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Nature of Things

Takeaway: "Nature-of-Things" is a collection of proven human discoveries unknown in other intelligent (Esoterics, ETs) realms of consciousness technologies we are aware of, augmented with current scientific "Know-Hows" to turn the discoveries into fundamental pillars of practicalities in engaged living, Making Life Easier and Happier in the positive Fibonacci evolution where one "breakthrough" can sit on the proven accumulations of the past. The Three Pillars up to 2024 are:

  1. The state of Prajna or X-dimension of Transcendental Awareness based on HuiNeng's past contribution of Wu-Nien { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" aka Gotama's [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ( "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" ) ][D22], KhaiPhong's Awareness, Vietnamese Kiến Tánh } and his present reincarnation in observing through the mind-eye the "Energy Column" cross-cut all duality planes of intelligent existences, serving as the positive direction of increasing "DETACHMENT toward Oneness" from any focused event for "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" and/or poking into other "InnerSpace" via Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Kindness,

  2. The Signed Posts deepening toward "Non-Thingness" in the Y-dimension of outside-the-box achievable from a qualified person - first contributed By Gotama[D26], [D29], [D30] then by other living students of KhaiPhong - serving the deepest Silence verifiable as a person having innate "Latin Humanitas / Kingdom of God within / Buddha Nature",

  3. The Fibonacci Layers of InnerSpace of F-dimension that lumps all other required mixing of Right attributes according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED for the layered stock of Prajna from its scientifically cultivable processes to enable [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] states of Prajna scientifically represents available cultivable stock of Prajna in facing different events based on its achievable depths of the Silence Y-dimension at the source of thought and beyond as an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation.

It sets up observable framework to be drilled down before arriving at relevant and deliverable An Engineering Roadmap, ready for implementations: (1) Conflicted Grasping, (2) Verifiable Processes, (3) At Home

Jump to #2.1 From PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light, #2.2 Cultivable States (Right Transcendental-Awareness) and Stock (Fibonacci Layered InnerSpace) of Prajna, #2.2.1 Merging into Oneness of Transcendental Relaxation and Insight, #2.2.2 From Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth for an Insight into the Emptiness, #2.3 Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Kindness.

1. Conflicted Grasping

Man has evolved from social animals capable of keen observations from working narural laws and encapsulating them in rational thinking. One sees and adapts to the natural cycles of days-nights, seasonal and climate changes, seeds in the ground growing into trees for producing fruits, seeds, and death of the trees to return all collected elements back to the ground. One senses the cycle of regeneration / reborn from Oneness to Diversities and back to Oneness: "all things return to One and One operates in all things"[R6]. Thanks to Science, one can rationally see Thing-As-It-Is beyond all indoctrinations to enslave humanity for many thousands years by the bullying esoteric animal kingdoms ruled by the degenerated King of Gods that ONLY after their total collapse due to the natural cycle of very long evolution then degeneration without Knowing Why - mathematically expressed from minute 7:00 of the Complex Fibonacci numbers - plus available qualified students having many thousands years of trial-and-error in their esoteric realms and currently in humanity, we are able to to put together a complete theoretical framework with deliverable outcomes for a New Golden Age evolving in the positive Fibonacci sequence from minute 6:25 of the video approaching the Golden ratio.

The sources of observations are eye-ear-nose-tongue-body-mind where mind is the central processor of forms, feelings, perceptions, impulse and consciousness from accumulated data for decisions in daily activities. This model has served man well in evolution from consciousness to required form for higher and lighter abstract processes which determin the differences and uniquenesses in people and from people to other species. Perception plays a key role from a shallow level to the deepest level of the mind and beyond to be DISCOVERED and SHARED.

Due to accumulated outdated data - commonly known as karma - lumped together in mind processes, what one sees (Reality) is different from the Actuality / Thing-As-It-Is. Here is a demonstration of how easy one can be tricked with conditioned thoughts and feelings[R8]. One is pulled and pushed by 'Binding Word/Image' and 'Clinging Thought'[R9] or from distorted InnerSpace (desires) to messy outer manifestations. All "isms" where organised religions are parts have been created to enslave humanity in the master-slave relationships, exploiting others and causing innumerable unnecessary Sufferings. No one - from the masters to slaves - has "Transcendental-Inner-Peace" and Know "more about oneself", one's sources of thoughts, their driving forces and one's "True Meaning of Existence". The description is not the described since the description - even according to Actuality - is only a snap shot frozen at a time while the described is conditioned and changed due to the generated entropy from the second law of thermodynamics, a discovered of Thing-As-It-Is.

Aspiration / Faith / Indoctrination generate required energy for some expanding space and "lazy" comfort out of the current narrow "self". Indoctrination is anything at duality of choices toward Binding Word / Image and Clinging Thought - such as advertisements, doctrinal studies and religious rituals, including cultivating methods and non-transcendental meditation - in the domain of Relative Truth, scientifically exposed in "Buddhism implies Dualism"[D19]. The practicality of directly knowing the self (duality) and not-self (Oneness) in the state of "No Conflict Inside - No Conflict Outside", yet having tremendous "Intensity of Attention" to make Things Happened in a Right Effort has been answered[D35] by Bodhidharma - the father of Zen - to confirm the potentiality of innate Buddha Nature in each person despite tainted senses and their operational process in a "Long Evolution from Consciousness to Form". A scientific answer to any important question is now possible in its scientific investigations.

The solution / implementation of this practicality is the "Reversed Process from Form to Consciousness" already hinted in Shurangama Sutra[D33]. Dualism is the infinite cycle of manifestations, of life and death, of "doing" and "not necessarily learning" due to tainted senses of Not Seeing Thing-As-It-Is, pulled and pushed in the fallacy of "the Blinds touching Elephant". It cannot touch "Oneness, the source of all Diversities" talked about in all organised religions at indoctrinated level of very narrow scope. The "not-self" is an outside-the-box consciousness capable to perceived "Thing-As-It-Is at different depths and highs of evolution" (Right Understanding) and one's sweet spot for a Right Effort (Right Motivation). Parts of the reversed processes are starting at binocular views of past explorer Wu-Nien / Transcendental-Awareness { 'Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" as the target' }, actually known in innate quality of living students at "different depths" from diverse angles to statistically test optimal conditions for scientifically reproducible the desired results, implemented and supported by the dedicated explorers of the clusters beneficial to many of the same patterns.

Praying is a part of Faith and/or Aspiration. That is why one can be easily addicted and capable of extreme violence and hallucination, a piece of Truth behind frequent Karl Marx quote: “Religion is the sign of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”. Jesus's Parable of the Good Samaritan[R16] illustrates this Plain Truth about the insensibility of a passing-by priest versus a Samaritan sensitive enough to do something according to human nature - recognising the differences in people but "no difference" in aspiring for some Happiness and avoiding unnecessary Sufferings - exemplifying the "Human Rights" of modern living that dedicated explorers in all isms - organised religions and beliefs are parts - must weed out all unworthy people in real efforts - "Care" - to scientifically deliver the desired results of Wu-Nien / Transcendental-Awareness { 'Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" as the target' }.

All religious cultivations and meditations not reaching transcendental states of Emptying / Dissolving the contents toward Non-Thingness for reborn and rejuvenation - consistent with current science - are by definition indoctrinations, enslaving people to their Binding Word / Image and Clinging Thought which are conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changing (viparinama-dukkha). This statement has been nailed down by HuiNeng[R5], [R5.2] 1000+ years ago in his definition of Dhyana-Samadhi: "To be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi. When we are in a position to deal with Dhyana and to keep our inner mind in Samadhi, then we are said to have attained Dhyana and Samadhi". From this definition, we can challenge all cultivations and meditation (dhyana) in 1000+ years of "religious noises"

  1. What can make one FREE from attachment when all sources of observations eye-ear-nose-tongue-body-mind are tainted with innumerable outdated marks in forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses and consciousness of the mind?

  2. Are the above "What" and "How" the Issues for any person to deal with meditation (dhyana)?

  3. How to naturally have the "mind" in Transcendental Inner Peace (samadhi) given current state of tainted mind?

The solutions come from hidden attributes of Right Transcendental Inner Peace (Chánh Định) / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness, being in the deepest possible "Silence" for (1) natural purification of tainted senses and/or (2) dissolving major "karmic forces" in Making Life Easier and Happier. In that Silence, one is capable to see "Thing-As-It-Is" and one's strategic position for a Right Effort to drive relative existence toward a Right Direction of What Count. Combining HuiNeng's definition of Dhyana-Samadhi / Thiền-Định { "To be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi } from Wu-Nien, Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh with Gotama's Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" }[D22] at the third "Equanimity" level[D29] upward toward Non-Thingness, we can logically say:

  1. Meditation exists if and only if there is a transcendental state of Samadhi known as Transcendental-Inner-Peace to be fully vibrant in the action but "free from attachment to all outer objects" once the action is completed (No-Mark, Detachment via Transcending the Observed personally verifiable in passing Gotama's expanding / curved Space);

  2. Right Meditation exists if and only if there is a Right Transcendental-Inner-Peace (Samma-Samadhi) / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness;

  3. Right Transcendental Inner Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness[D5] exists if and only if there is a Detachment;

  4. Detachment can be cultivated Only with Natural Purification[D27] via Verifiable Emptiness where gross attributes are naturally dissolved at deeper layers up until Sunyata Non-Thingness to reach Gotama momentary End-of-Dukkha / Nirvana. Right Transcendental-Awareness not only obstructs and restricts flows of binding/clinging forces[D22] but also direct the force of Natural Purification for an effortless Intensity-of-Attention.

Let G = God, A = Allah, B = Bodhisattva, T = Amitabha, and for our purpose any type of thought / manifestation of Oneness. Here is "The Nature of Things"[R1] - via Binding Word/Image and Cling Thought - in

Conflicted Grasping pushed by unworthy people - Not knowing yet claimed to Know Not seeing yet claimed to See[D19] - from all isms where organized religions are parts.

Yet, as an evolutionary being from Naturally Qualified Human and higher realms one is fully qualified - according to Natural Laws of Thing-As-It-Is - as a humanitas, subjected to biology but also having Compassion and Prajna for exploring the Science of Consciousness and discovering underlying Natural laws in Making Life Easier and Happier.

Driven by Greed in biology of self preservation, many higher-realm beings such as Gods, Allah, Bodhisattvas, Amitabha, etc, and their slaves plus slaves of the slaves in human beings have been degenerated due to ignoring and then forgetting the higher consciousness of Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth as glimpsed by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3]: "Chỉ sai hữu niệm quên vô niệm - Wrongly grasp a conditioned thought and forget the Beyond-Thought (Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict)". Mathematically, one should be "Free / Liberated" from all binding and clinging forces [ Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachment / Vô Niệm, Vô Vết, Vô Trụ ] toward "Detachment of Oneness" via the observable Energy Column cross-cut all duality planes of intelligent existences, including cheating esoteric processes from "degenerted esoteric realms" that they must know their realities to get out of the 60,000+ human years in negative Fibonacci evolution then degeneration without Knowing WHY of "smelly beings" personally known by Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva such as (1) "Thiên Tâm Đạo / Heaven Heart Path" as a new religion from 2021-09-09 (the video has been deleted) and (2) thiền thiên biến vạn hóa / meditation in all aspects 2021-09-23, etc, due to Not Knowing the underlying Natural Laws of the Blinds blah blah blah about the "elephant" they may touch a part then claimed its exclusive TRUTH in mastes-slaves relationships.

All religious / ism wars come from this exclusive "Grasping" of the conditioned and changing duality for dominance despite whatever soothing of "Love / Compassion / Meditation / Mindfulness" coming from lip services of "unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4]" who do not know the "Gateway-to-Oneness" for Natural Purification[D27], pre-qualified by Gotama for his qualified "Transcendental-Awareness[D22]" and by HuiNeng for "meditation". Let's look at what is going wrong to turn conditioned expanding space and "lazy" comfort into narrower scope of "self" causing "Wrong Effort" Not In Conscious Living.

Some aspiration and "lazy" comfort - experienced by whatever mean - is recorded in the serial processor of left brain, neatly classified in linear manner of past, present, and future. Unworthy people - from all isms - create required conditions / churches / temples to enforce these deep Binding and Clinging of the tainted senses rather than "Rejuvenated Senses" to experience Thing-As-It-Is, and once done No Mark is left to be outdated due to innate "Detachment" from the Gateway-to-Oneness for the manifestation of HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna, or a complete Silence to see the Actuality and require optimal Sweet Spot coming from Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth for a "Right Effort" In Conscious Living.

Once the mind is set into a narrow groove of ism's conditioned / churches / temples, one's HonNhien is lost. Being the "opium" to "greedy and sense gratified" people they cunningly generate all kinds of conflicting fallacies of "the Blinds touching Elephant" to enforce masters-slaves relationships, messing up their own lives and the lives of others. Due to the innate Buddha Nature, most people with minimum Honesty can recognise the lasting Value in one's Continuity of the Consciousness according to natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes starting to create their own "Last Temple" of deliverable required conditions for cultivating the Right Understanding and Right Motivation. We call these favourable conditions of the Last Temple "PrajnaPlace" - the Places for Rejuvenation and Reborn - according to the Nature of Things. We expect once PrajnaTIP in Sound is introduced, enabling at least 1% - 8% human population (80,000,000 to 500,000,000 people) actually knowing HuiNeng Dhyana-Samadhi - "to be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi" using the Oneness / Prajna / Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature to naturally Purify the senses - most can value add their "unique spice" to be both a producer at minimum cost via Executive Information Portal (EIP) and consumer to change oneself and the environment toward What Count, being a part in higher consciousness Change Management.

PrajnaPlace covers all activities, switching from Ignorance to Prajna due to natural Silence and Detoxifications of the senses in cultivating the Right Transcendental Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi). There are already discovered trails by dedicated explorers such as those shown in the Heart Sutra[R2], Gotama's nine signed posts of Verifiable Emptiness[D29], [D30], Jesus's Kingdom of God within[Luke 17:21, Nagarjuna Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D38], Asanga's Perfected Nature[D39], HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5], XuanZang's Consciousness of the consciousness[D19], Trần Hưng Đạo’s [ "From people, By people, and For people" ] acting as one unified unit[R7.4], and Shaku's God Conception of Buddhism[R6]. Combination of Natural Purification[D27] in the Right conditions of PrajnaPlace for Right Transcendental Inner Peace is the key discovery, Making Life Easier and Happier. This is in essence "[ KhaiPhong Build (via Transcendental Awareness) ]" riding on discovered underlying natural laws to #EmptyTheContent to Non-Thingness, called PrajnaTIPs exposed in the next section to equalize the playing fields for actual and specific benefits of the mass at regional community levels. It enables invisible hand of "Prajna driven by models of PrajnaTIPs" from [ KhaiPhong Design of Scientifically Cultivable Prajna ] to direct invisible hand of Economics (allocations of scare resources) from all activities and relationships in one's Continuity of the Consciousness via "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations".

Trekking along the discovered trails with scientific tools - comprising of both logical and mathematical proof about [ duality of conflicting consciousness ] and its common attributes with [ No-Conflict Consciousness / Oneness / God-Allah conception ] that all modern students can understand, together with actual experience in knowing the higher consciousness - we work out and discover partial solutions of the above dedicated explorers as well as the defects in their own cracks due to not knowing different natural laws in the Dependent Nature of No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] and of Duality Consciousness in conflicting events. We expose below how Gotama, K'ung Tzu and Jesus messed up their Insights known from [ Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth with conflicting consciousness on the duality plan of Relative Truth, glimpsed by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3]. This is because:

  1. Only "Direct Perception" from high above TRUTH plane of the focused event can see a "Wider View / Thing-As-It-Is" and one's strategic position to push the event toward a Right direction of What Count; it is beyond thought and thinking known in Buddhist scholarship as "Prajna in Ultimate (Wider) Truth" for a breakthrough according to Natural Laws, and

  2. Only on the duality plane of conflicting events one can make things happened known in Buddhist scholarship as "Prajna in Relative Truth", turning Hegelian Dialectic into Prajna Dialectic of the Right Value of the values in Making Life Easier and Happier. There is also a measurable feedback to rate one's quality of the consciousness the degree of Right or Wrong effort that one is fully responsible to change oneself and the environment towards What Count that a digital personal assistant user-facing mu can privately points out one's reality, not to be a professional cheater to face natural consequences beyond all legal systems.

The vertical TRUTH plane of focused event has different [ depth / height ] according to the second wheel of understanding Prajnaparamita, called Ultimate (Wider) Truth different from Relative Truth of Duality Consciousness according Madhyamaka the third round of understanding, value-added as the Perfected Nature in moving from Imaginary Nature toward Dependent Nature according to Yogacara as the fourth round of understanding, possibly moving from Duality Consciousness to No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] in Tantra as the fifth Epistemological tradition, focusing on what we know about "The Nature of Things". Thanks to well-established scientific processes in social and medical sciences, the Wheel of Understanding can be further advanced to community accumulation of the Right Understanding and Right Motivation for measurable Right Effort, evaluating the subjective experiences of [ Emptiness / Jhanas / Samadhis / Transcendental Inner Peace ] in their [ Right / Wrong / Practicality ] at both the present moment and Value of the values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness changing oneself and the environment toward What Count[R23].

