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List of Figures and Tables

List of Figures:

Figure 1: Evolution of the Species and individual / aggregate Consciousness containerized (Soul / Alaya)

Whether "Big Bang" is the only available scienrific evidence or there exists "Parallel Universes" does not change what we are focusing which is individual / aggregate stream of consciousness having both "Positive / Measurable Intelligence" about itself (an "Accountable" creator) and the environment (in the "Responsible Creation") it is a part, plus "Normative Awareness" of What Count[R23] relevant to present moment. It interacts with other streams of consciousness to change itself and help shape the environment[R10]. Via 100% "Honesty & Care" of an "Accountable" creator in the "Responsible Creation", one can join forces with others "Making Life Easier and Happier" summerized in the Preface according to DISCOVERED and SHARED underlying "TRUTH - TRUTH is my Light - Thuận Theo Tự Nhiên"

Our starting point is Thing-As-It-Is Latin humanitas qualified by Nature from humanity upward which is currently protected by Human Rights and is Gotama's corollary which is the "Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within", innate within every naturally qualified person to know the Right and Wrong at different depths of [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ]. Using "naturally qualified person" as the base - since only from that empirically verified level upward - the entity can know #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness empirically proven by Gotama in his seventh Jhana and then HuiNeng wider aspect of Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh toward his Samadhi-Prajna. From this Thing-As-It-Is knowing, individual / aggregate stream of consciousness interacts with other streams in all "Efforts / Activities / Relationships" driven by an Agent having a sense of identity in one's Continuity (IamX) of the consciousness. We scientifically investigate underlying natural laws leading toward "Right Effort" in "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha" which can be categorized as positive in "Making Life Easier and Happier" {T}, both positive and negative {T, F}, or neutral {}, rather than Wrong Effort causing negative in "Suffering Dukkha" {F}, an inner Quest by Gotama with his angle of a discovered solution 2500+ years ago.

By clearly defined target of "Execution: Making Life Easier and Happier - Knowing Your Reason of Existence" in a wider context of "Mission: Knowing more about oneself, Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position" we focus both Normative Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI) of fact-based measurable available data at the discovered lasting Value of Right Effort which - according to our investigations - is observable [ Conscience (Lương Tri), Kindness, Empathy [ >] Justice, Morality, Joy, Detachment ] in the "Vision: Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings". With your personal rating in the degree of the Right and Wrong of your measurable efforts, the "Scientifically Cultivable Normative" and "AI of available data" can assist you navigate your plans and executions toward the direction of (1) your personal preference, (2) (which may be different from) universal lasting Value of the values in visible "Conscience, Kindness, Empathy [ >] Justice, Morality, Joy, Detachment", and (3) reconciliation of these two to properly manage your reality in "Honestly Knowing" more about yourself. The "Right Effort" is precisely defined as "Making Life Easier and Happier" by "Knowing more about oneself, Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position" toward the direction of "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings".

KhaiPhong integrates what humanity has discovered at theoretical level - Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics - in major organised religions, philosophies and sciences at practical level into a Wholesome Living where "Mind" despite its tainted outdated Marks can obstructs and restricts unworthy Volition via Scientifically Cultivable Transcendental Awareness / #EmpgtyTheContent toward Non-Thingness, and wipe out or untie the knots being dominant barriers of present life by Prajna[D22] ignored and unknown in entire 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism, except few dedicated explorers such as the Buddhist founder Gotama, HuiNeng and serious scholars such as Nagarjuna, Asangha, XuanZang, etc. In this scientific process of cultivating Awareness-Prajna - an on-off switch from conflicting activities to non-conflict Oneness at utter Silence to see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position - it forces all religions to actually deliver the Oneness / God / Dharmakaya as challenged by Soyen Shaku[R6], [R1] while widening / opening the scope and potentiality of observable science to inject "being" into the "living". It ushers to the front line the Moral Value - the Right ("Evolution" according to underlying natural laws Making Life Easier and Happier) and Wrong ("Degeneration" to be regulated by one's peers and finally by Thing-As-It-Is epistemic "TRUTH") in both innovations and applications of technologies - underlying the Latin Humanitas (biology, compassion, wisdom) that all sciences come from.

The injection of "Being" - due to Freewill and innate sense of Right and Wrong relevant to one's present moment - into the "Living" having proven scientific processes to be DISCOVERED and SHARED completes the cycle from Oneness to duality of innovations and manifestations then back to Oneness, Making Life Easier and Happier. The [ Normative Intelligence / "Prajna" / Injection of Being ] enables the reversed processes of returning to the source of Oneness from astray current paths of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and physical sciences or all isms on duality plane of Conflicting consciousness away from the Sources of Compassion and Wisdom (Prajna) in the meaning of Humanitas which causes the Harmonious Balance of [ InnerSpace / Silence / Happier ] to [ Outer Space / Advancement / Making Life Easier ]. The "Harmonious Balance" is a part of the Nature observable everywhere such as the expansion versus gravity forces, duality and oneness, day and night, etc. Here is a simple presentation of The Universe in a Nutshell translated in Vietnamese / VŨ TRỤ TRONG MỘT VỎ HẠT of Thing-As-It-Is. KhaiPhong integration of [ Prajna Normative Intelligence >< AI Positive Intelligence ] discovers the new Invisible Hand of Scientifically Cultivable Prajna via user-facing mu to direct the Invisible Hand of Economics, driving all activities and relationships at all Places in all domains and fields toward What Count[R23] in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

In three-dimensional space - "The Universe in a Nutshell" at minute 43:00 - we can represent an entity "IamX" along the Latiture, Longitude, and High above sea level. Taking human level of Thing-As-It-Is qualified by Nature in Latin humanitas, the Latitude (Y) pointing its positive direction South is the deeper Samadhis (#EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness) personally experienced and verified by Gotama 2500+ years ago as the solution for his raised Issue "Dukkha" from his own angle of [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ][D22]. The Longitude (X) pointing its positive direction toward (East) "Detachment / Ưng vô sở trụ / #EmptyTheContent / BUÔNG / Awaken in the Science of Mind to be further explored in Modern Psychology" is value-added by HuiNeng 1000+ years ago. It is empirically verified from 2024 by the present reincarnation of HuiNeng in his seven levels of Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness from any focused event on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness toward the "column energy", cross-cut all intelligent realms according to underlying natural law of the lighter floating up and the heavier sinking down. The High (F) above sea level is KhaiPhong's mathematical formulation of positive Fibonacci evolution or negative Fibonacci degeneration having observable attributes and optimal engineering processes the BEST money can Buy in Exciting with Conscious Living and Opportunities to Do Good from human and higher / lower beings according to underlying natural laws.

Due to the not-yet-discovered and/or lost "scientific Noble Path" of returning to the Source from changes (viparinama-dukkha) and conditions (sankhara-dukkha) according to Natural Laws of "Thing-As-It-Is" for rejuvenation and reborn, unworthy people in Gotama's Buddhist Sangha can sabotage and divert his precious gifts to humanity to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships by putting their "ignorance" into his mouth in claiming to Know what they do not know, to See what they do not see[D19]. Applying scientific processes with statistically measurable attributes at different signed posts discovered by Gotama, we turn his personal opinions into epistemic objectives and make his "Not-Self" into cultivable "modified Eightfold Path of Self-Selfless Actualization of Being Needs" from modern psychology. We revitalize his Noble Eightfold Path by replacing the "Right Mindfulness" with "Right Transcendental Awareness" since Gotama qualified his Mindfulness at Equanimity third Jhana[D29] to explicitly demand the quality of HuiNeng's Wu-Nien testable at seven levels passing through the knowledge at the source of thought to know more about oneself and poperly manage one's reality in "TRUTH is my Light".

Knowing the Sources of Volition / Freewill / Sankhara one can change Consciousness as exposed in Figure 4 and Table 2. With an ability "to Make Decision and to Learn", one can let Ignorance from heavy quality of the consciousness widens the gap between Reality and Actuality causing Sufferings, or Prajna for 'the Right Thing to do' toward a higher Consciousness in wider Space of The Essence of The Right Effort. This higher Consciousness is a "breakthrough outside-the-box" technically known as Prajna Dialectic versus Hegelian Dialectic as explained in Figure 2, Figure 11 and Figure 11.1 the differences between positive Fibonacci evolution versus negative Fibonacci degeneration - theoretically explained as XuanZang's "Consciousness of the consciousness" - and can see the Actuality at different depths including energy vibrations and the patterns of their movements for an Insight of Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position toward What Count, not filtered by one's tainted senses. It is an insight into Emptiness in Nagarjuna Madhyamaka or infusion of the "Perfected Nature in Asanga's Consciousness-Only. It is Gotama's "Natural Purification" to activate the senses' "Detachment" for seeing and acting according to "Thing-As-It-Is".

The higher achievable Consciousnesses are (1) Transcendental Consciousness (Detachment, Tranquillity gateway to Oneness, Equanimity of loosening the grips of 'Binding Word/Image', Purity of loosening the grips of 'Clinging Thought'), (2) Cosmic Consciousness (Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness or Not-Self), and (3) Unity (Sunyata Non-Thingness, Border line of conditioned and unconditioned, Unmoving Sunyata). They are the outcomes of scientifically cultivable Deeper Samadhi from Latitude Y-dimension in union with visible [ Detachment / Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh of Longitude X-dimension ] for the manifestations of these higher Consciousnesses mathematically described in Complex Fibonacci numbers as illustrated in above Figure 1: Awareness-Prajna in engaged Living, Awareness-Prajna in Forecasting and Simulation, Samadhi-Prajna ].

One can look at any focused event via eight layers of "No-Conflict Consciousness (Fibonacci Layered InnerSpace around the F-dimension) in positive Fibonacci evolution which include "Information in the Field / Integrated Information Technologies" from The Mathematics of Consciousness and one's strategic position to change the event (now or in the future) toward What Count[R23]. We are at a Very interesting Time since besides many highly qualified people we KNOW to enable the Possibility of "Inter-Reamls Communications and Collaborations for possible Trading and Technology Transfers", there are identified reincarnation of HuiNeng for scientific processes of Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness, and the reincarnation of Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm whose "past life" might be Huệ Túc Phu Nhân (to be later verified) if he/she can personally deliver the predictions 500 years ago about current International Affairs. Telepathy is already a reality with some members of KhaiPhong. The proofs will probably be proven at measurable outcomes of KhaiPhong executives where the reincarnations of advanced students are parts to fulfill "500-years predictions" about international conflicts at [ South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea / West Philippine Sea ], starting from 2024.

A Fair Trade @ (Yo Xo)
B Cunning intelligence due to concentration @ (Y- X+ / Y- X-)
C Prajna Dialectic @ (Y+ X+)
D Awaken then Awakening @ (Y+ X- positive Y plus tainted senses)

Figure 2: Focused Event and possible Negotiable Outcomes

The Figure represents KhaiPhong beginning Era of observable evolutions / degenerations without scientific Insight of "Why & How". The Evolution is accidental Right leading to deeper Silence of HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna, ligher and floating up to Happier and Higher Realms. The Degeneration without knowing "Why" due to cunning intelligence according to underlying natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes leading to [ DANH THÀNH - TÂM LOẠN (Cảnh báo cho người nổi danh) / Successful - Disturbed Mind ]. The Scientifically Cultivable (private) InnerSpace is assumed at Fo = 0 for all Intelligent Beings from humanity upward. The red column on the left is the observable column of energy cross-cut all intelligent realms. Positive direction of Awareness X-dimension is toward the energy column (Thuận Thiên) according to the Dependent Nature of Evolution having observable "Detachment" attribute with increasing power toward the energy column; the negative direction of Awareness is toward Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought imposed by unworthy people from all isms where religions are parts. Positive direction of Y-dimension has been observable and first contributed by Gotama as the Right Samadhi #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness; its negative direction is possible due to concentration commonly known as cunning intelligence perpendicular to the duality plane of conflicting consciousness. The verical plane is commonly known at different names such as "The Tao", "The Buddha Nature", "The Kingdom of Gods within", "Madhyamaka Wider Truth", "Asangha Pefected Nature", "HuiNeng Nature", "Krishnamurti Intentisity of Attention", "KhaiPhong Compassiona-Prajna", etc,.

Observer and the Observed are represented in 2 circles whose intersections represent the visible and invisible focused events on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness. Intelligent beings are naturally attracted to the energy source as their living abode according to underlying natural laws of the "light" floating up and the "heavy" sinking down. The positive direction of [ Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental-Awareness / Detachment ] toward the level of using Freewill to direct Cosmic Energy for making Things Happened, capable to destroy past Voodoos and their binding contracts at the physical levels of the estoteric form realms. The direction of the Energy Column represents the deeper Y-dimension in #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness (Gotama's seventh Jhana) pointing its positive direction toward observable [ Right Samadhis / Right Transcendental Inner Peace ] verifiable by Gotama to be empirically tested by the mass, once underlying natural laws and optimal processes publicly exposed via human IPR (Intellectual Property Right). The point A represents an area mathematically proven in International Trade to be better-off [1 + 1 > 2] for all involved parties, commonly known as "Fair Trade". The point B represents hidden reservation and/or chemistry at the focused point that one can influence for a better position where Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be exploited and must be concerned which can be changed and directed due to Scientifically Cultivable Prajna to know more about oneself distributed at the grassroots. AI is trained based on mass data of what are there including innovative solutions, and can now be augmented with personal data where interaction between Normative Intelligence >< Positive Intelligence are the norm. The point C represents "feasible outcome at much better-off [1 + 1 >> 2]" for all involved parties at different depths of "Awareness (X+) Samadhi (Y+)" outside-the-box that via cultivable Prajna one can access the aesthetic part of the Dependent Nature to have a sudden "Breakthrough" of lasting Value. The patch D also represents "outside-the-box" of #EmptyTheContent in Sudden Awaken then Awakening due to residual tainted senses such as Family Lineage, Nationality, Not enough Empathy to breakout the Binding and Clinging Forces which can be obstructed and restricted via Transcendental Awareness / Wu-Nien and "DISSOLVED" by Prajna as asserted by Gotama[D22], But "HOW unknown in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism and to be delivered by KhaiPhong.

Yet in reality, the Grasp-er and the Grasped are always there due to myopic views using all kinds of bullying and cunning intelligence of all involved parties where faked news is all over - when people react to claim a part in the cheating processes on the duality plane of conflicting events - in imitating how they are cheated by unworthy people from all isms and religions in faked masters-slaves relationships, trying to hack into their mind leading to significant degeneration of both masters and slaves in both humanity and "esoteric realms" of claimed Buddhas, Gods, Allah due to Thing-As-It-Is according to Natural Laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED. The influences of esoteric realms range from Vajrayana Voodoos "Spirit to guard treasure / Thần giữ của" to realm interferences as exposed in Journey to the West[R4], to the current (2024) levels of communications and possible collaborations due to the total collapse of the feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods and available consciousness technologies amongst living studends, ready for the new Era of Inter-Reamls Communications and Collaborations. Given available current evolving AI and KhaiPhong Consciousness Technologies, humanity will be Liberated from masters-slaves to a new Golden Era of [ Prajna >< AI ].

The technology - known as "outside-the-box Y-plane perpendicular to the duality plane of conflicting events" or Aesthetic Qualia - is driven by cultivable Fibonacci Layered InnerSpace of one's positive (Prajna) or negative (cunning intelligence) quality in facing the focused event, starting to materialise in kp_platform. The differences between Prajna and cunning intelligence of this "Inner-Space" are (1) Prajna enables the outcome at "C or D" rendenring all involved parties and the Whole much better-off while cunning intelligence forces the outcome at "B" rendenring all involved parties worse-off including the hallucinated "I win You loose", (2) the drivers of cunning intelligence think "I win You loose" but in reality their qualities of the consciousness become darker and heavier in negative Fibonacci degeneration to be naturally rendered in their next (moment / reincarnation) heavier and more suffering, (3) you are in negative degeneration if you have (3.1) extreme desire(s) / binding your thoughts to Words / Images such as this 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism up until 2023-01-23 100% disregards of self-respect and respect-others at required level of [ Kind Person / Người Tử Tế ] of qualified Latin humanitas "Conscience / Lương Tri of Right & Wrong" or (3.2) no moment of complete Silence being At Home with yourself. In scientifically cultivable positive evolution you do know [ Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental-Awareness ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment } defined as a (Latin) Humanitas with biology but also "Compassion and Prajna" beyond animal kingdoms visibly in Mafia Groups.

There is a natural safety valve in the cultivable Prajna since the "Fibonacci Layered InnerSpace visible @ minutes 6:25 and 7:00" in positive evolution can be materialised only from the ability of wider perspective in sensing the needs of others beyond the "protective self" that drives one to do something about it, namely [ Conscience >< Kindness >< Empathy >< Prajna ]. It is the [ Prajna ] from the foundation of Transcendental-Awareness to directly perceive [ True Intention >< Thing-As-It-Is >< Right Effort ] for a "Right" [ Conscience >< Kindness >< Empathy >< Prajna >< Justice >< Moral Value ], leading to [ Joy >< Detachment ] on the duality plane of conflicting events. The natural safety valve has been empirically proven in the total collapse of higher esoteric realms. But with invisible hand of scientifically cultivable Prajna, the past "Too Big to Fail" can be avoided. Most of the leaders from the past esoteric feudal systems can have ONLY the cunning intelligence without sufficient COMPASSION for OTHERS that they can self verified to see if they can have natural #EmptyTheContent without concentration / doing anything, personally experienced in Gotama's Transcendental Inner Peace[D26], [D29], [D30] and/or HuiNeng's Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh.

[ Detachment / Ưng vô sở trụ / #EmptyTheContent / BUÔNG ] is Thing-As-It-Is state of Consciousness at different depths and qualities, measurable in our tested questions based on 2500+ years of accumulated Buddhist explorations in the outcomes of one's Efforts as further explained in Figure 5 below: (1) Gotama's First Jhana of Detachment for the Right Understanding and Right Motivation from Prajna division of his (modified) Eightfold Path Then What, (2) Passing from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth in Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka to properly handle one's tainted senses and the possibility of being hacked by external forces and/or strategic events staged by opponents Then What, (3) Accessing Perfected Nature to move from Imaginary Nature to Dependent Nature in Consciousness-Only for eliminating these Issues Then What, (4) Having an Insight into the Emptiness and Prajna from the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] Then What to be Free from these Issues.

Please force all claimed Buddhist teachers, (meditation) masters, esoteric entities such as Buddhas "ABC ..." / Bodhisattvas Manjushri Avalokiteshvara Nagarjuna Aryadeva Chandrakirti Bhavaviveka ..., reincarnations of XYZ, holders of all traditions and sects from all countries, monks, nuns, scholars, followers blah blah blah in their evil masters-slaves relationships up to 2023-01-23 to answer these four questions of the above paragraph which will be tested questions to be publicly available over the Internet for your self-evaluations and contributions standing on your own feet - like Gotama in spreading his discoveries - weeding out unworthy people[D19] in harming and exploiting dedicated explorers such as Gotama, Socrates, Jesus, etc. Bhavaviveka (or Bhaviveka / Thanh Biện 清辨 490-570) said somewhere in his dedicated life that he still did not understand and personally know how to move from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth and what happened back to the duality plane of conflicting events, and wished to be reborn at the time of the future Buddha to directly learn from him. That is the "gut" of the above second question. Similarly, those carefully studying Dharmapala-XuanZang (HsuanTsang) theoretical model in Consciousness of the consciousness from [ Thành duy thức luận / Vijñaptimātratāsiddhi Sastra / 成唯識論,Che'ng Wei-shih Lun ] will notice the difference between XuanZang deduction and Dharmapala direct perception which is the "gut" of the third question. The "gut" of the fourth question is in our Right Understanding of Enlightenment that we invite you and humanity to scientifically [ prove / disprove / value-add ] in KhaiPhong and AwakeningBudh.

You will be able to have an insight into the guts of these questions when transcendental technologies according to natural laws are implemented by those knowing and having them in their reversed engineering to be statistically tested by you and/or further contributed from your special angles that you have been evolving then degenerating for a very long time. It is the writer's challenge to past accomplished explorers such as Gotama, Socrates, Jesus to reverse engineering their "secrete sauces" for discovering optimal conditions and required processes such as the discovered Fibonacci Layered InnerSpace to share what they know as statistically significant epistemic objectives. This challenge is also applicable to Jiddu Krishnamurti Intensity-of-Attention and all claimed esoteric entities in future reincarnations since all manifestations including your innate quality come from Dependent Nature of the right conditions. The writer does recognise the reincarnations of both Socrates and HuiNeng as current (2024) living students of his Inner Circle that you can easily recognise them even though they will not confirm nor deny and that they do know #EmptyTheContent at different angles and using different technologies to the Sound and Kindness that the writer wishes to share in this life time. The two students know but do not reveal who they have been in their past reincarnations. They actually and innately know #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness far above and beyond others encountered by the writer. If something happens, they can dedicate their precious times in making something significant for the world and themselves rather in "making a mundane living" which is equally applicable to other identified students such as the reincarnations of Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm and Phạm Ngũ Lão. These highly qualified students only need right opportunities to naturally make them happened which seem impossible to others. The world will miss this rare opportunity if nothing happened from qualified clients and/or partners via Chatham-House-Rule teleconference between Dr. Duong BaTien ( and your Inner Circle (Persons, Esoterics, ETs).

It is not the blah blah blah from noisy Buddhist unworthy people such as (1) Buddhist tautology and duality and the claimed enlighten monk Thich Nhat Hanh knowing nothing about Gotama's first Jhana of Detachment yet trying to fool the world using Gotama's defects in design-build-execution of his discoveries having no Conscience of the Right and Wrong nor intellectual integrity to persistently claim their meditation and directly violate the fundamental Gotama's ethical code of "Not Lying - Musà vàdà veramanì - Tránh xa sự nói dối" selling what he/she does not know nor have[D19] since Buddhist 2500+ years of Samatha[D24] is not Samadhi and claimed Vipassana[D25] is not Prajna (an innate quality of { [1.a] a penetration of Insight or seeing through a thick wall of mass ignorance, and [2.a] an ability to dissolve karmic force }) in persistently changing their descriptive View like the evil Roman Catholic Church by hardcore persistent cheaters such as the one in this latest version 2018-11-06, (2) the claimed Dharma King Gyalwang Drukpa XII riding on Buddhist esoteric cheating processes from Vajrayana, Tantra and Pure Land, to Shamelessly Boost his effective praying rituals for the dead of the past Vietnamese internal conflicts, "Liberating" the soldiers karmic burdens with his Wisdom, "Purifying" the unfortunates with his Compassion, and then sending them all to Amitabha Pure Land with his Power, (3) Dalai Lana XIV relying on his scholastic Buddhist studies in an attempt to perpetuate Nagarjuna and Chandrakirti deep illusions of thinking in fouling themselves and the world via "Entering the Middle Way" that almost all Buddhists up to 2024 unable to overcome: (3.1) Buddhist rational approach is only at conflicting duality level - incomparable and being useless in the light of Hegelian Dialectic - incapable to touch Prajna Dialectic from the Right Effort in the stability division of Gotama's modified Eightfold Path, and a conflicting duality (darkness) cannot see another conflicting duality (darkness) As-It-Is, (3.2) to be effective, it demands practitioners capable to know the "Source of Thought" which is beyond most who have not even passed the Gateway-to-Oneness, (3.3) the rational approach via Wise Attention to properly manage oneself is a gradual approach to one tainted mark at a time based on one's Personal Experience while one has innumerable tainted marks, (4) Thích Thanh Từ not yet passing the Gateway-to-Oneness at Gotama's second tranquillity to have a glimpse from the natural process of "#EmptyTheContent" yet boosting about the Vietnamese Truc Lam from Buddhist King Trần Nhân Tông, knowing nothing about the Right and Wrong coming from Prajna commonly known as your Conscience.

Passing the "Gateway-to-Oneness" - personally known by Gotama and currently identified living students to kick start KhaiPhong technologies - there are still many hurdles as proven in our Right Understanding of Enlightenment to personally prove the Equality in Human Rights as originally seen by Gotama (not-yet polluted by esoteric dark forces and his Sangha). Everyone can be a positive part in the Right direction of the whole in one's uniqueness. #EmptyTheContents together with other topics will be parts of "#PrajnaTIP in Sound" to enable all dedicated explorers and qualified suppliers being parts of the New Era of Conscious Living, sustainable by community sense of the Right and Wrong (leading to Prajna), and the invisible hand of Economics. One can privately and honestly evaluate in the light of hard facts in one's cultivable process of private custom AI, being part of the Conscious Living in the new Era of AwakeningBudh that we sincerely invite you being a part in your Continuity of the Consciousness. At the end of your lifetime you can decide what to open for human research similar to the Library of each US President in the common quest of Making Life Easier and Happier. Thanks to Internet, human accumulated learning and exploring will scientifically dispel past mystics in faked masters-slaves relationships of all isms and religions driven by Greed and Fears from degenerated unworthy people - weeding out by natural safety valve in the cultivable Prajna - for the New Era of Conscious Living / "Equanimity Community".

