanitas, Jesus's Faith or Gotama's aloof from sense desire with Intensity-of-Attention as an Aspiration (mean), switching from conflicting diversities to No-Conflict Consciousness for seeing Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position,etc, Nagarjuna's Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D38], Asanga's Perfected Nature[D39] to drive Imaginary Nature toward Dependent Nature of Thing-As-it-Is, Bodhidharma's Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha[D35] in present living, HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5] right at the present moment, etc.

In the light of Technical Excellence pushed by Singularity University at the Diversities of Self for masters-slaves relationships in hacking current GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) human mind with faked News without regarding the moral Value of the values toward Right Effort in harmonious evolution of One and the Whole, implementation of Gotama's Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác[D22] is very urgent for on-off switches to enable the Right direction - untainted by binding Word/Image and clinging Thought - toward What Count where everyone can be a part. The on-off switch is comparable to current digital bit with Artificial Intelligence to mine data and observable patterns from four out of six possible event outcomes. Human being - if accessible to this on-off consciousness switch - can be an active One having a breakthrough out of the vicious circle of [ Ignorance >< Attachment / Greed >< Aversion / Fear ], raised but incapable to solve in entire 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha due to Gotama's binocular View only, Not Yet actually experienced and statistically tested of discovered underlying Natural Laws. The solution is now available from 2024 onward in all activities and relationships from all domains with cultivable Prajna Dialectic. The technical excellence already has a prototype of Quantum Computing where a Quantum bit can be both on and off from no time-lapsed of Gotama's Awareness-Prajna. HuiNeng demonstrated this capability within human innate nature that he called Samadhi-Prajna[R5] in unmoving sunyata. We call this state a Quantum Consciousness to assure the moral Value of the values - the meaning of existence / raison d'être - in all productions and consumption. This is definitely the time for revitalising both the on-off Awareness-Prajna and sudden breakthrough from Samadhi-Prajna.

It is the map from 'The Path of the True Heart / Đạo Chân Tâm[D42], [R20.1]', via [ spreading the Dharma from the Cloud (Pháp Vân - PrajnaTool), and in large scale (Pháp Vũ / PrajnaTIP in Sound), thundering the Dharma from Beyond Thought (Pháp Lôi / PrajnaLand), lightning the Dharma from inter-realms Communications and Collaborations (Pháp Điện / PrajnaTIP in Kindness) to implement Soyen Shaku[R6] concrete challenge: "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality [ due to our tainted senses in activities and relationships ]". Only at the present moment and in actual "Living & Being" one can change oneself and the environment Quality of the Consciousness in "Making Life Easier and Happier" - Knowing one's Raison D'être according to Thing-As-It-Is.

  • Step 1: Commercialize available Consciousness Technologies via kp_sis (Strategic Intelligence Service) in high-valued services of International Issues such as { (1.a) China's "A Clash of Civilizations" (1.b) Russia-Ukraine Conflicts, (1.c) Personal Issues of Elites, (1.d) Ism to bring its Prajna Dialectic to the table, (1.e) unfinished proposed projects to the Gov. of VietNam, and making this "Transcendental Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh" available to the mass! } to finance the required building Infrastructure of IoE (Internet of Everything - a networked connection of people, processes, data, and devices) where people have both scientifically cultivable Normative and Positive Intelligence to immediately equalize the playing field for all participants, and democratize the "Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of gods within" knowing more about oneself and the environment one a part (Pháp Vân - Prajna Tool user-facing mu). The required technologies are open sources and standardised to form "kp_platform".

    We are looking for qualified clients and/or partners via Chatham-House-Rule teleconference using Zoom or Google Meet between Dr. Duong BaTien ( / 1-403-547-1287) and your Inner Circle (Persons, Esoterics, ETs) Canada/US Mountain Time. Please introduce yourself, state the Purpose of the Meeting and if possible how/what you want being a part to kick-start both kp_platform for integration of [ Prajna (Aesthetic) Normative Intelligence >< AI Positive Intelligence ] and Scientifically Cultivable Prajna. They will be implemented via Democracy-Affirming Technologies under Chatham-House-Rule thanks to The End of American Exceptionalism and the exposure of "dark esoteric intentions from Empire of Lies 2022-02-28" to be possibly evolving from Quad 3.0 2022-06 in the new reality of geopolitics and A New Era of Sustainable Development started at 2022-02-04 before the Russia-Ukraine war.