To highlight the importance of "Detachment" and the dangers of "narrow grooves" trying to Grasp the conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changing (viparinama-dukkha) duality[D19], we create a Free Tool acting as your "[ Public-Facing Web Presence / Personal Assistant / Command Centre user-facing mu ]". It provides observable data of your "[ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ]" from all activities and relationships for your Normative Evaluation of the Right and Wrong. Via Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Personal Assistant and Command Centre is your extension to know more about yourself and What Most Count[R23] in your Continuity of the Consciousness. The second law of thermodynamics proves that all manifestations (Duality / Relative Truth / Dependent Nature) have their life cycles of beginning and the end for "reborn" and "rejuvenation" in the infinite cycle of "Visible and Invisible". Consciousness is a form of energy. Intelligence is a normative consciousness, driving all intelligent beings to discover natural laws - as shown in the next Verifiable Processes - toward Lasting Values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

In the case of Christianity, Jesus's "Kingdom of God Within[Luke 17:21]" and "Parable of the Good Samaritan[R16]" are almost destroyed and degenerated by the evil Roman Catholic Church where many good Christians have been Pulled and Pushed by the Church's unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] from day one of the formal organised religion using the invented / fallacies of Redeemer, Infallible Pope, Faith Only and the Knights in conquering the World. Those sensible enough - especially with the expositions of Illuminati and secret societies - can see the esoteric degenerated influences[R20.3], [R20.4]. Via ET channelling, few have known their searching for this "Oneness" much longer than the Christian Church. Yet, through involvements with the "Knights Templar" and many secret societies, their scope of existence are narrowed down to the point of nearly destroying all their accumulated goodness[R17], [R17.1].

If many were able to personally verify the "Kingdom of God Within[Luke 17:21]", it would be impossible for unworthy people from any realm to rewrite the lives of Jesus and Mary to another conflicted version in Muslim's Koran to fool different mass into "extreme violence", serving another degenerated esoteric agenda causing unnecessary Sufferings amongst One Humanity. It is important for those still feeling the common vibration of Love in the Good Samaritan and the "Kingdom of God from Within / Latin Humanitas" as the invisible part of all manifestations to explore discovered "Verifiable Processes" which will be delivered with custom assistances by identified members of KhaiPhong from different countries, religions, skin colors, North-South East-West, etc.

Unworthy people will have a hard time to exploit since only the discoveries and implementations of lasting values - the Kingdom of God, Good Samaritan - count[R23]. Jesus and Mary were two entities of the Whole - just like any one of us, K'ung Tzu or Gotama - having their own evolution in their trials and errors. If "the Kingdom of God is within" then all outside manifestations and praying are only means to the Verifiable Kingdom of God. Please force all Christian churches to deliver this measurable outcome or get out of the way. With Detachment and Beyond-Thought, Jesus would not be fooled by any esoteric manifestation, taking "God Willing" for granted. Precious resources would be put to the implementations and manifestation of the "Kingdom of God Within[Luke 17:21]".

Similar thing happened to Buddhist cheating Sangha during Gotama's lifetime and later in divisional Theravada and Mahayana despite significant contributions and tremendous efforts by the founder who has inspired some dedicated explorers to further investigate natural laws, making clear what have originally contributed by Gotama and their significant Value-Adds. It is not the Pathless Land but scientifically observable, testable and verifiable since all visible manifestations are conditioned. Possible issues of not-yet deliverable Gotama precious gifts to humanity may come from his "Undetected Defects in Gotama's Design, Build, and Execution" which can be ironed out in scientific processes that kp_platform is intended to make it happened for all claims, past or present esoteric or human. From very high overview, Gotama's fact-based "TRUTH" is "Dukkha / Suffering". The Eightfold Path is his claimed solution (model to solve the discovered TRUTH) that he relied on his personally created Buddhist Sangha to spread out his DISCOVERY.

In the Design of the discovered TRUTH Dukkha, instead of honestly facing the pain point of Dukkha and its possible solution in the modified[D26] Eightfold Path (Right Transcendental Awareness in the place of Right Mindfulness since Gotama pecked his "Mindfulness" at the Equanimity third Jhana upward[D29]), Buddhist Sangha grasps Gotama's "Not-Self / Selfless" at theoretical level to fool others about their qualities of Knowing the Oneness, directly violating Gotama's foundation of human Virtue "Musà vàdà veramanì / Tránh xa sự nói dối" failed up to 2023-01-23 in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism. The "Not-Self / Selfless" demands the verification of Gotama's 5th Jhana upward that we lump Gotama's 5th and 6th Jhanas together to a Signed Post Not-Self. In realities, most of Buddhist monks, nuns, followers - typified by the Dalai Lama XIV, the claimed enlighten monk Thich Nhat Hanh, the claimed Dharma King Gyalwang Drukpa XII, and the well-known Samatha and Vipassana meditation master Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw - are hallucinated in the fallacy of "the Blinds touching Elephant", not yet passing the Gateway-to-Oneness to know Gotama "Awareness-Prajna[D22]" since they are all at Duality level[D19], knowing nothing about "Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth", acting as professional cheaters[R18.4] not knowing yet claimed to know, not seeing yet claimed to see[D19].

During 45+ years of efforts in spreading precious discoveries, Gotama did not detect this "design defect" of stressing the "Not-Self / Selfless" to those not yet touching the "Gateway-to-Oneness" deeply buried in the inner conflicts - outer conflicts, more than readily grasping whatever to solidify their privileged roles of masters-slaves, rather than the actuality of Dukkha in his first discourse[D20] and its ultimate solution of Not-Self / Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth in the second discourse, solving the Issue of suffering dukkha (dukkha-dukkha) toward natural detachment[D26t] Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha, value-added at thousand years later by Bodhidharma[D35]. Buddhist cheating Sangha - up to 2024 - has reversed the order of Gotama presentation in (1) stated issue of Dukkha and its verifiable solution via the modified[D26] Eightfold Path in Gotama's first discourse where (2) knowing the solution of Dukkha, one can naturally experience "Thing-As-It-Is Not-Self" for a wider and deeper exploration as exposed in his second discourse. Buddhist monk / nun / follower who is Not professional cheater MUST TRAIN oneself according to the order of Gotama's modified[D26] Eightfold Path and expose the 2500+ years of loopholes DESTROYING Gotama's discoveries right at the time of his living according to the bullying culture of esoteric feudal animal kingdoms.

In the Right cultivation based on Gotama personal experience, one must truthfully and directly face one's most relevant pain point - just like Gotama decision to leave the position of a prince in search for the meaning of existence - which naturally generates tremendous "Intensity-of-Attention" due to one's innate Budh/Buddha Nature. Once having a direct taste in "Gatateway-to-Oneness" one can naturally empty the "content" toward Non-Thingness (Detachment) - no matter whatever the content it is i.e. transcendental relaxation - as Gotama did know from his two Indian teachers. One reclaims the innate quality of [ Wu-Nien / Transcendentl Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" }. With a glimpse of the "Indian" Oneness Gotama's discovery of "Not-Self / Selfless" thanks to his personal experience in "End-of-Dukkha / Nirvana / Unmoving Sunyata" plus the reversed engineering to wipe out the lingering of "accomplished self" for achieving higher consciousness according to natural laws may further motivate dedicated explorers to dig deeper into the being - the Raison D'être - of a human nature (humanitas). See how the Buddhist cheating Sangha - up to 2024 - has destroyed Gotama's discoveries for their group benefits in thousands years of being professional cheaters[R18.4].

The Indian discovery of Oneness augmented by Gotama's Not-Self / Selfless toward beyond Non-Thingness of unmoving Sunyata and his scientific process of modified[D26] Eightfold Path is more important than ever for humanity when advanced nuclear knowledge is readily available to dark forces with cunning mind of arguments on the duality plane since there is no absolute Right or Wrong, just cultivable [ Conscience / Wisdom / Prajna, Ultimate (Wider) Truth ] or ignorance to destroy environment and humanity according to Thing-As-It-Is. The democratic process and human rights have been proven illusions by those advocating them as a utopia to cover their Lucifer demonic target of Masters-Slaves / Haves-HaveNots to enslave humanity as evidenced from the collapse of Illuminati New World Order. Democracy and Human Rights are realities - not illusion - if and only if there is sufficient critical mass (estimated at 8% of human population / 500,000,000 people) have sufficient [ Conscience / Wisdom / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth ] to know and act according to the consequence of Right (Conscience / Wisdom / Prajna / Oneness / Ultimate (Wider) Truth) and Wrong (Ignorance).

The bottom line of this "design defect" was "The Quarrel At Kosambi"[D45] to spell out the reality of Buddhist Sangha even at the time of Gotama. If having sufficient States and Stock of Prajna to cut through this reality with measurable meaning and possible long-term effects on his Vision, Gotama might even prevent the second and third defects. That is why we ask you to force all claimed Vajrayana-Tantra masters, enlighten monks, Dharma Kings, Samatha / Vipassana meditation masters and Buddhist teachers of all sects in both Theravada and Mahayana to publicly expose their personal experiences in Detachment / Vô Trụ that HuiNeng used it as the Fundamental Principle of his school which no claimed masters after HuiNeng in 1000+ years can touch at the level of Beyond Thought (Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm) in observed, No-Mark (Vô Vết) once action completed, Detachment (Vô Trụ) as the foundation at his level of Samadhi-Prajna.

Throughout 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha, most monks/nuns and followers have been putting Efforts in the Wrong direction of Binding Word/Image as in Christianity and Clinging Thought as in Islam rather than the "Right Effort" on the foundation of Detachment (Vô Trụ, Xả trong Từ Bi Hỷ Xả) from the stability division of the Eightfold Path [ Right Effort >< Right Transcendental Awareness >< Right Samadhi ] to break the crust of "self (sesame seed)" for the manifestation of Prajna in one's innate Budh or Buddha Nature (for its oil as exposed by Tilopa in Mahamudra-Upadesa[D41]). They are completely drown in painted cakes of Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought while blah blah blah to cheat others in making very unworthy living. Most do not have any breakthrough to see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change oneself and the environment toward What Count.

Back to the cross-breed between Chinese practicality in the Action of Non-Action (Wei Wu Wei) with Indian Dhyana from Bodhidhrma Detachment, Indian theories of the dynamic Middle Path from Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only, we see Right or Wrong Effort is measurable bottom-line of dynamically cultivable [ Body >< Mind >< Effort ] that can change the quality of one's consciousness according to natural laws of whatever light floating up toward easier and happier existence while the heavy / dark side sinking down for the mother nature to reawaken that stream of consciousness to know the value and responsibility of its existence. All Right efforts demand a transcendental awareness of attention to perfection which according to the ignorance of Buddhist Sangha knowing nothing about Transcendental states will generate karmic forces to feed the vicious circle of Birth and Death that they want to be liberated (cooking sand) according to their version of Gotama's defective claim of Nirvana then Pari-Nirvana (expecting rice). It is the Transcendental Awareness toward Detachment leading to evolving according to the pattern of positive Fibonacci evolution for Deeper and Wider DISCOVERING and SHARING.

Let's once-and-for-all expose the process of 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha, not Knowing yet claimed to know not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19] bullying humanity to perpetuate their imposed master-slave relationships making very unworthy living. If the claim in cessation of Birth and Death does not come from Gotama then Buddhist [ monks / nuns / followers ] need to make it known to the World in cleaning up the unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] from your dedicated and "conscious-living" circles. If the claim came from Gotama then the claim was his tainted deduction and Not Thing-As-it-Is since (1) Gotama had not died at the time of making the claim so the claim was only his opinion, (2) Consciousness is a form of energy which cannot be destroyed, but transformed to better or worse quality of the consciousness degenerating or evolving according to assumed Fibonacci sequence to be statistically tested from Big Data via custom AI.

We have proved that (1) the destruction of Ignorance was Gotama's "deduction" on the duality consciousness, unable to touch No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] of "Oneness, Prajna, Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas" where energy can be transformed but not destroyed, and (2) by not knowing the Dependent Nature of No-Conflict Layered Consciousness he has designed the wrong tools [ mindfulness of breathing[D24] and MahaSatipatthana[D25] ] for the Right Job[D22] that his qualified Transcendental-Awareness must transcend conflicting duality consciousness. Without scientific processes exposed in KhaiPhong, [ Gotama / K'ung Tzu / Jesus ] all messed up their Insights with conflicting consciousness on the duality plan of Relative Truth, glimpsed by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3].

The aesthetic discovery from Gotama's modified[D26] Eightfold Path - missed in 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha just like the "Undetected Defects" - is the cultivable Detachment at different depths of Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" } capable to be Beyond-Thought / Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm at the observed, No-Mark once the action completed, Detachment from Prajna to be completely Fresh (No-Mark, Detachment / Vô Vết, Vô Trụ) for a new Right Effort in Shen-Hsiu scientific path from measurable hard facts to a normalised Art at each signed post. We make this Detachment first measurable at the two signed posts of (1) Binding Word/Image, and (2) Clinging Thought to gather those having actual experience for deepening and widening the complete integration of Shen-Hsiu [ Body >< Mind >< Right Effort ] and HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna.

Detachment / Vô Trụ / Xả is in fact the unique characteristic of the word "Right" in the modified[D26] Eightfold Path, making it stand above outside-the-box crowds of all egoistic / wrong achievements in Bliss, Faith, Miracles, Exciting with Conscious Living and Opportunities to Do Good Beyond the self, etc. It is the Path dissolving / moving all things toward Sunyata Non-Thingness, beyond success/failure, good/bad, right/wrong of duality for rejuvenation and Reborn in the Fresh state of Worthy Existence since Only at the present effort, one can affect the quality of one's consciousness according to the natural law of whatever light will float up of easier and happier existence and whatever heavy will sink down for the mother nature to neutralise its darkness[D32].

When transcendental technologies are exposed to speed up the process of measurable Right Effort which is an indirect measurement of one's [ Prajna / Wisdom ] to be rated after visibly measurable feedback, Detachment identified in Gotama's First Jhana[D29] is an epistemic objective at different depths of Gotama's Awareness-Prajna, Bodhidharma Detachment-Prajna, Huineng's Samadhi-Prajna, or KhaiPhong Scientifically Cultivable [ "Awareness" as its target - “Kiến Tánh" làm tông / "Dependent" as its substance - “Duyên Khởi" làm thể / "Prajna" as its fundamental principle - “Bát Nhã" làm gốc ]. This is the first measurable signed post from the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong. No unworthy[R18.3] persont[R18.4] dares to get close, riding on Gotama's credibility for a very unworthy living sabotaging his precious gifts to humanity. Their public records of claimed Buddhist teachers on the Internet wall will scientifically expose their dark sides when 1% to 8% human population actually experience the "Gateway-to-Oneness" which is the beginning of [ Wu-Nien / Blank Mind / Vô Niệm / Awareness ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" } according to human nature.

Gotama qualified his "Transcendental-Awareness" at the Equanimity third level of his Right Transcendental Inner Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness[D29]. Without passing the "Gateway-to-Oneness" - the second Jhana to actually know the dissolution of contents from Duality to Oneness - one cannot know the "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" of his modified[D26] Eightfold Path at any depth since this Prajna division can only be touched by different depths of HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna. That is why they - most of Buddhist monks, nuns and followers - bind their Word/Image and cling their Thought to [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ][D41]. There is no transcendental state whatsoever in their conflicting meditations of "the Blinds touching Elephant". If you do not know Gotama's Third Truth on the possibility of the End-of-Dukkha and the Fourth Trugh of modified[D26] Eightfold Path, how can you claim to be a Buddhist Teacher, an enlighten monk, a Dharma King, and a meditation master making a Living on what you do not know nor have which is by definition a cheating artist.

In the "Build" of cultivable process looking for a neutral way to help most people, Gotama used "breathing / anapanasati"[D24] as a tool without recognising that it may be applicable only to him who has passed the "Gateway-to-Oneness", naturally not attached to the tool - well-known as a raft taking you from one side of conflicting duality to the other side of non-conflicting Oneness - to easily drop the raft. Buddhist monks/nuns and followers stick to the raft of breathing[D24] and the Great Frames of Reference[D25] via concentration to control their inner conflicts - outer conflicts, never leaving the plane of duality yet blah blah blah in grasping the Beyond Thought of "Not-Self" to perpetuate their self-claimed masters-slaves relationships. They put their words in Gotama's mouth ""from the cessation of ignorance, volitional activities cease; from the cessation of volitional activities, consciousness ceases; from the cessation of consciousness [ which is false since consciousness - a form of energy - cannot be destroyed but transformed ], name-and-form ceases" and turn his Eightfold Path upside-down into [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ][D41] making Prajna an outcome of the darkness in a very narrow groove of indoctrinated Ethical Codes and Concentration.

The Light of Right Understanding and Right Motivation from the Prajna division of the modified[D26] Eightfold Path was completely shut down and destroyed by Buddhist cheating Sangha despite significant contributions and later corrections of "Gotama's undetected defects" from Bodhidharma's Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha versus Suffering Dukkha[D35], HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna of Wu-Nien[R5], Shen-Hsiu process of [ Body >< Mind >< Right Effort ] in Detachment cross-bred with Chinese Wei Wu Wei, and Dharmapala-XuanZang theoretical model in Consciousness of the consciousness[D19]. Almost all monks/nuns in 2500+ years have not touched significant depth of Samadhi-Prajna beyond the Purity state. In the "Execution", there is no transparency and accountability in the "structure of the seniority" of Chinese Han's Buddhism further enforcing the Buddhist cheating Sangha since most of them have no deliverable outcomes of qualified Transcendental-Awareness[D22] they are making a living on. To sum up, Gotama "Design for spreading his discovered Dukkha" is based on the "Model" "Eightfold Path" using his Anapanasati[D24] and his MahaSatipatthana Sutta[D25] - The Great Frames of Reference mindfulness of breathing to the raised Issue Dukkha. The "Design" for verifiable solution of "Dukkha is defect due to his Not inclusion of the attribute "Not-Self in the first discourse while his Sangha "Grasp" the "Not-Self" to fool followers as their achievement in claimed master-slaves relationships. To correct this defect, all we need is to replace "Right Mindfulness" with "Right Transcendental Awareness of the modified[D26] Eightfold Path" to explicitly demand transcendental states beyond "Equanimity" of his third Jhana. The "Build process" of veifiable "Eightfold Path" is applicable Only to him since most of his monks, nuns, followers have Not Passed the Gateway-to-Oneness and all 1000+ forms of Buddhist meditations up to 2024 have No Transcendental states in #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness. "Execution" based on the seniority of his Buddhist Sangha is proven obsolete, and a force to perpetuate the corruption of his community for leadership as evidenced up to 2023-01-23 in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism.