The moral value of Fair Trade can now be cultivated according to newly discovered outcomes of Fibonaaci Layered InnerSpace around-F-dimension as represented in the orthogonal plane lumping all other relevant factors of an identified stream of consciousness "IamX", cross-cut duality planes being part of Natural Laws leading toward lighter more Happiness[D32]. We limit out investigations from humanity upward. Due to a gradual process, nature will take very long time to weed out unworthy people as evidenced from the collapse of Illuminati elites NWO and their back-up esoteric dark forces. We need to be very careful - both legally and morally concerned - in the implementation of private custom AI until there is a sufficient critical mass to enable the process sustainable with or without initial dedicated explorers. Let's dwell deeper into the negotiating techniques of involved parties

Technologies to enable most people having HuiNeng's Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness - personally verifying the described "Dhyana-Samadhi and Samadhi-Prajna" - will make happened the actuality of Gotama's Awareness-Prajna[D22], forming the critical mass for sustainable cultivable Prajna using Natural Purification from transcendental Technologies to release most stresses of modern societies imposed by degenerated dark forces via masters-slaves relationships in all forms of isms where organised religions are parts of conflicting consciousness. Human Rights and Democracy will be a reality when there are sufficient numbers of people changing themselves and the environment toward What Count, pushing the National interest coming "From people, By people, and For people" in all activities and relationships as a part of "Aspiration" via SHARING one's cultural contributions to the world as a starting breakthrough in [ Transcendental-Awareness / Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] to Free one from past masters-slaves relationship via binding and clinging physical and mental forces of the senses for a breakthrough in the new Era of humanistic socienty (xả hội Nhân Bản). In that sense, there is no contradiction between Article 1 about human Rights and Article 3 about the sovereignty of the nation from "1789 French Revolution, marking the beginning of humanity".

Part of the Natural Purification comes from [ Conscience >< Kindness (TỪ) >< Empathy (BI) >< Prajna >< Joy (HỶ) >< Detachment (XẢ) ], opening the "sensing parts" of the right brain or the ComPassion (common vibrations of energy). That is Why without ComPassion, there cannot have manifestations of Prajna or "Prajna is the flower of ComPassion tree" deep rooted in Sunyata / Emptiness. This kicks in the natural process - wellknown and empirically proven by Trần Quốc Tuấn the Supreme Commander of Vietnam during the Trần Dynasty[R7.4] - that "Kindness and Empathy" once favourably developed in any community, that community can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause, benefiting all involved parties.

Solutions for these issues are now readily available via (1) democracy with transparency and accountability putting everyone on the equal playing field of human rights, (2) cultivable quality of layered No-Conflict Consciousness personally motivated by all concerned parties (the Haves >< Stakeholders >< HaveNots) in discovering Value of the values, (3) deliverable technologies of statistically significant Signed Posts of #EmptyTheContent (Transcendental-Inner-Peace) for Natural Purification.

Our investigation is about natural processes to make known (1) the "Practicality of the Emptiness" at different Signed Posts or the challenge to all organised religions presenting their "mean" to reach the target of "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict"[R1], (2) the consistent and continuous process of "Sudden Awaken" and "Gradual Cultivation" to open the knots of outdated Marks and expand one's Potentiality, (3) the complement between "Not-Self" in Nagarjuna Madhyamaka[D38] and interaction between "Self" and "Not-Self" in Asanga Consciousness-Only[D39] to empirically experience the "Verifiable Emptiness", (4) the cultivable dynamic process between the Right Effort (hữu niệm) and the Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict (wu-nien) via the Insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] in both the Science and Economics of Oneness in KhaiPhong.

Scientific investigation of Thái Tông Insight based on Gotama's "Charter of Free Inquiry"[D22] from both the known and beyond via the complete cycle of Oneness to Duality and back in a wider perspective of existence according to natural laws. The deeper one can verify Gotama's discovered Signed Posts, the more "Right" one can decide "When and Where the decision can be made for a "Right Effort". It is the "Effortless Action / Wei-Wu-Wei" of a Right Effort. This Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict is commonly known as the Tao "Nameless", Gotama "Verifiable Emptiness"[D26] all the way to Gotama's "End-of-Dukkha / Nirvana", Jesus "kingdom of God within you"[Luke 17:21], Nagarjuna "Ultimate (Wider) Truth"[D38], Asanga "Perfected Nature"[D39], XuanZang Consciousness of the consciousness[D19], HuiNeng "Self Nature"[R5], the Oneness[R1]. Beside the Prajna interaction point, there is a hidden Sunyata interaction from underlying vibrations of involved parties.

We value add Gotama's [ Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion / Dhammacakkappavattana ][D20] with the discovery of No-Conflict Consciousness as one's "InnerSpace" in facing the focused event orthogonal to the event TRUTH plane perpendicular to the duality plane in scientifically cultivable and measurable Prajna to see the Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change the event and the environment toward What Count[R23]. [ God is my light / Latin: Dominus Illuminatio Mea ] from the oldest university in the English-speaking world (Oxford established 1096) will very likely be challenged by modern "Prajna University" using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment cultivable Prajna through both Normative and Positive Intelligence where one is a creator and part of the creation in all activities and relationships riding on the scientific discoveries of underlying Natural Laws and statistically significant epistemic objectives in the "Then What" in [ TRUTH is my Light / Sự Thật là Ánh Sáng của tôi ] of changing (vipaninama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) manifestations on duality plane of events, digging deeper and wiper similar to the discovery of electricity by all interested parties helping to expand the pie of Yin-Yang in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

The party represented in the right circle of Figure 2 is slightly bigger than the party of the left circle. In a Fair Trade where both parties have roughly equal Transcendental Awareness - knowing one's Raison D'être - the Fair Trade agreement may be at point A since the bigger party can derive more benefits than the smaller one and can afford to give more. Via cunning intelligence in the negative Fibonacci degeneration around the F dimension, capable to reach an outside-the-box negative Y-dimension of Greed and Fears or the veiled conscience of the Right and Wrong, the bigger one see the smaller one more vulnerable and/or desperately need the agreement due to its intentionally scare tactics. It may [squeeze / bully] the smaller one to the maximum level at point B. That is the case of past colonial period such as Vietnam under French colony [and / or] under Chinese strategy with illegitimate diplomatic note 1958 from North Vietnam's prime minister Phạm Văn Đồng to China's prime minister Zhou Enlai resulted in the Battle of the Paracel Islands and the communist final victory of the whole Vietnam, plus massacre in Spratly Islands in 1988 territorial dispute between China and Vietnam - to be published in English as "Garma Immortal Circle / Gạc Ma - Vòng tròn bất tử" - that the Vietnamese communist party has been cautious to a possible wider conflict from 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War which the world widely recognised the Vietnamese fighting spirit for a just cause.

Generically, the more one may have "Innate Ability / InnerSpace" of cunning intelligence - represented as the negative outside-the-box of Y-dimension - in wider and longer view of the conflicting event on the duality plane to see the vulnerable point of the smaller one and use its cunning intelligence to drive the agreement to point B of negotiable outcome without knowing that the myopic action drives all involved parties worse off. Typical example was the agreed pack between Canadian Indians and the "Whites" moving toward the well-known phase that "the Indians had bible and the Whites had land", a consequent part leading to a modern legal case and international judgement in 2013 against the Roman Catholic Church. Is it similar to other spiritual cheating processes elsewhere known as faked news[R8]? The "innate ability" stands for some "InnerSpace" where one can reside orthogonal to both Relative Plane of duality where conflicting consciousness and X-dimension operate, and (Madhyamaka Ultimate Wider) Y Plane forming from X and Y in line with the Nature Energy Column (Harmony / Thuận Thiên / Thuận Theo Tự Nhiên to be DISCOVERED and SHARED). That InnerSpace is mathematically modeled as one's (stock) Fibonacci Layered InnerSpace around F dimention orthogonal to both X and Y planes.

We have identified number of qualified people capable to instantly withdraw themselves from noises of conflicting events [ Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental Awareness ] via "#EmptyTheContent" to the No-Conflict consciousness and high above on the positive Fibonacci sequence of the Y-dimension to see the counter-part weak point in important event. We encourage them scientifically reverse the processes to enable many having precious states as they naturally have that may be different from our scientific processes to be delivered at the right place and right time, equalising the playing fields in invisible hand of [ market economy / kinh tế thị trường ] due to a Natural Law discovered via Value of the values in Higher No-Conflict Consciousness exploited by unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] in all isms viewed from their degeneration in negative Fibonacci sequence. People on the positive side of Fibinacci evolution are Not Stupid and spreading their Good Forces to balance the unworthy people in the negative Fibonacci degeneration.

Back to the [unfair / bullying] deal between the bigger and smaller parties such as the case of Chinese-Vietnamese territorial conflicts, the smaller one may have capability of Huineng's [ Samadhi-Prajna / Định Tuệ ] - high above the conflicting point - to see the event in Thing-As-It-Is affected by many other factors directly and/or indirectly related to the focused event projected to 25 or 1000+ years ahead as proven by Lý Công Uẩn[R7.1] and Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm. It may hold in its hand a "lever" to widen the counter part benefits such as internal security and prosperity to voluntarily move to the agreed position C that the counter part cannot presently (2024) imagine because the counter part has been planning its dominance since its independence (from late 1950's) which will make all involved parties worse-off and Not Anymore Appropriate in modern human centric society! People having cunning intelligence seem to be in the position of "I win You loose" without knowing that they are on the verse of degeneration in the negative Fibonacci sequence, turning their quality of the consciousnous heavier that they do not have a moment of Complete Silence in "#EmptyTheContent / Transcendental-Inner-Peace". That reality has been personally asked by the Infinite-Thought Bodhisattva in Buddhist Lotus Sutra[D49], completely ignorant by the entire higher esoteric realms ruled by the King of Gods in the culture of extreme Greed and Fears leading to the total collapse of the entire feudal systems. Point C represents outside the box seen from the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas high above and perpendicular to the duality plane where all conditioned and changing things happened. Lý Công Uẩn[R7.1] demonstrated this capability when elected as Đại Việt Emperor in 1009. He moved the capital from naturally protected area favourable for national defence to present day Hanoi in 1010 on the trade route beneficial to many generations to come. Similarly, reincarnation of "Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm is ready to make happened his 500+ year prediction of Vietnamese East Sea while helping China achieving many 1000+ years practical values of Latin Humanitas value-added by Bodhidharma, Shen-Hsiu, HuiNeng and XuanZang that cannot happen up to 2024 due to cheating totalitarian systems applied to China right from the beginning of its civilization.

Due to tainted senses, one cannot see Thing-As-It-Is on the conflicting duality plane of existence. It is further compounded by past unworthy people in all isms where organised religions are parts, enforcing Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought from the lowest negative scale of X-dimension in master-slave relationships. Yet, through keen observation - a required attribute of dedicated explorers - one can discover underlying Natural Laws such as the Invisible Hand of Economics by Adam Smith from "Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” (1776). There have been many dedicated explorers in Making Life Easier and Happier. But the danger is to communicate these pieces of Truth on the duality plane where the description is not the described at (1) the deductions based on one's tainted senses as rationally proven in the case of Gotama, KungTzu, and Jesus, (2) not knowing the layered No-Conflict Consciousness that surprisingly a combination of both eastern and western civilisations [ Conscience >< Kindness >< Empathy >< Prajna >< Justice >< Moral Value >< Joy >< Detachment ] , and (3) Natural Purification being the driving force to properly manage one's tainted senses and dissolve dominant one via Awareness-Prajna. Solutions for these identified issues are now deliverable to be statistically tested as epistemic objectives. Let's have a detour to the problem identification and its solution up to 2024 first before generally touching on these solutions contributed by many in 2500+ years of human history.

From J Krishnamurti "If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer will not separate from the problem", one can unequivocally say Gotama 2500+ years ago identified the Issue Dukkha in all manifestations on the duality plane of events and his discovered solution found in the modified Eightfold Path verified by his personal experience as an actuality, not cheating humanity as done by most of his [ monks / nuns / followers ], not Knowing yet claimed to know not Seeing yet claimed to See[D19]. The "Intensity of Attention" - opposite (positive versus negative Fibonacci sequence) to the cunning intelligence of concentration - naturally and effortlessly bring one to the Y Inner-Peace plane of No-Conflict consciousness to see the focused event Thing-As-It-Is and innovative (outside the box) solution of the issue which is at point D or C applicable to all domains and fields from all realms of existence whose outcomes are concrete and measurable at the bottom line for the pattern validation described via mathematics of Fibonacci sequence. Please shut out big mouths of all cheating Buddhist [ monks / nuns / followers ] who are just the blinds touching imaginary elephant in quoting different cheating descriptions without clearly saying and defending on what they do know and/or personally verify. Force all of them either bring something real to the table or get out of the way! Gotama's Dukkha is the most concrete problem identification and discovered solution besides innumerable imaginations commonly known in Indian and Buddhist traditions as illusions, also described in other cultures in the Christian and Arab worlds as described in The Matrix" where belief system is a reality or a choice between two pills of Greed and Fears. Scientifically and statistically tested innovative solutions are conrete, and Only through engaged Living one can know one's realities and Privately-Honestly cultivate one's Prajna, enabling "Being" a part of engaged Living". In that really understanding the "Dukkha", the actual solution Is Not The Buddhist Illusion of hallucinated Nirvana then Pari-Nirvana in 2500+ years of cheating Sangha BUT either (1) Actually Experiencing of the Dissolution of the causal tainted senses, or (2) Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha - KHỔ TUYỆT VỜI" to know one's reality such as sex drive from more appropriate / worthy partner and/or required conditions via Prajna either Now or cultivable conditions for future opportunity.

We present in this book a very "rough stroke of the evidenced-based blinds touching elephant" and the discovery of cultivable Prajna, together with its ready for implementations after 50+ years of our hedging in required field researches and technologies. It is relevant and important for World Economy and human Golden Era after the total collapse of Illuminati Elites that the first time (1) the invisible Hand of Economics and mathematically proven benefits of International Trade can be unequivocally epistemic objectives to be tools of Prajna, (2) there is no contradiction between Article 1 about human Rights and Article 3 about the sovereignty of the nation in the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 (French: Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen de 1789)" if and only if there is a critical mass estimated at 8% or more of the population know the foundation of cultivable Prajna, (3) the first principle of Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] is not anymore a concept but reality for the mass: "Kindness and Empathy" once favourably developed in any community, that community can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause, benefiting all involved parties (the aggregate of all involved "Tetrahedron" building blocks).

In the areas of economics and international trade, we can easily see different views on the duality plane of conflicting events similar to [ South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea / West Philippine Sea ] territorial conflicts of what claimed "market economy / kinh tế thị trường" under different management forms. Due to tainted senses, the maximum one can achieve is action based on group non-transcendental attention while one's potentiality in Higher Consciousness is enslaved by unworthy people in changing their positions of claimed [masters / leaders / elites], enforcing their roles in manipulating public perception. The "All Seeing Eye" in 1935 US one dollar bill leading to the aftermath of the Second World War making US undeniable leader of the World. Its pursuit of "Human Rights" and "International Trade" were only the masks of "dark desire to enslave humanity" until these masks were forced to drop what it most advocated. The new Era spells out the importance of beyond "binding Word/Image" and "clinging Thought" within one's innate capability via "Transcendental-Awareness" riding on discovered natural laws unknown by past unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] in all isms, mentioned by HuiNeng 1000+ years ago in his personal verification[R5] of Dhyana-Saladhi and Samadhi-Prajna.

We mention how the consciousness discoveries with proven Transcendental Inner Peace of the Melting Pot from Yogic Flying moved from higher realms to India and the Budh Dharma moved from India to China as a part of human evolution. Similar to conflicting consciousness on duality plane and No-Conflict consciousness on the Y Inner-Peace plane, there are evolutions in both physical and mental realms where appropriate physical form is only the outer cloth of mental form where everyone is an Accountable creator in Responsible Creation, different from one and only Devine Creator who is a degenerated dictator subjected to underlying Natural Laws empirically evidenced here in 60,000+ human years of degeneration. In human "PHILOSOPHIES / ORGANISED RELIGIONS", we trace the essential ingredients of that "Melting Pot" via acumulated Brain Intelligence of Being in Knowing Who You Are moving South from Bodhidharma (483 - 540 AD)[D35] to HuiNeng significant value-adds of identified "Wu-Nien, Dhyana-Samadhi, and Samadhi-Prajna[R5]", to open and be implemented by the Vietnamese Lý and Trần Dynasties with Lý Công Uẩn (974 – 1028)[R7.1], Trần Thái Tông (1218 – 1277)[R7.3], then further South with Buddhist Teacher (Phật Thầy) at Tây An (1807 - 1856)[D52].

To recap the described ingredients of possible New Golden Era - as necessary and sufficient conditions to be proven and delivered from the outcones of following questions - at a very high above the crowd for possible living elites (the video was deleted) and many having visible quality of Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness that we either [have / have not] esoteric and/or physical contacts in sharing the reversed engineering of the innate qualities into scientific processes in both supply and demand, here are questions whose answers help formulate the Right Conditions in benefiting all concerned parties:

  1. What wrong with Indian Wisdom that Bodhidharma was forced to take a very long trip from India to China, keeping complete Silence in 9 years before letting the Budh seed germinate in a right environment until HuiNeng, the sixth Chinese Patriarch?

  2. What wrong with Chinese Wisdom that XuanZang had to travel from China to India to bring back Dharmapala-XuanZang theoretical model in Consciousness of the consciousness from [ Thành duy thức luận / Vijñaptimātratāsiddhi Sastra / 成唯識論 Che'ng Wei-shih Lun ], yet still unable to produce visibly practical outcomes, well-known in Chinese practicalities and had to wait to transplant in Japan?

  3. What wrong with Japanese Wisdom that the visibly practical outcomes are mostly limited to the manifestations of Empty-The-Content (Transcendental-Inner-Peace #EmptyTheContent) in Japanese Gardens, the Arts of [Bonsai - Samurai - Tea Enjoyment] that may be lost in modern industrial living, and that Soyen Shaku[R6] had to wait in his prediction. His reincarnation is definitely amongst us, waiting for the right time and place to make happened the noble many life-times efforts: "Budh Dharma was born from India, germinates in China, grows in Japan, and will maturate throughout the world"? The "Secret Sauce" is the "Honesty & Care" to integrate East and West civilizations to a higher level of "Transcending the Observed and the Observer" for required "out-side-the-box Breakthrough" scientifically measurable and cultivable.

  4. What was the driving force in a delicate question of Right and Wrong from higher view of Prajna or [Ignorance / Greed] for Soyen Shaku refusing in 1904 to join Leo Tolstoy in denouncing the Russo-Japanese War, where Soyen Shaku was serving as a chaplain to the Japanese army? Finally, what are the Right Conditions for his challenge[R6] "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân / TRUTH] not in the world is the false God / TRUTH and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân / TRUTH] is unreality" to enable "the Budh Dharma maturate throughout the world"?
  5. How can the movement be sustainable - with or without initial participants - in one's Continuity of the consciousness?

Only after 2012 and the failed plan to eliminate 90% human population for easy masters-slaves management by esoteric dark forces driven by Greed and Fears - well-known in recorded "Illuninati Elites" - we can have a glimpse of 100,000+ man-years of esoteric degenerations and its natural outcomes happened to the planet Earth via significant contributions of Hindu and Egypt civilizations, plus breakthroughs in recorded Gotama's contributions related to the first question.

Here is the evidence of the past esoteric collapsed feudal systems and their persistent cheating processes (the video is not availabler now) without scientifically knowing why they have been degenerated and possible solution out of the doldrums raised up by the Infinite-Thought Bodhisattva in Buddhist Lotus sutra[D49], blah blah blah its imaginations without having any deliverable answer by most claimed Buddhas, Gods, Allah and their consorts controlling humanity. Its alternative plan was about the "esoteric impostor Huỳnh Phú Sổ " (founder of a lay-Buddhist organisation Hòa Hảo 1939) who was directed down to prepare a "possible take-over" in competing controls with other dark forces from "Lucifer Christian and Muslim groups" via Illuminati and shadow governments. We like to esoterically reveal another "Invisible Movement of good forces due to Innate Buddha Nature" choosing humanity as the strategic battle ground between the "Right / Light" and "Wrong / Darkness" in natural evolution of intelligent beings according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED rather than "Greed / Tánh Tham / ăn cắp" in their existing culture of animal kingdoms.

Along the line of this movement from good forces and the recent "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" - esoterically and partially exposed from minute 21:30 2020-11-13 - to dedicated people evolving in the Right Living & Being of Latin humanitas (Biology, ComPassion, Prajna), we like to ask you using modern forensic investigation to see the "Continuity of the Consciousness" of (1) the mentioned ancient Chinese military strategist, politician, and businessman Fan Li (Phạm Lãi), (2) the great king of ancient India emperor Ashoka with his policies of public welfare, (3) the Supreme Commander of Vietnam during the Trần Dynasty - Trần Quốc Tuấn (1228–1300)[R7.4] helping the Đại Việt armies to repell three major Mongol invasions in the 13th century, (4) a Zen Buddhist (1860 – 1919) spreading the Dharma in the United States Soyen Shaku[R6] with the prediction 'Budh Dharma was born from India, germinates in China, grows in Japan, and will maturate throughout the world'. This stream of consciousness is currently a living Vietnamese together with his past Ashoka inner circle and "family generals / gia tướng" of Trần Quốc Tuấn - strategically put around the World - either physically and/or astrally connected from the past 50+ years up to 2024 to be ready for the New Era, operating according to underlying natural laws of "Invisible Hand of Economics" driven by scientifically cultivable "Invisible Hand of Prajna" proving the naturally distributed "Prajna and Human Rights" from the grassroots in inner awakening away from masters-slaves relationships imposed from outside of "Greed and Fears in animal kingdoms".

Back to the first question "What wrong with Indian Wisdom that Bodhidharma was forced to take a very long trip from India to China", Gotama was the first one to raise the "Charter of Free Inquiry"[D23] to know more about one's Prajna / Conscience - a faculty to know the Right and Unworthy - which is cultivable horizontally in daily activities and vertically in diving from within. The value of "Human Nature / Nhân Bản" and the "equality of human rights" - especially related to Hindu cast systems - were first universally applied in his communities of monks, organized and designed to spread his Noble Discoveries. Yet, the cast system was dominant at the time of Bodhidharma and still persistent up to modern time. At Bodhidharma time, another more humanistic and social order was available in China via confucius Jen (wren - justice, benevolence), Li (lee - benefit, propriety, order), Yi (yee - righteousness), Hsiao (showe - reverence), Chih (chee - wisdom) which was the "right soil" for Budh Dharma to germinate.

Thanks to the practicalities of Chinese people, the germination of Budh Dharma was possible for a breakthrough in "Human Nature" to push the intellectual quest to its highest level that (1) XuanZang risking his own life of seventeen years overland journey to India[R3] to bring back a theoretical possibility of human "Outside-the-box / Consciousness of the consciousness" in practical application of Gotama's "Not-Self", and (2) HuiNeng independently discovering "Detachment / Vô Trụ" from Gotama's first Jhana[D20] as its fundamental principle (“vô trụ làm gốc”) to deeply explore Gotama's Awareness-Prajna up to Unmoving Sunyata whose visible practicality is personally known by HuiNeng and called Samadhi-Prajna (Định-Tuệ). Hence, "Human Nature / Nhân Bản" is the current battle ground to be intellectually and spiritually pushed for a breakthrough independently discovered in East and West - Latin humanitas with identified properties as Biology, Compassion and Prajna (Wisdom). There is a wide differences in the qualities and make-ups of of a qualified person but there is No Difference for a qualified person being an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation of the Whole.