    There are around 36 independent and sustainable businesses of key technologies and fields, together forming this self-sustainable eco system to make happened first "Morally Declared from humanity by Trần Quốc Tuấn" [ lấy dân làm gốc / "From people, By people, and For people" / democracy ] capable to deliver the three-time millitary victories for Vietnamese Trần dynasty against the Mongol Most Bullying Empire to be learned by all intelligent form realms. One is the driving force of all activities and relationships, being an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environment toward What Count. The novelty is in the dynamic interactions between normative and positive value of the values coming from the dynamic interactions between one and the world where one's graph - extracted from the central Registry of Services in kp_platform which generate Activities and Relationships - is relevant to the user present moment. It is the user blueprint for Searches, Relationships, Recommendations, and Self-Insights. It is the core of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven by layered No-Conflict Consciousness, cultivable and measurable in the new Era of Conscious Living, accessible only from intelligent beings starting at the base of humanity according to "Natural laws in Making Life Easier and Happier" that only the "light" can be floating up[D32].

    The tool is absolutely required to test the validity of all vertical switches Beyond Non-Dualism with Now Deeper causation of Evolution or Degeneration via cunning intelligence and What one must do in one's Continuity of the consciousness to activate one's on-off switches for effective reborn and rejuvenation from Gotama's advice on the effectiveness of transcendental Awareness-Prajna[D22][D26], while scientifically weeding out faked claims from all organised religions in 1000+ years of cheated humanity. For example, out of the six vertical switches (1) PrajnaTIP in Sound, (2) Tantra, (3) Aspiration via different means, (4) ComPassion, (5) Detachment, (6) PrajnaTIP in Kindness, "aspiration" via aloof from sense desires with Intensity-of-Attention suggested by Gotama for his followers or via Faith suggested by Jesus for Christians and Muslims must demonstrate a scientific process which is empirically and statistically measurable at six different Signed Posts to move from the event plane of conflicting duality to No-Conflict "Oneness / Conscience / Prajna"[D26], [D29], [D30] - similar to Nagarjuna's Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth - that most professional cheaters fail since they know nothing about Gateway-to-Oneness for an Insight into the Emptiness. Same thing is applicable to other Vertical Switches to quickly enable the world joint effort in moving from on-off proven Vertical Switches toward Quantum Consciousness of Huineng's Samadhi-Prajna.

    User-facing mu is a Mobile and (Web)RTC "[ Progressive Web App / Command Centre / Personal-Group Assistant ]" where activities and services are injected for you in-part discover and in-part create the Real You[R10]. It is based on kp_platform of industrial revolution 4.0 modern technologies. The "three in-one free tool" for the first time brings together all your activities and motivations plus relationships and measurable hard facts at both positive and normative values for rational decisions of What Count[R23], knowing more about You[R10]. You can own the data in your private hub to whatever required levels of security for data mining, not scattered all over Internet in different vendors' proprietary databases to be exploited at different purposes.

    This is most important when the persona is a corporation / national security where Insights of contributed members can be accumulated and Not Lost. This "Command Centre" is technically feasible due to world standardizations in container-based serverless microservices. Containerized microservices can be independently developed by all concerned parties with innumerable differences in comparative advantages and innovations, working together in solving complex issues. We are a pioneer in this most advanced area with no burden of past technologies, plus unique measurable normative values and consciousness technologies of cultivable [ Prajna / Wisdom / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within ] to put You[D36] as a driving agent toward What Count[R23].

    You have (1) Free Todo list by type (Plan) to mark what todos in daily activities with possible recommendations in Making Life Easier and Happier, (2) Free private containerized repositories up to the total 15 GB cloud storages and required services for your Open Containers (home, co_loc, and vault) where you can pull down required templates to build your new images / services, introducing yourself via a Progressive Web App in your circles, and (3) Free gateway to your relevant activities and services whenever and wherever you are connected with or without Internet, (4) Free personal distributed database - your Neural Graph db having Git Distributed Version Control System - under your total control. The Service Analytics are built in from the core you can optionally turn on that we - as a general rule - ride on established proven technologies in development and operation to assist you discovering the Value of values in a big picture via data processing, modeling, forecasting and what-if simulation. This kp_platform distributed datacentre enables you self-start at one office a time in a global vision of your connected world.