Buddhist cheating Sangha intentionally cut Gotama's recorded nine (9) levels of absorption into eight[D19] while painting his Nirvana into the Sangha's fallacy of Nirvana and Pari-Nirvana without any accountable logical and empirical proof. Theravada Abhidhamma "chopped a hair into eight" without the deliverable "Then What" from "the Blinds touching Elephant" while in reality most have not passed the Gateway-to-Oneness, knowing nothing about HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna, using "their imaginations from the Blinds touching Elephant" to fool others that they know Gotama's Right Understanding and Right Motivation of the modified[D26] Eightfold Path. Their "Prajna" is the outcome of their [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ], totally drowned in the Darkness of Duality[D19] incapable to deliver Buddhist Scholarship that Gotama had only a binocular View waiting for deepening and widening via "Prajna in Relative Truth and in Ultimate (Wider) Truth" by KhaiPhong.

Their "mindfulness of breathing / anapanasati"[D24] come from duality[D19], unqualified by Gotama which is passing the Gateway-to-Oneness while most of them are not even at the door. Their "vipassana / mahasatipatthana" is "Very Painful and Impossible" since at any moment there are interactions of innumerable signals SIMULTANEOUSLY arising from [the body, feelings, mind, and mental qualities] but also from [the Dependent Nature of One and the Whole 'As-It-Is'][D29]. The "Then What" of clearly seeing "Thing-As-It-Is / theoretical Vipassana" is measurable in Gotama's Right Understanding and Right Motivation at the bottom line of HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna to show the underlying Moral (normative) Value, "accountable at both micro and macro levels" in all activities with the "Invisible / Helping Hand of Economics". Even one's sources for observation [ eye-ear-nose-tongue-body-mind ] are conditioned on the quality of the consciousness at birth as theorised by Consciousness-Only that we can logically observe. Compounding on top of this "Dependent Nature" is accumulated tainted / outdated data from [ forms, feelings, perceptions, impulse and consciousness ] for the central processor mind to process. We underline the Perceptions since under Conscious Living and Silence, it is the force to expose one's containerized Alaya and activate wider knowledge in the field. Without accumulated states and stock of Prajna for Right Understanding and Right Motivation, Buddhist Vipassana is only at theoretical level of "the Blinds touching Elephant", impossible to be in close contact with HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna and should be replaced at both micro and macro level of accountable "Invisible / Helping Hand of Economics" running according to the Nature of Things.

That is the reason why 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha still dreaming on in the lab of "the Blinds touching Elephant", unable to directly address the core issue "Dukkha" identified by Gotama with his ultimate offered solution of Not-Self / Selfless since most of monks / nuns cannot pass the Gateway-to-Oneness, having Gotama's qualified "Transcendental-Awareness" starting from "Equanimity" upward at different depths of "Oneness / Emptiness / Transcendental Inner Peace / Samadhi / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth". Gotama's qualified Transcendental-Awareness at the minimum third level of his Samadhi is "Only the required Foundation" which must be concrete enough for the manifestation of Prajna measurable and observable in all activities: "Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna [for Right Understanding], while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi [for Right Motivation]" to apply Gotama's modified "Eightfold Path". It is even worse in major branches of Buddhist Mahayana - Tantra, Vajrayana, Pure Land, Gradual Training, etc with innumerable conflicting dogmas - fooled by esoteric dark forces at duality in voluminous treatises, utopia, and the "description of Oneness" without deliverable means to touch the described and the benefits of "Then What".

Tantra Kalachakra claim[D8] is far below the Aspiration from the Heart through addicted Faith from Christianity and Islam. Its practice for "rejuvenation of an old man/woman via copulation and sucking life force from a young counterpart" is an addiction to the senses, 180o in opposite direction from Gotama's "Detachment" of Right Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness and beyond. Leaving aside the politics of Kalachakra and the claimed Vajradhara of the Dorje Highest Buddhist Masters[R13.1] between China and Tibet, the practice is an "immoral and evil exploitation" coming from a feudal system to serve the privileged classes of cheating organised religions and rulers in their masters-slaves relationships. Exposure of dark forces in secret societies make pedophile - sucking youthful energy from a child - phenomenon well-known in public. Practically and scientifically, it is far below the "Reborn / Rejuvenation" via "Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness and beyond" - extracted from Shurangama Sound technology[D33] - riding on natural laws for heavy lifting to be briefly touched in the next section and scientifically introduced at the right time.

Vajrayana - riding on their understanding from dark forces - takes the dynamic Perfected Nature of "Not-Self" and the Dependent Nature / Imaginary Nature of (self) as analysed by Dharmapala-XuanZang[D19] theoretical model into a permanent static snap shot of [Dharmakaya (Truth body / manifested God or Allah), Sambhogakaya (Enjoyment body), and Nirmanakaya(Manifestation body)], and assigns these states to the reincarnated Gurus for slaved students to visualise in enforcing Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought of absolute obedience. It is a different version but similar to the claimed Infallible Priests guaranteed by the Redeemer - the only Son of the manifested Creator God - from the evil Roman Catholic Church.

Pure Land follows the footsteps of unscientific forever manifestation of a personalised God (Amitayus) to sabotage Gotama's discovery of Thing-As-It-Is in his Right Understanding and Right Motivation, coming from Samadhi-Prajna in the cultivable states and stock of Prajna. Esoterically, Amitabha and his claimed "Pure Land" exist in the past master-slaves relationships, against underlying natural laws and fully corrupted by 2024" in the negative Fibonacci degeneration of smelly beings, personally known and shared by Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. The recovering process according to [ Wei-Wu-Wei / Prajna Way of "thuận theo tự nhiên" according to discovered underlying natural laws ] has been theoretically discovered in KhaiPhong using underlying natural laws for heavy lifting, waiting for implementation and/or export to other intelligent realms in the new Era of "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations".

Gradual Trainings via voluminous treatises and debates of "the Blinds touching Elephant" from those not-yet passing the Gateway-to-Oneness - unqualified by Gotama's "Transcendental-Awareness[D22]" and by HuiNeng's "Samadhi-Prajna[R5]" - add more confusions in Gotama's core message and his precious gifts to humanity since a [ darkness / duality consciousness ] cannot see another [ darkness / duality consciousness ] As-It-Is. It is similar to [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ] turning Gotama's modified Eightfold Path upside down. Since the Buddha Nature - an ability to learn and make decision relevant to one's present moment - innate in all persons, the Eightfold Path clearly start from Right Understanding and Right Motivation of the Prajna division, an innate ability to know the Right and Wrong relevant to one's presence having reflective feedback to know more about oneself and the environment. Gautoma's solution of his identified Dukkha is the modified[D26] Eightfold Path, not the distorted serial path from Buddhist Sangha and/or duality training riding on Gotama's credibility to make very unworthy living, selling what they do not know nor have. The Training must start from one's level of Understanding and Motivation, not from any utopia of indoctrinated Bodhicitta / Bodhisattva which is not Thing-As-It-Is.

The Right Understanding and Right Motivation come from cultivable Samadhi-Prajna where 'Samadhi - Transcendental Inner Peace - is the Quintessence of Prajna [for Right Understanding], while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi [for Right Motivation]'. Gotama's correct flow of Gradual Training enables all dedicated persons directly experience (1) Nagarjuna's Relative Truth from Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D38] and its Natural Purification of the sense to clearly see the Relative Thing-As-It-Is, (2) Asanga's Perfected Nature[D39] and its infusion to drive present "Imaginary Nature" closer to the "Dependent Nature" of Thing-As-It-Is, (3) the razor-sharp dynamic switching between "self / hữu niệm" and "not-self / vô niệm" from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3]. There is no bitter chasm from Madhyamaka and Consciousness-Only caused by scholars and monks not passing the Gateway-to-Oneness, not knowing the dissolution of contents toward Sunyata Non-Thingness. This correct Gradual Cultivation will lead to Sudden Awaken then Awakening at the Right Place and Right Time under Right Conditions. PrajnaPlaces such as [ Body & Mind ], [ GsLp / ThankYou Clubs ], etc are organic facilities of these "Rights" in all human activities.

Via exposition and the collapse of Illuminati masters-slaves NWO (New World Order), we esoterically know "good forces" also using Higher Consciousness Technologies to steer evolution toward the Lasting Value of Living and Being. Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] is a typical example of this influence. Scientific process at theoretical and empirical validation - not at just the description from any claimed authority - is the only sensible mean to arrive at the bottom-line of Thing-As-It-is, discovering the Nature of Things in "Making life Easier and Happier". This is How we kick start KhaiPhong and its Engineering Roadmap.

2. Verifiable Processes

Let's encapsulate major issues in the "Nature of Things" that humanity has been deprived from precious gifts accidentally discovered by dedicated explorers 2500+ years to Free humanity from unnecessary Sufferings by unworthy people selling what they do not know nor have, messing up their own lives and the lives of others.

  1. Sense contamination is deeply embedded at the sources [ eye-ear-nose-tongue-body-mind ] and in operational modes [ forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses and consciousness ];

  2. Purification[D27] to separate the sources of operation from accumulated outdated marks[D44] cannot be done from [ Inner Conflict - Outer Conflicts ] on the duality plane of conflicting events. Only "Direct Perception" from high above TRUTH plane of the focused event can "have a wider view or see Thing-As-It-Is" and one's strategic position to push the event toward a Right direction of What Count. It is called the "TRUTH plane Y-dimension" (the word domension signifies a matrix of relevant vectors of attributes to be determined in a new research) since on that plane one can be outside-the-box deeper/higher to see and sense different visible and/or invisible conflicting forces at the focused event, and one's optimal solution. There are two directions on the TRUTH plane: innate concentration from negative Fibonacci degeneration of cunning intelligence or Praja from positive Fibonacci evolution to futher expand "Fair trade at point A" to Harmonious Melting Pot toward point C in [ 1 + 1 >> 2 ], and there is scientifically cultivable path moving from negative to positive Fibonacci sequence in higher / lighter quality of one's Continuity of the consciousness. It is beyond thought and thinking for a breakthrough;

  3. The process is the reversed direction from [ Visible / Duality ] of the self exposed in Gotama's first discourse[D20] to [ Invisible / Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth ] in his Not-Self of the second discourse[D20.1]. One must put an effortless attempt to discover and personally verify this "Dissolving / #EmptyingTheContent" toward Non-Thingness. The experience cannot be begged from any external agent and/or bought at any price, and must earn in engaged living with your [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ]. The learning process is much shorter and faster once underlying natural laws are DISCOVERED and SHARED.

These issues make clear the futility of all religious donations, cultivations and meditations - including innumerable Buddhist meditations - sold by unworthy people up to 2024 in their international cheating clubs. Only recently (2014) in a Cognitive Science Dialogue[D36] between Alan Wallace (a well-trained in both Buddhist traditions and western science) with John Searle (a western philosopher having eloquent logic), we can have a logically defined basis for the "Science of Consciousness" since "Ontological Subjective" such as a personal experience can be "Epistemic Objective" once its scientific process is well tested, being statistically significant in its known conditions. There also exists technology to measure this community consensus.

Delivering verifiable solutions for the above three issues, we can turn Gotama's personal opinion (Ontological Subjective) of Buddhist "Not-Self / Selfless" into Epistemic Objective while deepening and widening modern Being Needs of Knowledge, Aesthetics, Transcendence, Self-Selfless Actualization for a Happier Life via the Science of Consciousness[R1]. In this section, we briefly touch discovered and identified "Technologies to Higher Consciousness" - Table 4 and Table 4.1 - waiting for proper implementations in sustainable "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings", enabling Natural Purification[D27] and PrajnaPlace covering all activities, switching from Ignorance to Prajna in cultivating the Right Transcendental Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi).

TIP stands for "Transcend / Transcendental Inner Peace" to indicate the importance of being beyond "duality" of experiencing the Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness and beyond, reaching Cosmic Consciousness and Unity to actually know Gotama's "Not-Self / Selfless", not "Buddhism implies dualism" as demonstrated in the reality of a claimed Samatha and Vipassana meditation master[D19]. PrajnaTIPs indicate technologies riding on natural laws and "Dependent Nature" of existence to plunge into this Oneness / No-Conflict Consciousness, deepening the "state" and "stock" of one's Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth. It delivers Transcendental States and Beyond what Buddhist "mindfulness of breathing"[D24] cannot achieve since "mindfulness of breathing" ultimate objective is the dissolution of the appearances which is only the beginning gateway to Oneness while PrajnaTIPs not only accessing Transcendental-Inner-Peace but Transcending it beyond the Self to actually know Gotama's "Not-Self / Selfless" to possible Gotama's Unmoving Sunyata[D44], [D26], [D30].

That diving process to utter Silence in Transcendental Wisdom brings with it required "Natural Purification[D27]" in breaking up outdated Marks of the senses. It enables the "State" and "Stock" of Prajna being Aware the "Process of Inner Transformation / PIT" in "No Mind Enclosure" to directly see "Thing As It Is" the core of focused Issue and possible solutions as described in the Heart Sutra[R2] which (1) turns dynamic processes in view of innumerable tainted senses facing innumerable types of events into an absolute static state of "Detachment" very likely to be a static deduction of cheating Buddhism, (2) can be a theoretical framework to be statistically tested against imperical observations of Big Data custom AI like any other scientific process. It is the high power Transcendental Awareness that Buddhist Vipassana[D25] yearns for but unable to deliver due to its duality process, incapable to transcend the Visible into Invisible from Duality to Oneness. It is the training to see and act according to "Thing-As-It-Is" at different depths of Gotama's Right Understanding and Right Motivation or HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna, directly relevant to one's relevant "Intensity of Attention". One can call PrajnaTIPs "[ Transcendental / Aesthetic ] Samatha Vipassana" if one wishes to relate to Buddhist concepts. We use "Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP)" instead of "Samatha" and "Prajna Cultivation in Right [ Effort / Transcendental Inner Peace]" instead of "Vipassana" to demonstrate that (1) Buddhist Samatha is not Samadhi and Vipassana is not Prajna (an innate quality of { [1.a] a penetration of Insight or seeing through a thick wall of mass ignorance, and [2.a] an ability to dissolve karmic force }), and (2) they are applicable to all organised religions, "isms", cultures, classes and current present moment.

They will be Augmented by ICT via mu (Information Communication Technology) to take the "Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP) / Process of Inner Transformation (PIT via Scientifically Cultivable 8 layers of Inner-Space)" as a concrete tool in democratising the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth". The descriptions are intended as a sketch of the road maps which will be implemented at the right place and time when there are sufficient required conditions to make them properly happened. There may be some other technologies and/or value-adds at later time as we are aware of few advanced students to be soon appeared in human world.

Only recently, we know in quantum realm and its applications by living intelligence, things can exist in two places at once or disappear and reappear somewhere else instantly. Quantum physics might even play a role in our sense such as Smell, Sound, etc. One can use "a sense" to move back to its source of Non-Thingness for (All) senses "Natural Purification[D27]". This is a technique well-known in Hindu and Buddhist meditation to move from "Relative Truth at duality" to "Ultimate (Wider) Truth of Oneness". Here is a quote from the article: "quantum effects could be something that nature has recruited into its battery of tools to make life work better, and to make our bodies into smoother machines. It’s even possible that we can do more with help from the strange quantum world than we could without it". The Sound technology - PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light explored next - is about favourable conditions for quantum effect to heavy lift one's tainted senses - by-passing current binding Word/Image and clinging Thought - to higher level of transcendental states, then cosmic states of "Not-Self" discovered by Gotama toward "Sunyata Non-Thingness", used as the reachable target described in Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] to be verifiable by all dedicated explorers. The technology - together with reversed engineering from 36+ students actually knowing [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" } - will enable the mass from diverse angles having hand-on experiences with Awareness-Prajna (Chánh Niệm-Tỉnh Giác)[D22] as active participants of "practical Prajna in Relative Truth and in Ultimate (Wider) Truth" from Buddhist scholarship. It is an example of "secret sauce" scientifically presented from one of the six Vertical Switches (PrajnaTIP in Sound, Tantra, Aspiration, Compassion, Detachment, PrajnaTIP in Kindness) in four Conducive Activities (Dhyana-Samadhi, Sexual Orgasm, Aspiration, Merging with Nature) having six possible outcomes to activate Natural Purification[D27] and PrajnaPlace covering all activities.