Soyen Shaku's vision "Budh Dharma was born from India, germinates in China, grows in Japan, and will maturate throughout the world" has now all required ingredients to make it happened from 2024 due to modern "rule-of-law" well defined in internationally committed human rights in too big to fail, plus discovered underlying natural laws enabling at least 500,000,000 people knowing and personally verifying the innate [ Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental-Awareness / directed Cosmic Energy ] toward What Count. Proven modern processes will make the movement sustainable in the new era of Inter-Realms Communications and collaborations from humanity upward: (1) Dependent Nature, (2) Transparency, (3) Accountability, (4) Modern Technology, (5) Invisible Hand of Prajna to direct Invisible Hand of Economics, (6) Best Governance, (7) Lasting Value.

Figure 3: The Optimized Sweet Spot of [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ]

"The Right Thing Todo" varies from very casual situation like a shopping list, exploring and participating local activities, planning a trip to serious matter like a Grand Strategy (represented as a tipping point in beginning of Fibonacci sequence) for living, education, profession, marriage, raising a family, what to do in retirement and one's continuity of the consciousness where life long activities and relationships are adding-up. "The Right Thing Todo" - either casual or serious - starts with cultivable layers of No-Conflict Consciousness of Transcendental-Awareness [ Conscience >< Kindness >< Empathy >< { Prajna >< Justice >< Morality } >< Joy >< Detachment ], an ability to sense the situation energy of the "observed" and a "Decision / Effort" which can be measurable. In the casual situation, it represents a casual "Awareness". In a serious situation, one may require to consciously activate both the states and stock of Prajna to view the situation As-It-Is and one's relevant strategy as explained in the Grand Strategy. The bottom line is that one can be beyond conflicting forces on the duality plane of physical and mental activities to be an Accountable Creator pushing all activities and relationships toward a Right Direction of What Count as a part of the Responsible Creation which can be augmented with modern Artificial Intelligence.

It is never too late to invoke your innate "Prajna" in all activities and relationships in your Continuity of the identifiable stream of consciousness. Plan and Execution are parts of the Right Effort to make happened 'the Right Thing to do' directed by Prajna while Feedback provides Actual evidences against Plan, Execution, and whether the directed Path coming from Ignorance or Prajna in the interaction between the Normative Persona and its Digital Identities. That "Right Thing todo" in the six possible outcomes from any manifested event - ranging from Not Doing Anything to sustainable breakthroughs - can be measurable via (1) clearly defined visible attributes of "Right Effort" from one's personal perspective at the present moment, versus (2) observable attributes of the discovered Value of the values in all efforts according to natural laws to help one navigating daily activities and relationships toward the discovered one's Value of the values in the environment having reckless drivers - unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] - to change oneself and the environment toward cultivable What Count[R23].

The measurable attributes are at both (1) duality and (2) normative layered levels to show not only the efficiency of the plan and execution but also the connection between Oneness via [ Conscience >< Kindness >< Empathy >< { Prajna >< Justice >< Morality } >< Joy >< Detachment ] and Duality. Once one has no layered [ Conscience >< Kindness >< Empathy ] the layer { Prajna >< Justice >< Morality } is lost. Based on our discovered scientific process from observing the esoteric degeneration of many in the Illuminati New World Order, the technical efficiency may be at the peak as advocated by Singularity University, but dangerously degenerated to turn the actor and the action in relationships into a robot, loosing the measurable connection back to the source of Oneness in KhaiPhong. A dramatic example can be drawn from Ashoka and Kalinga War (262 – 261 BCE) with its aftermath to awaken Ashoka's Transcendental-Awareness [ Conscience >< Kindness >< Empathy >< { Prajna >< Justice >< Morality } >< Joy >< Detachment ], changing from conquering via violence and elimination toward a policy at solving some of problems and tensions faced by a complex society such as different/opposing cultures, beliefs, social and political patterns. This is very relevant in the light of present Technical Advancements to push people toward a biological robot in the "Self" preserving instinct to be blinded from two other attributes of the Latin "humanitas" namely Compassion and Wisdom (Prajna). Reincarnation of Ashoka may be a living student among us to help implement the Science and Economics of Oneness in KhaiPhong.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - augmented with AI Graph - is a practical tool to naturally enable "Better Decision and Learning" in the Dependent Nature of outer manifestations in all activities and the inner cultivation (Wisdom / Prajna) of (1) "Right Understanding" and "(2) Right Motivation" for a "Right Effort". The outer manifestations are (3) "Right Speech", (4) "Right Action", (5) "Right Livelihood", having natural fragrance of "the four Boundless Qualities of Mind" for the Happiness of One and the Whole: [ "Conscience, Kindness (mettā - tâm từ), Empathy (karuṇā - tâm bi), Prajna, Justice, Morality, Joy (muditā - tâm hỷ), Detachment (upekkhā - tâm xả)" ] which are subjectively measurable to statistically gauge against observable large set of data. The required technologies are now available for everyone being a part of this sustainable Conscious Living - via invisible helping hands of Prajna and Economics - in all activities and relationships, helping to change oneself and the environment toward What Count just like what Ashoka did over 2000 years ago.

The (6) "Right Effort" - when and where to make decision - from first four out of six possible outcomes in any manifested event is part of transcending the Observed in Gotama first four stages of "Verifiable Emptiness". The depth of Detachment can be effortless when one can transcend the Observer with some stability toward Sunyata Non-Thingness and Unmoving Sunyata (momentary Nirvana). Practicalities of this "Beyond the Known in Transcending the Observer" are manifested in the fifth (a sudden breakthrough / Value of the values) and sixth (sustainable breakthroughs / Tùy duyên Bất biến, Bất biến Tùy duyên) possible outcomes of Right Effort in any focused event. The inner wisdom and its cultivation comes from the generalised state of HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna or Gotama (7) "Right Transcendental-Awareness" (instead of Right Mindfulness to demand the innate Transcendental States), and the accumulated stock of Gotama (8) "#EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness / Transcendental-Inner-Peace". The eight "bold" items - marked from (1) to (8) - are components of Gotama's modified Eightfold Path, the model to drive any identified issue Dukkha to its solution End-of-Dukkha / Nirvana[D44], being revitalised in Making Life Easier and Happier - Knowing more about one's "reason of existence". The Buddhist "Right Mindfulness" is replaced and qualified as "Right Transcendental-Awareness".

To further stress the importance and achievable normative 'Right Thing to do' directed by Prajna, let's contrast this "Optimized Sweet Spot" versus the "Sweet Spot" coming either from ET[R20] or other blinds touching elephant driven by tainted senses on the conflicting duality plane of the event: 'Follow your Passion' and/or from 'Know Oneself' where the 'Right Thing ToDo' is replaced by observable manifested 'Passion' and the 'Right Way ToDo' is the demand side of what people need. Due to past tainted senses and the Grasping of what you call 'Passion', your Efforts very easily go astray without sufficient "Transcendental Awareness" coming from measurable evidenced-based hard facts of your Plan and Execution.

Similar to the passion where available energy to get the job done is at its peak, the 'Right Thing ToDo' coming from Prajna brings tremendous "Intensity of Attention" at the present moment, but "Transcendental Awareness" is always present throughout due to wider perspective of the event, even before the job is done with available Feedback consequences to immediately sees what need to be changed for a better opportunity. It is just like a wise general who can change the plan right in the battle due to the twist-and-turn of the situation. Once the job is done, there is no hanging / clinging side-effect or bounded by one's past Action, ready with Freshness for the next task.

There is a significant difference from a Right Effort driven at wider view from [ Prajna / Oneness ] and Wrong Effort driven by tainted senses on the conflicting duality plane of the event, glimpsed by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] [ hữu niệm and vô niệm / conditioned thought and Beyond-Thought ]. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Vietnamese Land Reform were concrete examples of the wrong efforts, messing up their own lives and the lives of others since none of involved parties knew the "Oneness", the invisible foundation of Prajna which is scientifically cultivable. These "Wrong Efforts" at large scale - affecting millions people - had common observable pattern of indoctrinated and violent enforcement in generating "Conflicts" to prepare for an ultimate target of absolute dictatorship, an observable pattern of cunning intelligence from negative Fibonacci degeneration which now has scientific solution to reverse the darken processes driven by Greed and Fears. When there is sufficient critical mass (over 8%) of conscious living people - knowing and sensing the differences between the Right and Wrong directly affecting their lives and the environment they are parts - the above large-scale tragedies cannot happen.

The end result from Right Effort driven by cultivable [ Prajna / Oneness ] seeing the targeted event according to Thing-As-It-Is / Actuality and Wrong Effort filtered by tainted senses of inner conflict outer conflict is applicable to [ user / persona / organization ] at micro decision-making units, influencing all aspects of macro manifestations. To see how Invisible Prajna and Positive Economics affect macro manifestations according to impersonal influencing forces where only the cultivable view from high above [ Prajna / Oneness ] plane of the event TRUTH can push the event toward a Right direction of What Count[R23], let's look at [2017 - 2024] conflicting forces between military and economic powers to solve current international issues after the foiled attempts to enslave humanity by the masters-slaves relationships from the New World Order (NWO)[R20.3], [R20.4].

The background of Illuminati NWO is well documented over the Internet. Its well-planned target - publicly printed on the US one dollar bill - to enslave humanity via Greed and Fears of Inner Conflicts Outer Conflicts on the duality plane of events has been foiled according to natural laws and the orchestration of Good Forces. The dark forces and their break-away drive on (1) the illusions of democracy and human rights when most people are driven by tainted senses further enforced by enthroning sense desires rather than Beyond the senses according to human nature, (2) US military power to enforce their "law and order according to regional masters-slaves relationships" of the Neo-Fascism, (3) break-away from their banking system - led by Russia and China - through the organized World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund) plus economic and military powers coming from emerging units clearly seeing the cheating processes imposing on their people for 1000s years.

Yet, the break-away units are driven by myopic short term interests of their comparative advantages as shown in the above Figure 2, imposing short-term interests of the leaders' groups - as apparent from personal centralized power in China - rather the interest of their people from Thing-As-It-Is / Actuality according to natural laws in the Right direction of What Count[R23]. At the same time, seeing the reality of the new situation while consciously being Free from esoteric mind control of the NWO (masters-slaves) elites - typified by US and behind-the-scene influencing forces - adjust their positions, having tremendous accumulated resources to be used in either Wrong Efforts as done in the past or "Right Efforts" according to cultivable Conscience and Value of the values in their Quality of the consciousness. These are new multi-polar interactions where the "Wei-Wu-Wei (Effortless Action) from Right Efforts" in both "the known and beyond the known" will emerge. We have some positive things to bring to the table.

So, the new Issue everyone facing is still the aged-old inner conflicts and outer conflicts, with possible solution / light glimpsed from high above on the cultivable plane of [ Prajna / Oneness ] transcending all conflicting forces on the background strengths and weaknesses. In terms of the above Figure 3 using to search for the sweet spot of one's negotiating strength in patch A of Figure 2, the "Right Thing Todo" circle is the party economic strength and the Right Way Todo is its military strength to maintain its claimed strategic independent position on the negotiating table. It is the cultivable "soft power" embedded in its people that provides long-term Unique Comparative Advantages - ironing out the divergence between individual Right and state Right of complex society having different/opposing cultures, beliefs, and social patterns - in the current new changing realities on the well-known benefits of International trades against the danger of nuclear war, and the universal Dependent Nature of humanity plus something such as environment.

When there is significant critical mass to know more about oneself, the people / state decide how to use available economics and military powers, enforcing "Right Efforts" of elites aligned to longer Value of the values. Here we prove the relevance of this cultivable soft power coming from [ Prajna / Oneness ] that we are happy to work with the Haves - transcending nationalities - seeing this noble cause in possible Vision, Mission and Execution.

Figure 4: Essence of The Right Effort

KhaiPhong Normative and Artificial Intelligence assist the Right Effort, enabling one an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environment based on Thing-As-It-Is / Actuality toward What Count where the measurable and cultivable Moral Value of [ Oneness / Prajna ] and its connection to the event outcomes on the duality plane of conflicting activities and relationships are presented as an attribute of conscious living for one to decide.

Science looks at Self (Soul / Alaya / Container of consciousness) as an object of human belief, or as a concept that shapes cognition and an understanding of the world, having direct impacts on the Quality of one's existence. We tentatively define (1) Consciousness = the ground of all being, the nature of all things vibrating at the fundamental level, (2) Self / Soul / Alaya = an identifiable bundle of unique Consciousness having Intelligence which is an ability to make decision and ability to learn, (3) Freewill = the Directed Force of a Self / Soul to shape its unique quality of the Consciousness and the Environment. In the "verifiable awareness of the consciousness - passing an utter Silence of Purity - there is no experience of body and thought, transcending both the observed and observer which is the Buddhist Not-Self. It is knowable via Gotama's signed posts[D29], [D30], [D26] at Expanding (Infinite) Space upward. Hence one can personally verify - beyond thought - that existence is a manifestation of consciousness. We concentrate on the practical aspects of consciousness - directly affecting one's quality of existence according to natural laws - not at the theoretical level of pure science.

Bodhidharma - the father of Zen - answered[D35] to confirm the practicality of directly knowing the self and not-self in the manifestation of consciousness in the state of "No Conflict Inside - No Conflict Outside", yet having tremendous "Intensity of Attention" to make Things Happened in a Right Effort. Contrary to "the Blinds touching Elephant" in Buddhist cheating Sangha about "ignorance and its destruction", the current "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" start from one's level of Prajna. The driving force behind Volition / Freewill / Sankhara is either Ignorance or Prajna - Table 2 - for a Wrong Effort or Right Effort that drives one's activities and relationships. The word "Effort" is used in many places instead of "Living" to highlight the normative aspect of the "Buddha Nature" in "Transcendental Awareness", scientifically cultivable by discovering underlying natural laws according to the "Dependent Nature" of existence. To be Aware of the difference between "Ignorance" and "Prajna" one needs to know the sources of Thoughts at the Volition / Freewill / Sankhara level driven either by tainted senses within one's Consciousness container - consciousness, semi-consciousness, unconsciousness - and the external influences from good or bad sources as known in all organized religions, plus "something beyond according to Natural laws" due to dynamic "Dependent Nature" of existence.

The definition of "Conscience" as an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgement that assists in distinguishing right from wrong indicates the possibility of that faculty. We equate this "Conscience" as starting point to Buddhist "Prajna" to expose its cultivable processes via the Science of the Consciousness that one does not need to start from square one, mathematically represented as scales of the Y-dimension in "#EmptyTheContent / Transcendental-Inner-Peace". That "something beyond according to Natural laws" from Prajna / Conscience enables a conscious living person (1) be Aware of one's outdated Marks, (2) sense the source and its intention behind external influence where Gods / Allah / Satans / Lucifer / Buddhas etc are just normative agents and parts of the Whole, (3) properly manage one's reality relevant to the present moment, and (4) have a "Right Effort" toward "What Count"[R23] in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

A conscious living person is more than a "Thing" in Computer Simulation of modern "Matrix"[R20] where one can change oneself and the environment one a part, capable to prevent and foil the "Mind Control" of dark forces. The normative aspect of "What Count"[R23] where individual person - having the capability and Human Rights to decide what most appropriate and not worthy relevant to one's present moment - is the driving force in "Making Life Easier and Happier". A significant contribution to know more about oneself about this capability despite all issues (outdated marks and karmic forces) came from Krishnamurti contribution in his dialogue about "Psychological Suffering - Nature of Mind". Scientifically knowing the process, we can discover other natural laws to create the right conditions for a heavy lifting for most people knowing what Krishnamurti knew to be a more effective "Agent of Changes"

That "Conscience" has been esoterically presented since 1700 as an alternative to the greatest hoax in humanity - Christ (the anointed / messiah) Hoax with its doctrine of one life, one unchanging forever soul and "redeemer" in a feudal master-slave relationship - via the anti-thesis (Antichrist) with scientific proofs in reincarnation, in evolution, in channel spirits, and finally in claimed "resurrection of your soul" by ET (Extra Terrestrial) "consciousness power" in a new "Order / Utopia" of one financial institution, one government, one military force, one religion well-known in Illuminati New Word Order (NWO). Since "soul/agent" is a unique identifiable bunch of consciousness, it cannot be destroyed but transformed in its quality of Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction. That is why only "soul/agent" which is constantly changing to reflect its evolution or degeneration can be "resurrected", not both "soul and body" as in the claimed "Christ process". The "resurrected" means taking "the soul / agent" out of its frozen state due to fear and/or elevate it to a lighter/brighter living environment, just like one can elevate people in a slump to a better environment for their personal evolution. With noble inner circle and circles of inner circles, one can liberate oneself with or without assistance from members in one's circles without falling in the trap of "claimed Redeemer" and/or "Antichrist / Lucifer" master-slave dark force.

To highlight the interaction between "Being" and "Right Effort" made happened under KhaiPhong Technology, Soyen Shaku[R6] coming from the World Parliament of Religions September 1893 stated:

All things return to "One" and "One" operates in all things.

God not in the world is the false God and the World not in God is unreality.

Source: The God-Conception of Buddhism

The lesson learned from Christ Hoax and its claimed process enforces the internationally accepted meaning of Human Nature (Nhân Bản), recognizing the differences among people but there is no difference in having the Right and Aspiration for some happiness, avoiding unnecessary sufferings. That recognition and its "Right" - Human Rights - is applicable not only within Humanity, but also amongst intelligent beings starting from humanity upward where Allah, Gods, Buddhas, etc, are parts of the intelligent Whole. Thanks to the collapse of the dark forces - attempting to change humanity and other higher realms with their technologies of "soul snatching and mixing clearly violating Human Rights" against the working conditioned of Natural laws to serve their Fascism, the Christ / Messiah and its infallible gatekeepers are out. In the normal case - without external influence - soul or the eighth consciousness according to Buddhist Consciousness-Only[D39] will combine with materials for its manifestations in different realms according to Natural Laws in one's evolution of the consciousness.

Due to external influence from other intelligent beings, we have witnessed many extreme violent / sex sadistic [ elites / leaders / kings / queens ] in powerful positions to mesh up their lives and the lives of others[R20.3], [R20.4], temporarily against the "Right/Moral Dependent Nature" of existence. In the long run, no dark force can be against the working conditions of Natural Laws. That is one of the causes to bring down the esoteric dark force behind the Illuminati master-slave NWO, and why the true democratic process is necessary for the evolution of One and the Whole toward an Easier and Happier Living Organism according to What Count[R23]. That true democratic process coming from the "Right Effort" speeds up efficient "Natural Laws" in raising the "Transcendental Awareness" of all involved parties by focussing at the Actuality and Practicality of all efforts.

KhaiPhong is a synthesis from two extremes in Christ Hoax and Anti-Christ (Lucifer), in religion and science, in "Not-Self" and "Self", in "Ultimate/Wider Truth" and "Relative Truth" from high above on the TRUTH plane of Prajna / Oneness by injecting the "Being" into the "Living" from the highest consciousness state discovered by Gotama as the "End of Dukkha"[D44] - building on top of scientifically proven discoveries of past dedicated explorers - as a scientific foundation for further discoveries. With technologies to enable effortless action (wei-wu-wei) moving from conflicting duality at the focused event to Oneness / No-Conflict consciousness - by-passing binding Word/Image and clinging Thought of tainted senses - for "Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position" then back for a "right place and right time in a decision" of a Right Effort, it is the ultimate synthesis of Hegelian dialectic - also known as "Prajna Dialectic" - between duality in all focused events and the plane of TRUTH from [ Oneness / Prajna ]. It is "Dialectic" since it happens on the duality plane of events influenced by all relevant forces. It is "Prajna" since the "view" and "decision" come from high above plane perpendicular to the plane of duality that no Artificial Intelligence can catch due to complex "Dependent Nature" of the event. We prove no dichotomy between Religions and Sciences generated by unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] from all organised religions, between Self and Selfless in modern Self-Selfless Actualisation, between [ Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict - Oneness / Hữu Niệm - Vô Niệm ] glimpsed by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] to actually know the True Nature of Human Existence (Kiến Tánh).

Everyone can be a part, Making Life Easier and Happier according to Natural Laws of "Thing As It Is" in a wider perspective of "Dependent Nature" of Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations where one's inner circle and circles of inner circles are the second most important next to the Actual Quality of one's Consciousness. It is a science to study and enhance individual stream of consciousness, its environments and the interactions between the Two. We call it "the Science and Economics of Oneness in KhaiPhong". We introduce in the study technologies to infuse "Natural Purification" from "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict according to Natural Laws" to loosen the grips of tainted senses, enabling one sense the source of thoughts for proper management via Transcendental-Awareness and possibly clearing outdated Marks while Expanding one's Consciousness to Higher level for a wider perspective of existence.

Using the same Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Deep-Learning Graphs in Internet of connected Things (IoT), we can augment the Science of Consciousness with hard data and Value of the Values represented in the Graphs of Persona, Device, Auth (authentication/authorization), Transcendental-Awareness (Samadhi-Prajna), Location, Network. Yes, there can be a Transcendental-Awareness Graph of your activities to augment the Consciousness technologies in knowing more about yourself of "What Count".

KhaiPhong via Freewill driven by Prajna directs the Right Effort in observable, testable, and achievable Actuality or 'Thing As It Is', the 'Being / Onto' in 'Ontology of Intelligence Integration' to "Open outdated Knots (Marks) and Expand one's Potentiality - KhaiPhong" in Higher Consciousness.

It is The Essence of The Right Effort - the "Being As It Is" beyond any utopia such as God, Allah, Buddha, Bodhicitta, Bodhisattva, and philosophy of "Self or Not-Self" which are at Though level. It is beyond Buddhist "Causes and Effects" and Nagarjuna Madhyamaka since through Higher Consciousness - Figure 1 - one can have a Sudden "Breakthrough" for an aesthetic part of the Dependent Nature in actual living since it describes the scientific Operations of discovered Natural Laws where one - a bundle of consciousness knowing "What Count" - is fully responsible for one's destiny and the environment one a part.

We revitalize Gotama's discoveries by (1) directly addressing your pain point (Dukkha) while stressing the solution in the innate Budh to know "What Count" relevant to the present effort instead of the "Not-Self", (2) revitalizing Gotama Transcendental-Awareness with the delivery of the Science and Economics of "KhaiPhong" to enable most people knowing "Transcendental-Awareness" at the source of thought or Freewill / Volition / Sankhara of their consciousness container, plus something beyond for better life management and possible verification of the Truth of Not-Self, (3) enabling the invisible / helping hand of economics to inject Transparency and Accountability in the Execution. We provide alternative angles to the Totality that one can take based on what most appropriate at the present moment: (1) [ Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachment ], then [ Awareness, Dependent, Prajna ] from KhaiPhong Technology, and (2) ComPassion, HonNhien, Prajna (State/Stock of Samadhi) from AwakeningBudh Movement (Table 1.1) where this Compassion embraces both "mettā / kindness / tâm từ" and "karuṇā / common vibration of energy / tâm bi" while this HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity) embraces Joy (muditā - tâm hỷ) from the four Boundless Qualities of the Mind (TỨ VÔ LƯỢNG TÂM).

Similar to Council on Foreign Relations - whether there is or there is not any agenda to shape the World on the direction of elites in the "Illuminati New World Order" - we have been working toward the Council on Khaiphong in the past 50+ years. The world becomes more complex. Whatever happened in one corner will affect the entire World and Cosmo, well-known in Buddhist theory as the Dependent Nature of existence discovered by Gotama 2500+ years ago in his own "Quest" for a solution of "Dukkha / Sufferings in Existence" (dukkha-dukkha, viparinama-dukkha, sankhara-dukkha) and claimed discovered solution[D44] as "the End of Dukkha". The reason why it is still dormant up until 2024 is the "Unpardonable Sabotage" of professional cheaters[R18.4] in his own Buddhist Sangha, not seeing yet claimed to see not knowing yet claimed to know[D19], [D33]. Please:

  1. Join us if you are of one the elites, selected by the dark/good force and/or inheritance to be in the position to change the World. You are survived due to possible changes in your Conscience or the new You that the dark force snatched an impostor to your selected self. Your "dominant issue" can be scientifically solved by states and stock of Prajna as Gotama's advice to Ajita's Questions[D22]: "Karma flows as stream. Whatever streams are in the World, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness (states of Prajna) that obstruct and restrict them, and by Prajna (stock of Prajna), they are dissolved".