    Like anything else on this duality plane of existence, the "knowing more about oneself and the environment one a part (PrajnaTool - Pháp Vân) must have the Right Conditions at the Right Time for a breakthrough coming from Prajna Dialectic for a Right Effort. We think the Right Time is Now from 2024 and have been working on the seven (7) steps to make the Right Conditions happened for seven (7) principles applicable to all organisations, making them an extension of one's vibrant Living Organism: (1) Dependent Nature, (2) Transparency, (3) Accountability, (4) Modern Technologies, (5) Invisible / Helping Hand of Prajna and Economics, (6) Best Governance, (7) Lasting Values in "Deep Learning" according to Natural Laws.

    Practical processes always start at the pain points (dukkha-dukkha) for the manifestation of Pháp Vân - PrajnaTool which - in our case - are (1) changing oneself in engaged living based on one's quality of the Consciousness then sharing your "secret sauce" that may help many similar to you and/or further value-add to your contribution, (2) proven statistics system for consistency between time-series and input-output tables orthogonal to the three independent pillars of democracy, (3) modelings and simulations based on proven accumulated scientific knowledge rather than guessed works from tainted public data and past indoctrination of all isms, (4) clean environment and responsible developments under Modern Technologies and Best Governance. Lasting Values in "custom Deep Learning AI" according to Natural Laws are the targets and ultimate goal of the new Conscious Living Era where everyone can be a part.

    We look forward to see you as a part to verify this testing ground where all isms can get together for the benefits of one and the environment according to natural laws - explicitly driven by invisible hands of measurable and cultivable Empathy (leading to Prajna) and Economics - in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

    => Step 1.1: Building Custom Computational Knowledge Engine to enable normative persona know more about oneself (Self-Insight / At Home) through KhaiPhong: directing, managing and learning from the positive persona to implement the fact that Only At Presence in Actual Living and Being you can in-part discover and in-part create the Real You[R10]. This is the start of your own "Data Centre" to kick-start a Global Vision of your connected World moving toward Inter-realms Comminications and Collaborations in your protected and legal rights of "IamX". The "Have" has privilege to finance custom studies whose scientific discoveries will be donated back to the open-source community for other value adds. This is a noble and fastest way for you to use available resources to quickly change yourself with the [ on-off / activity-silence / self-selfless ] proposed and proven in Gotama's Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác[D22] toward Quantum Consciousness of HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna { "Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna [for Right Understanding], while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi [for Right Motivation" }[R5] in the practical living from your Continuity of the Consciousness while changing the environment wherever you happen to be. We ride on KhaiPhong available advanced students to enable practical utilities such as Prajna Dialectic to an international Issue of [ South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea / West Philippine Sea ].

  • Step 2: Chatham-House-Rule kp_sis - a Strategic Intelligence Service encouraging openness of discussion and facilitating the sharing of information. It pulls together KP©® group expertise at both Consciousness and Technical know-hows, beneficial to both human and esoteric realms due to discovered underlying natural laws. The service enables the Haves fast step toward what most personally important and lasting impact to the World.

    Part of the service may include a collaborative Presentation and Publishing Service, riding on the latest standards independent of devices to enable efficient collaboration, document production, and distribution with chained services from selected parties. KhaiPhong©®, PrajnaTIPs©® (in Sound), DIY PrivateHub are books in this channel that one can ride on Free Services of major cloud providers to have Free "book creation" and its "web site" to introduce oneself to the world until one is ready with a unique domain name for brand creation at minimum cost and/or Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) collaborating across devices and users in cloud service, successfully used by developers world wide to work toward a common target. It is a simple way to join individual Normative Intelligence with other open sources to democratize the innate "Buddha Nature" in everyone and its "Human Rights".

    This horizontally expanding step is intended to build a "Conscious Living / Equanimity" Community of all activities and relationships with Free book-container template and private network so one can have a 100% private standardised document to privately record what most important until one is ready to collaborate and/or share with others. One can also connect the document node to other public ontological nodes such as the six Vertical Switches having six verifiable Signed Posts coming from four (4) conducive activities to have an Insight into the Emptiness: (1) Dhyana-Samadhi, (2) Tantra, (3) Aspiration, (4) Merging with Nature. This "Conscious Living / Equanimity" Community is a starting point to enable the world meet Soyen Shaku's challenge[R6]: "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality" [ due to one's tainted senses ].

    => Step 2.1: Establishing Clusters of Open Innovation Network (COIN), deepening and widening the discovered technologies and their implementations. This is the right time when the conditions in the mass Dependent Nature of no-conflict Oneness [ ComPassion >< Detachment >< Prajna ] are sufficient for introducing [ PrajnaTIP in Kindness / Pháp Điện ] for higher training of [ Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh via Quantum Consciousness ] discovered from HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna.