2.1 Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light

The technology is called Transcendental Inner Peace / TIP (the reversed Process of Inner Transformation) or Transcendental Awareness in the verifiable eight layers of F-dimension which is a matrix for manipulations of lumped-together other vectors of relevant attributes (besides Transcendental Awareness and Transcendental Inner Peace to be researched and identified in the interactions between Normative Intelligence and AI (Positive Intelligence) in Scientifically Cultivable Inner-Space or stock of Prajna reaching [ Gotama's "The End-of-Dukkha"[D44] of Gotama's layered #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness / HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5] / KhaiPhong's Unmoving Sunyata ] to be further DISCOVERED and SHARED. It enables direct experience known by Gotama when he was a child via Compassion to be scientifically explored, called KhaiPhong's "Compassion-Prajna" deep rooted in "Emptiness"[D26]. Environment having conditions conducive to Transcendental Inner Peace is Prajna Place which can be anywhere conducive to Transcendental States called by HuiNeng as "Wu-Nien" { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment } and "Dhyana-Samadhi" { "To be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi } such as an Open Space of Desert where Jesus via Aspiration Vertical Switch using Faith in accessing cosmic energy for miracles. It is the essence of KhaiPhong Equanimity Community, upgradable from Tranquility Communities of past and present. The practitioner experiences the dissolution of grosser attributes in finer states of Verifiable Emptiness[D26], together with the natural disappearance of outside phenomena such as the sense of body boundary in expanding space, merging in its environment. The breath is naturally slow down to the point of no outer breath in Unmoving Sunyata. By providing proper tool and underlying services mu for explorers reversing their experience and sharing to raise that knowledge node into an epistemic objective node, many concerned parties can value-add and/or provide feedback.

Let's qualify this Vertical Switch / PrajnaTIP in Sound from "Relative Truth" to "Oneness / No-Conflict Consciousness / Ultimate (Wider) Truth" of Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Unity that other qualified Vertical Switches must deliver. The switch starts at "Scientific Facts" of (1) any "Sound" compatible to one's inner vibration due to the deepest one's past patterns either from Sound vibration as in Hindu tradition and/or attached and closely associated to past religions such as Faith, (2) using currently most dominant "Aspiration" to raise one's energy to a high aesthetic state which is No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] (such as Kindness >< Empathy - driving you to do something - at the border line between duality plane and oneness plane), then (3) its "secret sauce" of Natural Charming from Sunyata Non-Thingness - similar to a physical black hole - together with Natural HonNhien mind to effortlessly attract gross attributes to subtle states exactly as described by Gotama[D26], [D29], [D30]. To make the process as widely applicable as possible, the initial stage of the secret sauce will be "Do-It-Yourself Free" with only required "Ethical Commitment" from your "Conscience / Prajna" of humanity upward. The natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes measure the quality of your consciousness where you are an accountable Creator in a part of the Responsible Creation riding on many others in "Conscious Living / Lối Sống Tỉnh Thức", having innate quality of "Aspiration" and/or "Kindness >< Empathy" that may naturally lead you passing the "Gateway-to-Oneness / #EmptyTheContent" toward different Signed Posts. "Ethical Commitment" means that you either provide feedback to KhaiPhong IPR, value add its published IPR legal documents, and/or create new IPR to be scientifically tested according to accepted International laws. Certified Budh Counsellors will be available when needed to assure deepening and widening the transcendental technologies and their integrations with AI modern technologies.

The "Aspiration" can be Faith used by Jesus (unless the reincarnation of Jesus or someone else can point to another scientific "secret sauce" which will soon be deliverable by a living student personally told this writer her way to "Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh " anywhere anytime that she has not told her husband this secret in exploring her quality of the consciousness with the writer in the city hot tub) and some identified students of different Faiths in KhaiPhong, Compassion used by Gotama, Detachment used by HuiNeng, aloof from sense desires as instructed by Gotama for Buddhists, etc. The importance of this PrajnaTIP in Sound is the easiest and safest technology with minimum requirement. It is then the base for sufficient detachment due to accumulated Natural Purification[D27] at different depths of Signed Posts. It is not at "conditioned patterns" as deduction from the blinds touching imaginary elephant, but an Effortless Natural Detachment / No Reasoning but "Hồn Nhiên" due to the manifestation of Prajna (States and Stock) on duality plane beyond any concept due to innate natural Inner Peace that this writer suspects Gotama, Jesus, HuiNeng already had. The above elaborate process is not needed if one already has this innate quality which is the base for PrajnaTIP in Kindness with different "secret sauce" for deepening and widening one's exploration of Consciousness toward Universal Moral Value of the values having embedded Justice. The bottom line is that the essence of Gotama's fist discourse of self to solve one's pain[D20] and his ultimate solution of Not-Self in second discourse[D20.1] at different depths of Awareness-Prajna - ranging from Equanimity Awareness of Empathy to Samadhi-Prajna - can be tested and evaluated in community implementations of Right Understanding and Right Motivation for a Right Effort in all relevant events, unable to touch from the blah blah blah of Buddhist cheating Sangha in 2500+ years up to 2024.

It is the revitalisation of HuiNeng qualification for any claimed "Dhyana Samadhi / Thiền Định" with deliverable technology to the mass that "without transcendental state, there is No Meditation". The technology throws a scientific challenge to all non-transcendental techniques such as (1) "meditation on emptiness" and/or "philosophical investigations" at word/thought level, (2) praying via any Faith in God / Allah / Buddha to clearly separate the "mean" from the target of "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth" to force all organised religions delivering the targets - not the "mean and the description / assertion of the target at imagination of a professional cheater having No Concrete Outcome", (3) rituals from all organised religions, (4) all mental and physical meditations at "duality" to prove a "darkness / duality consciousness" cannot dispel other "darkness / duality consciousness". A thought of "Emptiness / Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth" is not [ empty / oneness ]. All solutions to the conflicting duality consciousness must come from the light of the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth".

Aspiration is intended to raise one's No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] high above on vertical plane of [ Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Kingdom of God Within / Latin Humanitas ], then with a secret sauce of Sunyata Non-Thingness one is naturally "#EmptyTheContent" being pulled to Sunyata Non-Thingness, exactly as described in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2], directly experiencing "Here Sariputra all dharmas indicate Sunyata: not arising not suppressed not tainted not pure not deficient not complete". In experiencing different depths of Samadhi (all the way to momentary Nirvana or Unmoving Sunyata), there is a "Detachment bound to Transcendental Wisdom dwells in no mind enclosure" as described in Buddhist Heart Sutra to Naturally Purify the tainted senses, enabling one using cosmic consciousness at the peak of one's Aspiration as (1) actually demonstrated by Jesus and Phật Thầy Tây An[D52], (2) named Samadhi-Prajna by Huineng[R5] to enable Prajna instantaneously manifested at the peak of Aspiration. HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna demonstrates the utilities of Prajna (1) via riding on the Cosmic Consciousness not only for [ Siddhis / Miracles ] as explored in Hindu[R2.1] and Christian traditions, but also (2) in National Grand Strategy as actually demonstrated by Zhuge Liang's (Kongming / Khổng Minh) or Vạn Hạnh (938 - 1025) or likely the reincarnation of Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm in his 500-years-ago prediction about "The Vietnamese East Sea / South China Sea" as "Effortless Right Effort / Wei-Wu-Wei / BẤT CHIẾN TỰ NHIÊN THÀNH", and in daily activities Making Life Easier and Happier.

Up to 2024, almost all techniques such as "Faith , Praying, Big Temples, (meditation) Music, Mass Praying at conditioned times, Evangelicalism, digital attentions to be liked by millions, etc" are designed to calm the "noisy mind" with some release of natural dopamine, acting as opium of the mass. It is in the direction of "hooked / slaved / attached to the tainted senses". They are in the different direction to the true "Aspiration", raising the mind to the peak of Aesthetic states of naturally experiencing the "beauty of existence / aestherial". It is similar to Buddhist causes and effects of Ignorance causing Sufferings, then solve that Ignorance with another Ignorance in violent concentration to perpetuate master-slaves relationships of cheating monks/nuns in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha. The destruction of Ignorance is impossible, against Thing-As-It-Is since Ignorance is a form of energy which can only be transformed by Prajna.

Out of those having observable aesthetic states of existence that the writer encourages them reversed-engineering - discovering optimal conditions for cultivation of that aestherial - to deepen and widen these aesthetic states, he has shared this observation with another musician and wishing him successful in using music to raise practitioners to a peak of aesthetic state of No-Conflict Energy, then with a "secret sauce" (riding on the aesthetic No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1]) to different state of Samadhis as our patented PrajnaTIP in Sound to personally verify the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] in engaged living. Recently, this writer senses another "rare person" - having connected Déjà Vu with this musician and the writer in 2000+ years ago - can use singing to merge herself into the sound for an aesthetic experience of "Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness" outside-the-box (xuất thần via Aspiration) known by Gotama as "Not-Self of Infinite Space and Infinite Consciousness" rated by Buddhists as the 5th and 6th Jhanas. You are already connected to this writer via astral body since we also knew each other at the time of the China Tree Kingdoms. If you have actual aesthetic experience as described and/or remember anything in your astral experience, you are that person as touched in the video 2023-08-27. The quoted video is intended to wake up a personal experience of a past Noble friend. But the "ET" Higher Self on the vertical X-Y plane looking at the Issue on the duality plane of Conflicting Consciousness is similar to the "Natural Laws / Qui Luật" / 2022-02-12 PHÁP GIỚI BIỂU ĐỒ TỔNG QUÁT Shared by a Vietnamese young lady and NOT Yet Transcending the Observed and can be cheated by the dark force as in the Russia-Ukraine war, evidenced in the total collapse of the past feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods without Knowing WHY. We are looking for opportunities to have our past Inner Circles connected which can be very soon in the New Era of Humanity to do something for ourselves and the World. The challenge was already stated 1000+ years ago by the Chinese HuiNeng whose reincarnation is a living student among us in his Samadhi-Prajna as a living proof of his Fundamental Principle:

Beyond-Thought / Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness (Vô Niệm) as our object, No-Mark (Vô Vết due to the ability to Transcend the Observed known in Gotama's Infinite - curved - Space) as our measurable target, Detachment (Vô Trụ #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness) as our basis

Idea-lessness as our object [“vô niệm làm tông”], Non-objectivity as our basis, and Non-attachment as our fundamental principle [“vô trụ làm gốc”][R5]- chapter 6

No-thought as its doctrine, No-Mark as its substance [“vô tướng làm thể”], and No-Dwelling as its basic[R5.2]- page 162

— The Sutra of Hui Neng

It is the living proof of an "Awareness beyond Seeing and Hearing of the five senses" known as KhaiPhong Scientifically Cultivable sixth sense of Intuition and seventh sense of Prajna since one can only know the meaning of Wu-Nien, No-Mark, and Detachment if and only if one can experience different depths and widths of Dhyana-Samadhi, Awareness-Prajna, and Samadhi-Prajna, seeing the "description is not the described". It is the "Transcendental process toward Oneness" - the necessary and sufficient cultivable condition - to merge into different depths and widths of Gotama's modified[D26] Eightfold Path via his signed posts of nine stages of Jhanas that most monks in 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha unable to touch to address specialised Awareness-Prajna in Gotama's advice to Ajita's questions[D22] for scientifically identified Issue similar to tested medication for specialised condition that combined together with others can solve the Issue. This is the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong and why we translate HuiNeng "Wu-Nien" as "Beyond-Thought" which is an observable attribute according to the "Nature of Thing-As-It-Is.

To wipe out unworthy people in all organized religions and isms (such as communism, capitalism, etc) and actually demonstrate HuiNeng's observable attributes of Beyond-Thought / Wu-Nien (vô niệm làm tông), No-Mark (vô tướng làm thể), and Detachment (vô trụ làm gốc), here are typical aesthetic experiences besides the above mentioned "Aspiration plus Secret Sauce" to be actually delivered by identified living students: (1) Faith via No-Conflict Consciousness, (2) merging with nature just like merging in the Sound of music for an expanding space and expanding consciousness, (3) playing golf, (4) relaxing in swimming pool and hot tub, (5) practicing yoga, qi-gong, tai-chi, dancing, (6) being quiet anywhere anytime either alone or with your connected person, (7) tantric "secret sauce" in energy weaving. Yes, you can have either "deep meditation of energy vibration" or "orgasms" with the partner you "Care" in highest Tantra since SEX is a part of underlying natural laws of "Living & Being" in duality existence of Relative Truth that you can sense the energy of that person many 1000+ years later to join forces for higher causes since the definition of Latin humanitas is "Biology, Compassion, and Prajna". Similar to the "cheating issues" perpetuated by esoteric and human unworthy people in all organized religions and isms, the embedded deeper Sex Issue called Porn also has proper solution according to tested and proven underlying natural laws if one is 100% Honesty & Care for oneself and the environment one a part in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness".

The "quoted human persona" is 100% ignorant in KhaiPhong "Dependent" Nature to be known by most qualified persons [ "Awareness" as its target - “Kiến Tánh" làm tông / "Dependent" as its substance - “Duyên Khởi" làm thể / "Prajna" as its fundamental principle - “Bát Nhã" làm gốc ], knowing nothing about Gotama's Dependent Nature in Relative Truth and definitely the "persona" in the Dependent Nature of No-Conflict Consciousness. He attempts to perpetuate his claimed master - "esoteric impostor Huỳnh Phú Sổ " - (founder of a lay-Buddhist organisation Hòa Hảo 1939) and the degenerated Amitabha Buddha. Any rational person can prove that (1) a conflicting duality "Kiến Tánh / an awareness beyond seeing and hearing / praying to Amitabha Buddha / knowing one is horny driven by innate sexual drive" at thought level of conflicting consciousness cannot properly see the Right Solution to "properly manage" one's reality which is the exploration in Sex Issue called Porn, (2) the solution of this issue on the duality plane of conflicting consciousness has been and Not Properly Solved with cheating esoteric form realms (Buddhas, Gods. Allah) blah blah blah with their boosting Imaginations 2023-08-29 to be scientifically debunked at the Right Time in KhaiPhong Movement as by unworthy people in humanity to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships since the beginning, proven by the total collapse of the feudal systems ruled by the King of gods that they must know their realities and possible harmonious solutions from KhaiPhong mathematically proven with tested solutions actually known by identified living students, (3) the "found" solution is based on "Natural Purification" from tainted senses to be statistically tested and verified, (4) Without knowing underlying natural laws as epistemic objectives, advanced people such as Gotama - personally knowing all the Signed Posts - and Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (claimed ancient Buddha) - knowing the driving sources of thoughts - can also fall into one's own crack of imagination. The "quoted human persona" must stop blah blah blah of what you do not know nor have being a holy slave to your "esoteric impostor Huỳnh Phú Sổ " blah blah blah about [ what Wu-Nien / Transcendental-Awareness ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment } he did not know nor have as almost all Buddhist monks in the past 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism that you only have a peak into what this honest monk rationally calls "Non-Identity" since as a human being you have something called "The Buddha Nature / The Kingdom of God within / The Tao / The Ultimate (Wider) Truth / The Perfected Nature / The Oneness" to be scientifically DISCOVERED and SHARED its practical utilities that you have not ever done! Proven scientific processes for this natural "Non-Identity / Non-Attachment / Fresh / Free" have not been known in all intelligent realms leading to the total collapse of their esoteric feudal systems that the Nature forces all of them facing their realities. You even do not know the underlying process enabling you moving from "praying to the degenerated Amitabha Buddha to that Awareness beyond Seeing and Hearing which is the natural "Intensity of Attention" of an accountable Creator in a part of the responsible Creation totally different from "Concentration" taught in Buddhist Vipassana and various Hindu meditations in wrong understanding of the mind where your mind does not have "Natural Attention but once done No Mark nor Atachment" to be cheated by your esoteric impostor Huỳnh Phú Sổ .

Back to the embedded deeper Sex Issue called Porn, the suggested solution is in the right direction and the current management of the issue which has been cheated by degenerated esoteric realms and by 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism, not yet the scientific solution according to underlying natural laws. The core issue of both "Sex" and "Spirituality in yearning to higher part" - coming from conditioned evolution in animal kingdoms and actually known Aspiration of an intelligent being - as defined in Latin humanitas (Biology, Compassion and Prajna) is Not Having Enough "Honesty & Care" for oneself and the environment one a part to the extreme of "complete collapse of the esoteric feudal systems ruled by the King of Gods" rendered by underlying natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes. Here are relevant esoteric parts the writer knows before SHARING actual experiences of highly spiritual advanced living people he knows without revealing their identities to partially protect his Inner Circle which already had significant damages from total destruction proven in the past evil plots between their esoteric and human mafia happened to Joan of Arc (French: Jeanne d'Arc 1412 – 1431) that the world will know if things happened as esoterically revealed at minute 21:30 (1) Before being a monk Gotama had wife and son; sexual drive can temporarily put aside for pushing all energy toward a higher Aspiration; the tainted senses are still dormant since Unmoving Sunyata / cessation of perception and feeling - the highest Right Transcendental Inner Peace achievable by a person - is only momentary[D30], [D44], (2) Trần Thái Tông - a human reincarnation of Gotama - had 5 wives, (3) The "evil" [ Father God / known as Illuminati Lucifer ] cheated the entire esoteric systems as a High priest - instead of accepting the Head of a major dragon clan - dedicated his life for the community goodness while secretly had a mistress named Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (the queen of the old dragon king) and a biological son named Dhipankara Buddha in the culture of cheating and bullying taking the rulling power from the dragon king traditionally selected by all clan seniors as the dragon transformed born (hóa sinh), (4) To change the culture of cheating and bullying in feudal systems, clan seniors decided to enable all 25 males / females of the 12 dragon clan Chiefs transformed born (hóa sinh) to test their personal performances; some of these males / females elites are currently - 2024 - living human students to change humanity, (5) Ask Queen Mother of the West and/or Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva the sex life of Amitabha Buddha and the Virgin Mother Maria.