  2. Scientifically and scholastically[D33] debunk "faked dharmas" put up by unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4], riding on the credibility of dedicated explorers to bully and cheat humanity. If you are Buddhist, monk or nun, please force all claimed Buddhist teachers, meditation masters, reincarnations of xyz (a) publicly expose the "know-how" that 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha cannot deliver using "so many fingers pointing to different painted moons" that they do not know nor personally verify, (b) describe the actual experience in dissolution of the contents / emptiness and Then What in its relevant practicality, (c) trace out the optimal conditions as in Taming The Ox, (d) describe the Signed Posts as we would ask and challenge Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] if he were a living student.

  3. Help us via your "Right Effort" in "Making Life Easier and Happier", "Knowing more about yourself, Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position" in "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings" to be part of the critical mass for leveling the differences between state rights and individual rights, making happened the democracy and its human rights.

These three-prong approach is our strategy to actually benefit all involved parties the Haves >< StakeHolders >< HaveNots, and current in all organised religions and state affairs, helping them to clean up the cheating processes of their religions and countries in the new Golden Era of humanity. The "Haves" - due to your innate Buddha Nature or Kingdom-of-God Within - know your personal Issues and how to allocate available resources to optimise your Value of the values according to natural laws[D32] plus only Hand-On, your True Quality-of-the-Consciousness is exposed and changed in your continuity of the consciousness. Please read a dialogue between Bodhidharma and Emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty. For stakeholders - in either organised religions and/or state affairs - is it time for you to be honest (true to yourself) to stop your continuous degeneration that you may not be fit to qualify yourself as a person, enabling the Nature purify your Ignorance / Cunning Intelligence and Craving for the appearance of two others attributes in Latin humanitas: ComPassion and Wisdom (cultivable Prajna). For the Have-Not, please use your innate Buddha Nature or the Kingdom-of-God within to wake you up that (1) you can be an Agent of Changes to change yourself and the environment you are a part, and (2) you are not a slave or robot; biologically physical existence is only 1/3 of the qualified humanitas for human rights. Together we can be part of the new Human Golden Era of self-respect and respect-others.

Figure 5: Taming The Ox

Duality is the nature of existence due to conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and continuously changing (viparinama-dukkha) things, proven by the second law of thermodynamics and measurable at Planck Time or the rate at which regular matter in physical reality changes - yet there is continuity in the quality of individual stream of consciousness, knowing the difference between the Right Effort leading to easier life and Happiness versus the Wrong Effort leading to destruction and Sufferings (dukkha-dukkha) for one and the environment - debunking cheating master-slave relationships of processes in the "Forever" of all organised religions and "materialism enslaving oneself in tainted senses". Consciousness is a form of energy which cannot be destroyed but transformed. The quality of individual stream of consciousness - following natural laws of whatever light[D32] in cream of the cream floating up - is the most important and relevant in Value of the Values of one's existence.

This observation is not anymore an ontological subjective and/or logical, but can be scientifically proven and epistemic objective with the help of many to make happened Gotama's discovery of Dukkha - an important identified Issue of Existence - and verifiable solution, reachable at the end of Dukkha[D44] and Gotama's glimpse of Awareness-Prajna { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" }[D22] now having Scientifically Cultivable Prajna actually known by at least 36 identified students from different angles - transcending civilizations, religions, countries, cultures, skin colour, etc, to effortlessly wipe out armies of persistent professional cheaters from the past 2500+ years of cheating Buddhist Sangha, not Knowing yet claimed to know not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19].

"Taming the Ox" is about cultivating and verifying the "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" in the Prajna division of the modified Eightfold Path. One faces the realities of one's tainted senses - eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind - in making "Wrong Effort / Sin whose cause is known as Ignorance due to preconceived patterns of tainted Perceptions and How-To detoxify these binding and clinging forces from innumerable past mistakes. The possible solution was discovered by Gotama in '[ Purity of the Mind / Tâm-Tịnh ]', innate in most living persons, and his advice to Ajita[D22] for Right Effort, making life Easier and Happier, unkonwn in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism up until 2024.

A "conflicting duality (darkness)" cannot see "other conflicting duality (darkness)" As-It-Is, exactly as a criticism from Madhyamaka scholars that a sword no matter how sharp cannot cut itself which is shown as the difference between A, B, C and D in Figure 2 where elements in sets A and B are conflicting. Therefore, a thought (meditation not at the transcendental level) of Emptiness in Nagarjuna Madhyamaka is not Empty. A "thought/concept of avoiding duality" as taught by an esoteric impostor Maitreya is already a duality. You need to enter the "Gateway-to-Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" via discovered Natural Laws that most people know such as "Good Samaritan", "Faith", Kindness, Empathy, but not concentrated enough to be addicted by the senses.

Using stronger binding Word/Image such as in the "Christ Hoax" (one life, one unchanging forever soul, redeemer to resurrect your "soul and body" to be next to the evil "claimed" Father God) and clinging Thought (as in Islam "there is no god but allah - lā ʾilāha ʾil ʾāllāh"), or sense pleasures (eye-ear-nose-tongue-body-mind) (as in sex via Buddhist Kalachakra), those from indoctrinated utopia enslave themselves in a "privileged" class and their victims (obedient sheeps) to addicted senses rather than using the senses for exploring full Potentiality of the Presence, "Making Life Easier and Happier".

KhaiPhong is all about:

  1. Having sufficient Transcendental Awareness (Gotama's Awareness-Prajna / HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna) to identify the Issue and the simplest direct path to your Target.

  2. Making available Cosmic Intelligence of Dependent Nature due to Likes-attract-Likes plus Action-Reaction surrounding your Issue and Target, enabling it wider and deeper since whatever Best for you is also Best for many of similar pattern or like-mind in all realms of duality.

  3. Making Best Tools available for your Issue and Target, reaching their own milestones and evolving together with others out there via invisible orchestration of the Whole according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED.

Scientific approach in AwakeningBudh KhaiPhong involves practical classifications of "identified Issue and required conditions" to either manage the issue and/or dissolve it based on reproducible proven processes, contributed by all concerned parties to practically value-add to the accumulated contributions. For example, Gotama's discoveries at different depths of transcendental consciousness states[D26], [D29], [D30] to enable him honestly advise Ajita[D22] about Awareness-Prajna that most of his monks / nuns do not know nor have since they have not passed his qualified "Gateway-to-Oneness", yet cheating others with all forms of "non-transcendental" Meditations and Prajna Vipassana from hallucinated Emptiness, violating his fundamental code of conducts as a qualified person defined in Latin humanitas Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19]. The different depths of Awareness-Prajna can be marked as "signed posts" and "proven discovered trails" to these signed posts, plus from one signed post to the other signed posts having "right conditions" to either manage the Issue and/or dissolved it exactly as done by modern medical science.

This is why we construct below the initial phases of "Detachment (Vô Trụ, Xả trong Từ Bi Hỷ Xả) via the concrete signed posts of Gotama's [ Equanimity and Purity Higher Consciousness ]" for your contributions. The process is well-known in Sports and Performance Arts moving from measurable hard facts of [ Body >< Mind >< Right Effort ] toward cultivable normalised Arts at the signed posts. See for yourself the significance of this road map since - up to 2024 - no one in the entire history of Buddhist Sangha can ever touch this scientific process for the benefit of the mass.

Consciousness technologies (Table 4 and Table 4.1) will be introduced to make known to you and others the Consciousness-Only, esoterically transmitted by Maitreya to Buddhist Asanga 1500+ years ago with value added from many. The target of these technologies is the "Natural Purification" for "Seeing Thing As It Is", moving from "Imaginary Nature" toward "Dependent Nature" for a Right Effort which is all about the "Conscious Effort toward What Count". Your contribution in knowing the "Perfected Nature" for the "heavy lifting" via Natural Purification in Higher Consciousness (Figure 1) is a thesis in your selected topic and activity to demonstrate the dynamic "Dependent Nature" - a further extension of Nagarjuna "Relative Truth" and outside-the-box "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" - which states that a movement from "Relative Truth" to "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" and the manifestation of the "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" in "Relative Truth" for an Insight into the Emptiness is conditioned. Observing and discovering the underlying natural laws for Right Efforts toward Lasting Value of the values as done by dedicated explorers such as Gotama, Jesus, Bodhidharma, HuiNeng, ... - Making Life Easier and Happier - are the target of Dharma Studies.

The word "Dharma" means the "principle of cosmic order". There is a significant difference between religious studies where Buddhism is a part, and Dharma Studies where ability of listening to the signals coming from the Dependent Nature of Existence can be scientifically observable, testable, and reproducible (cultivable). Please use the following qualified questions and known / proven states of consciousness to expose the realities of all (1) religious leaders from all organised religions since most are unworthy people, (2) Buddhist teachers, meditation masters, spiritual / mental counselors since most have not passed the Gateway-to-Oneness, knowing nothing about meditation / dhyana / Transcendental-Awareness[D22] / samadhi-prajna in their own Understanding and Motivation in all activities and relationships, unqualified by both Gotama and HuiNeng as detailed below, (3) spiritual / sacred environments for "Exciting with Conscious Living and Opportunities to Do Good", then make things happened for yourself and others the required conditions and facilities for the real sacred happened, called "PrajnaPlace / Equanimity Community" or the places favourable for the fruitful cultivation of Prajna. We think humanity is at the stage of widespread Dharma Studies while religious (history) studies help to expose thousand years of evil cheating processes to enslave humanity in their own master-slave relationships that we know their esoteric realms have been collapsed due to cosmic natural laws.

Here is Gotama's verifiable process in moving from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D26], [D29], [D30] toward the Sunyata / Oneness to personally verify Gotama's third Truth[D20], the Truth he called the "End of Dukkha"[D44]. That is why you can contribute optimal conditions of your personal breakthrough in your specialized domain that others can benefit and value add their own significant contributions, exactly as done by Gotama in starting Buddhist Sangha to introduce his discoveries. The thesis is a modern proper Gotama and HuiNeng certification processes to qualify those having some direct experience with [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ] and [ Samadhi-Prajna / Định-Tuệ ], wih evidence-based documemtation for other dedicated explorers to further prove, disprove and/or build on it. This book serves as a first corner stone of the New Era of Consciousness Discoveries and their practical implementations. The qualified people form a transparent legal body of dedicated professionals - Not-for-Profit (NfP) AwakeningBudh Foundation - to sustain deeper and wider explorations of the discoveries and their practical applications to solve "Real Pains" in Making Life Easier (fulfilling Basic Needs) and Happier (experiencing Being Needs).

Since modified Eightfold-Path is Gotama's model / process for the solution of his identified Issue Dukkha, we adopt the pattern used by Dr. Duong BaTien for his students in 1975-1976 graduating classes (of International Trade and Industrial Organization) from a Canadian University that the same question can be divided into different levels to correctly measure and fairly rate the qualified students. Following is the question about the Silent State of Mind at different depths of graduating classes applicable to all domains and fields of all Activities and Relationships in the required theoretical understanding of discovered trails left behind by many explorers that your thesis is one of these proven processes you stand on your own feet to make it known - exactly as what Gotama did for his identified Issue "Dukkha" and the discovered solution[D26], [D29], [D30] - for others to value-add on your dedicated works. These are the beginning of scientific works - as in all other scientific branches - in discovering underlying natural laws practically optimized for use cases, adding more proven technologies to the following questions blah blah blah in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism up to 2023-01-23 by the Vietnamese Buddhist Mafias directed and corrupted by Vietnamese communist governments up to April 2023 (the evidenced videos were deleted) immitating Chinese Hoax and Expositions from the entire history of Confucius feudal systems in Wars & Peace, transforming to imposing outside Silence with Fear and Brute-Forces by unworthy people to pacify one's Inner disturbing Space - Trung Đài Thiền Tự (the video has been imposed by another video of the Chinese monk Tuyên Hóa) with [ DANH THÀNH - TÂM LOẠN (Cảnh báo cho người nổi danh) / Successful - Disturbed Mind ] of animal Kingdoms in one's Continuity of the consciousness having tracked records of 100+ years governing by evil communist mafias, exactly as done by the Hoax of Jesus Redeemer from entire 2000+ years from its Western counter parts that China called the "Clash of Civilizations from 2019". This is "not a verbal attack", but statement of Fact verifiable in scientic methods for the Dignity of humanity!

Very few realize a bigger picture from esoteric evil and professional cheaters influencing their "slaves" - unworthy and professional cheaters in humanity - to perpetuate their esoteric evil feudal systems and their immoral revitalization of energy against underlying natural laws via sucking "youth energy" in sex / "Luyện tinh hóa khí, khí hóa thần, thần huờn hư" and cheating / stealing beneficial works from others using cunning intelligence as exposed at point B of Figure 2 well-known in Canada as "The While had Land and the Indian had Bible". Again, Very few directly know that both Capitalism and Communism were created by the same evil group of human slaves known in Illuminati Elites who have planned the Third World War since 1960's from the Cuban Missile Crisis. Due to the "downward trend of their degeneration versus the upward trend of evolution" from the Good Forces naturally demonstrated in Complex Fibonacci numbers at minutes 6:25 and 7:00, their recent attempt - hopefully the last "dark Voodoo influence" happened to humanity - was the Russia-Ukraine war driven by the Mother Maria of Fatima. Living students from Good Forces according to underlying natural laws have passed F5 = 5 = F-5 at Wu-Nien Transcendental Awareness of "sensing from the source of thought" to deliver [ Visible Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ] and reaching F6 = 8 Awareness-Prajna in engaged Living to be demonstrated by the reincarnation of XuanZang (Huyền Trang), F7 = 13 Awareness-Prajna in Forecasting and Simulation to be demonstrated by the reincarnation of Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm far beyond X-7 = 13 of degenerated Clinging Thought, up to "Samadhi-Prajna" at F8 = 21 to be demonstrated by the reincarnation of HuiNeng (Huệ Năng) far beyond all esoteric form-realms known by this writer. VietNam was caught in that Hegelian dialectic since 1954 after the Battle of Dien Bien Phu between isms (Capitalism versus Communism). Here is the latest evidence about Vietnamese April 1975 and celebration of its victims / niềm vui ngày 2/09/1976 on [ the Saigon streets now changed to Hồ Chí Minh / trên đường phố Sài Gòn đã được đổi tên thành Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh ].

We ride on the total collapse of the past esoteric feudal systems from ruling animals, naturally opening the [ New Era ] of innate qualified "Morality and Justice" of Intelligent Beings in verifiable "TRUTH & CARE" on the foundation of self "HONESTY" where the blah blah blah of animals cannot foul qualified people with "Painted" Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought in "Consciously Harmonious Living". Please challenge all (world wide) Buddhist Universities / Institutes / monks / nuns / scholars / explorers / followers and all other esoteric beings such as "Vairocana / Tỳ Lô Giá Na Đại Nhật Kim Cang" scientific issues of the following questions in the mental side of dukkha or possible issues from tainted senses[R8] in the Right Understanding and Right Motivation of the Prajna division from the (modified) Eightfold Path, and "the Hows" (scientifically proven processes) of:

  1. Detachment / Ưng vô sở trụ / #EmptyTheContent / BUÔNG in Gotama's First Jhana to get out of these Issues (Detachment branch).

  2. Passing from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth in Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka to properly handle these Issues (Madhyamaka branch).

  3. Accessing Perfected Nature to move from Imaginary Nature to Dependent Nature in Consciousness-Only for dissolving these Issues (Consciousness-Only branch).

  4. Having an Insight into the Emptiness and Prajna from the Buddhist Heart Sutra to be Free from these Issues (Prajna branch).

  5. Then Value-Add to the Heart Sutra via Emptiness and Prajna from the grassroots in evolving positive Complex Fibonacci evolution @ minute 6:25 of the video cross-cut all Intelligent Realms from humanity (as defined in Latin Humanitas) upward.

Based on accumulated theoretical backgrounds, your thesis should describe (1) the optimal conditions for you to move from "Relative Truth" to "Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Outside-the-Box" and your actual experience on and off the "trail", (2) your experience from that "Outside-the-Box / Ultimate (Wider) Truth" back to "Relative Truth", together with observable cracks and possible hazards to be watched out. The first requirement is the "necessary condition" to Open one's knots of outdated Marks such as excessive sex drive, Fear, Phobia and Expanding one's Potentiality in Higher Consciousness. The second requirement is the "sufficient condition" for sustainable Conscious Living while testing one and the aggregate the Essence of Right Effort in What Count.

The Detachment in Gotama's First Jhana has been widen by many dedicated explorers to discover proven scientific processes to personally verify the deliverable "Emptying / Dissolving / Naturally Dropping the content" in the mid of conflicting existence for a Fresh Outlook of dynamic Thing-As-It-Is to obstruct and restrict unfavourable condition via Transcendental-Awareness with sufficient "Intensity of Attention" for a Right Effort coming from "outside-the-box" Prajna as Gotama's answer to Ajita's questions[D22]. That is the contribution from Bodhidharma's Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha[D35], from Madhyamaka, from Consciousness-Only, and from Prajna via the Buddhist Heart Sutra, known and verifiable Only By Those actually experiencing these states to honestly describe what it is and reproducible conditions to make it happened. It is now statistically measurable with [ Wu-Nien / Blank Mind / Vô Niệm ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment"page 126 in The Zen doctrine of no-mind [R5.1] } in the manifestations of seven (7) different depths of Consciousness.

Effortlessly wiping out Buddhist unworthy people will turn 2500+ years of Buddhist contributions into a science similar to but much more significant than Economics since it provides the missing link outside tainted senses of Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change any event toward What Count having visible Right and Wrong - Moral Value of the values - driven by invisible Hand of "Prajna". KhaiPhong's Digital Commander user-facing mu - a container-based Command Centre and Personal Assistant - and its custom Executive Information Portal MyEIP are AI tools designed to enable each persona (individual or aggregate) know more about oneself from both discovered Consciousness Technologies and hard facts measurable as outcomes of one's activities and relationships in gauging the quality of one's Consciousness to change oneself and the environment toward What Count in one's Continuity of the identified Consciousness.

You can help to stop - once and for all - Buddhist unworthy people (evidenced in this latest book 2019-09-16 "NIỆM ĐỊNH TUỆ HỮU LẬU VÀ NIỆM ĐỊNH TUỆ VÔ LẬU / Visible and Invisible Transcendental Awareness Samadhi Prajna") sabotaging Gotama's precious discoveries in 2500+ years up until 2024. Where is the "Transcendental State" qualified by Gotama in his "Mindfulness", explicitly stated in his Equanimity third Jhana[D29]? This hard-core professional cheater THÍCH THẮNG GIẢI knows nothing about "NIỆM ĐỊNH TUỆ / Transcendental Awareness Samadhi Prajna" that we (1) pointed out the Issue of past Vietnamese Buddhist supreme leader (Pháp Chủ Thích Phổ Tuệ) addicted to calming beads plus [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ] riding on Gotama's credibility to sell what the professional cheaters do not know nor have on the "Path of Enlightenment - CON ĐƯỜNG GIÁC NGỘ" made by the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha at the end of 2013 (2013-12-09), (2) exposed two other Vietnamese hard-core professional cheaters - Thích Thanh Từ not yet passing the Gateway-to-Oneness at Gotama's second tranquillity yet boosting about the Vietnamese Truc Lam from Buddhist King Trần Nhân Tông, knowing nothing about the Right and Wrong of "Oneness in the Changing (viparinama-dukkha) and Conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) Existence (Dukkha)" coming from Prajna commonly known as your visibly highest Conscience in positive Fibonacci evolution for an outside-the-box solution of a focused event, and the claimed enlighten monk Thich Nhat Hanh attempting to cheat humanity from his imagination and hallucination, (3) challenge all Buddhist Institutes and Universities to scientifically and scholastically present "The Right Understanding of Transcendental Awareness" in English that THÍCH THẮNG GIẢI attempted his cheating process from [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ] into [ unqualified Gotama's Mindfulness > Samadhi > Prajna - NIỆM > ĐỊNH > TUỆ ] all on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness, mathematically incapable to touch Gotama / HuiNeng discovered Transcendental Awareness / Wu-Nien, Samadhi, and Prajna.

The logical proof of Gotama's Issues due to Not Knowing the layered No-Conflict Consciousness / Scientific Proof of Gotama's Degeneration and armies of unworthy people in Buddhist Sangha - to be later statistically and empirically verified by KhaiPhong Prajna Dialectic - is very significant in statistically empirical verification the proposed theoretically optimal foundations of current theoretical model (2019-10-20) in its practical aspects from all activities and relationships. The writer is amazing with the movements of Good Forces, changing the mass consciousness to wherever there are appropriate conditions for its evolution that Soyen Shaku[R6] - a Zen Buddhist (1860 – 1919) spreading the Dharma in the United States - had his prediction: 'Budh Dharma was born from India, germinates in China, grows in Japan, and will maturate throughout the world'. Let's look at the quoted "activities and relationships" for sensing a possible "Place" to raise the flag of Soyen's prediction and its manifestations. Here is another prediction from 2020-11-13 esoterically revealed via the contents from minute 21:30 of how it may happen, taking [ Human Heritage / Văn Hiến ] of Human Rights as visible "Gift".

Coming from the same Buddhist scholar, scientist, and poet Hoang Phong that we quote "his poem of relationships", here is his analysis 2020-12-29 of how the "Chinese Chan of inner Silence" on duality plane of conflicting consciousness to "Japanese distinct Zen on #EmptyTheContent" toward Oneness then to Haiku in "Freedom of the known from Word/Image and Thought enslaved humanity by all isms) without recognizing that he may be a typical modern Vietnamese to take that stake of consciousness evolution to the next "distinct level in engaged Living" well-known in being an innate part of the Vietnamese "Nói Vậy Mà Không Phải Vậy" [ "Awareness" as its target - “Kiến Tánh" làm tông / "Dependent" as its substance - “Duyên Khởi" làm thể / "Prajna" as its fundamental principle - “Bát Nhã" làm gốc ]. In his poem, the silent observation of "[ Awareness / Transcendental-Awareness / Wu-Nien ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment } "Trong gian nhà tối bốn người nhìn nhau ... Thế rồi nước mắt tình tôi hai dòng". This is a "switch from activities to utter Silence" of Higher Consciousness - called Transcendental Awareness / Transcendental-Inner-Peace (TIP) - self sustainable due to their real value-adds of the scientific processes of KhaiPhong Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Kindness connecting the worm-holes for direct communications and collaborations transcending both the observer and the observed. It is far beyond "analysis of focused attention 2020-12-19 in Buddhist Vipassana" unknown by most Buddhist monks / nuns / followers due to 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism driven by "Big Mouths" of hard-core professional cheaters. The scientific switch from activities to utter Silence of "Kindness >< Empathy" demands "some minimum states of Prajna" to be heavy lifted by riding on underlying natural laws. That is why PrajnaTIP in Kindness to turn Gotama's modified Eightfold Path into "the middle way must wait for the mass upgraded by underlying natural laws to naturally have "Kindness >< Empathy" embedded in their engaged living.

KhaiPhong value-adds to "Buddhist Consciousness-Only theory are (1) proof in the existence of the storehouse eighth consciousness to leverage one's strength and mitigate one's weakness in "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna", (2) Self-Selfless Actualisation at its seventh consciousness with the implementation of Gotama's "Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác[D22]. Humanity has been deprived of 2500+ years breakthroughs in Human Dignity and Human Rights from significant discoveries of dedicated explorers. The problem has been mentioned via Chinese practicalities as "unchewed garbage / sputum (đờm rải) " from HuiNeng's Sudden School to be replaced with another "unchewed garbage / sputum (đờm rải) " by other groups of Chinese professional cheaters of Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19], exactly as their esoteric masters (ET) trying to replace "the Brick Walls of (thousands year) Belief"[R20], with another burned image of [ Beliefs > Perception > Interpretation > Emotional reaction > Thoughts > Action ]. The technique of blah-blah-blah descriptions from unworthy people totally ignorant about [ Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm / Transcendental-Awareness / Kingdom of God within ] on the duality plane of conflicting events has been tried by Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam. We think this is the right time - from 2024 - to enable all worthy explorations from all activities and relationships being manifested via cultivable Prajna and measurable Right Efforts contributed and shared by those actually knowing and living with Awareness-Prajna { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" }[D22] to all interested parties from the grassroots of humanity.

Fully recognising this issue, the writer had four hand written sets of notes to show verifiable Thing-As-It-Is based on his personal experiences versus well-known established Buddhist assertions from published books. Seeing the task to revitalise and scientifically implement Gotama and HuiNeng precious discoveries might be too big for one person, he had donated most of these books together with his hand written notes to Vietnamese Prajna Pagoda in Calgary Canada and to the Abbot Lobsang Cho Jor of the Tibetian Gaden Jangtse Thoesam from the University fund raising in Calgary Canada. Part of the notes is the scholastic evidence of XuanZang deduction versus direct perception of quoted Dharmapala from [ Thành duy thức luận / Vijñaptimātratāsiddhi Sastra / 成唯識論 Che'ng Wei-shih Lun ].