  • Step 3: Deepening steps (1) and (2) with applications to serve the "ThankYou / GsLp (Global service Local presence) Clubs" and container-based microservices to wide spread discovered consciousness technologies, having measurable Signed Posts where cream of the creams can materialise one's Unique Comparative Advantage, spreading the Guiding Light of Prajna in the Right Effort via branded Web Site, specialized Blogs, publishing Books, plus added Services either self-produced and/or available from others (Pháp Vũ / PrajnaTIP in Sound). The six identified Signed Posts are built on top of Gotama's verifiable emptiness[D26], [D29], [D30] which was built on Hindu's discovered Samadhis without the danger of accomplished self in both Chakras and forceful physical trainings: (1) Gateway-to-Oneness / Tranquillity Higher Consciousness, (2) Equanimity starting the process of natural purification, (3) Purity loosening the clinging force of thought in natural Detachment, (4) Not-Self at Beyond-Thought / Wu-Nien / Self-Selfless, (5) Sunyata Non-Thingness to personally verify the literal description of the Heart Sutra Purity, (6) Unmoving Sunyata / End-of-Dukkha / Nirvana, awareness of the ceasing outer breath. Most Buddhist followers / monks / nuns are unable to pass even the Gateway-to-Oneness - up until 2024 - for an Insight into the Emptiness to personally experience the natural rejuvenation and reborn due to the sabotage of professional cheaters[R18.4] in Buddhist Sangha, intentionally violating Gotama's ethical codes that they blah blah blah[D46], making a very unworthy living in 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha.

    => Step 3.1: Managing governing body to direct World Economics in Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings, enabling everyone an opportunity of Knowing one's Reason of Existence - defending one's Human Rights and environments - that there is a Right Change leading to Happiness for one and the environment and the Wrong changes that the Nature will wake that intelligent being up such as the esoteric collapse of Illuminati New World Order in 60,000+ human years of degeneration.

  • Step 4: Joining efforts with others, producing pipelines of elites riding on Invisible Hands of Prajna and Economics having required Trusted Leadership 4.0 - transcending both Christian and KungTzu doctrinal leaderships in harmonious measurable real benefits - of the Right Society 5.0. [ The official conclusion of WEF learned from China about KungTzu's "Trusted doctrine" was taken out which says something about the reality of "China, WEF and the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer played on both sides of Hegelian Dialectic" on the Duality Plane of Conflicting consciousness, and the Source of Conflicts identified by China since 2019 as "A Clash of Civilizations". Civilizations and Cultures are human endeavors In Search for the TRUTH and the Raison D'être of one's Existence. Out of these Turbulances and the Lesson learned from the total collapse of esoteric feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods, possible Solution emerged from the new Era of Humanity centered around "Security" under the Rule-of-Law with latest evidence in US - South Korean - Japan Security Pack, "Development" toward What Count from humanity upward under scientifically cultivable Normative and Positive Intelligence, and "Diversity" in multi-polar world from different angles to the TRUTH emerging from BRICS 2023 Summit. It is the Key Solution KhaiPhong is trying to sell in a bigger scale to (1) China, (2) US/EU, and (3) Russia with Scientifically Cultivable Invisible Hand of Prajna Dialectic ].

    Only after the collapse of Illuminati New Wold Order from 2012 - and the Trade War between US and China up to 2020 - most people can see how easy it is to have one's mind hacked[R8] from all isms and faked News to enslave oneself in Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought. Technical excellence enables one faster degenerated and more dangerous in the conditioned GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) mind that 2500+ years ago Gotama's Charter of Free Inquiry[D23] advocated to know more about one's "Prajna / Conscience / Wisdom" - a faculty to know the Right and Unworthy - which is cultivable horizontally in daily activities and vertically in diving from within, drawing deeper power of the whole ocean (cosmic consciousness) where all disturbances at the surface are completely Empty (Absent).