The first highly spiritual advanced living couple are people from VietNam and were dragon transformed born. In their first meeting, the lady immediately recognized their possible TRUSTED past connections similar to the first meeting of President Xi Jinping of China and Lady Peng Liyuan[R8]. In Sex Issue called Porn, the speaker shows the addiction to "porn physical aggression" similar to the patterns of unworthy people trying to addict people via Word/Image and Thought to "their personal-worshiped cheaters of all isms". From minute 6 the researcher exposes the indoctrinations of social norms that without "critical thinking" of one's true sense in "Honesty & Care" one tries an aggressive and humiliating act to please the loving partner. In the sex life of the mentioned couple, the wife thought her husband needed some "fancy things from beautiful Penthouse magazine" so she bought for him. In their intimate conversation, he revealed to her that all he needed is "HER and FEELING / MERGING WITH HER ENERGY in LOVE MAKING and meditation". All others were distractions. That is Highest Tantric Weaving of self-respect and respecting other. Orgasm can be achieved for releasing physical sexual built-up pressure and for relaxing. In 2002, they agreeded to be just friends unkowing that the wife has been asked to be the front line "general" of an esoteric battle to show degenerated esoteric elites the "Right Living & Being" according to underlying natural laws that NO ONE CAN BE AGAINST from 2004 in preventing major horrific act against humanity in 2012. The next two highly spiritual advanced living students met from 2017. The lady can sense her friend energy 360o without looking around. He senses it and at one time in the gym, he told her that he learns part of what she knows and can now sense her from far away. They can now be "intimately connected ANY TIME if both agree via astral bodies" such as having a solitude walk together - seen by others as only one person - in a park and/or joining forces to fight the dark bullying attacks. It is very rare to have 1000+ years TRUSTED PARTNER, either as husband / wife or intimate friends in the same direction of one's Continuity of the Consciousness. If things happened as esoterically revealed at minute 21:30 these two - together with their many 1000+ years of connections in esoteric realms and in recorded significant events of humnity as [ husband / wife or families / partners / friends ] concerning for each others even in different opposing forces called by Chinese President Xi Jinping as a harmonious global family - will be the front line "generals" to shape the world as predicted by Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm in a part of the new Era of "Harmonious Melting Pot" [ "Awareness" as its target - “Kiến Tánh" làm tông / "Dependent" as its substance - “Duyên Khởi" làm thể / "Prajna" as its fundamental principle - “Bát Nhã" làm gốc ].

They will ride on their innate knowing of the eight (8) scientifically cultivable layered No-Conflict Consciousness around the F-dimension in the "Block Universe" which is much more complicated than what currently Known by Science to be deeper and wider DISCOVERED and SHARED - directed by intelligent forces of Being similar to invisible hand of Economics directed by invisible hand of Prajna - orthogonal to the plane of "Transcendental-Awareness" around the X-dimension and "Samadhi / Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness" around the Y-dimension to (1) direct the GsLp (Global service Local presence) / ThankYou Club bringing [ Human Heritage / Văn Hiến ] of technology-based human centric society (EIP / Executive Information Portal) and "Natural inner Peace as a Harmonious Melting Pot" to relevantly and directly benefit the local community due to inevitable Global International Trades, (2) let their past connections currently driving the world powers of politics, finances, technologies, etc, being Aware of their own inner driving forces that by meeting together in casual "family meetings" they will be instantly recognizing one another and will be parts of the driving forces behind the human contributions of "Harmonious Melting Pot", (3) be front line soldiers of the new movement "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations"[R20.5], [R20.1], [R20], etc, with concrete verifiable real legal persona (esoteric, Ets, intelligent beings).

Typical examples of the third item in the new movement are (3.1) the esoteric understanding speaking through a Vietnamese body 2020-11-25 about meditation can be scientifically proven and easily exposed by intelligent beings knowing [ "Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh" ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment } different from an imaginary description of the one Not Knowing yet claimed to know Not Seeing yet claimed to see in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism[D19]; the "NGÀI" can be a qualified student of 60,000+ years of intelligent existence but still be ignorant of one's innate quality in Scientifically Cultivable Prajna, (3.2) similarly to the shared description of a Vietnamese monk from minute 20:00 his actual experience of esoteric instructions which can be further value-added by their original authors the "Then What and practical utilities" in the tested realms to be then scientifically tested and verifiable by KhaiPhong qualified living students in DISCOVERED ad SHARED underlying natural laws relevant in different realms in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, (3.3) having starting resources of living human studends from different seemlingly outside conflicting isms, religions, cililizations, cultures, etc, but can all reach "Natural inner Peace as a Harmonious Melting Pot" knowing more about oneself and the environment one a part. KhaiPhong can help these organizations and their esoteric plus human driving forces achieve their organization targets according to underlying natural laws while cleaning up their messes being Parts of the Responsible Creation, (3.4) this writer and his living friends / partners / connected families / etc have been parts of the esoteric and human forces in many 1000+ years; it is their interest to maximize the most benefits to all involved parties in appropriate Laws & Orders of interested realms according to underlying natural laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED, (3.5) the writer has personally known Jesus and Phật Thầy Tây An[D52] as part of his connected families, plus many of his past/present esoteric and human impostors which can be easily exposed in testing the real know-how, verifiable contributions such as the Health Science where human and esoteric intelligent beings can join forces for the benefits of all involved parties (the video is not available). From 2024 onward, there must be real identity - esoteric, ETs, or human - as an accountable Creator of real products/services as a part of the Responsible Creations. The writer hopes this happens in the new ERA for his past human and esoteric Inner Circles, protecting him from the kid that he knew only from the time of leaving VietNam in 1966!

There are still some missing attributes - not yet identified in HuiNeng school - coming from Prajna in his verifiable Samadhi-Prajna that Gotama explicitly stated in his advice to Ajita's questions[D22] about Awareness-Prajna that Prajna can dissolve "outdated marks" and will be proven in KhaiPhong [ "Awareness" as its target - “Kiến Tánh" làm tông, Nói Vậy Mà Không Phải Vậy / "Dependent" as its substance - “Duyên Khởi" làm thể / "Prajna" as its fundamental principle - “Bát Nhã" làm gốc ] in its SIS (Strategic Intelligence Service) of "How to dissolve dominant karmic forces" - such as feeling as a hungry ghost even you are currently a billionaire to physically have whatever you need - in "Making Life Easier and Happier in one's Continuity of the Consciousness". Similar to HuiNeng's glimpse of Samadhi-Prajna, Gotama's glimpse of Prajna is only the beginning since there are different states and stock of cultivable Prajna rated at different Fibonacci numbers - which is measurable at the bottom line of Right or Wrong Effort - to dissolve different outdated marks in different people, either Now or Optimum Conditions in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. We will expose deeper scientific processes and required conditions at both patented theoretical foundation and practical implementations for the mass passing Gateway-to-Oneness riding on past explorers' discoveries such as Gotama's Awareness-Prajna[D22], Jesus's Good Samaritan[R16], Tilopa's Mahamudra-Upadesa[D41], HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5], and PrajnaTIP via Sound.

Buddhist Dharma - exploring the principle of cosmic order - is currently the "Only Place" where the cause of Wrong Effort leading to Sufferings together with "tainted marks / karma" leftover in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness" is scientifically analysed. Its possible solution in Prajna - knowing at the source of thought - is asserted in Gotama's Awareness-Prajna[D22], but not yet explored due to armies of Buddhist persistent professional cheaters[R18.4] sabotaging Gotama's discoveries for the benefits of their master-slave relationships. Typical example is “VIVID AWARENESS” of cheating monks from entire history of immoral Buddhist Vairayana Voodoo Spells since a "thought on duality plane of conditioned event cannot touch the No-Conflict Consciousness of Prajna plane" and that “VIVID AWARENESS” is only a hallucination of Thought Forms coming from a evil hacker of your mind. Similarly, the "NHỮNG HIỂU BIẾT SAI LẦM HAY TÀ KIẾN VỀ NGHIỆP / WRONG UNDERSTANDING OF KARMA" comes from the ones who do not know nor personally verify, blah blah blah in 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha.

Making Prajna cultivable with possibility of dissolving dominant karmic forces in practical cases[D22] such as (1) binding Word/Image clinging Thought from all indoctrinated religions including Buddhism, (2) unworthy relationships, (3) excessively hooked to anything such as food, cloth, shopping, sex, etc, (4) obsessed or feared image / manifestation, etc, will revitalise the deliverable practicalities of (1) Gotama's discoveries of cultivable "Right Understanding and Right Motivation in the Prajna division of his modified Eightfold Path, and (2) "True Repentance" of [Sin / Tội] due to [Purity-of-the Mind / Tâm-Tịnh], exactly as described in the "tested" Heart Sutra[R2], and (3) "Freedom from all dusts" of past events either success or failure as stated from actual experience of HuiNeng for a [ Freshness / Free from past burdens ] in present engaged living. All Buddhist [ monks / nuns / scholars / followers ] must put their efforts in these "deliverable practicalities" where we will provide both theoretical foundations and required infrastructures to equalize the playing fields for your specialized contributions, rather than continuing the cheating processes in the desriptions and concepts of what you do not "Know" nor "Have" including the past Wrong desriptions and concepts in the "Right Understanding of Enlightenment / Scientific Proof of Gotama's Degeneration".

The transcendental process has been introduced as Transcendental Meditation (TM) to many thousands people world wide at the initial Tranquillity state of entering the gateway to oneness, by-passing the required "Detachment" preparation state. The Grasp-er and the Grasped of initial Transcendental Inner Peace - marketing as Bliss by TM - are already there to prevent deeper experiences on Transcendental Consciousness, moving toward Cosmic Consciousness and Unity as illustrated in Figure 1. This "Nature of Things" is identical to "Faith / Sola Fide" in Christian and Muslim that personal "Insight into the Emptiness / the Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas / There is No God but Allah" of few dedicated explorers was exploited, sabotaged and marketed to cheat the greedy mass, being slaved victims of selected unworthy[R18.3] professional cheaters[R18.4] who are in the next layer of controlled slaves in inter-realms cheating clubs. It took the TM founder - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi[D54] - 30+ years of further reflection after an unworthy scandal to revise the "Bliss" from "Oneness / No-Conflict Consciousness / Prajna / Conscience / Ultimate (Wider) Truth" into 'Emptiness', 'Non-Thingness'. PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light will have sufficient theoretical background of "Detachment" to prevent one fallen into the "greedy crack", together with required supports for practitioner's safety.

It is based on Scientific facts from tremendous charming force of Sunyata Non-Thingness - seventh observable attribute of Right Transcendental Inner Peace, similar to a black-hole - attracting all relative activities and noises of infinite thoughts at surface to different depths of 'Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' exactly as described in Gotama observable attributes of Right Samadhi (Chánh Định)[D29], [D30] for a re-born and rejuvenation from the wear and tear of existence. The Science of Consciousness will take this Natural Law together with other teachable knowledge of religious Siddhi (Miracles) out of their closets into observable, testable and reproducible processes for the benefits of the mass. Both Sound and Light are used since Sound moves at 343 metres per second while speed of light in a vacuum is roughly 300 000 000 metres per second or nearly 900 000 times faster than sound. Buddhist Shurangama started with Sound since it is easier for most people. Light is then used to train the mind for its own protection and needs for the speed of thought and teleportation which use Consciousness Technology at speed faster than Sound as actually demonstrated by ET.

Supplement to the transcendental process provided by "Sunyata Non-Thingness" and subtle Sound Vibration of Compassion, the technology rides on "Aspiration from one's True Heart" that one's has cultivated in a long past to raise required energy level for inward subtle observable attributes of Consciousness, connected to one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles for revitalization of one's Vision having an external assistance such as utilizing one's astral body simultaneously with present fully functional physical body, reconnected to past Worthy Relationships, etc. The "Aspiration" generates its own energy required to break the crust of the self moving into the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict. That "Aspiration" is the "mean" for the target of Oneness.

The mean can come from Faith on any God / Allah / Buddha, from "aloof in sense desire and unwholesome though" as instruction by Gotama[D29] for Buddhist monks and nuns, from Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] in one's Right Effort for the benefits of one and the surroundings, or in a wider perspective of existence from "deep understanding that the five skandhas (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness) to be Empty Of Essence" from the Heart Sutra[R2]. One turns divisional "Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought" into a "Sound" then uses discovered natural laws to reverse the "Sound" into "Consciousness" capable to personally verify Gotama's nine stages of Right Transcendental Inner Peace publicly recorded as known by Gotama when he was a child sitting under the shade of a tree. There is no need of any formal meditation posture except keeping the back straight - either in sitting or lying down position - for easy flow of energy and "let the Nature do the heavy lifting / Wei-Wu-Wei / Bất Chiến Tự Nhiên Thành". For lying down position, one can transcend different depths of Transcendental Inner Peace on a sick or dying bed for rejuvenation and/or better reborn according to the law of Nature on top of assistance from one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles where one is more than ready to "Do Good" whenever / wherever opportunities come just like the "Good Samaritan[R16]".

Therefore, 'Faith that can move the mountain'[Matthew 17:20] can be used to break the "crust of self" to actually experience 'the kingdom of God within you'[Luke 17:21], [John 3.3], [Matthew 18.3] as graphically presented in the above diagram from the "Sound" to dissolution in "Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth" and beyond, or moving from patch A and B to patch C of Figure 2 viewed from high above along the [ Prajna / Wisdom / Oneness ] plane of the event TRUTH plane perpendicular to the plane of duality where relevant forces affecting the event are exerting. It is the target for "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / the kingdom of God / Latin Humanitas" that count[R23] while the "mean" is immaterial and can be dropped. Same thing is applied to all means via Allah, Buddhist Pureland and Vajrayana. But before you try to use "Faith that can move the mountain", please read biography of Martin Luther who tried to the extreme most people can go, but having no result of "the Kingdom of God within" and decided to put effort in exposing the Catholic corruption. Let's use this as a case study to challenge all Christians, Muslims, Pureland Buddhists delivering a transcendental process from any event to breakthrough solution, meeting Soyen Shaku's challenge[R6]: "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality.

Combining with 'Aspiration' one can naturally direct required energy to a very focused target as the case of an Infinite-Thought Bodhisattva already embedded in Kindness but still have infinite thoughts at the surface. The Bodhisattva does not know the switching button between Activities and Silence, asks for the Sound Technology from Avalokiteshvara in Buddhist Saddharma-pundarika[D49]. This technology is a natural / effortless solution for the question which is testable and verifiable by most practitioners. The charming power of Sound / Light Technology will take almost everyone from the infinite thought at the surface level to different depths of Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict or Transcendental Inner Peace as actually described by Gotama if and only-if there is the Detachment (Vô Trụ) or HonNhien right from the beginning. The foundation of Kindness and Empathy naturally produce this required condition as one's innate nature. The Detachment (Vô Trụ) or HonNhien is also an optimum condition for receiving maximum external assistance without any artificial barrier from ignorant self. Hence, ComPassion - Từ Bi, Detachment - Vô Trụ, HonNhien are observable required attributes for the manifestation of Prajna without or with external assistance.

Logically, the Sunyata Non-Thingness can at most attract one to Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness. Through the deepening of Compassion rooted in Sunyata as described in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2]. The vibration effortlessly enters the Soundless and naturally switches to more subtle energy to take one beyond the Non-Thingness, to the borderline between conditioned and unconditioned, then to momentary Nirvana (the end of Suffering Dukkha) or Unmoving Sunyata as described by Gotama, mentioned by HuiNeng and verifiable by practitioners having sufficient depths of the "state" and "stock" of Prajna in a right condition. Sharing the Right Conditions is one's contribution to the communities' knowledge base since there may be many on that same trail with similar patterns of the contributor.

The technology demonstrates power of scientific facts, riding on the power of Nature for a heavy lifting, similar to the use of water power to mechanise manual labour and/or generating electricity for modern living. We see the Science of Consciousness is indispensable step in democratising KhaiPhong and enables the Right Relationships started by Gotama 2500+ years ago a reality beyond any thought-constructed utopia due to the actuality of innate Buddha Nature in all intelligent beings.

There is a need of favourable environment as a part of Right Effort to Consciously Know what one is doing in daily activities to reactivate the HonNhien or natural Right Transcendental-Awareness (Chánh Niệm) of Detachment (Vô Trụ) and Beyond Thought / Wu-Nien (Vô Niệm) which imply No-Mark (Vô Vết) once the action completed. It is a continuous and mindful cultivation of the six Perfections (Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Energetic, Right Samadhi, Prajna) in all arising activities: waking, sleeping, dreaming and Chit (flowing Awareness). This Right Effort covers all individual and community activities in instantaneous Change Dynamics to drive the allocation of scare resources (Normative / Positive Economics) toward 'what count'[R23] according to one's True Heart to change the micro and macro economics in the Right Relationships of a New Era.

In conclusion, PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light rides on one's long past accumulated effort via aspiration together with charming attraction of Sunyata Non-Thingness to enable the natural power do heavy lifting in the Right conditions of Detachment (Vô Trụ) and HonNhien to lift one to different levels of Higher Consciousness. This is an effortless natural way to reverse the evolution from Form to Consciousness, from Duality to Oneness, from Visible to Invisible to meet the above issues in the Nature of Things. On the way out, it deepens the Prajna division of Gotama's modified[D26] Eightfold Path in Right Understanding and Right Motivation via Transcendental Awareness / Wu-Nien / Kiến Tánh of the Process of Inner Transformation, taking the deeper power of consciousness in "No Mind Enclosure" into daily activities. We will have a book to detailed theoretical model of PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light, together with DIY implementations that you can contrast your personal verification against Gotama's nine stages of Right Transcendental Inner Peace and/or the "tested" Heart Sutra[R2]. It must be "tested" in the process of DISCOVERING and SHARING "TRUTH" where statistical significance of empirical observations in practicality is the bottom line.