It is similar to Economics that you can quote a sentence from one who knows; but if you do not know the one who knows can detect the difference in your words and other words. It is so since Economics use Mathematics from different perspective and/or different dimensions, together with statistically empirical verification. In the same pattern, those not knowing Gotama / HuiNeng discovered Transcendental-Awareness / Wu-Nien / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness, Samadhi, and Prajna are just Blinds' imaginations on what they are not touching even part of the Elephant, which is the reality in 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha up until 2024. Partly due to KhaiPhong Challenging and Debunking Cheating Buddhism since 2007, here are the seven summaries (2019-10-19) of what "extracted from Nikaya and Chinese about liberated Prajna / bảy bài kết tập trích dẫn từ Nikàya (Pali tạng) và Hán tạng về tuệ giải thoát qua pháp thuần quán" (TUỆ GIẢI THOÁT / Prajna to liberate oneself from Binding and Clinging forces): (1) TUỆ GIẢI THOÁT / Prajna to liberate oneself - egoistic self is the owner of conflicting thoughts which cannot touch Prajna self-selfless actualization and proven being Gotama's crack, destroying his own precious discoveries and 45+ years of Efforts; the qualities and depths of Prajna is measurable and cultivable with KhaiPhong AI tools, (2) ĐỂ TÂM VÔ TRỤ LÀM TỪ THIỆN / Detachment in Charity - the author(s) know(s) nothing about Detachment, Passing from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Accessing Perfected Nature, and Having an Insight into the Emptiness and Prajna that we ask you to challenge world wide Buddhist Universities / Institutes / monks / nuns / scholars / explorers / followers missed by all involved parties from 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism, (3) MƯỜI MỘT CỬA GIẢI THOÁT / Eleven doors of liberation - the entire 2500+ years of Buddhist Sanga has dug its own grave in egoistic self of conflicting thoughts, knowing Nothing about [ Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm / Transcendental-Awareness / Kingdom of God within ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" }, (4) TỰ TẠI GIỮA CÓ VÀ KHÔNG / Self-Selfless actualization between Haves and HaveNots - unworthy people are pulled and pushed on the duality plane of conflicting events lives-after-lives known by Soyen as "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality", (5) TƯỞNG VÔ THƯỜNG, TƯỞNG VÔ NGÃ, THOÁT MỌI KHỔ ĐAU / Thinking of Impermanence, Not-Self to Free oneself from Dukkha - unworthy people know nothing about Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth, (6) CHÂN KHÔNG DIỆU HỮU TỰ TẠI THONG DONG / Wonderful Emptiness at the Presence - unworthy people Not to Know yet pretend to know, Not to See yet pretend to see[D19] in perpetuating masters-slaves relationships in very unworthy living where Natural Laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes operate, (7) ĐOẠN NGHI NGỜ LÀ CHƠN GIẢI THOÁT / Not suspicion is True Liberation - this is Not Gotama's Charter of Free Inquiry[D23] that his reincarnations bullied by unworthy people in his Buddhist cheating Sangha were unable to recover parts of his discoveries about Karma, Transcendental-Awareness and Prajna[D22] which KhaiPhong will make them into epistemic objectives { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" }, effortlessly wiping out Buddhist unworthy people.

Totally ignorant about [ Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm / Transcendental-Awareness / Kingdom of God within ], unworthy (Thích Trí Quảng , Thích Thanh Quyết) and hard-core persistent professional cheaters (Thích Nhật Từ, Thích Viên Minh, Thích Trí Chơn, etc ) running government directed Vietnamese Buddhist Organizations and Universities continue to blah blah blah "unchewed garbage / sputum (đờm rải) " of what they do not know nor personally verify at University levels in formal classes of THÀNH DUY THỨC LUẬN CHUYÊN ĐỀ III. LỘ TRÌNH TU TẬP (2019-10-15) 100% on the duality plane of conflicting events and mathematically incapable to touch Gotama / HuiNeng discovered Transcendental-Awareness / Wu-Nien, Samadhi, and Prajna. The above 5 steps for deepening and widening scientific solutions in addressing Gotama's identified issue Dukkha will NOT come from any identity - human and/or esoteric / ET - incapable to raise one's innate ability of one's Buddha Nature / Kingdom of Gods within beyond the Gateway-to-Oneness, persistently dragging on by Vietnamese Buddhist Mafias in its 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism up to 2023-01-23. Finally a lay Buddhist must raise up from 2023-02-14 "Please don't Lie / Musà vàdà veramanì / XA LÌA NÓI DỐI" failed by almost all Buddhist monks, nuns, followers in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism that we hope this movement also in VietNam will start a New Era of "Exciting with Conscious Living and Opportunities to Do Good".

Load the best "Right Understanding of Transcendental Awareness" of entire Vietnamese Buddhist communities from all sects and schools to (1) formally prove that Gotama is Not Cheating humanity as done by esoteric dark force and most of his monks / nuns / followers in 2500+ years of sabotaging his contributions[D22], and that (2) Gotama / HuiNeng discovered Prajna can actually dissolve dominant karmic forces such as those underlying Hindu cast systems and/or unworthy relationships since the discoveries are parts of Natural Laws to be Discovered and Shared in Making Life Easier and Happier transcending all philosophies and isms. Similarly, there are sufficient students actually knowing "Wu-Nien / The Kingdom of God within" { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" } using different "Faiths" that we encourage them working out "the Secret Sauce unknown by Jesus" helping humanity regaining that "Kingdom of God within" and preventing another chance of being bullied by the evil Father God. The writer has also identified living students using Gotama's advise to his monks in the "aloof from sense desires and breathing as an aspiration to higher consciousness, plus their own "secret sauces" rather than concentration to overcome really disturbed states of mind in naturally regaining the "Freshness". He encourages them forming their own inner circles to work on scientific processes, very much similar to "cooking a dish", helping millions of other Buddhist monks / nuns / followers subjected to binding Words/Images and clinging Thoughts having "constipated faces" of professional cheaters and religious leaders "Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see" in making very unworthy living[D19].

Up until 2024, those having that glimpse of the consciousness - but did not have required tools and community infrastructures - need to wait. The tool will be fist delivered via KhaiPhong user-facing mu as we currently have to equalize the playing field for delivering what most beneficial at the bottom line. It is similar to the state of the consciousness known by the Good Samaritan[R16], untouchable by most claimed Roman Catholic priests. These "Good People" have been bullied by unworthy people with their wrong logical Dependent Nature to describe the painted cake of "Detachment" and/or "Love" in Buddhist Sangha and Roman Catholic Church for their group benefits of perpetual masters-slaves relationships. The target of KhaiPhong is an ecosystem of both normative tools - proven as statistically significant epistemic objectives - and Artificial Intelligence to augment human intelligence in widening and deepening the other two attributes in Latin humanitas, namely Compassion and Prajna / Wisdom. All activities and relationships are driven "From people, By people, and For people".

It is wrong logic due to wrong assumption leading to Wrong Effort since a conflicting duality cannot see other conflicting duality as-it-is to get out of the issue. This wrong assumption can now be mathematically proven using set theory. Your actual experience in [ (1) Detachment, (2) Nagarjuna's Relative / Ultimate (Wider) Truth, (3) Asanga's Perfected Nature / Imaginary Nature, and (4) Prajna in the Heart Sutra ] transcending all cheating organised religions, together with your stand-up spreading your real contribution as done by Gotama 2500+ years ago - at much much easier global space due to modern facilities of kp_platform where you are a part - will effortlessly wipe out religious unworthy people to "drug" humanity in their world-wide masters-slaves culture, contrary to the Human Rights for so long.

HuiNeng delivered the actuality and practicality of that "Detachment / Ưng vô sở trụ / #EmptyTheContent / BUÔNG" and describe his actual experience in Samadhi-Prajna, knowing what it means Wu-Nien (Beyond Thought Vô Niệm) / No Mark Vô Vết / Detachment Vô Trụ. Most recently, Krishnamurti used etymology of "ComPassion" where "com" is the common vibration and "passion" is energy to actually describe the required conditions of that "outside-the-box" of conflicting self which is different from beyond self at thought level of most Christians since no matter how much at the circle of "beyond the self", there is always a center of the self. Only in Buddhist Dharma, there is an exploration of Wrong Effort / Sin and Right Effort directed by Prajna via cultivable Purity of the Mind. Again cunning intelligence of Buddhist persistent professional cheaters have successfully buried this exploration of the Wrong and Right Efforts in their painted "Emptiness at thought level / a Thought of Emptiness IS NOT Empty".

The new Era has been arrived where we have not only tools to logically prove the existence and practicality of Verifiable Emptiness[R1] for those not yet passing "the Gateway-to-Oneness", but also technology to infuse "Natural Purification" from outside-the-box Ultimate Reality in Madhyamaka, or Perfected Nature in Consciousness-Only, or "Sees the five skandhas to be Empty of Essence" in the Heart Sutra to turn Gotama's "Gateway-to-Oneness" passing "Detachment / Ưng vô sở trụ / #EmptyTheContent / BUÔNG" into an epistemic objective when many can verify this state of the consciousness to empty the content for rejuvenation and reborn.

Epistemic objective is Not an ontological subjective which is a personal opinion to be tested and verified including personal opinions from Gotama, Jesus, You and I. Since all manifestations are conditioned and changed, scientific approach is to explore the right conditions for the manifestations of what can make life easier and happier and/or prove the personal opinions defective and/or illusions such as (1) Gotama's Awareness-Prajna to obstruct and restrict binding/clinging (karmic) forces and dissolve them[D22] which is the core solution of human pains (Dukkha), (2) Gotama's designed tools in mindfulness of breathing (Anapanasati[D24]) and the Great Frames of Reference (MahaSatipatthana / Tứ niệm xứ[D25]), etc.

We logically prove that Gotama's designed tools are defective since (1) they are scientifically impossible to know Thing-As-It-Is at any focused event either within or outside one's body as asserted in Buddhist Diamond Sutra (Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita[R7]) and currently proven by science, (2) they enslave Buddhist [ monks / nuns / followers ] on the duality conflicting plane of existence in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhist Sangha up to 2024, knowing nothing about transcendental states known by Gotama and others[D29], [D30], (3) Gotama did not know the discovered layered No-Conflict Consciousness forming the Foundation of Transcendental-Awareness required for his Awareness-Prajna that he is not cheating humanity as most of his [ monks / nuns / followers ], enabling in part [ Prajna >< Justice >< Morality ] and in part of sensing the event (counter part) [ Prajna = True Intention >< Thing-As-It-Is >< Strategic Position ].

In this new Era, we currently know and can deliver (1) meditation technology riding on natural laws - PrajnaTIP in Sound - to enable most people know these #EmptyTheContent / Transcendental-Inner-Peace at different Signed Posts known by Gotama when he was a child to personally verify and turn his personal opinions[D29], [D30] into epistemic objectives with many facilities and conducive places available in modern living, (2) modern tools from Fourth Industrial Revolution to personally know more about oneself and the environment one a part, out of painted cakes from all isms and organised religions where Buddhism is a part in enslaving humanity via Greed and Fears contrary to possible liberation discovered by Gotama 2500+ years ago, (3) epistemic technologies to statistically test all personal opinions by forcing all standing on their own feet of what they can actually know - not imaginary deductions from other "Blinds touching Elephant" - to effortlessly weed out unworthy people, not Knowing yet claimed to know, not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19], [D31].

Once the power of "Natural-Purification / Detachment" has some significant concentration in a critical mass of practitioners, the integration of Compassion and Prajna will be introduced to fast track toward deeper state of cosmic consciousness - known as Gotama's Infinite Space and Infinite Consciousness - where one can actually verify Gotama's Not-Self at both the physical and mental states. At the physical state, sensing of your body is disappeared. At the mental states, your sense of space and consciousness is expanding. You actually know that it is "Not-Self", no need of logical argument from scientific fact in "Empty of Essence". Gotama's personal opinion of "Not-Self" will become epistemic objective as the foundation for wider and deeper exploration. The empirical verification of Gotama's "Not-Self" is the discovering of underlying Natural Laws for realisation of modern Self-Selfless Actualization, the positive Ground of Esoteric Buddha-Nature having the cultivable "#EmptyTheContent" theorised by Buddhist Madhyamaka for practical Reborn and Rejuvenation from Stresses (Dukkha) and Continuity of the Cultivable Quality of the Consciousness toward a Right Direction of What Count theorised by Buddhist Yogacara.

Again, the practicality of that personal Verification - actually knowing Not-Self - is the Purity of the Mind to enable Right Understanding and Right Motivation coming from Prajna in your Right Effort from all activities and relationships, helping You (yes! physical and mental "Normative Intelligent You" of this meaningful existence!) and the Community toward a Right Direction. This "Normative Intelligence" of the Right and Wrong has been Aware for a very long time in humanity - commonly known as the Moral Value, Spirit, God, the Nameless, the Tao, the Ultimate (Wider) Truth, the Perfected Nature, the Self Nature - as Conscience or Latin Humanitas (biology, compassion, wisdom) leading to Human Rights, and now as Prajna in cultivable process to be scientifically explored.

Buddhist cosmology mentioned different Realms where duality exists in all visible manifestations of all realms due to conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changing (viparinama-dukkha) Dependent Nature. Yet, out of this duality known either as inner conflicts outer conflicts (dukkha-dukkha) or - according to Bodhidharma Jue Guan Lun[D35] - Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha to know more about yourself and what need to manage, there is an epistemic objective / cultivable Prajna[D22] talked about in all organized religions thanks to their mystics and known by extraordinary explorers in all fields { karma - Binding Clinging Forces - flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved }. This Oneness - Normative Intelligence / Kingdom of God within / Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Sunyata - can be mathematically represented as one Y-dimension cross-cut and perpendicular to all dimensions of duality X-dimension / realms. This "oneness" has been recently touched by few scientific explorers as Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse.

Esoterically observable Thing-As-It-Is seen in the mind-eye of a Sound Specialist in our group - that this person uses cosmic consciousness to perform beneficial works with higher realms - is an energy funnel (column), running from this earth where human beings are its guardians all the way through middle realms where dragons are its guardians all the way to higher realm(s) where the higher realm lies within the energy funnel. The lay lines of energy running from this funnel of energy to the cross-cut realms of [ duality / diversities ] for natural purification in all conflicting events of diversities. It will be our modern proof to turn personal opinion ( ontological subjective) into epistemic objective of scientific process.

Hegelian dialectic of thesis-antithesis and synthesis is always at conflicting duality of conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changes (viparinama-dukkha). Due to innate Budh - the Buddha Nature, the Kingdom of God within, Latin Humanitas - individual and the mass can feel the "Wrong" according to natural laws of Thing-As-It-Is when it goes too far to swing to another extreme due to tainted senses. This is the reality of all isms where organised religions are parts to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships in their esoteric lying and bullying animal feudal kingdoms whose overall outcome is the total collapse by underlying natural laws, mathematically described in Complex Fibonacci evolution then degeneration at minute 7:00 without Knowing WHY. That has been why the Illuminati New World Order can support both sides of Right and Wrong to gradually enslave humanity via Binding Word/Image perfected by the Roman Catholic Church and Clinging Thought perfected by Muslim to gradually enslave humanity in the name of their utopia using imposing violent forces. These binding and clinging forces enslave one on the duality plane of conflicts,runing in the negative direction from the focused point toward "Detachment" via observable column of energy that we formulate this X-dimension on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness where "Detachment / Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Ưng vô sở trụ" is happening with its intensity of positive direction.

Dedicated explorers and mystics sometimes can touch the contact point from the plane of duality with "Oneness", called Gateway-to-Oneness. We postulate this Oneness plane of No-Conflict consciousness Y-dimension perpendicular to the X-dimension on the duality plane of conflicting consciousmess. Only on that No-Conflict plane, one can sense the focused event on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness Thing-As-It-Is to make a move in one's favourable conditions. Achievable depths on this No-Conflict plane have been empirically verified and scientifically described by Gotama in his recorded Jhanas. We simplify his descriptions into six Signed Posts for easy mathematical classifications, and take it as the positive direction of #EmptyTheContent (from tranquility) toward Non-Thingness. Having field researches with esoteric degeneration and human cunning intelligence, we observe their innate ability of concentration to be also on this No-Conflict plane for clearly seeing what-going-on at the focused event. It is called "cunning intelligence" due to observable pattern of "I win You loose" and the tendency to squeeze the opponent to the maximum such as point B on Figure 2. We call this the negative Y-dimension of cunning intelligence. The common line intersction of the X duality plane and Y no-conflict-conciousness plane has common attributes of No-Conflict consciousness which is the property of "Kindness and Empathy" observable on the duality plane. But without scientific processes in discovering underlying natural laws, almost all isms Insights are either polluted by their own tainted senses and/or used by unworthy people to enforce their cheated masters-slaves relationships. Using the "Gateway-to-Oneness" contact point between X duality plane and "Oneness Y plane" as the right "Intuition / Insight / Outside-the-Box Experience", we can trace out why major organised religions - such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - go astray from the "transcendental source" at the contact point. Same thing is happened to the Latin Humanitas, branching into objective Sciences missing the Compassion and Prajna dynamic interactions toward What Count, injecting "Being" into "Living".

The practicalities have been discovered at much wider and deeper once religious unworthy and professional cheaters have been debunked. For example, each organized religion - Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc - has its own Norms and Moral Values which are at duality and conflicting levels. The lasting Value of the values - the Conscience / the Normative Intelligence of knowing Right and Wrong - which is an epistemic objective must be perpendicular to that duality plane of all human isms to objectively measure the quality of the Normative Intelligence (consciousness) in the Right Understanding and Right Motivation, the Prajna division of the modified Eightfold Path. It is the opportunity for all isms weeding out unworthy people within their organisations to deliver the verifiable Value - that they call Moral - of the values, rationally challenged by Soyen Shaku[R6] from the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago 1893.

Hegelian dialectic is applicable to move from one conflicting synthesis to another conflicting synthesis which is always in the inner conflict outer conflict to face the War inside and outside to justify for a dictator and/or totalitarian regime. Taming The Ox is discovering underlying natural laws to be Beyond Thought (Transcendental) of Hegelian dialectic to see the strategic position and what needs to do relevant to the complex issue in the Change Management accidentally discovered in Vietnamese August 1945 Uprising for Independence and Freedom to know more about oneself, Making Life Easier and Happier. The Hegelian dialectic changes only one polar of synthesis at a time, while the "Change Management" - together with discovered natural laws for contacting the "Source / Oneness" - changes the driver/creator and one's activities / relationships toward What Count[R23]. This characteristic of Awakening in Peace enables all isms - including the Human Nature for Human Rights - return to the common "Source / Oneness" of transcendental nature, plus many other possible paths and discoveries, more appropriate to different cultures and conditions. From then on, signed posts beyond the "Gateway-to-Oneness" contact point can be verified from different paths and/or from one signed post to others having different proven trails.

The ability of clearer View driven by this Prajna depends on the Clarity in unbinding Word/Image and unclinging Thought. We can see different shades of binding and clinging forces such as (1) Greed, (2) Killing driven by some utopia, (3) Excessive sex drive, (4) combination of the above at all shades to the extreme, leading to different parallel worlds or realms at different shades and patterns of the duality in its multiverse. Hence, the Oneness / Normative Intelligence / Budh / Conscience / Prajna is orthogonal (due to multi dimensions) to this multiverse. This has been discussed in Buddhist cosmology and verified by us as an actuality in playing a small part of stopping the Illuminati esoteric influence to enslave humanity and others.

Intelligent Beings - in the cross-cut realms where humanity is a part - have sufficient hard-earned experience to be practical enough of being beyond concepts arriving at verifiable bottom lines of practical living according to the principle of cosmic order, known as Dharma. Thanks to modern mathematics, we can view each realm / dimension of duality as a matrix-plane where three dimensions (X-Y-F of each realm as illustrated in Figure 11.1) are collapsed into two as illustrated in the TRUTH plane (directed X-Y plane) of any event from Figure 2 on the vertical direction of Cultivable Prajna to scale the quality of consciousness at different realms and/or moving from one realm to another in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The vertical direction of Cultivable Prajna can be viewed along the complex Fibonacci numbers with both positive and negative directions at minutes 6:25 and 7:00 of the video. Without discovering underlying natural laws, it is very easy to degnerate after a right evolution due to the self of animal kingdoms via cunning intelligence, empirically observed in the degeneration of the esoteric animal kingdoms ruled by the past King of Gods.

With mathematical experession of the complex Fibonacci numbers, we can scientifically and empirically test (1) the optimal processes to move from evolution-degeneration cycle to positive Only evolution cycle from minute 6:25, and (2) required engineeering technology to stop the degeneration processes via Freewill and favourable conditions to be back to the positive evolution cycle shown at minute 6:25 of the complex Fibonacci cycle. Buddhist Consciousness-Only reveals that continuity of the consciousness - now scientifically proven - in the carry-on eighth consciousness according to natural laws of the light (in cream of the creams) and the heavy (darkness of sufferings) on the vertical direction of "Cultivable Prajna". Thanks to be part of the Good Force to foil the horrific plot of perpetual masters-slaves relationships, we confirm that it is not a concept - a scientific friction extracted from observable incidences coming from ET and/or told by any evil Father God / Buddha - but an actuality in the Nature of Things to be scientifically explored. In terms of available digital tools, each identified observable dimension such as Transcendental-Awareness X or transcendental Inner-Peace Y is a matrix of observable vectors in a vector database built from key-value store into user Neural Graph Database where user Knowledge Graph and custom AI are built. With available qualified students in both normative and AI positive Intelligence collected in the past 50+ years of KhaiPhong Inner Circle, we have a plan to turn KhaiPhong into sustainable business owning its own technologies as the first pioneers to extend Trần Quốc Tuấn[R7.4] people-first for Society 5.0 "From people, By people, and For people", riding on the past contributions of Gotama's Transcendental Inner Peace (Jhanas) and HuiNeng's Transcendental Awareness (WuNien). We are looking for potential clients and/or partners laid out in the step 1 of the Enginneering Roadmap.

That vertical dimension of [ Prajna / Conscience ] perpendicular to human dimension of duality - where conflicting Norm and Moral values of all isms manifest - has both positive (the light) and negative (the darkness) direction of common energy in Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction. Unworthy and Professional cheaters of all isms had successfully led humanity toward many dark periods leading to billions lives in unnecessary sufferings. This lesson-learned together with scientific discoveries in the Nature of Things have helped to wake up the innate Budh (Buddha Nature / the Kingdom of God / Latin Humanitas) in most people - together with the orchestration of Higher Realms to be In Sync with Cosmic Order - we are now in the new Era of Higher Consciousness where everyone can be a part for the Joint Effort toward a Right Direction of What Count. Each can benefit from the positive environment of Higher Consciousness while being a part to effortlessly weed out unworthy people bullying humanity based on Fear and Greed for so long.

It has been well known about the Ley Line in the West and Feng Shui in the East about the energy vibration of the environment and how to be part of its harmony. Similarly, there is a cross-cut of different realms through these centres of energy where communications and exchanges among different realms are possible via consciousness technologies, commonly known as worm-holes. We have been logically demonstrated that despite innumerable outdated marks in our senses - plus a conflicting impossible to see other conflicting As-It-Is - there is a possibilility of reversed evolution from Form to Consciousness, by-passing all burdens of outdated marks for a Fresh Look and Insight into the strategic point to change oneself and the environment toward a Right Direction.

The reversed evolution - via proven trails as exposed below - can be reproducible by discovered right conditions for its manifestations along the cultivable Prajna direction. The Right and Wrong of the "reflection" along this Cultivable Prajna according to the "Principle of Cosmic Order / Dharma / Thing-As-It-Is" Natural Laws to be discovered is outside the right and wrong of all moral values of all religions and isms at conceptual level since there is No Absolute Right or Absolute Wrong. But there is an optimal Right and Wrong, relevant to one's present conditions directed by Prajna of seeing Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position at the right place and right time that Buddhism up to 2024 - even at theoretical level - cannot touch due to the multi-polar dynamic influences of the complex Dependent Nature. Most people's moral values of Right and Wrong are due to binding Word/Image and clinging Thought! There are scientific processes to be out of these binding and clinging forces as exposed next to represent your unique contributions for your own and other benefits.