    Since then, many dedicated explorers have had value-adds from different angles for allocating scare resources in one's Value of the values in "the pursuit of happiness", scientifically measurable and cultivable outcomes such as Dopamine, Endorphine, Serotonin, Acetylcholine, and Buddhist longer/higher Value of the values in "ComPassion" leading to "Prajna" / Wisdom for discovering one's innate Buddha Nature in the East and "Kingdom of God within" in the West: Prajnaparamita having an injection of esoteric understanding of the Prajna, Madhyamaka - a proposed model of Truth with its Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Yogacara - another proposed Model of Truth with its Imaginary Nature, Dependent Nature, and Perfected Nature, Tantra - Energy Weaving in Transcendental Inner Peace, and most recently 60+ years of visible efforts from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's TM movement[D54].

    Yet, 2500+ years of Gotama's Charter of Free Inquiry and knowing more about one's "Self" together with tremendous dedicated efforts have produced "No Pay-Off" that in the UN Vesak 2019, a Buddhist monk must raise again the Gotama's alarm of [ Ignorance >< Attachment / Greed >< Aversion / Fear ] inside being manifested to the aggregate outside of Climate Change. The founder of TM revised his SatChiAnanda into 'Emptiness', 'Non-Thingness' based on further reflection of 30+ years after an unworthy scandal.

    The implementation of Gotama's first discourse via user Executive Information Portal boils down to the cultivable "Prajna" - an innate "natural light" versus the "darkness of Ignorance" embedded in human nature known as [ Latin Humanitas / Kingdom of God within / Buddha Nature ] - in the Right Understanding and Right Motivation of his (modified) Eightfold Path from measurable Right Effort. The efforts include training qualified Budh Counsellors for applying (1) Gotama's on-off switch via Awareness-Prajna[D22] and HuiNeng's Quantum Consciousness via Samadhi-Prajna[R5] of sudden Awaken then Awakening, (2) Nagarjuna Relative and Ultimate (Wider) Truths, (3) Asanga Perfected Nature and Dependent Nature rated in relations to measurable Signed Posts and seven qualities of the Awareness, (4) Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] thought / oneness (hữu niệm / vô niệm) to practicalize Gotama's advice to Ajita while accumulating scientifically proven discoveries in KhaiPhong: "Whatever the streams [binding clinging forces] are in the World, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved" (Pháp Lôi / PrajnaLand).

  • Step 5:"Inter-Realm Communications and Collaboration©" is the fifth step of this Engineering roadmap to export human achievements to all other forms of Intelligent Existence in exchange for (1) verifiable protection against unauthorized violations of "IamX" and (2) transferable means of physical resources in one's Continuity of the consciousness to assure Moral and Just favorable conditions in the Right Evolution or Conseqential Degeneration to relearn the Morality and Justice of underlying natural laws as shown at minute 6:25 and 7:00 since Prajna - empirically tested from the total collapse of esoteric feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods - has its own "Invisible Hand according to Underlying Natural Laws in Intelligent Realms of Existence from humanity upward.

Once Consciousness Technologies[D36] are dominant, they are the drivers of all other manifestations using whatever appropriate tools, putting people to the center of all activities and relationships. Without the deliverable "Right Transcendental Inner Peace / Samma-Samadhi", "Awareness-Prajna" are only at conditioned words and thoughts, known in the history of Buddhist cheating Sangha - up until 2024 - incapable to explore the advice[D22] from Gotama on the obstruction, restriction, and dissolution of one's tainted senses in the "Conscious Living & Being" as exposed in this book.

In Inter-Realms Competitions and Influences we can logically say that 'Evolution of the Species' may be driven by 'Evolution of the Consciousness', and through natural laws 'Quality of the Consciousness' finds its own abode appropriate to its 'State of the Being' which explains why humanity evolves faster than other earth species having its complex left and right brain for abstract thinking and something beyond. Due to the Intelligence of the innate Buddha Nature - the ability to know the Right and Unworthy relevant to one's present moment (one's state of being) and its Volition / Freewill - together with a tidal shift of the cosmic cycle, it is now easier to access Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict Higher Consciousness - Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 11.1 - to enable the infusion of wider perspective in the Essence of the Right Living / Effort to see Thing As It Is for an optimal state. It is the reversed evolution from current physical form back to the consciousness for possible higher levels at Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity to know more about oneself.

With proper scientific cultivation, one can

  1. Sense the driving force of the Volition / Freewill at the source of thought to properly manage oneself. That sensing - called [ Wu-Nien / Blank Mind / Vô Niệm / Awareness ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" } depending on the cultivable states and stock of Prajna rated at seven achievable depths - can see "Thing-As-It-Is" at different steps of the "thought" manifestation to be properly manage at the Volitional level through "Heart Speech Thought / Tâm Khẩu Ý" or "eye-ear-nose-tongue-body-mind" with their consciousness "form-sound-smell-taste-touch-thought" having innumerable outdated tainted marks at changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) duality.