How is the second half of the first signed post from the Heart Sutra[R2]: "Sunyata is Form"? From the above diagram, once the channel from Visible to Invisible - using Sound / Light as a mean to pass through nine absorption stages up until momentary Nirvana of Unmoving Sunyata - without any need of meditation techniques and/or complex rational systems of gradual trainings to Bodhisattava / Bodhicitta (blah blah blah by those not even passing the gateway-to-oneness) an invisible vision may come from "nowhere" in the deep layer of Oneness. bubblimg up into an "Insight". Note that Gotama lost 6 years of being a hard-core sannyasi (a poor person who lives by begging) getting no solution for what he was seeking. Only when he remembered his childhood experience coming from compassion to others. he then discovered the Fourfold Truth.

This phenomenon is known by Lý Công Uẩn[R7.1], and probably by many among us. It comes to you not by pure chance nor given by any cheater if that esoteric identity does not Know nor Have, but by "Deep Concern" in your Heart about the matter that drives you - having the Help of your Inner Circle and circle of inner circles for a major breakthrough - toward a direction and required qualifications to make the vision happened. You are selected by the Mother Nature or your Inner Circle - via Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes - due to your Compassion to benefit you and the World. With sufficient state and stock of cultivable Prajna, one will clearly see what need to be prepared and accomplished to make the Vision happened. AwakeningBudh Movement - and the writer having privilege to play a small part - falls into this category of "Sunyata is Form". We are exiting to see how the Vision can be materialised in our Learning and Doing with the Help from many - in terms of physical cares, love money, and free financial loans - going in the same direction. Hope you can be a part. We like to hear from you so we can join forces to benefit you and many others on your trail.

To enable your Vision / Compassion / Life Management - regardless of age - quickly materialised, we think Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help. With free Open Container Images mu you can record how a "vision" coming from the invisible deep layer of your "Oneness" evolving, and plan to make it happened according to your Sweet Spot. You can ride on many Free Cloud Services (DIY Private Hub) for a long time until you are ready at minimum cost to go according to your space, networking with your Inner Circle and circle of inner circles, widely collaborating with your peers in private DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) until your plan is ready for public, and use AI to know more about yourself, your environment and what best you can bring to the table in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

The ICT and AI are required to quickly widespread scientific processes which may also need IPR (Intellectual Property Right) to uniquely claim scientific discoveries, weeding out unworthy people. The discovered processes based on natural laws of "the light dispelling the darkness of tainted senses" are Layered Dynamic and Simultaneous described as states and stock of Prajna following the pattern of Fibonacci sequence, not serial and/or "hallucinated logical" from darkness to eliminate another darkness such as [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ] and/or cheating process of "the Blinds not even Touching Elephant" - of "Not Seeing" but claimed to "See", "Not Knowing" but claimed to "Know" - as the author of Visuddhimagga / the Buddhist Path of Purification[D31] about Gotama's 7th and 8th states of Jhanas[D19], including the "cheating processes" of "God Willing" from any manifested God or Allah. Each intelligent being - visible or invisible - is only a part of the totality, fully responsible for one's existence and the environment one a part.

Contrary to beating around the bush of those "Not Passing The Gateway-to-Oneness" - of "Not Seeing" but claimed to "See", "Not Knowing" but claimed to "Know" - such as Buddhist Tautologies and Duality, and/or "the Grace of Divine Power", not having the "reversed engineering" from what can be achievable in the human vessel as contributed by many dedicated explorers East and West throughout the recorded history of humanity, KhaiPhong knows where is the source to start from the present state and stock of one's Prajna and scientific processes to disentangle one's specific entanglement riding on discovered natural laws. This is the time to expose these scientific processes after four years (2012 - 1015) of challenging and proving that most of claimed Buddhist masters have not passed Gateway-to-Oneness, being qualified by Gotama as those having a glimpse of his "Transcendental-Awareness"[D22], [D29]. The processes are basically verifiable trails to solve the "Koan" of proven trails by Gotama in his nine states of Jhanas / Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness and beyond - i.e. entering the "modified Eightfold-Path", directly experiencing the Fourfold Truth, breaking the vicious circle of [ Ignorance >< Attachment / Greed >< Aversion / Fear ] along the trails of "Taming The Ox", then personally experience the 7th state of Gotama "Non-Thingness" that Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] takes it to the front line to prove that Gotama is not cheating humanity as done by the author of Visuddhimagga / the cheating Path of Purification[D31] and/or by most of his claimed Buddhist monks / nuns that "in Sunyata / Non-Thingness there is not form not feeling ... not ignorance not destruction of ignorance ... not dukkha-sammudaya-nirodha-marga ...", Making Life Easier and Happier, Independence and Emancipation.

For example, we start right from your level of KhaiPhong's "Designed Sciencetifically Cultivable Prajna" division in the modified Eightfold-Path of { [ Right Understanding / Chánh kiến / the state ] as the axis of personal achievements such as health, love, intelligence, relationships, money, frame } and [ Right Motivation / the stock ] since there is an innate Buddha Nature in all qualified persons (Latin humanitas) to know the normative Right and Wrong relevant to one's present moment - commonly known as conscience - that only after 4 years of pointing out the "cheating processes" of most Buddhist monks and nuns in their [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ], many are now exposing the Eightfold-Path according to Gotama's order where Prajna is the light and the driving force before one's Volition / Sankhara to make happened his advice to Ajita's questions about the role of his Awareness-Prajna[D22] that demands personally experiencing the "Gateway-to-Oneness" where most well-known Buddhist monks failed. The word modified is to highlight the replacement of Gotam's "Right Mindfulness" by "Right Transcendental Awareness" to bring Gotama's Emptiness[D26] to the front line. If you do not know the Buddhist modified Eightfold-Path, who has certified you as a Buddhist teacher to expose Gotama's Fourfold Truth? Based on Gotama identified attribute of his first Jhna[D29] - Detachment - we value-add his Discovery from two more angle (1) as long as one is qualified as a person or Intelligent Being from humanity upward, one is fully qualified to enter the No-Conflict consciousness for Transcendental Inner Peace toward Non-Thingness as known by Gotama at a very young age, (2) the Transcendental Inner Peace go through Scientifically Cultivable Prajna measurable at different attributes to end up in deeper Detachment in the next cycle of positive Complex Fibonacci evolution. The Right evolution continue to evolve, Not at static states of Nirvana and Pari-Nirvana in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism.

The scientific cultivable process is Not the tautology of chicken and egg in a pathless land of Not Knowing the starting point. Most know that we must start from somewhere that why Buddhist unworthy professional cheaters can make a good living, cheating people of "Not Seeing" but claimed to "See", "Not Knowing" but claimed to "Know"[D19] in their well-known example of "Finger Pointing to conflicting Moons", a little subtler and less "Bullying" than their counter parts from other organised religions but of the same nature. We therefore must declare the starting point and the nature of the above verifiable trails to deliver the "Solution of Dukkha" empirically and partially proven by Gotama 2500+ years ago with his [ Wisdom / Prajna ], and theoretically suggested in the Heart Sutra / Prajnaparamita Hridaya[R2] / Bát Nhã Tâm Kinh. KhaiPhong starting point is a Latin humanitas (Biology, Compassion, Prajna) qualified by Nature.

Its "Design" of this "Scientifically Cultivable Prajna / another TRUTH similar to Gotama's DUKKHA" is based on "Thing-As-It-Is" naturally selected by the Nature as a qualified person having innate "Compassion and Prajna (Wisdom)" capable to view any focused event at "outside-the-box / trascending related noises" in making a Right Effort toward What Count as an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation. If failed - as observed in the claimed Buddhas, Gods, Allah, Illuminati and Communist elites having No Moment of natural Inner Peace - the entity is degenerated according to Action-Reaction Likes-attract-Likes to animals to be more or less regulated by the Nature to relearn again and/or having a chance to change from negative Fibonacci degeneration to positive Fibonacci evolution due to their innate cunning intelligence (có ní nuận / concentration) which can be faster than just pure trial-and-error of the Living. Mathematically, this is the base of a qualified person in Awareness / Awareness from X0 = 0 capable to have qualified Inner Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness from Y0 = 0 at any decision of cultivable Right or Wrong (Unworthy) / states and stock of Prajna from F0 = 0. KhaiPhong's "Build" starts from verifiable Gotama's recorded nine Jhanas[D29], [D30] simplified into six measurable Signed Posts and empirically verifiable deeper than HuiNeng's Wu-Nien at seven observable Right Transcendental Awareness. The observable outcomes are empirically Layered Dynamic and Simultaneous states and stock of Prajna according to Fibonacci sequence. KhaiPhong's "Execution" rides on its DISCOVERED underlying natural laws for the cultivation at both Transcendental Awareness X and Transcendental Inner Peace Y / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness dynamically joining together into PrajnaTIPs (in this Chapter) that are measurable and statistically verifiable from fact-based recorded data. The "Execution" uses technology-based modern AI neural networks in graph technologies trained and filtered with the community opinionated data and personal private data, augmented with qualified professionals having observable Visible outcomes of the theoretical model in the "Build" processes. This Invisible Hand Prajna Dialectic comes from positive Fibonacci evolution of [ 1 + 1 >> 2] - rather than cunning intelligence of Hegelian Dialectic, rendering all involved parties worse off in the long run - to direct Invisible Hand of Economics for injecting "Being" into "Living".

KhaiPhong corrects Gotama's defects in "Design - Build - Execution" for spreading his "Solution of Dukkha" with technology-based kp_platform to implement Scientifically Cultivable "PrajnaTIPs" via combining both qualified professional "Services" and discovered "Consciousness Technologies" in modern environments the best money can buy for one's "Continuity of the consciousness of IamX". The nature of the solution is Layered Dynamic and manifested according to appropriate conditions to make the Path cultivable via "Wise Dependent Nature", not serial / static / hallucinated in "Ignorant Dependent Nature" put-up by all organised religions where Buddhist unworthy people are hard-core to put Buddhism on-bar at international cheating clubs with their counter parts of other organised religions. The starting point has already impersonally done according to underlying natural laws for a qualified person defined in "Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within". Any claimed original creators - the mother and father of all beings / cha Ngọc Hoàng mẹ Địa Mẫu - and the enlighten Buddha via Forever Nirvana then Pari-Nirvana at "physical death" are ignorant unworthy professional cheaters, proven in the false claim of the Father God by the second law of thermodynamics and the scientific proof of Gotama degeneration. It is Esoterically and Honestly settlled down here 2021-09-26 about "Spititual Path / Đạo Tâm Linh", amazingly starting from VietNam 2021-09-27 whose people have had adaptation skill hard-earned from Chinese dominations, French colonization, and ism conflicts. The special skill turns out to be very appropriate at the coming Harmonious Global Family. It will open up a new "Era" where the Right to integrity of the person cross-cut all manifested Realms can be enforceable with the Three Pillars (contributions) from humanity: (1) Scientifically Cultivable Prajna, (2) Rule-of-Law for too big to fail, (3) Public / Personal Security / Privacy to assure natural evolution according to underlying natural laws applicable to "both humanity and intelligent realms in possible future Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations".

Due to the nature of "Conscious Living" from positive Fibonacci evolution, only in engaged living one can actually know the quality of one's consciousness manifested at the bottom line of measurable outcomes self-evaluated as Right or Unworthy Efforts. The Haves will have Opportunities to Do Good with the "best money can buy" to solve the Issues of one's Tainted Senses via what one is most interested in to "Know more about Oneself" in one's Continuity of the consciousness possibly extended to different realms of one's Existence. Via Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes, karmic forces will be empirically solved[D22] via Gotama's Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác { "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Transcendental Awareness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved" }. The HaveNots will "Know more about Oneself" in Opportunities to Do Good and be useful worthy to be promoted to Stakeholders being Accountable creators as parts of the Responsible Creaion. In that sense, the [ Haves >< Stakeholders >< HaveNots ] are all "Exciting with Conscious Living and Opportunities to Do Good" enabling [ "lấy dân làm gốc / grounded on people / democracy" ] first morally declared by Trần Quốc Tuấn, capable to unite the country to millitary defeat the most "Bullying Empire" three times.

The connecting thread between Gotama's modified Eightfold-Path and the Heart Sutra is surprisingly the well-known Buddhist six perfections (Paramitas) - [ Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Energetic, Right Samadhi, Prajna ] - to stress the importance of hand-on relevant experience at the living presence with one's available resources in the cultivable Prajna whose states and stock are measurable in all activities and relationships. That is why ICT and AI are relevant. Just like the reality of those not passing the Gateway-to-Oneness to be qualified by Gotama at his minimum level of Transcendental-Awareness yet claiming as meditation masters and Buddhist teachers exposing the Heart Sutra, we witnessed so many fingers pointing to different moons from professional cheaters in 2500+ years of cheating Buddhism. Scientific processes and measurable signed posts pioneered by Gotama and other dedicated explorers must be "epistemic objectives" and well-established by communities of scientists, having actual experience to stand on their know-how in their theses available to the world.

Just like available quality of Prajna for the Right Understanding and Right Motivation relevant to one's present moment in the modified Eightfold Path, one - through a very long evolution with other intelligent beings - has some innate/natural "Kindness" and "the sense of Right and Wrong" relevant to one's situation; they are the lasting values to make one's life easier and happier. In the West, Generosity and Ethics are well-known via Parable of the Good Samaritan[R16] which despite all wrong doings of the evil Roman Catholic Church is still noticeable trace among good Christians who know "the kingdom of God is within you"[Luke 17:21]. Just like Buddhist professional scheaters, how can you claim the front line soldiers of spreading and delivering the "Good News" if you do not know this "Right Transcendental Inner Peace" from the Kingdom of God, nor innate attributes of the Good Samaritan"? Modern science with measurable attributes of these qualities will help you facing your realities and do something about it. Ethics are in much broader view than claimed Buddhist Ethical Codes (Giới).

The "Kindness" and "Empathy" are excellent means for those having available resources such as wealth, knowledge, network for making things happened, etc, that you cannot carry with you after death to start sustainable projects that may last more than your physical life, including the "Medium of Exchange" in accountable and transparent 'Rule of Law' for governing the integrity of each realm in guarding one's legitimate Right in one's Continuity of the Consciousness via "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations". It is only by Doing and Learning, and only through present activities and relationships, you can change yourself and the environment you are a part toward a Right Direction of Lasting Values that are embedded in one's Quality of the Consciousness. Scientific processes in both normative and positive Value of the Values will speed up this natural process in the new Era of human evolution.

These two basic qualities are the beginning and the ending of the continuous evolution from Form to Consciousness and the manifestations of Consciousness to higher quality of Forms in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. They are the required "Prajna Place" of Detachment (Vô Trụ) or HonNhien in Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light to transcend conflicting duality toward Oneness. The two signed posts of Taming The Ox can be easily achieved where the Equanimity level will Free you from binding Words / Images making room for wider tolerance and deeper Patience, while the Purity will Free you from clinging thought, naturally enable Joy and Energetic in your "Right Thing to do". Samadhi and Prajna are continuous cultivable processes where Samadhi or deeper Silence toward Non-Thingness and beyond makes happened both the states and stock of Prajna.

We therefore show the dynamic thread - linking the rational scientific approach from Gotama's modified Eightfold Path of "Right Effort" breaking vicious circle of [ Ignorance >< Attachment / Greed >< Aversion / Fear ], riding on scientifically discovered natural laws for Purifying the tainted senses - having no beginning and ending, plus logical scientific processes to change oneself and the environment one a part toward a Right Direction in Making Life Easier and Happier. In these dynamic processes, any discovered "scientific trail" via PrajnaTIPs in all Relationships, Activities, and Places is one step to open wider and deeper doors for many contributions, transcending the contributor's life style, sex, nationality, background and language. As long as one is a qualified person according to Natural Laws, one already has required embedded Compassion and Prajna on top of biological nature as defined in humanitas. Up to 2024, this is not necessary true due to the cheating process of esoteric dark forces well-known in the collapse of Illuminati Elites (NWO) to be further exposed.

To move toward this target, we have used identified names as case studies - sprinkled with hard esoteric knowledge to be scientifically proven - but it is easy to logically point out their realities of not passing the Gateway-to-Oneness. We leave the case of claimed "Samatha and Vipassana meditation master Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw"[D19] for those knowing Gotama's Equanimity and Purity to prove - based on his published "Knowing and Seeing" book - that imaginations of any professional cheater cannot pass unnoticed by those having "epistemic objectives". We use Gotama's recorded 7th state of Jhana together with Buddhist Heart Sutra for those having high-school scientific education to logically see the reality of the author of the Path of Purification while waiting for the world moving from Gotama's ontological opinions of (1) Not-Self, and (2) Non-Thingness toward "epistemic objectives with measurable scientific attributes in the (1) Expanding / Infinite Space (Gotama's 5th Jhana) and (2) Non-Thingness (Gotama's 7th Jhana).

This brief presentation about the secret sauce of "PrajnaTIP-in-Sound Vertical Switch" extracted from Shurangama Sutra[D33] as told by Avalokiteshvara-Bodhisattva is designed not only to shut down the blah blah blah of unworthy[R18.3] professional cheaters[R18.4] in 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha up until 2024 to wake up dedicated and honest Buddhist explorers, but also to challenge esoteric forces what they do not know nor have due to their degeneration in grasping biological and physical advantages in 5000+ of humanity monarchies well-known from the blood-lines of Illuminati elites, and 60,000+ human years in higher realms.