To see the importance of this "Optimal Right and Wrong" from Thing-As-Is-Is Natural Laws - observable, testable and verifiable - let's scientifically look at the following recorded personal experiences in Christianity and Buddhism due to Wrong Understanding and Wrong Motivation driven by Ignorance.

  1. It is well-known that through Faith Jesus could know something Beyond "Word / Image / Thought" and performed extraordinary tasks, moving high along cultivable Prajna dimension perpendicular to the plane of duality. Yet, without knowing the Natural Laws of Thing-As-It-Is, here is a record of his actuality: from [Mark 14:36] "Abba, Father," he said, "all things are possible for You. Take this cup from Me. Yet not what I will, but what You will" or from [Matthew 26:42] "My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done".

    First, manifested God / Allah / Buddha is only a part of the Dependent Nature - scientifically proven by the second law of thermodynamics - to put a directed effort (volition / sankhara) in influencing an outcome just like any human Right or Wrong Effort. "All things are possible for you" is an ignorance and hallucination due to multi-polar normative intelligence of innumerable intelligent beings where Gods, Allah, Buddhas are only parts, plus the Right Conditions for things happened. By 2024, the realities of the Father God and Allah are fact-based due to Action-Reaction and Likes-attrct-Likes known by those participating in the Communication Hub facilitated by current reincarnation of HuiNeng. That kind of both theoretical and empirical Ignorance was exploited by unworthy degenerated beings in the middle realms for 60,000+ man-years - commonly known as "coming from the heaven" - spreading to human realm under the name of "conflicting religions". It has caused merciless destruction of all involved parties, competing one another via cunning intelligence for shiner image and power, driven by Greed and Hate plus Lying going against natural laws of whatever heavier / darker sinking down while the lighter floating up. This naturally leads to extreme degeneration of many Gods / Allah / Buddhas in the middle realms and their slaves - cunning elites in human realm - for sense desires and powers in observable degenertions of the entire feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods. Their last attempts are both at human level of their slaves and impostor level of Huynh Phú Sổ (founder of Vietnamese Buddhist Hòa Hảo). The New Era of Higher Consciousness has arrived due to the movement of cosmic energy and the reorganization from higher realms where we are lucky to be a tiny part. We hope no one missed this unique opportunity, knowing more about oneself.

    Second, the change management - accidentally discovered in Vietnamese August 1945 Uprising for Independence and Freedom - states that in any changing and conflicting existence, there are Always factors being changed according to one's influences and/or by consciously directed actions. Strategically knowing these factors one can change oneself due to natural laws of Action-Reaction and the environment one a part, being an active member toward a "Right Effort" according to "Human Nature" to democratise the "Human Rights" from the Unity of Oneness.

    Third, due to Prajna Normative Intelligence one can directly perceive the critical spot of the situation to nullify adverse effects that makes the avoidance / run-away from Bodhidharma's Jue Guan Lun[D35] Childish and Unnecessary to directly know 'Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' from the Lankavatara Sutra[D34].

    If you are Christians and see some Value - such as the Quality from the Good Samaritan[R16] that Jesus actually lives what he advocated, yet cheaters in the Roman Catholic Church put their ignorance in Jesus's mouth to bully others and perpetuate their masters-slaves relationships riding on his name for their group benefits in 2000+ years of human dark periods, please do something about it and join others such as dedicated Buddhists to debunk the upside down of their religion from those Not Knowing yet claim to know, Not Seeing yet claim to see to drug the mass while destroying precious gifts from dedicated explorers for humanity.

    The higher, one can move along the direction of Cultivable Prajna, the wider view one can see Thing-As-It-Is one's situation and the strategic position due to one's Comparative Advantages at the Right Place and Right Time. These are not philosophical, but epistemic objectives. This actuality has been demonstrated by Vạn Hạnh[R7.1], well known in his ability to get the "Pulse[R1]" of complex military and diplomatic national securities to arise at optimal solutions toward What Count[R23]. These epistemic objectives are targets of KhaiPhong to make them happened and known by many people.

  2. Similarly, Buddhist monks boosting their "unconditioned" Panna / Prajna as the outcome of their "conflicting concentration" in their conflicting meditations and purity of the mind, here is a proof of persistent professional cheaters in their binding "Word/Image" of Not-Self[D19] which is a verifiable "Thing-As-It-Is" along the dimension of Cultivable Prajna known by many as an epistemic objective!

    Even one has touched the "Gateway-to-Oneness or Gotama second Jhana of Tranquillity", the binding "Word of Not-Self" and clinging Thought on the righteousness of Buddhist Sangha will chain oneself at the plane of conflicting duality. HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity) is the necessary and sufficient condition to ride on heavy lifting of natural laws as actually verified by Gotama riding on his tremendous compassion for all beings when he was a child sitting under the shade of a tree.

    There are ample evidences that unworthy people in Buddhist Sangha[D20] put their ignorance in Gotama's mouth to ride on his name in making very unworthy living, claiming to know what they do not know, claiming to see what they do not see. Even in Bahiya Sutta[D44], the statement claimed to come from Gotama "Bhikkhus, Bahiya of the Bark-cloth was a wise man. He practiced according to Dhamma and did not trouble me by disputing about Dhamma. Bhikkhus, Bahiya of the Bark-cloth has attained final Nibbana" is very likely the boosting from those not passing the Gateway-to-Oneness forced on Gotama for their group professional cheating processes since the binding and clinging forces of Sex and Ideals of Isms tainted one's senses from Right Understanding and Right Motivation are very deep in all human beings and in the middle realms of Gods / Allah / Buddhas / Saints / Bodhisattava.

    Buddhist monks are advocating their Purity of the mind in 2500+ years blah blah blah of elaborate cultivations, all at duality conflicting levels, just like their cultivation of Emptiness at indoctrinated and conflicting thought since a conflicting duality cannot see other conflicting duality As-it-Is to properly manage one's reality. Sex is a binding/clinging energy embedded in the physical form at the time of one's reincarnation to be activated at the right conditions. Due to one's long evolution, besides the pure physical sexual energy, there are also Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction with many of one's past intimate partners. It is known by most grown-up - male or female - the issue of separating driving forces from sexual instinct and from worthy partnership. Yet, there is a cultivable process in Natural Purification according to scientific principle of cosmic order exactly as Gotama's advice to Ajita[D22].

    Thanks to special Sound Technology of a living student and the orchestration of Higher Realms, we know the most recent reincarnations of Gotama and Jesus. We courageously point out the esoteric sabotage of their discoveries in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha and 1000+ years of the Roman Catholic Church. The bottom line is that everything - including sustainable national / international laws - must run according to Thing-As-it-Is of the "light" floating up and the "heavy" sinking down[D32] in one's evolution of Normative Intelligence / Conscience / Prajna. If you are Buddhists and see some values in Gotama's discoveries, (1) please put your efforts in making his discoveries epistemic objectives standing on your own feet as what he did in 45+ years in making known his exploration, and (2) do not provide opportunities for others driving you toward Crimes Against Humanity as done by religious cheaters in the Roman Catholic Church.

  3. Gotama's "Not-Self" is Thing-As-It-Is high above in the Prajna dimension, orthogonal to all other duality dimensions of Realms and Parallel Worlds. It is directly perceived at both physical and mental states from Gomata's fifth Jhana of Infinite Space upward. Yet, persistent professional cheaters in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha reduce it to a logical concept, deducted out of wrong assumption stuck on the plane of duality of thoughts, causing 1000+ years of chasm between Madhyamaka and Consciousness-Only while none has passed the "Gateway-to-Oneness / Tranquility" moving along the Prajna flower of the Compassion Tree deep rooted in Sunyata as known and exposed in the Heart Sutra.

    One medium target from the science and economics of KhaiPhong is to enable sufficient practitioners personally verify Gotama's "Not-Self" to turn his "personal opinion" into an epistemic objective for wider and deeper exploration along the cultivable Prajna dimension, taking Buddhist philosophy out of the ivory tower of persistent professional cheaters.

Instead of sharing the right and optimal conditions to be scientifically value-added by all concerned parties in innumerable environments without starting from an unknown unexplored spot of "the blinds touching imaginary elephant", all organized religions - sabotaged by hard core unworthy and persistent professional cheaters - conceptualize and idealize a possible outcome by dedicated explorers into permanent states to bully Good People and turn the mass via Fear and Greed into slaves for their group benefits of perpetual masters-slaves relationships. It has been recorded that there are more than fifty (50) different conflicting sects of Christianity and over fifty (50) different divisional claims in Islam, all based on different versions of Jesus's life and their legal/moral interpretations at conflicting duality. Same things happen in Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism of different practices, unable to reach the Unified Oneness qualified and demonstrated by Gotama.

This will be changed in the science and economic of KhaiPhong to logically expose the possible "Consciousness of the consciousness" raising the bar of higher quality of the Consciousness - outside the box of duality and conflicts - to debunk these professional cheaters from what they do not know yet claim to know, do not see yet claim to see in affirming the Human Rights of all people in the possibility of changes, helping to change oneself and the environment toward a Right Direction according to the principle of cosmic order. It is a very serious and practical exploration in this Green Field where all past organized religions failed!

We have identified four (4) conducive "activities" or "rafts" leading to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict", patches C and D in Figure 2: (1) Dhyana-Samadhi, (2) Highest Tantra, (3) Aspiration, (4) Merging with Nature. In terms of evidenced-based processes to move from the "Darkness" of tainted conditioned senses in Fair Trade A to the "Light" in patches C and D, we have: (1) Compassion as the case of Gotama when he was a child, (2) Faith as the case of Jesus, (3) Faith and Compassion as the case of Asanga under the "orchestration of Maitreya" as told in Tibetan tradition, (4) Faith and tools surrounding sex in the Highest Tantric Sexual Penetration, (5) innate Intensity of Attention due to many thousands years of correct training as the case of Krishnamurti and the three students in AwakeningBudh, (6) "Charming Attraction" of Sunyata Non-Thingness as PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light, (7) Common Vibration of Energy as PrajnaTIP in Kindness, (8) Riding on physical and consciousness natural laws as Cultivable Prajna in Activity, (9) Natural Levitation as in Cultivable PrajnaTIP in Sadhana. The last four of evidenced-based processes will be discussed and implemented at the Right Time in accordance to natural laws, accountable and transparent.

In contributing to this "Science of the Consciousness", we introduce breakthrough technologies - Table 4 and Table 4.1 - to demonstrate the scientific processes in actually knowing this "Outside-the-Box Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" with "Detachment" to be Naturally Beyond binding Word/Image and clinging Thought to ride on one's background with Faith and Culture for heavy lifting, but easily drop "required clutches" like old clothes when not needed where addicted sex and "blind" faith will be effortlessly dispelled by the light of Prajna / Conscience / Wisdom. A Town Hall of recorded Chat Forum will be open for community Sharing and Support of your scientific thesis to take that "Gateway-to-Oneness and Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict at different depths of the Consciousness" via discovered trails / rafts to the mass while effortlessly wiping out religious unworthy and professional cheaters of all "isms"[R20.3], [R20.4]. Yes, the technology via WebRTC (real time communication) and streaming are now available and very affordable.

Your thesis can be a "breakthrough" as the Prajna TIPs, or just value-added to the depth and breath of the discovered trails / rafts. The measurable metric is not only the value-added at manifested level but your "probable" stability at beyond "binding Word/Image" pegged by Gotama as the base - [ Equanimity Higher Consciousness ] of Buddhist Mindfulness, and "clinging Thought" pegged by Gotama at [ Purity Higher Consciousness ]. Here is a description of these two levels and required conditions to deepen the well-known Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2]. Your answers to the questions about the modified Eightfold Path at these two levels will make your contribution a part of "theoretically proven processes", helping to turn Gotama's Ontological Subjective into "Epistemic Objective":

Please describe your "Actual Experience" in (1) binding "Word/Image" and (2) clinging thought, plus their outcomes in your "Right Understanding and Right Motivation".

The Silent State of Mind at different depths must be touched at "outside-the-box" Dhyana-Samadhi (Thiền Định) { "To be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi }, then deepen at two levels: (1) in observing mind of Gotama's Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác[D22] { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" }, and (2) in the mid of action of HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5] { "Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna [for Right Understanding], while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi [for Right Motivation]" }.

The observing mind of Gotama's Awareness-Prajna[D22] is totally different from 2500+ years of Buddhist Samatha and Vipassana. That is why we said Samatha Is Not Samadhi and Vipassana Is Not Prajna, an innate quality of { [1.a] a penetration of Insight or seeing through a thick wall of mass ignorance, and [2.a] an ability to dissolve karmic force }. Both Samatha and Vipassana are within the box of conflicting duality as evidenced in "Buddhism implies dualism[D19]", unable to touch outside-the-box Samadhi-Prajna. Now, you understand why Gotama's advice to Ajita's Questions about the power of his Transcendental States of Awareness-Prajna is completely dormant and ignored in 2500+ years of his Buddhist cheating Sangha to perpetuate the group benefits of masters-slaves relationships.

A body of qualified "Budh Counselors" in the Council on Oneness in Khaiphong is responsible for deeper and wider applications of the discovered technologies. The PrajnaTIP in Kindness will speed up the process of moving fundamental discoveries of Gotama, starting at statistically measurable Detachment at different depths of Awareness-Prajna used as the scientific evidences in the claimed Solution for his identified Issue named Dukkha into Epistemic Objectives: (1) Gateway-to-Oneness, (2) Loosening the binding force of indoctrinated Word/Image, (3) Loosening the clinging force of thought, (4) Not-Self, (5) Sunyata Non-Thingness, (6) the End of Dukkha. These first six (6) technical levels have been established by Gotama 2500+ years[D29], [D30], [D26], and form the technical foundation of Budh Councelors. The Then What of Wise Viet, Value Add three (3) more levels to the technical parts into deeper researches and applications in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong, pioneered by Vạn Hạnh and Lý Công Uẩn[R7.1] currently having qualified living students to make it happened.

Unlike the serial process[D29], [D30] used by Gotama to describe his states of consciousness at nine (9) different depths of his "known Jhanas", we want to stress the dynamic simultaneous process of conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changing (viparinama-dukkha) existence to show the practical aspects of the Wise Viet, using both the normative and positive intelligence via Artificial Intelligence (AI). Depending on the present conditions of "Body & Mind" and the stability of these depths hard wired in one's Body & Mind, the manifested Signed Posts can be practically measurable via the outcome Right Effort of Gotama's Awareness-Prajna { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Awareness / #EmptyTheContent that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" } and HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna { "Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna [for Right Understanding], while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi [for Right Motivation]" }. The same "Then What" is also applicable to Buddhist Not-Self at both the Five-Senses and the Dharma / Mind to enable modern Self-Selfless Actualization of Being Needs at the seven (7) levels of [ Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm / Awareness / Transcendental-Awareness ]. Hence, the extra three (3) Signed Posts of Wise Viet in one's Continuity of the Consciousness are measurable contributions from (#7) a statistically proven scientific process to deepen and widen human innate Awareness, (#8) democratically honoured as life-time achievements in spreading the science and economics of KhaiPhong in sustainable AwakeningBudh for humanity, and (#9) esoterically honoured as multi life-time achievements in spreading the science and economics of KhaiPhong.

At a Right Time, we will introduce much deeper understanding and powerful technologies of the discovered trails such as (1) Islam Swirling - not for a trance but - to inject Emptiness in Gotama Transcendental-Awareness / HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna and KhaiPhong Prajna for higher/lighter Quality of the Consciousness, (2) Natural Levitation with injection of cosmic force from a qualified student, (3) Sudden Awakening under the right condition at the right place and right time, plus additional injection of cosmic consciousness from an accomplished student, (4) Phase Changes in knowable consciousness to verify the dissolution of the Observed in Transcendental Consciousness, transcending the Observer in Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity in Gotama's Nirvana or HuiNeng Unmoving Sunyata.

Your contribution will open the "explored trail / raft" with favorable infrastructures to many, just happened to be similar to you for further value-adds, making the trail easier and more enjoyable for many behind. It will effortlessly and practically prove that (1) there is "No Chasm" between Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only, generated by claimed monks and egoistic scholars in 1500+ years of Buddhist communities of monks and nuns, (2) there exists an Essence of the Right Effort according to "What Count" messed up by unworthy and violent cheaters in Christianity and Islam, also in 1000+ years of human dark periods, (3) concerned parties from all organised religions can move to their Last Temples of [ Body >< Mind >< Right Effort (measurable quality of Christian Soul or Buddhist quality of the consciousness) ] wherever one happens to be, showing the real Dependent Nature of one - being an Agent of Changes - and the environments that affect the quality of the present living.

Finally, here is the bottom line in "Taming The Ox". As long as one is "fully qualified as a person", one has equal opportunities - formally protected by human rights - to be an Accountable creator (due to universal laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes) and a part of the Responsible Creation (due to universal law of Dependent Nature where one "Care" for the Raison D'être in one's Continuity of the consciousness. The "qualification certified by Thing-As-It-Is Nature means that there is innate Buddha Nature or Kingdom of Gods within. The process of learning and manifesting this "innate Buddha Nature or Kingdom of Gods within" may take much longer but very similar to the process of learning to ride a bicycle. One needs some assistance at the beginning to be balanced on the two wheels similar to the dedicated balance between Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth from Nagarjuna Madyamaka[D38], between Oneness and Diversities, between (hữu niệm) and (vô niệm / wu-nien) of Trần Thái Tông[R7.3], between X-dimension of Vietnamese Kiến Tánh / Transcendental Awareness / HuiNeng Wu-Nien" and Y-dimension of 'Transcendental Inner Peace' (Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature / Consciousness of the consciousness / Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas / There is No god but God). Once seeing some visible sign of self balancing, the assistance can be gradually removed and sooner or later one will be a contributing partner in "Exciting with Conscious Living and Opportunities to Do Good" which is "the target of kp_platform", providing facilities to equalize the playing field driven by Invisible Hand of Economics and directed by Invisible Hand of Prajna plus measurable fact-base to statistically verify the DISCOVERING and SHARING underlying "TRUTH". Spreading underlying natural laws and available digital user-facing tool will shorten required time of trials and errors which is the foundation of modern Science.

Figure 6: Riding The Ox

Riding on the discovered "Natural Laws" in accessing "Verifiable Emptiness" that everyone can contribute, one enables "Natural Purification" do the heavy lifting in Opening the "Knots" of outdated "Marks" - loosening the Grips of binding Word/Image and clinging Thought - and Expanding one's Potentiality in Higher Consciousness. The process must come from No-Conflict consciouness verifiable in Gotama's Jhanas, Not at thought level on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness that most claimed entities from all form realms such as Buddhas, Gods, Allah, religious leaders, etc, blah blah blah to cheat others into their own camps (all isms) rendering everyone including themselves worse off due to be against underlying natural laws Without Knowing WHY. That is Why Gotama qualified his "Right Mindfulness" from his modified Eightfold Path at the transcendental Equanimity state [D29]upward called "Right Transcendental Awareness" / HuiNeng's Wu-Nien / KhaiPhong's seven levels of Awareness. One is an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environment one a part.

From the picture, one can effortlessly pay attention to different direction of the mind via Wise Attention[D28] exactly as in Tilopa's Mahamudra-Upadesa[D41] "When trees grow leaves and branches, If you cut the roots, the many leaves and branches wither. Likewise, if you cut the root of mind, the various mental activities will subside". It is an effortless approach in the doctrine of no mind[R5.1]. It also proves the "cooking sands" blah blah blah in Buddhist Mindfulness of Breathing (Anapanasati) that holding the mind in breathing, and "finally on relinquishment, which is (1) impossible in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism since a conflicting duality cannot control/see other conflicting duality As-It-Is due to tainted senses, and (2) the ultimate objective or "final step in Buddhist Mindfulness" is only the beginning of HuiNeng's Wu-Nien[R5]. The picture is a significant contribution of Japanese Zen in their empirical verification of Transcendental-Awareness for the manifestations of [ Conscience >< Kindness (TỪ) >< Empathy (BI) >< Prajna >< Justice >< Morality >< Joy (HỶ) >< Detachment (XẢ) ] starting a conscious living on the right direction according to natural laws of the qualified [ Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm ].

While waiting for the DISCOVERED and SHARED "Natural Laws in accessing Verifiable Emptiness", it is now easier in the modern rational approach to have a scientific road map that you are more than the "ignorant self of the physical ox" in "binding Word/Image and clinging Thought" and that there is an innate "Awareness / Transcendental-Awareness / Kiến Tánh / Buđha Nature / Kingdom of God within" in your "Continuity of the Consciousness" of an "Accountable creator" in complex "Responsible Creation" that you are a part. Using reversed engineering from many living explorers similar to HuiNeng but at different angles plus field research from limited samples of dedicated explorers, we discover the underlying charming force of Gotama's seventh Jhana called "Sunyata Non-Thingness". There is an "Awareness" of that Non-Thingness which is different with all "blah blah blah descriptions of emptiness from imaginary thoughts of unworthy people" since a thought of emptiness is Not Empty. The "Awareness / Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness" detoxify your tainted senses to basically enable most people experience transcendental Signed Posts to personally verify Gotama's recorded Jhanas[D26], [D29], [D30] and value add to his contributions from different angles.

The blah blah blah of "Buddhist cheating meditations from all major traditions" are gradually exposed to modern neuroscience in the quest to develop agile people and organizations for Making Life Easier and Happier. There are now sufficient evidences in world-wide researches of (1) brain boosting drugs and herbal medecines, (2) dopamine hook versus long-term cognitive effects in Detachment, (3) psychostimulants including Faith that we clearly pointed out its negative effects driven by Fear and Greeds versus its "secret sauce" to turn Faith into Aspirations for the manifestations of cultivable Prajna, and (4) hyper-focus (concentrations) advocated in Buddhist Vipassana versus Compassion mostly ignored in the past Buddhism up to 2024 to be cheated by painted ideals of Bodhisattvas and Buddhas which are the 2500+ years of "cooking sands" and cheating the world as "cooked rice" that we (1) have mathematically proven the difference between the Dependent nature in conflicting consciousness discovered by Gotama and the Dependent Nature in No-Conflict Consciousness discovered by KhaiPhong, and (2) will deliver its breakthrough discovery at the right time.

From our limited field research, [ Kindness >< Empathy / Compassion ] will lead to natural focus of relevant and important events of What Count due to wider and deeper ranges of perceptions without wasting effort and energy in mundain things in the cooked rice (that you do not have!) totally different from cooking sand (that you have many thousand years of trials and errors. Now, we rationally give you the Rice / Awakening / TỈNH THỨC innate in "your evolution invisibly selected by Nature" as briefly shared here by a very common living Vietnamese 2019-12-25 " and scientific processes to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) via industry 4.0 tool - user-facing Mu for quickly spreading the know-how world-wide. The bottom line is that as a human being (Latin humanitas), you are more than a biological entity but also have Compassion and Prajna. The "Rice / Awakening / TỈNH THỨC" potentially in the Human Nature - falsely claimed by the "evil Father God / origimal Buddha" as the One and Only Creator rather than Thing-As-It-Is an Accountable creator amongst many and part of the Responsible Creation - is infact discovered by Gotama commonly known as the "Buddha Nature" and is the "Source" of his core contribution via the modified Eightfold Path in his first discourse which help to answer "What wrong with Indian Wisdom that Bodhidharma was forced to take a very long trip from India to China". Expand these innate qualities via "Kindness >< Empathy" in all activities and relationships at all places to effortlessly wipe out unworthy people from all isms in their "specialized Greed and Fears". But once it is done in the best know-how and effort[D35], there is "No Mark" or hanging forces on one's "Fresh and Reborn" mental spectrum. Modern tools of industry 4.0 user-facing digital tool mu will statistically clear this up! We intent to make this solution a precious human "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" and proven integration of radio and consciousness technologies as something very concrete on the table of "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" as esoterically revealed from minute 21:30 2020-11-13 for all intelligent esoteric realms and ETs.