  2. Cultivate the state and stock of Prajna, already explored and contributed by many dedicated explorers such as Gotama's Awareness-Prajna[D22], Jesus's "Transcendental Awareness" of the Samaritan[R16], HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5], qualified Bodhidharma's Detachment-Prajna[D35], and presently KhaiPhong's Scientifically Cultivable [ "Awareness" as its target - “Kiến Tánh" làm tông, Nói Vậy Mà Không Phải Vậy / "Dependent" as its substance - “Duyên Khởi" làm thể / "Prajna" as its fundamental principle - “Bát Nhã" làm gốc ] in practical living of "Thing-As-It-Is without conflict". By scientifically documenting, testing and verifying these processes we can quickly establish the scientific foundation for the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong, effortlessly wiping out unworthy people in the names of all organized religions and isms while deepening and widening proven effective processes in Making Life Easier and Happier that "original contributors and others" do not have to start from square one in their Continuity of the Consciousness.

  3. Dissolve outdated marks and binding / clinging forces (such as fears, uncontrollable urges, etc) to properly see "Thing-As-It-Is" without any tainted judgement, nor bias driving motivation, nor any conflict to directly access Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict.

  4. Open latent Potentiality to reclaim one's Unique Comparative Advantages in Making Life Easier and Happier- Knowing one's Raison D'être.

These are the targets in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong. This book traces out the time line of significant discoveries from the problem identification by Gotama - Dukkha (Suffering Dukkha, Viparinama-Dukkha, Sankhara-Dukkha) - to his personally verified and asserted solution in momentary Nirvana - the End of Dukkha[D44] - unknown by his Buddhist Sangha and followers in 2500+ years of its history up until 2024. We value-add two more angles with the third one as scientific processes to enable asserted solutions from Gotama (aloof from sense desires with Intensity-of-Attention, one aspect of aspiration) and others (Tantra, Aspiration, Compassion, Detachment) making them - PrajnaTIPs and Cultivable States and Stock of Prajna - the targets of KhaiPhong Technology.

  1. PrajnaTIP in Sound to actually demonstrate and deliver the Sound Technology described in Buddhist Shurangama Sutra[D33] to debunk all descriptions and deductions from claimed Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Gods and Allah - esoteric entities and ET - on the plane of conflicting duality in entire human history up until 2024 for discovering actual underlying natural laws as epistemic objectives in Making Life Easier and Happier. The technology is a preliminary step to enable most people passing the Gateway-to-Oneness sabotaged by professional cheaters[R18.4] in all organized religions where Buddhism is a part. It is a technology to introduce "Natural Purification[D27]" to purify one's tainted senses (the causes of Ignorance) to make visible the clear sky - the pyramid of [ Compassion >< Detachment >< Right Transcendental Inner Peace ] - seen by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3].

  2. PrajnaTIP in Kindness to make happened the first principle of Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4]: "Kindness and Empathy once favourably developed in any community, that community can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause, benefiting all involved parties".

  3. PrajnaTIPs to be integrated and discovered from various demonstrated dots of significant efforts such as (3.1) faith / aspiration to move from conflicting events on duality plane to "Oneness / Buddha Nature / Latin Humanitas / the Kingdom of God within" high above for seeing Thing-As-It-Is (due to Samadhi) and one's strategic position (due to Prajna) to deliver the practicality of Transcendental Awareness of the Good Samaritan, (3.2) Nagarjuna Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D38] and Then What, (3.3) Asangha Perfected Nature, Dependent Nature, Imaginary Nature[D39] and Then What, (3.4) Bodhidharma Thing-As-It-Is dukkha[D35] to be "Detachment" once the action is completed, and Then What, (3.5) XuanZang Consciousness of the consciousness[D19] and Then What, (3.6) HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna[R5] to scientifically demonstrate community implementations of Gotama statistically significant Right Understanding and Right Motivation of any relevant event such as Effort, Profession, Marriage, Parenthood bullied in thousands years by all isms, (3.7) Krishnamurti's Intensity of Attention to be beyond the self[R6.1] and Then What, (3.8) AwakeningBudh Transcendental Awareness to answer Soyen Shaku challenge[R6]: "God not in the world is the false God and the World not in God is unreality".

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