It is the deliverable solution to the mass of HuiNeng "Dhyana Samadhi / Thiền Định" [ without transcendental state, there is No Meditation ] that the five wheels (rounds) of Buddhist understanding about "Emptiness" [ (1) from Gotama first and second discourses of Self to solve the pain point - Dukkha - toward Not-Self as its ultimate solution, (2) value-added by Prajnaparamita that the Not-Self has different depths of Awareness-Prajna, (3) logically explained in Madhyamaka Relative Truth of Self and Ultimate (Wider) Truth of Not-Self, (4) further value-added by Yogacara accessing Perfected Nature to move from Imaginary Nature toward Dependent Nature, and (5) finally in Buddhist epistemological traditions that the merging of Self and Selfless is possible in highest Tantric practice ] are still unable to make the dynamic interactions of Self/Selfless happened, being parts of all activities and relationships to solve the original Issue Dukkha in Gotama's [ Meaning of Existence / Raison D'être ] as glimpsed and pointed out by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3].

Pointing out the messed-up in actual Insights via Direct Perception at Beyond Thought (Wu-Nien) from [ Oneness / No-Conflict Consciousness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / the Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas / No God but Allah ] with Deductions (personal opinions) from Relative Truth of Gotama, K'ung Tzu, Jesus, together the stated real cause of this defect that [ Only "Direct Perception" from the TRUTH plane of the focused event can see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to push the event toward a Right direction ] together with this "brief presentation about the secret sauce of PrajnaTIP-in-Sound Vertical Switch" we effectively shut down "Big Mouths" of hard-core professional cheaters[R18.4] - relying on logical tautologies of their earned Ph.D. in Buddhist studies by copying what we have said in "Thing-As-It-Is" at the present moment - to perpetuate the process of Not Knowing yet claimed to know, Not Seeing yet claimed to see as the Right Dharma coming directly from Gotama[D19], putting their "Ignorance" in Gotama's mouth trying to destroy his precious gift to humanity. When proper required infrastructure for deliverable solution of this "secrete sauce of PrajnaTIP-in-Sound Vertical Switch" is in place, these cheating monks/nuns with publicly tracked records will be toasted! We are on the track of statistically verifiable Science and Economics of KhaiPhong.

Same Thing is applicable to esoteric degenerated agents that 60,000+ human years of dark forces and 5,000+ human years of cheating organised religions and isms are Enough, and that you cannot cheat Natural Laws forever[R20.1], [R20.5]! Referring to the five wheels (rounds) of Buddhist understanding about "Emptiness" we can esoterically say these are also five rounds of spiritual understanding in higher form-realms of claimed Gods, Allah, Buddhas, Saints, Bodhisattvas, etc, having different consciousness technologies appropriate to these realms. The glimpses of accessing [ Oneness / Prajna / Conscience / Ultimate (Wider) Truth ] for [ Easier and Happier Relative Truth / Meaning of Existence / Conflicting Events ] are accidentally discovered and kept as "family secrets" to protect comparative advantages in biological existence with outdated and degenerated feudal systems. Yes, you are more than just biological existence, having the same quest for the [ Meaning of Existence / Raison D'être ] with embedded Compassion and Prajna. Out of these rounds of understanding, the merging of Self and Selfless is claimed to be possible and universal in highest Bliss and Emptiness according to Thing-As-It-Is. Yet, you know the significant degeneration of [ Vajradhara Buddha / Phật Kim Cang Tát Đỏa ] due to Greed and Power!

In human realm, almost all practitioners of Vajrayana Tantra know nothing about Emptiness, unable to observe even the driving force of their thoughts[R14.1], [R14], [R13.1], [R15] to properly manage one's biological existence! Where is the Emptiness completely dissolving all manifestations for Reborn and Rejuvenation in discovering Natural Laws underlying all Efforts from Your / Maha-Vairochana / TỲ LÔ GIÁ NA discourse (real or impostor), knowing and sharing Value of the values to shorten the Path of Cultivation and avoid cracks of the past Dark Forces. This writer - with his personal verification - can assert that:

  1. Similar to Gotama's defect in Design, Build, Execution the Tantra Vertical Switch must have proper required conditions, identified as HuiNeng Detachment at verifiable theoretical levels to prevent practitioners out of sexual addiction, and personal experience passing the Gateway-to-Oneness having innate Awareness qualified by Gotama at Equanimity[D22] or HuiNeng Dhyana-Samadhi[R5]

  2. Beyond the discovery of HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna[R5], Prajna[D22] with sufficient states and stock can dissolve any outdated mark - good or bad - including the most impact sexual mark.

We look forward to the new Golden Era where Sharing can be not only in human realm but also inter-realms in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, putting more Right Efforts in Value of the values rather than short-run of Grasping and/or Bullying of the past masters-slaves, causing significant "hard" consequences for all involved parties according to Natural Laws. It is better to err on Compassion rather than in unnecessary killings causing Suferings / Dukkha to the Whole as an Accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation! In this new Golden Era the writer looks forward to the "Rules of the Laws" best implemented of discovered underlying Natural Laws and enforceable through inter-realms governance. That is Why the manifestations of Prajna is tilted to "Morality >< Justice" rather than the reversed.

2.2 Cultivable States (Right Transcendental-Awareness) and Stock (Fibonacci Layered InnerSpace) of Prajna

Exactly as described in Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2], one needs to be stable at "Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness" and "dwells in no mind enclosure" to have full "Transcendental Awareness / Wu-Nien / Kiến Tánh" from all factors directly / indirectly related to the complex Issue As-It-Is - including mistakes and wrong assumptions from one's side - to have "the Pulse"of the situation and factors to influence, pushing the Issue toward What Count[R23]. This is an ability required by all individuals at all ages from elementary school upward, and all aggregates in practical modern living. We know many have had "Vision" at very early age. It is very beneficial to have the vision concretized with required conditions to make it happened. The ability will be scientifically opened with Consciousness Technologies to directly enter the [ Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / the Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas / No God but Allah ], augmented by ICT/AI tools in "Making Life Easier and Happier" on the path of Learning and Doing. It will be much easier if one has sufficient Transcendentl-Awareness (states / X-dimension and one's Inner Peace Y-dimension) from Stock of Prajna (outcome in the F-dimension InnerSpace) - having innate Natural Purification - due to achievable Layered Signed Posts first recorded in Gotama's Jhanas to have some taste of "Here Sariputra, form is Sunyata Sunyata is form / Ở đây Xá Lợi Phất sắc là Sunyata Sunyata là sắc / Iha Sariputra, rupam Sunyata Sunyata-iva rupam" as recorded in Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2]. It is far beyond the family connections, the country, and the world to flow with the [ underlying natural laws / thuận theo tự nhiên ].

Having sufficient states and stock of Prajna with Natural Purification[D27] coming from different depths of Right Transcendental Inner Peace riding on natural laws of higher "Aspiration" together with "Charming Attraction from Sunyata Non-Thingness", one now deepens the experience in the second signed post of the Heart Sutra: "Form is not different from Sunyata, Sunyata is not different from Form". This is the generalisation of MahaSatipatthana Sutta[D25] - the Great Frames of Reference Digha Nikaya 22 (Tứ niệm xứ) - from innumerable signals SIMULTANEOUSLY arising via [the body, feelings, mind, and mental qualities] to [the Dependent Nature of One and the Whole] where one is a part to change oneself and the environment toward a normative Right[R23]. They are the outcomes of Scientifically Cultivable Processes according to underlying natural laws to Verify one's Raison D'être and Managing What Count currently categorized in eight (8) layers based on the six Signed Posts contributed by Gotama, and seven (7) depths of Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh : [ F1 = 1 Equanimity Awareness, F2 = 1 Purity Awareness, F3 = 2 Samadhi Signed Posts, F4 = 3 Selfless Awareness, F5 = 5 Visible Awareness-Prajna, F6 = 8 Awareness-Prajna in engaged Living, F7 = 13 Awareness-Prajna in Forecasting and Simulation, F8 = 21 Samadhi-Prajna ]. It is the process via #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness of three Nots [ Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachment / Vô Niệm, Vô Vết, Vô Trụ ] from HuiNeng to DISCOVER and SHARE the listed eight Fibonacci layers currently known in KhaiPhong Inner Circle for Visible Manifestations of KhaiPhong three Haves [ Awareness, Dependent, Prajna / Kiến Tánh, Duyên Khởi, Bát Nhã ].

The rating of Y-dimension in six Signed Posts, X-dimension at seven depths of [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh ], and F-dimension of eight Inner-Spaces in Scientifically Cultivable Prajna come from KhaiPhong 50+ years of field researches in the priority of deepening quantum effects in positive Complex Fibonacci evolution as presented from minute 6:25 which explains WHY all Gotama's recorded Jhanas[D29], [D30] unreacheable in 2500+ Years of cheating Buddhist Sanghas, and HuiNeng's [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh ][D26] being mysterious. Empirically observing and demonstrating the Right and Wrong of established major religions - for example Faith comes from the Right of Aspiration and the Wrong of Greed and Fears - we can have "Thing-As-It-Is Harmonious Living & Being" that all qualified Intelligent Beings from humanity upward are exciting for the opportunities of Doing Good.

Many have cultivated different techniques and connected to different traditions / teachers / friends currently in esoteric or human realms in one's Inner Circle and circle of inner circles. Part of the knowing oneself is to reconnect and/or directly contact with these connections, especially under Hindu/Buddhist Siddhi programs or Christian Unconditioned Love, such as (a) direct perception of the subject's mental state in HuiNeng Sudden Awaken then Awakening to help oneself and others, (b) hearing and feeling other's inner vibration either in this or other parallel worlds (man, animal, spirit) to deepen one's inner exploration while helping others, (c) levitation in natural samadhi, (d) recalling one's past lives, etc. Human realm with armies of PhD and post-graduate researches from all availalbe domains and fieds is currently the ONLY PLACE capable to offer required Researches and Developments for "Inter-Realm Communications and Collaboration©" serving as the first "Campus of the Universe Prajna / Vườn Ươm của Trí Tuệ Vủ Trụ".

Riding on one's past cultivation can provide a big push to counter-act innumerable barriers - including dropping the initial faith, mantra, change/switch to different mantra and/or directly entering different depths of Verifiable Emptiness for Prajna manifestation, to enable manageable Realities in driving one's Volition. The next picture illustrate interactions between One (Form, Visible) and an Aggregate (Event, visible / invisible Sunyata) to theoretically show "innumerable applications of Form is not different from Sunyata, Sunyata is not different from Form" waiting for Implementations and/or Value-Adds which are ready NOW due to (1) appropriate programming language "Rust" applicable to the mathematical model of Transcendental Awareness X-dimension, Transcendental Inner-Peace Y-dimension and lumped-all-others F-dimension of Fibonacci sequence, (2) available living students having actual experiences described in the mathematical patterns, (3) kp_sis (Strategic Intelligence Service) provided to the Haves to finance the projects (Step 1 of Engineering Roadmap). Natural Purification[D27] and PrajnaPlace - conditioned environments conducive to the cultivation of Prajna - covering all activities, switching from Ignorance to Prajna in cultivating the Right Transcendental-Inner-Peace (Samma-Samadhi) / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness. This switches the role of [ building / keeping ] external [ Temple / Place of Worshipping ] grasped by unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] in all organised religions to the last inner Temple of ShenHsiu's [ Body >< Mind >< Effort ] - for discovering Off-On Vertical Switches and Quantum Consciousness demonstrated by HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5]. The vertical switch / causation has observable positive and negative directions named Prajna Dialectic and cunning intelligence of Hegelian Dialectic that force all Intelligent Beings of "TRUTH having embedded "Morality & Justice" on the Foundation of Honesty & Care" do something in one's Continuity of the consciousness. It is the community implementations of Right Understanding and Right Motivation in all relevant activities and relationships that everyone can Share and start from statistically significant epistemic objectives - having qualified professional supports at both general practices and field specialists.

2.2.1 Merging into Oneness of Transcendental Relaxation and Insight

PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light is an easy way to merge into Oneness - from Visible of Form to Invisible of Sunyata - as stated in Shurangama Sutra[D33]. Once there is sufficient states and stock of Prajna - having "Natural Purification" of the senses - one can widen and deepen this capability in all activities at both individual (micro) and aggregate (macro) levels, being a contributing part in the science and economics of KhaiPhong. This "merging for an Insight and Action from Oneness" is the domain of Asanga's Consciousness-Only[D39] to infuse the "Perfected Nature" for Purification of the senses, driving the "Imaginary Nature" closer to the "Dependent Nation" of Thing-As-It-Is and/or Transcendental States of Action.

At the form, KhaiPhong cultivable "Prajna in Relative Truth" starts from [ Gotama Transcendental-Awareness / HuiNeng Wu-Nien / KhaiPhong Awareness / Vietnamese Kiến Tánh ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment } at different depths due to either above PrajnaTIP in Sound and/or reversed engineering from diverse angles known by identified students. Riding on this available power of [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ] to discover solutions for other fundamental issues of Intelligent Existence, KhaiPhong identified students practically know (1) reproducible scientific processes from different angles of divisional isms to naturally produce a Harmonious Melting Pot in reclaiming one's Latin Humanitas from human realm, (2) natural processes to "Free / Liberate" oneself from binding Word/Image and clinging Thought being a major cause producing unnecessary Sufferings for all intelligent existence applicable to human and all intelligent esoteric realms, (3) seeing Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change the focused event toward What Count in all activities and relationships of all domains and fields applicable to human and all intelligent esoteric realms, and (4) new discovery at the sub-atomic level in the Dependent Nature of No-Conflict Consciousness to be explored by all intelligent beings applicable to human and all esoteric realms. At the focused event, [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ] can (1) sense the energy vibration and its patterns for one's strategic moves, (2) predict significant event in the future as the case of Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm about the [ South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea / West Philippine Sea ] and what one needs to cultivates in making the future event toward What Count in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, (3) activate Sound Broadcasting Technology required in "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" for accountable and transparent 'Rule of Law' in governing the integrity of each realm and required "Medium of Exchange" in guarding one's legitimate Right in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, (4) prove underlying natural law to expose Gotama's crack of Self-Hallucination of permanent Nirvana then Pari-Nirvana.

We ride on this very complex and changing moves and counter-moves at important focused event such as [ South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea / West Philippine Sea ] based on available qualified students strategically put at different positions to make an out-side-the-box Prajna Dialectic harmonious Melting Pot happened rather than in conflicting forces of thesis from cheating "Confucius Institute" to "Belt and Road Initiative"[R8] and anti-thesis of US-inspired “Build Back Better World” (B3W) project from G7 leaders. Strategic Intelligent Service (SIS) in this area serves as a bootstrap in creation of kp_platform to model the above fuzzy parts of "Form is not different from Sunyata, Sunyata is not different from form" in facing any event and one's response, having normative self-evaluation of the outcome and one's scientific cultivations of both "Kiến Tánh / Wu-Nien / Awareness / Transcendental-Awareness" and "Samadhi-Prajna / Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness" applicable to all activities and relationships for the mass testing and custom SIS. The Big Data custom ai behind this available huge data in "matrix manipulations of AI and Machine Learing" will be able to pick up general patterns for relevant and custom feeds to first serve the Haves whose financed researches will filltered down for the mass benefits and vice versa.

KhaiPhong cultivable "Prajna in Ultimate (Wider) Truth" will scientifically deliver to human mass "Equanimity Signed Post" to "Free / Liberate" oneself from binding Word/Image imposed by all isms and "Purity Signed Post" to "Free / Liberate" oneself from clinging Thought such as the Hindu cast system existing from the time of Gotama and Allah for Muslims. For the first time in entire Intelligent Beings of all realms we know, the power of [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ] can be cultivated to use sub-atomic levels in the Dependent Nature of No-Conflict Consciousness to basically fill the crack fallen by both Gotama in human realm and Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva in esoteric realm, opening the new Vista of the proposed "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" since powers at these layers can override all Voodoos at the relative conflicting consciousness of binding and clinging forces, sufficient to enforce legal "Rule of Law" in esoteric realms by current living students while establishing accountable and transparent required infrastructures properly managed by good intelligent people in the target realms of sustainable "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations". The Illuminati New World Order failed in 2012 plan to wipe out 90% human population mostly due to higher natural laws despite available consciousness snatching technology in [ mafia / evil ] sucking youthful energy and identity theft from dark forces of the corrupted feudal "King of Gods" system and all above supporting these esoteric cheaters for 60,000+ human years. This major collapse coincides with the cosmic shift leading to higher consciousness, and results in different fractions and forces where both residual dark forces driven by "Greed and Fears" and good forces according to natural laws exist. By exposing and delivering scientifically discovered natural laws underlying the manifestations of Prajna, KhaiPhong enables most concerned people parts of this [ Awareness-Prajna / Chánh Niệm - Tỉnh Giác ] movement to effortlessly dispel the darkness, not only in human but also in other intelligent esoteric realms in the new "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" where everyone - human or esoteric - has equal Rights in learning "cultivable Prajna" and allocate one's scare resource to What Count being an accountable creator and a part of the Responsible Creation. We can help!