Thanks to modern technologies and well-established scientific processes in social and medical sciences, this is the sixth turning wheel of dharma with a significant discovery of Layered Dependent Nature in No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1], the wheel of understanding after Prajnaparamita as the second, Madhyamaka as the third, Yogacara as the fourth, Tantra as the fifth. This "sixth turning of understanding" brings to the table optimal underlying natural laws to (1) ride on the the power of discovered layered No-Conflict Consciousness most relevant from humanity upward in reclaiming one's [ Buddha Nature / The Kingdom of God / Latin Humanitas ], (2) use modern technologies for wide spread "Natural Purification" in dynamic interactions between Prajna Dialectic in all activities and relationships and invisible hand of Economics toward the right direction of What Count, (3) reverse engineering from those actually having [ Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm / Awareness / Transcendental-Awareness ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" } to statistically prove the epistemic objectives of layered No-Conflict consciousness and diverse optimal conditions with tested "secret sauce to liberate" one from the doldrums of conflicting consciousness, (4) restore the right side up of Gotama's discoveries about "Ignorance and Prajna" that you are more than the past mistakes of ignorance and put your Right Effort in Prajna for heavy lifting out of the duality plane of conflicting events. Alternatively, it is the "fifth turning of understanding (minute 1:15:30) evolving from contributions of Gotama Dharma, Nagarjuna Madhyamaka, Asanga Consciousness-Only, Industrial revoluion 4.0 and AI" to revitalize the real and verifiable contributions of Gotama and HuiNeng to bring required "East Wind of Thing-As-It-is / Thuận theo Tự Nhiên" and "West Wind of Care and Responsibility" to Transcend "A Clash of Civilizations" in a new Era of "Harmonious Living & Being from one's Continuity of the consciousness toward What Count".

Figure 7: At Home

Being truly with oneself - the Path of the True Heart - one naturally activates the innate Budh (the Buddha Nature) to know more about the Quality of one's Consciousness container at Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent of the Observed and the Observer, semi-consciousness such as memory, or unconsciousness of outdated patterns, fears, phobia. In that Awakening - especially on the foundation of Kindness and Empathy - one can sense the "Dependent Nature" of one's Consciousness and the aggregates to be fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part.

"At Home PLUS Scientifically Cultivable Prajna" technically means one can be in the eye of storm in all creations and activities. There are scientifically cultivable processes riding on discovered underlying natural laws for heavy lifting. It is known but hidden in Budh Dharma, waiting for modern implementations and commonly called (1) The Unchanged unborn Mind (Tathagata) in the Changing (viparinama-dukkha) and Conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) Existence (Dukkha) / Tùy duyên Bất biến, Bất biến Tùy duyên / the fourth consciousness that can recognize the self-consciousness[D19], (2) Nirvana / End-of-Dukkha in the mid of Dukkha. Here is the secret of the first king of Trần dynasty "Chỉ sai hữu niệm quên vô niệm - Wrongly grasp a conditioned thought and miss the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict, the "Right Effort" turns into "Wrong Effort"

Figure 8: Non-Thingness

Transcending the "Observed" and the "Observer" - from gross to finer verifiable attributes - toward "Non-Thingness" and "Beyond" for Natural Purification, rejuvenation and reborn in changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) existence. This "Non-Thingness" is innate and part of Human Nature, empirically proven in recorded Gotama's Signed Posts that many can personally experience once underlying natural laws are scientifically published. Consciousness technologies is the Science to explore Natural Laws governing the manifestations of this "Verifiable Emptiness" in the changing and conditioned existence to Open one's outdated Marks and Expand one's Potentiality in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

Figure 9: The Source

Divert manifestations according to Natural Laws where one is only a part of the Whole. No matter how great and uniqueness one is, one always comes from the Whole in the Essence of the Right Effort (Figure 4) and ultimately returns to the Source as a seed (Figure 12) for the manifestations of higher consciousness. This "Dissolving / Transcending" or "#EmptyTheContent" is a natural law. It is Not the sources of "Grasper" and the "Grasped" for more knowledge in enforcing the superiority of the "lower self" serving the meaning of "Worthy Existence" in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness".

Honesty & Care

Figure 10: AwakeningBudh

Man can deal with almost everything outside without knowing that they are the manifestations of Inner States of the constituents within the aggregate where each individual self is also an aggregate of five skandhas whose essential nature is Emptiness. To solve outside issues we need to go to their roots. No matter how Rich / Powerful / Philanthropic, there is always some traces of loneliness, dissatisfaction, and unhappy which do affect the quality in one's Continuity of the consciousness life-after-life. The "Essence of the Right Living" is described in Right Effort and Tamming The Ox to KhaiPhong one's outdated marks and release one's potentiality who truly is an Accountable creator in the Wholesome Responsible Creation fully qualified by the Nature as defined in Latin Humanitas having innate Buddha Nature and Kingdom of God within, Not granted nor given by any cheating Devine or claimed One and Only Creator totally against underlying [ second laws of thermodynamics / all manifestations - visible or invisible - scientifically changed at Planck time / Buddhist viparinama Dukkha and sankhara Dukkha ] with fact-based bottom line in the total collapse of esoteric feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods.

KhaiPhong makes happened the seeing and doing according to "Thing-As-It-Is" by correcting the Zen 'Ten Ox-herding Pictures' into the seven-fold dynamic process of "Learning and Doing" having scientific implementations according to Gotama's modified Eightfold Path (replacing "Right Mindfulness" with "Right Transcendental Awareness" since Gotama qualified his Mindfulness from his third Jhana of Equanimity upward[D29], ignored and cheated by his Buddhist Sangha[D19] right from the time of personally spreading his Discoveries): (1) At Home on the foundation of Kindness and Empathy, (2) Right Effort, (3) Taming The Ox, (4) Riding The Ox, (5) Non-Thingness, (6) The Source, (7) AwakeningBudh. KhaiPhong brings modern AI tools such as the containerized digital user-facing mu and its required infrastructures as an extension of the persona to know more about oneself in Scientific Cultivation of one's Inner-Spaces with measurable and visible outcomes and required doable depths of one's qualia. It is another angle to Totality to scientifically make happened (1) the Dukkha of existence and its solution discovered by Gotama but nearly destroyed by unworthy and cheating monks in his Buddhist Sangha, and (2) the meaning of existence from AwakeningBudh Movement based on one's innate "Buddha Nature" or "the kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas" capable the know the "Right" and "Unworthy" relevant to one's present moment. Only at the present living and being, one can change oneself and the environment toward What Count.

The correction is necessary to turn the Right-Side up of Buddhist Zen since a darkness (conflicting duality) cannot see and solve another darkness. It must come from the "Light" at current Right Understanding and Right Motivation of one's cultivable states and stock of Prajna.

Figure 11: Form >< Consciousness

The persona interacts - due to the dependent nature - with other visible / invisible layers of Consciousness where scientifically cultivable [ Normative Intelligence / Prajna / Conscience ] of Body & Mind[D21] cleaning helps one know more about oneself with the help of AI Neural Graph of private custom Inner Cloud and augmented Outer Cloud, enabling one's "States and Stock of Prajna" the center of all "Activities" and "Relationships" in productions and consumption toward What Count[R23] from all "Places". Using tetrahedron as the "best" mathematical pattern to represent a containerized "qualified Latin humanitas" as a building block of people-centered society, Figure 11 is a two-dimentional projection of that containerized unit with [ Inner (triangle inner Cloud) Space >< Outer (triangle outer Cloud) Space / Form >< Consciousness ], capable to "circulate according to observable Complex Fibonacci Right Evolution or Evolution-Degeneration cycle" from [ One >< Diversities ] of KhaiPhong [ Awareness, Dependent, Prajna / Kiến Tánh, Duyên Khởi, Bát Nhã ] and Back to One via #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness of HuiNeng [ Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachment / Vô Niệm, Vô Vết, Vô Trụ ]. It is also a possible "Icon" with required technologies to correct the Intelligent Design Icon for Vertical Ascent at minute 4:00 with scientifically deliverable technologies from Diversities >< Oneness in one's Continuity of the consciousness "IamX".

Riding on the total collapse - according to observable underlying natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes - of esoteric feudal systems ruled by the degenerated King of Gods and opportunities to directly and personally interact with different forms of Intelligent Beings, we scientifically observe the evolution and degeneration of these Beings together with all Manifestations, ranging from the lowest to the highest form realms. Contrasting these scientific observations together against human Natural Sciences and Mathematics, we see natural proven pattern according to Complex Fibonacci numbers as described at minute 6:25 and 7:00 of the video. The structural organizations of all manifestations at different ranges of Consciousness Levels of "Living & Being" visible in Normative Intelligence follows the THREE LAYERS [ Core, Energy, Manifestation ] of the "related distributed (CORE) components" qualified by Nature according to Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes moving from Oneness of verifable Non-Thingness known in Gotama's seventh Jhana to Diversities. Due to continuity of the consciousness - theoretically known in Buddhist Consciousness Only as the "Alaya (ālāyavijñāna) / Core / Soul" - the intelligent being either evolves as an Accountable creator in a part of Responsible Creation toward Harmonious What Count or degenerated to be Awaken by the Nature. Using "Latin humanitas defined as Biology, Compassion, Prajna" as the origin of visible and measurable X dimension on the duality plane of Diversities, Y dimension of No-Conflict consciousness having Gateway-to-Oneness at different layers in cultivable Inner-Space and Outer-Space of F demension rated via Fibonacci sequence in both positive for evolution above humanity to be an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation having Free Will to change the Creation in large scale for the benefits of all involved parties, or negative for degeneration to be sooner regulated by underlying Natural Laws with minimum Free Will and Freedom. The empirical evidence is the total collapse of the past esoteric feudal systems.

form is Sunyata (Consciousness) Sunyata (Consciousness) is form, form is not different from Sunyata (Consciousness) Sunyata (Consciousness) is not different from form, form equals Sunyata (Consciousness) Sunyata (Consciousness) equals form. The same for feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness.

Source: The Buddhist Heart Sutra

The above statement is consistent with current scientific knowledge where everything - visible or invisible / matter or dark matter - is consciousness vibrating at the fundamental level affecting one another. The "Normative Intelligence" proves accessible states of consciousness - bypassing tainted senses - to see a happening event Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to make things happened toward What Count. One fulfills the meaning of existence from Soyen Shaku challenge[R6] "God not in the world is the false God and the World not in God is unreality", realizing Gotama's precious solution for humanity in his raised Issue of human existence Dukkha 2500+ years ago, sabotaged by professional cheaters[R18.4] in his Buddhist Sangha. That "Knowing more about oneself, Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position" is AwakeningBudh Mission whose "portfolios of projects" - commonly known as KhaiPhong technologies - can value-add discovered "Normative Intelligence" to modern management in seeing any focused event beyond conditioned thoughts. This breakthrough enables modern know-hows parts of discovering the underlying working conditions of natural laws and the discovered underlying conditions deepen and widen the proven processes due to cultivable Normative Intelligence.

If we visualize one's consciousness as an open container shown in the above Figure of two dimensional projection of tetrahedron basic building block of geometry to represent a building block of a humanitas qualified by Nature, its quality - or states and stock of [ Prajna / Oneness ] - can only be changed in Actual Living where all activities and relationships are driven either by Prajna toward a Right Effort or Ignorance leading to Wrong Effort. The pattern of changing is scientifically proven momentarily at the consciousness level, gradually manifested at observable energy level, and finally at the form level in one's stable evolution or degeneration. At the breakdown of the form such as death, the quality of the consciousness will find its appropriate level of energy and form for its manifestation according to natural law[D32] and/or assisted by one's Inner Circle and circle of inner circles, either lighter for higher quality of the consciousness in Easier and Happier Existence or heavier of more Sufferings so the mother nature can wake its Intelligence / Prajna up. By sensing the counterpart's energy vibrations, a Highly Qualified Budh Counselor can sense the major Issue for effective help untouched by current medical science, and/or sense the connecting energy behind that counterpart for a strategic move in the right direction.

The Circle of the above picture represents Consciousness with its unique "Quality" conforming to the law in nature of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes, vibrating at its fundamental level. The Evolution from Consciousness to Form represents its manifestation from inner consciousness to outer forms of "Heart Speech Thought / Tâm Khẩu Ý" represented in the outer triangle or "eye-ear-nose-tongue-body-mind" with their consciousness "form-sound-smell-taste-touch-thought" having innumerable outdated tainted marks at changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) existence.

Humanity has evolved to a level ready for the next Era of Form back to Consciousness - representing KhaiPhong©® (Strategic Intelligence Service - kp-sis) with portfolios for (1) the inner triangle of "PrajnaTIPs"©® in Transcendental-Awareness, Samadhi, Prajna, enabling one the centre of (2) all "Activities" (EIP, GitOp, AI) and (3) "Relationships" (Friend, Partner, Family) at (4) all "Places" (Home, GsLp), temporarily by-passing (outside the box of) outdated marks from conflicting Consciousness of Forms in seeing "Thing-As-It-Is" and a strategic position for a Right Effort, reaching outside-the-box higher Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity. These are lumped together under KhaiPhong Technology which are the dynamic integration of Normative Intelligence and [Positive / Artificial] Intelligence to enable one know more about oneself and strategic position at a focused event. In that sense, KhaiPhong is an evolving and progressive technology integration between Normative Intelligence and [Positive / Artificial] Intelligence to enable people the centres of all activities and relationships as illustrated in the next Figure 11.1 where one can be an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation.

Applying current containerized technologies of user-facing mu, you have end-to-end secure containerized Communications and Collaborations which can be extended to Inter-Realms on Moral and Fair-Trade table to drive down the barriers of entry for the innovating mass: "Confidentiality" (only You can read data), "Integrity" (only You can modify data), "Attestation" (You can prove it in Zero Trust strategy which will be the foundation in the new Era of Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations). It is "Cloud Native" using "standard cloudevent" and secure edge computing via injected microservices such as private Neural Graph Database db and custom ai for Relevance and Intelligence to enable service providers control their service data where one service can be a standalone, an input to or output from another service. The end-to-end secure containerized Communications and Collaborations means there is 100% specialized private Communication and Collaboration attached to each specialized container that through distributed and specilized digital and normative intelligence, the claimed "IamX" can be guaranteed and evolving with the most secure and know-how applicable to each relevant realm in Fair-Trade agreement.

Figure 11.1: KhaiPhong >< Strategic Intelligence Service (kp_sis)

The Figure starts from negative Awareness X-dimension of Binding Word / Image and Clinging Thought in most people knowing Nothing about "Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachment / Vô Niệm, Vô Vết, Vô Trụ" via seven achievable depths of [ HuiNeng Wu-Nien / Gotama Transcendental-Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh ] and Inner Peace negative Y-dimension of cunning Intelligence Known by most Illuminati and communist elites Not Totally Corrupted in Human Realm with the third F-dimension lumped together under Complex Fibonacci numbers @ 6:25 and 7:00 of the video of (1) a legal "IamX" entity using KhaiPhong kp-sis from the two X Transcendental-Awareness plane and Y plane of Signed-Posts / #EmptyTheContent / Transcendental-Inner-Peace ] for Natural Purification - to instantly Aware and Access (2) the Oneness via kp_sis advisor, seeing Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change the negotiable outcome toward What Count. The energy column from Figure 2 (vertical red column to form a theoretical TRUTH plane of the focused event) shows the direction of the targets and achievable qualities of Transcendental Awareness and Right Samadhi empirically verified by real persons. The Figure illustrates KhaiPhong "Visible Outcomes" of Three-Haves "Awareness - Dependent - Prajna" after HuiNeng's Three-Not "Wu-Nien - No-Mark - Detachment / Vô Niệm - Vô Vết - Vô Trụ" and Scientifically Cultivable Inner-Spaces from "Equanimity Awareness" upgradable from "Tranquility Awareness" toward "Samadhi-Prajna" via the co-operations of the Haves in the consciousness targets and the Haves of physical resources and Rule-of-Law Powers to change the World toward What Count. It is the target of this "Free Living Book" to assemble like-mind people - represented in little square grouped together in the same direction - effortlessly changing the Suffering Conditions of Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts in the Harmonious Melting Pot where the [ "Haves >< Stakeholders >< HaveNots" ] are Exciting with Conscious Living and Opportunities to Do Good. With kp-sis advisor, the "Haves" can have the "Right Decision" for the problem at hand and opportunities Not Only to Do Good But Also Know More about oneself and the hand-on chances to change one's tendency of "I Win You Loose" to a wider perspective of "Win-Win / 1 + 1 >> 2" to change the destiny toward positive Complex Fibonacci evolution graphically presented at minute 6:25.

It is the Scientifically Cultivable Prajna - Awareness-Prajna and Samadhi-Prajna - to see the focused important event such as current International Conflict of South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea / West Philippine Sea, and gathering required supporting forces in all Activities, Relationships, and Places (3) to change the focused event toward What Count[R23] (points C or D of Figure 2) on the duality plane of Places. With EIP - Executive Information Portal / Executive Inter-Realms Portal - the above Figure becomes n-orthogonal dimensions where the Consciousness Technologies of the three orthogonal dimensions are applicable cross-cut these realms of intelligent existence which is applicable to those currently working from both human and higher realms that can significantly change the World Affairs and the target Realms such as this writer! The focused event in existence is obvious. The discovered layered No-Conflict Consciousness from Signed Posts attested by Gotama, HuiNeng, and current living students as "Samadhi-Prajna Normative Intelligence" has been "GLIMPSED" by other dedicated explorers such as { LaoTzu "Nameless Tao" / Nagarjuna "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" / Jesus "Kingdom of God within" / Asanga "Perfected Nature" / Bodhidharma "Detachment-Prajna" / HuiNeng "Dhyana-Samadhi and Samadhi-Prajna" / XuanZang "Consciousness of the consciousness" / Muslim "No god but God" / Soyen "God [Dharmakaya / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Pháp-Thân] is unreality" }. The legal entities from human upward have not only "biology" rooted in duality existence but also "compassion and wisdom/prajna" in the meaning of "Latin Humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within" and an "Awareness" separating from manifestations of both Compassion-Prajna and the focused event. Since only in engaged living one can change oneself and the environment in a worthy existence, each service such as Executive Information Portal / Executive Inter-Realms Portal (EIP) must span all three orthogonal dimensions in the totality of human existence. This scientific approach is the first time to point out the shortfall of all isms where organised religions are parts since the driving force of the event does not come from the net realities of the changing event accessible at cultivable different depths of Prajna Dialectic. This is why up to 2024, human existence is very slopped sided and sufferings while the higher realms are reorganizing after the total collapse of the past esoteric feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods.

Thanks to a long hedging time (50+ years of concentrated efforts for the vision of AwakeningBudh) and mysterious orchestration of "Good Forces" that many modern people being aware of in the preparation of the New Golden Era, KhaiPhong brings to the table unique Value-Add and Comparative Advantage on top of tremendous efforts of conflicting efforts on the duality plane of existence: (1) the Value Add is the discovery of Higher Consciousness in No-Conflict fields and scientific process of accessing the fields innate in most qualified people including mathematical representaion of a containerized generalized triangle or a tetrahedron at minute 0:33 plus embeded required properties of self-evaluation in Right Effort to represent "You / claimed IamX" of a Complex Fibonacci number, presented as PrajnaTIPs in cultivating one's innate Transcendental-Awareness, Samadhi, and Prajna, (2) the Comparative Advantage is its starting from a blank sheet of significant technologies changing the human life and environment in the fourth industrial revolution embracing potentiality innate in human beings via all relationships and activities, and (3) the changes "From people, By people, and For people" to turn the Suffering places (dukkha-dukkha) into Harmonious Places of Joy and Detachment. Existing major services such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islamism, Socialism, Inclusive Capitalism, etc can incorporate what we bring to the table to modify their services according to Thing-As-It-Is in Value of the values from one's continuity of the consciousness suitable to their past conditions in the new Era of Harmonious Living, injecting "Being" into "Living" which forces all practices on duality plane of conflicting consciousness toward achievable [ Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent ] as the common "Melting Pot".

Applying modern management of portfolios and projects, we can state that (1) portfolio is a part of Vision having the target in Mission using Lean and Six Sigma management principles for reducing waste given budgeted resources, and (2) project is a part of portfolio having the target in Execution using Agile Scrum management processes for flexibility and fast turn-over, dynamically adjusted to Thing-As-It-Is at the ground level. In our case, the Vision is "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings", and the Mission is "Knowing more about oneself, Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position". With cultivable Normative Intelligence from Signed Posts high above the duality plane of events[D35], one should be able to state the unique comparative advantages of any portfolio and its strategic position in the whole set to conform to the Vision and Mission as logically and graphically represented by PrajnaTIPs for cultivating Transcendental-Awareness, Samadhi, Prajna in all Relationships, Activities, and Places. The Execution is "Implementing the Sciences and Economics of KhaiPhong, changing both the agent and environment in Making Life Easier and Happier" via eip in all Activities and Relationships from all Places.

The secret sauce of KhaiPhong Technology is Natural Purification, directly accessing the Core Consciousness to naturally purify one's tainted senses. It is so since a conflicting duality cannot see other conflicting duality As-It-Is. KhaiPhong is all about exploring underlying natural laws and discovering scientific technologies for the manifestation of this Natural Purification and Prajna. This Natural Purification[D27] is the outcome of Gotama's discovered Signed Posts that we hope they will eventually become epistemic objectives to (a) prove Gotama is not cheating humanity as done by most of his monks, and (b) revitalise his precious trail - together with two additional trails to the Core Consciousness - to enable humanity knowing the true nature (raison d'être) of human existence. These high above simple targets can be applicable to all human efforts, harmonious with natural laws in one's Continuity of the consciousness.

Bringing cultivable "Normative Intelligence" to all activities from core projects helps clear the Vision - Mission - Execution of the domain and let Science trace its root back to the Oneness of humanitas (biology, compassion, wisdom/prajna). In this sense, there is no dichotomy between Science and Religion. We can test and value add normative intelligence from the "floor" to the overall operation, making people the centers of all activities and relationships. The connection between our Vision and Mission is a natural law - coming from both Gotama's Prajna and Jesus's Kindness and Empathy - discovered as visible Compassion-Prajna from invisible Sunyata in the Heart Sutra[R2], commonly known by Buddhist as Compassion and Wisdom. The linkage is scientific since due to the Dependent Nature one is only a part of the Whole. "Knowing more about oneself, Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position" demands actual experience in common vibration with others which is engaged "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings". The middle layer - Detachment between Compassion-Prajna - can only naturally exist and grow if and only if there are both Compassion and Prajna. It is the domain of No-Conflict Consciousness - in Oneness - and cannot come from duality logical tools in Buddhist Sangha, blah blah blah by Buddhist cheating monks making a very unworthy living knowing nothing about Compassion and Prajna: "Do not attach to anything then that "Wonderful / Fresh / HonNhien" Mind will appear / Ưng vô sở trụ nhi sinh kỳ tâm / Chỉ nên phát tâm trong tinh thần vô trụ / 應無所住而生其心"[R7].

The possibility at higher consciousness to see Thing-As-It-Is was actually demonstrated by Gotama - using his state (Transcendental-Awareness) and stock of Prajna[D22] - moving from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D26], [D29], [D30] toward the Sunyata / Oneness to personally verify Gotama's third Truth[D20], the Truth he called the "End of Dukkha"[D44]. Buddhist followers sabotage this discovery of Prajna / Consciousness of the consciousness[D19] with Vipassana meditation at duality and/or Ultimate (Wider) Truth in Madhyamaka[D38] / Perfected Nature in Consciousness-Only[D39] at conceptual level of Words / Images. None of these "Blinds touching Elephant" has the power of [ Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent ] from Gotama's nine (9) absorption states of the consciousness[D26]. It was theoretically explained - without delivering the "How" for scientific verification - using the natural law of Sound technology[D33] to move from Sound to nine states of Consciousness known by Gotama. Yet, it has been blah blah blah by Buddhist Communities in 2500+ years, being cheating professional cheaters to perpetuate the Culture of "Masters-Slaves" relationships.

The Guts of KhaiPhong are discovered scientific processes and specialized conditions for (1) #EmptyTheContent in whatever the content it is to enable "Natural Purification of the senses having observable "Fresh / HonNhien" mind in all activities and relationships while verifying Gotama's nine absorption states, and (2) Seeing Thing-As-It-Is in wider perspective of the present moment at strategic attributes to change oneself and the environment one a part - having "the Power of the Whole Ocean / Cosmic Energy in making the Vision / Target the Reality - toward What Count[R23]. One of these discoveries will be theoretically explained and delivered via PrajnaTIP in Sound to be part of the integration between Normative Intelligence PrajnaTIPs©® in cultivation of Transcendental-Awareness, Samadhi, Prajna and Artificial Intelligence in the three domains of Activities, Relationships, and Places. The technology is derived from (1) Shurangama Sutra[D33] and used - based on achievable depths of explorers - to personally verify (2) Bodhidharma's Jue Guan Lun / TUYỆT QUÁN LUẬN[D35], (3) Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka[D38], (4) Asanga's Consciousness-Only[D39], (5) HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5], (6) Gotama's nine stages of absorptions[D29], [D30], [D26], (7) Kingdom of God within you[Luke 17:21], (8) Faith and Reason[D53], (9) Amitartha Innumerable Meanings[R1].

Using three-in-one free tool of [ Progressive Web App / Command Centre / Personal-Group Assistant of user-facing mu ] we build sustainable activities of "Opening and Expanding / KhaiPhong" according to Human Nature: (1) Science of the Consciousness[D39] driven by KhaiPhong©®, (2) Value-Adds driven by PrajnaTIPs©® in the cultivation of Transcendental-Awareness, Samadhi, Prajna , enabling one the centre of (3) "All Relationships and All Activities from All Places".

KhaiPhong fills the gap in:

  1. Breaking through the Vicious Circle of Buddhist [ Ignorance >< Attachment / Greed >< Aversion / Fear ] with discovered natural laws for heavy lifting, upgrading most normal people Quality of the Consciousness to the level of "Entering the Gateway-to-Oneness", having direct Insight into the "Emptying / Transcending / Dissolving" the contents for whatever type of contents. This is the jobs of PrajnaTIPs©® in cultivating Transcendental-Awareness, Samadhi, Prajna represented by the contents in triangle #1 having the self-selfless actualization interacting with all Relationships and Activities from all Places (2 outside edges) with selfless (1 inside edge) together with an arc portion of the consciousness circle being part of the Whole.

  2. Generating / Developing favourable conditions conducive to the experience of "Emptying / Transcending / Dissolving" the contents, properly managed and further developed by EIP (Executive Information Portal) - a tool in all Relationships, Activities, and Places due to the Right Conditions at the Right Place and Right Time for the persona.

  3. Using integration between cultivable Normative Intelligence and advanced Artificial Intelligence provided by EIP©® in the cultivation of self-selfless actualization.

Applying scientific processes and modern management, Taming-the-Ox is the verifiable process to:

  1. Point out falacies of all isms at Ignorant Duality where organized religions are parts to veil discoveries of dedicated explorers, enslaving humanity in the past thousand years of dark periods carying out by unworthy people in inter-realms interactions of the consciousness.

  2. Have sound scientific theoretical starting points for deepening and widening discovered natural laws and their Right Conditions for targeted measurable outcomes.

  3. Enable organic interactions between normative and artificial intelligence at persona (person and/or group) level, cleaning up extreme "cancer cells" threading to destroy humanity while helping others recognizing the consequences of their actions.

In Figure 11, the three contact points are at the Consciousness circle, the outer triangle and the inner triangle. The outer triangle is the evolution from Consciousness to Forms, The inner triangle represents the evolution from Forms to Consciousness in the green field of synchronization between the left and right hand sides of the brain, plus many unknown factors beyond the Right and Wrong, beyond the Transcendence to Cosmic Consciousness and Unity. The three contact points graphically represent the "Entering into the Gateway-to-Oneness" where conflicting duality of contents (viparinama-dukkha and sankhara-dukkha) must be dissolving / emptying towards Oneness. This is the scientific representation of Gotama personal assertions of his first and second Jhanas[D29] (absorption states) where Detachment is the absolutely required condition for the second level of cultivation called by modern psychology as Transcendence Then Self-Selfless Actualization to be empirically verified by KhaiPhong, then Beyond. The contact points and their scientific cultivation between the Consciousness circle with the inner triangle have been pioneered by Gotama in his assertions from third Jhana - Equanimity named Gotama's Mindfulness / Transcendental-Awareness[D29] - all the way up to the 9th Jhana[D30] that he called momentary Nirvana[D44].

In pointing out the Buddhist tautologies and duality we expose the esoteric plot to "knock out" Gotama's discoveries with the help from their armies of unworthy people trying to perpetuate the Culture of Masters-Slaves relationships, causing the degeneration of both masters and slaves in many thousands of years (60,000+ human years in higher realms) of their evolutions. Here are most important points:

  1. Meditations without transcendental states of dissolving / emptying the contents are not meditations. Thus, Buddhist Samatha and Bhavana are Not Gotama / HuiNeng Samadhi. Similarly, Christian and Muslim reflection and faith are Not Oneness in 'the kingdom of God within you'[Luke 17:21]. Buddhist Vipassana is Not Gotama's Prajna - an innate quality of { [1.a] a penetration of Insight or seeing through a thick wall of mass ignorance, and [2.a] an ability to dissolve karmic force } - which is the states and stock of inner evolution from Forms back to Consciousness having interaction between the persona with innumerable visible and invisible layers of consciousness to see Thing-As-It-Is called by HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna.

  2. By discovering natural laws for transcending the contents where Samadhi or [ Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Empty-The-Content ] are observable manifestations which can be further dissolving to "Non-Thingness / 7th state of Gotama Samadhi" and beyond. We call the process Transcending / Transcendental Inner peace (TIP) and use Gotama's recorded states of his absorption as scientific signed posts for further exploration of their attributes and trails leading to them. We deliver and turn Gotama's Epistemic Subjectives - such as Buddhist Not-Self / Modern Self-Selfless Actualization, and "Non-Thingness / 7th state of Samadhi" - into Epistemic Objectives in the new Era of Consciousness Evolution[D36].

Having sound scientific starting points waiting for deepening and widening - from all concerned parties - discovered natural laws (PrajnaTIPs), innovative facilities of meaningful Relationships and Activities (Places) in productions and consumption, together with modern scientific advancements (user-facing mu, MyEIP / Executive Imformation Portal, private Neural Graph Database db, custom ai) and management of maturity models, we mathematically model Buddhist Madhyamaka middle path of Beyond Right and Wrong into Artificial Intelligence to enable your normative evaluation of all "[ Activities ]" and "[ Relationships ]" in "[ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ]" having dashboards of your measurable allocated resources. You can know more about yourself, learning from past mistakes not to be part of the dark forces and being an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environment toward What Count[R23].

That kind of organic interaction between Normative and Artificial Intelligence can only happen thanks to Open Sources and Standardizations where each functional service can stand on its own - at both the front-end UI (user interface) and back-end services - to make a difference for one and others without reinventing the wheel where others have their own comparative advantages. We build this three-in-one tool of [ Progressive Web App / Command Centre / Persona-Group Assistant of user-facing mu ] as a user container node to enable One the centre of all activities and relationships toward what count to kick-start the KhaiPhong where everyone can be a part.

Due to the Dependent Nature of Existence, the persona's Quality of the Consciousness interacts with other people / groups / organizations / nations. Gotama's Awareness-Prajna and HuiNeng's Dhyana-Samadhi in one's evolution from Forms to Consciousness can by-pass innumerable outdated marks in one's five gateways to outside world to sense the "pulses of complex issues" such as trade negotiations, national security, international conflicts, etc, and one's strategic position to make things happened toward What Count from one's perspective. This capability is commonly known as "Vision", actually proven and materialized by known persona such as Vạn Hạnh[R7.1]. It is also the opening of Gotama's modified Eightfold Path, classified as the outcome of cultivable Prajna, in "Right Understanding" due to deep Transcendental-Inner-Peace (Empty-The-Content / Samadhi) and "Right Motivation" due to Prajna in HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna to demonstrate the practicalities of this cultivable Prajna innate in every Suffering Persona.

The organic interaction between Normative and Artificial Intelligence raises the cultivable and practical Prajna to the next level of (1) Top Down arising from Prajna high above the focused event for Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to be further investigated, and (2) Bottom Up well-known in Big Data mining and verification in Machine Learning, (3) Inside-Out in [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] measurable with Balanced Scorecards, and (4) Outside-In with selected relevant Smart Contracts. When there are sufficient data - properly collected from hard facts - the top-down of any strategic move can be tested in simulations to make the Vision / Strategy more concrete via phases of [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] in dynamic changing environment of multi-polar Action-Reaction. Thanks to modern statistics and mathematical modeling, the machine learning from bottom up can detect major patterns and emerging trends to augment the persona Vision. When persona is a collective group such as family, company, organization, co-op association, region, government specialized department, etc, the accumulated knowledge and wisdom from all participants - commonly known at a filtered gross level as the group culture - are available for future generations to build on. Our tools are built from the ground up of current open sources and standardizations - having no burden of past technologies - that we are confident in being parts of humanity directed by invisible and helping hands of Prajna and Economics.

The practicality of "Oneness" - the Common Denominator of all manifestations facing directly to Thing-As-It-Is (Actuality) - has been personally known (epistemic subjective similar to Gotama's Not-Self) by Bodhidharma in his Jue Guan Lun / TUYỆT QUÁN LUẬN[D35] to actually solve the human core issue of Happiness. That is the reason behind KhaiPhong achievable motto of "Making Life Easier and Happier". The state is personally experienced and partially known by living students who have been driving the KhaiPhong in the past 50+ years.

Additional technology coming from "Oneness" is telepathy / teleportation using "generated wormhole" to avoid unnecessary conflicts and/or self-generating the best optimal conditions for Transcendental-Awareness and Samadhi-Prajna training in evolution from Form to Consciousness. It has been discovered - named "Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Kindness" - to materialize the "Wise Dependent Nature" of the "Self-Selfless Actualization / Tùy duyên Bất biến, Bất biến Tùy duyên" which can be cultivable via "Detachment / HonNhien". It is the Direct Path - exposed in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] - to enter the "[ Compassion >< Oneness / Detachment >< Prajna ]" and built on accumulated states and stock of Prajna division from Gotama's modified Eightfold Path. For highly qualified people, knowing [ Wu-Nien / Kiến Tánh / Transcendental Awareness ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" } from level 5 of knowing the source of thought upward the "telepathy / teleportation" can be instantly generated due to past "energy weaving" from Tantra without physical copulation.

Figure 12: Phật Thầy Tây An (*)

  1. Vạn sự trên đời rốt củng không, Trăm năm giấc mộng có chi hồng. Sanh sanh diệt diệt vòng luân chuyển, Có có không không tựa bóng hồng.

  2. Rõ thấu tuần hườn Cơ Máy tạo. Am tường vủ trụ khắp Tây Ðông. Biết ra vốn thiệt ta là Phật, Tự tánh viên dung Bổn thể đồng.
(*) source: conclusion of Cẩm Nang Thập Thiện Khuyến Tu.

Buddhist Teacher at Tây An
  1. All things are Empty, Hundred years of life is a dream, Birth and Death in a circle, Have and Have-Not like an image.

  2. Understand the Wonderful Creative Cycle. Knowing the Universe, West and East. Recognizing one a Buddha, Whose Nature permeates in All.

The author took the traditional Buddhist View that life is a "dream" in a birth and death cycle with one positive note of worthy existence / the raison d'être in exploring the Universe and in recognition of the common underlying force permeating in all for "Right Effort". We go one step further to prove that life is meaningful if and only if one can apply and help the implementation of Soyen Shaku's challenge[R6] since only at the presence one can change one's and the environment's quality of the consciousness toward What Count[R23] to Honestly Know one's Realities and one's evolution as best mathematically described in Fobonacci sequence. Along this positive Fibonacci evolution, one can be an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation, discovering underlying Natural Laws to enable others fast-tracking in smoother Path of evolution and enforcing Thing-As-It-Is DISCOVERED & SHARED TRUTH.

With scientific approach to explore the "Dependent Nature / Paratantra" on existence at both the positive (objective) and normative (subjective) levels one can see the full significance at present moment in a wider perspective of existence, transcending the word "Buddha". Even in a "dream" one can have "Right Effort in Learning and Doing" to change one's Quality of the Consciousness. That is the "Awareness of the Awaken - SatChitSunyata". Efforts are real - known in the west as Free Will or in the east as Volition (Sankhara) - momentarily changing one's Quality of the Consciousness and its environments either in the Right direction of Easier and Happier Life or in opposite direction of Sufferings to wake one's innate Buddha Nature up. With an ecosystem of both normative and positive intelligence of interacted persona graph in activities and relationships, we can (1) enable each involved party a conscious living in one's own evolution to change oneself and the environment toward What Count, (2) detect general patterns of the mass, helping involved parties even more conscious of the environment they are parts for faster and effective changes.

All things return to "One" and "One" operates in all things.

God [Oneness / Dharmakaya / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Oneness / Dharmakaya / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict] is unreality.

Source: The God-Conception of Buddhism

List of Tables:

Table 1: Four Seals of The Consciousness

According to Gotama
  1. Dukkha - Khổ

  2. Impermanence - Vô Thường

  3. Not-Self - Vô Ngã

  4. Nirvana - (The End of Dukkha[D44]) Niết Bàn

Achievable with Awareness-Prajna

'Whatever the streams [binding clinging forces] are in the World, it is Transcendental Awareness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved' (*).

Answer to Ajita's Question PTS: Sn 1032-1039

(*) = AI "Persona graph" of your activities can augment the Consciousness technologies to help knowing more about yourself.

Together with the causes and effects in Table 2, Gotama demonstrated his discovered solution via the modified Eightfold Path in "Breaking the Vicious Circle of Ignorant Dependent Nature", poisonous to the Quality of the Consciousness for Actualisation of the Being Need in Self-Selfless Realization capable to transcend conflicting dualities toward the Oneness / Tùy duyên Bất biến, Bất biến Tùy duyên.

[ Ignorance >< Attachment / Greed >< Aversion / Fear ]

The vicious circle of the three poisons is well-known in Buddhist communities, but most monks / nuns / scholars / Buddhists cannot have a breakthrough in 2500+ years of history due to "Professional Cheaters" sabotaging Gotama's discoveries in their false claim of "masters-slaves" relationships. Their fallacies have been exposed. Gotama's precious gifts to humanity will be revitalized with possible contributions from all concerned parties in discovering natural laws for heavy lifting together with favourable conditions and facilities / treatments via modern technologies, upgrading most people Quality of the Consciousness to the levels of Tranquillity - passing the Gateway-to-Oneness - to personally experience Gotama's levels of Transcendental-Awareness / Equanimity then Purity.

Table 1.1: The Consciousness at Different Levels of The Scientifically Cultivable Visible States

According to KhaiPhong Technology
  1. Awareness

  2. Dependent

  3. Prajna

According to AwakeningBudh Movement
  1. ComPassion

  2. HonNhien (*)

  3. Prajna
(*) = Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity. KhaiPhong and AwakeningBudh are applicable to all personas (person, family, organization nation) and cultures.

Viewed from different angles of causes and effects in Table 2, we demonstrate the "Self-Selfless Actualization / Tùy duyên Bất biến, Bất biến Tùy duyên" can be scientifically cultivable via "Awareness >< Dependent Natue >< Prajna" which are observable attributes of layered No-Conflict Consciousness of Transcendental-Awareness [ Conscience >< Kindness (TỪ) >< Empathy (BI) >< Prajna >< Justice >< Morality >< Joy (HỶ) >< Detachment (XẢ) ] where Prajna >< [ Justice >< Morality ] and in part Prajna >< [ True Intention >< Thing-As-It-Is >< Strategic Position ]. It is the Direct Path - exposed in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] - to enter the "Wise Dependent Nature" of

[ Compassion >< Oneness >< Prajna ]

Kindness and Empathy have been known in the West as a Good Samaritan[R16] which can be scientifically enforced in HuiNeng's [ Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachment / Vô Niệm, Vô Vết, Vô Trụ ] and cultivating one's "InnerSpace", but exploited in the attachment of "Faith that can move the mountain[Matthew 17:20]" without "Right Understanding and Right Motivation", driving billions lives toward unnecessary Sufferings as evidenced from human dark periods. The Kindness and Empathy of a good Samaritan is not deep enough to cause addiction to the aesthetic state nor the precious knowledge of Self-Selfless Actualisation and Transcendence of the "Being Needs". There is a real gap in either breaking the vicious circle due to Ignorance or the Direct Path, exposed in the Heart Sutra. The solutions of these gaps can now be deliverable with contributions and value-ads from most normal people since each is Unique and one's preferred solution in unique Dependent Nature / Sauce / Spice can be appropriate to many of similar pattern.

Table 2: Links of Causes and Effects

According to Buddhist Sangha (*)
  1. Ignorance - Avijja

  2. Volition - Sankhara

  3. Consciousness - Vinnana

  4. Mind Matter - Nama-Rupa

  5. Six sense bases - Salayatana

  6. Contact - Phassa

  7. Feeling - Vedana

  8. Craving - Tanha

  9. Clinging - Upadana

  10. Becoming - Bhava

  11. Birth - Jati

  12. Age and Death - Jara-Marana
(*) can be in different processes: [Prajna > Volition > Becoming],
[Prajna > Volition > Detachment > HonNhien],
[Prajna > Volition > Detachment > HonNhien > Becoming],
[Prajna > Volition > Consciousness > Detachment > HonNhien > Becoming],
[Prajna > Volition > Consciousness > MindMatter > Detachment > HonNhien > Becoming].

Self-Selfless Actualisation in KhaiPhong
  1. Prajna

  2. Freewill (*)

  3. Consciousness

  4. Mind Matter

  5. Seven sense bases

  6. Contact

  7. Feeling

  8. Dependent

  9. HonNhien

  10. Becoming

  11. Birth

  12. Age and Death
(*) = Knowing the sources of thoughts at Volition / Freewill / Sankhara, one can better manage the realities with a clear vision of "What Count" and a possible "Breakthrough" in Higher Consciousness via Prajna, an innate quality of { [1.a] a penetration of Insight or seeing through a thick wall of mass ignorance, and [2.a] an ability to dissolve karmic force }.

Due to conditioned existence (sankhara dukkha), all visible and invisible manifestations are instantaneously changing (viparinama dukkha) driven by either Ignorance (Avijja) Dependent Nature turning your effort into Wrong Effort in the vicious circle of [ Ignorance >< Attachment / Greed >< Aversion / Fear ] or Prjana (Wise) Dependent Nature in a wider perspective of Right Effort toward What Count[R23].

Buddhist Sangha sabotaged Gotama's discoveries in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism, moving from one extreme of Concentration in Samatha and Vipassana at conditioned thought (duality) of [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ][D46] to another extreme of Vipassana in observing the arising and disappearing of thoughts without doing anything, knowing nothing about the Right and Wrong of [Moral Value / Conscience] in the Raison D'être of Worthy Existence. Their Samatha is not Gotama's Samadhi[D26], [D30] since most have not passed the Gateway-to-Oneness, qualified by Gotama[D29] at the second Jhana Tranquillity level reaching the qualified Transcendental Awareness[D22] or required state of Prajna to obstruct and restrict binding and clinging forces in tainted senses. Their Vipassana is not Gotama's Prajna since their "falsely claimed prajna" is the outcome of conflicting Ethical Code, leading to conflicting Samatha and Vipassana at duality, unable to transcend duality to Oneness[D19].

Riding on our public presentations and partially revealing the "Nature of Things" in Gotama "Transcendental Awareness (States)" and "(Stock of) Prajna" in his advice to Ajita's Questions[D22] - laying side-by-side with HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna[R5] - they shamelessly change their position from concentration in micro managing the flux of activities and relationships that is impossible as pointed out by The Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra[R7] and/or the second law of thermodynamics to "Not Doing Anything of the Blinds touching Elephant making unworthy living as Hardcore Persistent Professional cheaters. "Not Doing Anything" and/or "switching from one extreme concentration to another extreme of imagination" retard their mind even below animals having minimum Normative Intelligence in their evolution.

The switching from one extreme to another in the duality of [ Ignorance >< Attachment / Greed >< Aversion / Fear ] illustrates the persistent pattern in life-after-life of professional cheaters to the point they have lost all normal sense of Right and Wrong as well-known in elite members of Illuminati, planning to destroy over 90% human population to enforce their roles of masters-slaves relationships. Each individual or unique bundle of consciousness can be visualized as an open container of consciousness energy whose quality in the continuity of the consciousness can only be changed by the present activities and relationships. Through higher consciousness technologies, we esoterically know many are very skillful - such as leaders of organized religions, political and financial powers - in hiding their true qualities in the deepest parts of their "hearts" to cheat humanity in the past thousands years in their life-after-life negative Fibonacci degeneration. The new Era has arrived with the mass consciousness naturally raised to the next level of higher consciousness - having orchestration of entities in higher levels together with many qualified students in human realm - capable to foil their thousands years of international cheating clubs. Humanity is in a good position not only at a high level of evolution from Consciousness to Form, but better than all animals evolving from Form of complex left-right brain back to Consciousness, instantly bypassing innumerable tainted marks of the senses.

A measurable mark of qualified student is the ability to sense the driving foces of thought - either from Ignorance, external influences, or cultivable prajna - for implementation of Gotama'a advice to Ajita's questions[D22]. No unworthy can cheat them since all hardcore professional cheaters are not passing the Gateway-to-Oneness and Not Qualified by Gotama at his Transcendental Awareness. Here are typical abilities of these living students, ready to implement 1000+ years of their cultivable prajna, acting as a normative intelligent agent to push their and others Volition / Freewill toward a Right Direction, Having "Intensity of Attention" focused at the observed.

  1. In any relationship - such as business, trusted friend if helped can help many others in different domains - the student can trace energy connections and dominant patterns of the observed behaviour to help solve dominant "impassed", most relevant to the situation.

  2. As an experimental target to "Dissolve dominant 'Binding Word/Image' and 'Clinging Thought'" in one's unique stream of consciousness[R9], the student can see the quality of the target energy together with tainted dark spots - either externally implanted such as the past Image of an Owl for Buddhists and Christians or white light for Muslims, a Voodoo[R8] and/or karmic force - to work out custom solution with or without the need of student specialized power from the Heart to invoke cosmic energy as an external factor to "Dissolve" the tainted mark.

  3. Strategic event that may affect many, the student can spot out strategic move and/or required orchestrated actions - similar to the demonstrated case of VanHanh in his role as a strategic advisor to the Vietnamese Le and Ly dynasties[R7.1] - to scientifically push the event toward a Right Direction. We certainly hope the right conditions will be soon available for KhaiPhong Strategic Intelligence Service (kp-sis) - riding on the exclusive Inter-Realm Team Efforts - helps solve the current "South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea / West Philippine Sea" international conflicts to actually demonstrate the practicality of Prajna in modern complex living.

The target of these extra expositions on the difference between Ignorance and "cultivable" Prajna is to logically prove that Buddhist Vipassana is Not Prajna and/or the upside down of zen koan and zen roadmap at duality[D19] rather than Oneness, while their implementations must be properly done at the right place and right time. It can serve as a roadmap for implementations from other dedicated explorers in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong if the time is not yet right.

Table 3: Zen Contest on the Nature of Mind

According to ShenHsiu (*)
This body is the Bodhi-tree,      
The mind is like a mirror bright;      
Take heed to keep it always clean      
And let not dust collect upon it.

According to HuiNeng (*)
There is no Bodhi-tree,  
Nor stand of mirror bright.
Since all is void,
Where can the dust alight?

(*) Unlike most monks and nuns, ShenHsiu must Have "Honesty & Care" to Know his Reality / feeling at Volition / Freewill / Sankhara level to properly manage his Actuality in the Right evolution. Counsellor must be one step further for an Insight into the Emptiness and proper Life Management Not blah blah blah about Emptiness in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism.

Table 4: Technologies to Higher Consciousness

PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light (*)
  1. Scientific Facts

  2. Aspiration

  3. #EmptyTheContent / Transcendental-Inner-Peace
(*) DIY plus Community Supports to personally know "Verifiable Emptiness" riding on "Natural Purification" to experience "At Home", "Right Effort", "Taming the Ox", "Riding the Ox", "Non-Thingness", "The Source", "AwakeningBudh".

PrajnaTIP in Kindness (*)
  1. Compassion

  2. Stability in Sunyata

  3. #EmptyTheContent / Transcendental-Inner-Peace
(*) DIY plus Community Supports in Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings. In this process, one can know the The Source and value the environment one a part.

Table 4.1: Technologies to Higher Consciousness

Cultivable in Activity (*)
  1. Expanding Space

  2. Filtering and Swirling

  3. Right [ Effort / Transcendental-Inner-Peace ]
(*) DIY plus Community Supports to deepen the "Verifiable Emptiness" in returning to The Source, naturally enforcing the stability in "The Essence of the Right Effort".

Cultivable in Sadhana (*)
  1. Natural Levitation

  2. Sudden Awakening

  3. Right [ Effort / Transcendental-Inner-Peace ]
(*) sustainable community activities in Interconnected "Opening and Expanding" according to Human Nature to verify Gotama's deeper Truth of "Not-Self".

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