You decide which direction you want to proceed since it is "Only in Engaged Living" you can change the quality of your consciousness that "Only You" who can know No Matter What Happened in the past and which fraction you come from. Everyone can change due to "Freewill / Conscience / Prajna" and available current resources for your optimal allocations. We feel and hope that COVID-19 driven by different esoteric forces and their human parts will be the last attempt to immorally gain power driven by Greed and Fears, currently the battle ground between US and China with Russia-Ukraine conflicts are the battles of animal kingdoms! "Man" is more than animals due to one's innate "Prajna / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of Gods within". Our discovered scientific processes according to underlying natural laws can help both human and esoteric forces (1) Free from binding and clinging forces to optimally evolve one's "Continuity of the Consciousness" according to underlying natural laws of the current realm, (2) collaborate in discovering the power and practical applications of sub-atomic layered No-Conflict Consciousness applicable to relevant realms in accountable Creator as a part of Responsible Environments, (3) enhance "Inter-Realms Communications and Collaborations" where "Rule of Law" for stability can replace the cheating and dictator leaderships. The conflicts between Article 1 of stakeholders rights and the aggregate (representative) National Sovereignty in Article 3 in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (French: Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen) can be resolved when most people are Exiting with Conscious Living and Opportunities to Do Good driven by natural laws.

It is so since one can bypass preconceived ideas and tainted senses on the duality plane to be high up on the plane of TRUTH based on the deeper/higher level of one's cultivable [ Prajna / Wisdom ], a flower from compassion tree deep rooted in Sunyata. The cultivable sufficient states and stock of Prajna from Gotama's Awareness-Prajna[D22] exposes (1) unworthy process of 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha, knowing nothing about the Right and Wrong - Value of the values in one's existence - coming from Prajna as exposed in Gotama's first discourse[D20] of the self, Not Knowing yet claimed to know, Not Seeing yet claimed to see[D19] as evidenced from the claimed zen master Tuệ Trung Thượng Sĩ and his student claimed Buddha King Trần Nhân Tông, (2) the cunning intelligence of 2500+ years of Buddhist cheating Sangha driven by hardcore professional cheaters[R18.4], stealing Intellectual Property Right (IPR) from the glimpse of dedicated explorers about [ Tội tiêu tâm tịnh, thảy đều không / Sin and Purity-of-the-Mind is Empty ] to blah-blah-blah their "claimed effective cheating rituals in "true repentance" and solutions based on Fears and Ignorance, just like the indoctrinated sinners from Christianity totally relied on "faked redeemer" that we ask the reincarnation of Saint Francis of Assisi - currently (2024) in a very strategic position of the Roman Catholic Church - to see if there is any grain of Truth from [ Prajna = Conscience >< Justice >< Moral Value ] in the Redeemer and Infallibility of the Pope in changing himself and the environment toward What Count[R23].

Form on the left-side of the above picture - or viewed from an entity "IamX" in Figure 11.1 - can be considered as (1) a trigger of the right-side aggrgate [ Event / Sunyata ] in psychotherapy[R20.3] or a [ practitioner / observer ] [ looking at / merging to ] an [ observed / Sunyata ] to (2) either draw the power of [ Sunyata / Consciousness ] for a beyond-thought action, (3) sense Thing-As-It-Is of the observed to have Transcendental Relaxation in Emptiness and/or strategic position of one's Sweet Spot. This is equivalent to HuiNeng's Dhyana-Samadhi and Samadhi-Prajna at a focused event.

  1. An example in psychotherapy is something we thought disappeared from [ being well-kept in a dark corner of ] our mind is now woken by the force of Natural Purification. It indicates by Nature the Right time for you "dissolve" the outdated mark due to the power of your Prajna, exactly as advised by Gotama[D22]. Just by the power of Prajna to actually see the outdated mark is "Not Actual and Relevant", the unconscious "Fear / Phobia / Desire / Soul Mate" is naturally dissolved. Look around to see if any monk / nun / Dharma King / reincarnation of xyz / infallible priest / pope can be beyond Sex which does not mean like / dislike nor distorted insensitive senses, nor abstain from sex. That is what Gotama means "Herein, Bahiya, In the seen will be merely what is seen; in the heard will be merely what is heard; ... Just this is the end of suffering". The question is even much more complex if in the seen you also sense "energy vibration" from the counter parts who are naturally attracted to you, but do not know Why, and you also sense the mutual attractions at different qualities and characteristics lumped together as karmic forces: intimate relationships, teacher-students relationships, good acquaintances, trust worthy in certain tasks, etc. The Transcendental Awareness of KhaiPhong Technology - capable to sense the sources of your thought that no Buddhist Samatha and Vipassana can touch due to not passing the Gateway-to-Oneness qualified by Gotama - enable you properly manage the event for a Right Effort.

  2. For beyond-thought action, many artists - due to their long past practicing the art - can merge into Oneness to draw its power for an exceptional Performance in its aesthetic state (xuất thần). This shows the practicality of beyond-thought Oneness. When "Merging into the Oneness" is scientifically discovered and cultivable, all Arts - including politics, diplomacy, innovation - turns into higher sciences. Same thing is applied to meditation. Gotama is a pioneer in this field - with his Fourfold Truth and the modified[D26] Eightfold Path - to turn the "Pathless Lands" into sciences, effortlessly wiping out professional cheaters making unworthy living in International Cheating Clubs. This has not been done in 2500+ years up until 2024 since Gotama and other inspired dedicated explorers have not delivered scientifically cultivable processes according to natural laws, starting at the level of each person.

    In this bottom-line observable [ beyond-thought / wu-nien / transcendental awareness / Kiến Tánh ] action, we see different depths of Awareness-Prajna innate in the Comparative Advantages of different practitioners. Within each practitioner having some ability of the "Beyond-Thought", one can recognize the variation of the oucome at different conditions. With "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" from Gotama's modified[D26] Eightfold Path or "Samadhi-Prajna" of HuiNeng, one can be a scientist to record optimised conditions leading to different outcome for "in part discover and in part create the Real You [ the Wise tame themselves / Dhammapala verse 80 - attanam damayanti pandita ][R10]. By "Reversed-Engineering", one may discover different trail and the "watch-out" to Share with others, helping one not falling into the cracks in one's own trail of evolution while helping others not to start from square one. This is what we have been doing to "Reversed-Engineer" what we know back to the starting point to save others precious resources while effortlessly wiping out unworthy people helping them not messing their own lives and the lives of others.

  3. Concerning the dynamic interaction between [ observer / observed - self / notself - hữu niệm / vô niệm ][R7.3], we can look at applications in "Transcendental Relaxation" by Nature or strategic actions demonstrated by Vạn Hạnh[R7.1]. There are innumerable applications[R1] for deepening and widening one's potentialities in the razor-sharp dynamic interactions between the [ trigger / self ] with the [ Event / Sunyata ].

Applications of "Transcendental Relaxation" are the extensions of the Buddhist Teacher[D52] (Phật Thầy) at Tây An's Natural Practice riding on (1) the open space of Nature to expand one's InnerSpace merging with Outer Space, (2) Natural Aspiration and Reflection beyond the Christian 'Binding Word/Image' and Muslim 'Clinging Thought', (3) Right Effort in Meditation / Dhyana / Thiền / Zen / Chan (Table 4). They are tremendous Value-Adds in Tourism where people can enjoy different cultures, natural trails and scenic tours, then riding on that expanding and happy experience accumulated from "Equanimity" community of the event for required "Intensity of Attention" and emotional conditions to break the crust of "Self" - experiencing different depths of transcendental states - a close-encounter with "Not-Self".

Similar to PrajnaTIP in Sound, the key point is to raise Non-Conflict Consciousness to the highest aesthetic state, then enabling a "secrete sauce" to ride on this high energy no-conflict aesthetic state to different depths of Right [ Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Samadhi / #EmptyTheContent to Non-Thingness and beyond ]. The "secrete sauce" can be "Off-On" switch via the charming attraction of Sunyata Non-Thingness or a direct path to Samadhi[D29], [D30] based on one's accumulated state and stock of Prajna in Natural Purification[D27] of Transcendental Relaxation. This direct path - different from PrajnaTIP in Sound - is personally known by a student in our group. We need to encourage and provide necessary resources for him to deliver this special gift to humanity base on his 10,000+ human years as a dedicated explorer in both human and higher realms. It is personally known by this writer as "directed Intensity of Attention" but let the nature does the heavy lifting. All you need is to prepare what needed to bring to the table at the right time and right place, exactly as done by HuiNeng in his self-introduction.

Your actual quality of the consciousness will find its own way to manifest itself in all activities and relationships which are measurable for you to in-part discover yourself and in-part create the real you[R10], not to be bullied by unworthy[R18.3] people[R18.4] in the past many thousands years of all isms where organised religions are parts in their tautologies of painted cakes that they do not know nor have to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships where they are gatekeepers to collect your taxes.

The technology enables practitioner direct experience at different depths of "Transcendental-Inner-Peace / Emptiness toward Non-Thingness and beyond" while observing how the Visible are naturally dissolved in the release of accumulated energy at the "Intensity of Attention" point. It is different from reversed direction from PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light to directly enter Samadhi-Prajna right at the high point of aesthetic state in the activitiy called "merging with nature", proving the one process of emptiness and dissolution of appearance and not at the duality of Buddhist Sangha[R14.1]. The dissolution cannot be done at thought (duality) of "Not-Self" misled in Buddhist instructions on Meditations and Emptiness and/or philosophical investigations via Sutra, Tantra, and Prayer[R14].

To be a part of "Cultivable Prajna in Activity", the activity must meet at the minimum two requirements: (1) 'without Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness there is no meditation' (mindful process) as qualified by HuiNeng, and (2) Without Detachment, there is no Right Transcendental-Inner-Peace as qualified by Gotama. The qualifications help eliminate many activities that have none or only one requirement - such as Christian/Muslim Faith instead of Aspiration - that may lead to a 'Wrong Transcendental Inner Peace' as actually happened to many crusaders.

In a natural open space and/or serene corner/location, one's InnerSpace is easy to be a part of that "equanimity / purity environment", releasing its stressful narrow scope for a "wider perspective of existence". There are both traditional and modern techniques, riding on the physical and energy structure of human body to physically induce an 'Empty' state where one actually enters different depths of Transcendental Inner Peace as the physical attraction of Sunyata Non-Thingness explained from PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light. We will introduce a powerful technology of raising the "Intensity of Attention" and/or physical energy level to the highest point based on one's current dominant interest, then suddenly 'Drop into Verifiable Emptiness' and/or 'Merge to the natural surrounding' to naturally enter the 'Gateway to Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' and beyond as actually described by Gotama.

The mechanic of this technology is similar to the recently much-talk-about wormhole[R22.1] where energy vibration at two different layers of consciousness in parallel universes needs to be broken through. The key difference is that one can naturally self generate anywhere any time either alone and/or in group dynamics as long as there are right conditions required by the technology[R14.1]. This is similar to 'breaking the crust of sesame seed for its oil' by Tilopa[D41] or "Intensity of Attention" by Krishnamurti without requiring thousands years of pounding the Transcendental Awareness on the same point, and much more enjoyable as a natural Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP). This conducive environment is "PrajnaPlace of Conscious Living aka Equanimity Community". It is an excellent entertainment to reactivate one's HonNhien mind.

When the states and stock of Prajna is deep enough, a "wormhole" connecting two bundles of energy is the most direct and powerful training ground of Awareness - a university level compared to elementary and impossible (due to unqualified state and stock of Prajna) Buddhist Vipassana - under "Cultivable Prajna in Kindness". It is the integrating technology and foundation of all lasting values. At the initial level, Kindness and Empathy set up required platform for the flowing Prajna through natural laws of Action-Reactions and Likes-attract-Likes. Practitioners have direct benefit in wider scope of human existence, with natural feeling of empathy and happiness. Due to this connecting wormhole, the empathy and sensing of other energy becomes clear and stronger to be sensible enough with the other needs. This Clarity is the Prajna, directly activated at the strategic position for a maximum outcome of the close-encounter.

Many organised religions where Buddhism is a part try to impose under different pretexts their rituals, binding Word/Image and clinging Thought on the beneficial activities. 'Conflicting Faith' or addicted devotion has no role whatsoever in the Science of Consciousness. These false reasons must have no place in any qualified "Cultivable Prajna" for the mass since once stable at "Equanimity" level, binding Word/Image will be effortlessly wiped out while at "Purity" level, clinging Thought is naturally disappeared. One can obviously use and respect conditioned 'Faith' as a form of Aspiration But their Wrong aspects are gradually eliminated via Invisible Hand of Economics. For public, we suggest to use the neutral Sounds such as: "Gate" "Gate" "Paragate" "Parasamgate" (Gone Gone Gone beyond Gone altogether beyond).

This Natural Practice, if doing correctly, can economically replace destructive entertainments into a new form of Relaxation / Awareness, education, cultural / natural exploration, traveling, entertainment and meditation, all merging into Oneness toward a target of knowing more about oneself and the environment. It is similar to the development of Japanese Gardens, the Art of Qi-Gong[R11], the Art of Xyz, etc for the Aesthetics and Worthy Existence of one's Continuity of the Consciousness. These activities can be lumped together into Places / Areas of Prajna Cultivation (PrajnaPlace) where Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP) is a part. If the movement is at the Right Time, these activities are parts of a rigorous formal system for cultivation of state and stock of Prajna or the process to recognize and further enhance one's natural Comparative Advantages.

Being Happy and Worthy of Existence is more than "Transcendental Relaxation". Foreign Affairs and International Diplomacy are important parts to sustain the Democracy, serving "Human / Being Right" of Natural Lasting Values. For "Strategic Actions" - either at personal and/or any level of aggregate (family, business, organisation, etc) - we can apply the "know-how of sensing Thing-As-It-Is" and strategic point, changing the event toward the Right direction done by Vạn Hạnh[R7.1] - a visionary leader and architect of a bloodless / effortless coup d'eta - on matters concerning National Security. This skill is beneficial in all human activities, waiting for your Value-Adds.

One final note - before the right time for deeper exploration - is the proper use of Sex " merging into Oneness" according to Natural Laws to "debunk Tantra Kalachakra" cheating and possible evil process. Sex is by itself just a necessary physical phenomenon like eating , sleeping. By reversing the process from "Form to Consciousness" together with proper theoretical understanding of natural laws, one can use Sex as a Vertical Switch to reach "Transcendental Relaxation / Insight into Oneness". The merging of two bundles of energy (lovers) into One is easiest with Sex since it is a part of a long evolution from Consciousness to Form.

Similar to PrajnaTIP in Sound, the key process is to bring "No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1]" - Not the Senses Pleasures on the duality plane in normal sexual activities - to its highest aesthetic state, then via a "secret sauce" directed by "Beyond-Thought" driving force to achievable different depths of "Right Transcendental Inner Peace" qualified by both Gotama innate Detachment[D29] and "Natural Purification[D27]" of Thing-As-It-Is. In this proper process the two lovers will have strong feelings and be spiritually connected to help each other quickly evolving that no Tantra master and feudal King / Queen can touch since they are all bounded at the physical forms - attached to sense desires - incapable to pass beyond the Gateway-to-Oneness. Another advantage of this Highest Tantra is to reduce the probability of future meeting "wrong partners" purely driven by physical sex which can create more damages in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

Esoterically, the technique and required qualifications are also unknown in higher realms leading to degeneration in the past 60,000+ human years of Greed and Power manifested in human realm via cheating elites of Illuminati New World Order. This writer directly challenges Maha-Vairochana / TỲ LÔ GIÁ NA (real or impostor) for a shared statistically tested and verifiable secret sauce to inject spiritual cultivation in the natural but most binding and clinging force, generating many social problems and unnecessary Sufferings.

Buddhist Tantra - egoistically riding on their hallucinated theoretical Vipassana[R7] - observing the generation of sexual juice and the flow of energy[R14] for lengthening the ability to stay longer in "Bliss" on attached Duality Plane as an indication of their achievement. Due to this "Grasping" and addicted to "Bliss", Buddhist foundation of "Detachment" - qualified by Gotama in his first absorption for the beginning of Right Transcendental Inner Peace[D29] - is destroyed rendering the practitioner being sex addicts[R15]. Using "thought in Vipassana practice" they channel the flow of "generated juice" and energy for its circulation upward and around as a "violent force" to artificially open different "chakras". The egoistic violence for achieving something - changing and conditioned at the physical manifestations - fuels their boosting to the sky. They claim the "transformation from sexual juice to "Chi / Prana" and from "Chi / Prana" to Spirit is 100% (chuyển tinh thành khí, từ khí ra thần)[R14] to advocate that the more you engage in sex, the easier you can become enlighten in one life time. This claim is - at one time - popular in Vietnam (1970's - ?) and the World as "VoVi / Astral Meditation / Thiền Vô Vi / Xuất Hồn" to esoterically learn from Higher Masters. Tantra claim is a fallacy of "the Blinds touching Elephant", scientifically proven according to the First Law of thermodynamics. This is the degeneration from higher realms to humanity we esoterically know the downfall of many highly evolved beings and claimed masters[R13.1].

We challenge esoteric higher realm of claimed Buddhas, Gods, Allah the deliverable "secret sauce" in moving from "Visible / Duality / Self" to "Invisible / Oneness / Not-Self" in HuiNeng qualified Dhyana-Samadhi [ "To be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Transcendental Inner Peace is Samadhi" ], dropping the mean and reaching "Transcendental Relaxation" anywhere any time as described above to naturally drop whatever unnecessary conflict according to Thing-As-It-Is, exposed by Bodhidharma[D35]. This is just like the use of religious faith - conditioned on our consciousness for a long time - to the target of [ Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth ]. Once being fluent in close-encounter with Oneness, we can drop and dissolve the outdated mark of faith from unworthy people since we know inside-out that it is only a painted cake in master-slave relationship to make very unworthy living, sabotaging the evolution of the whole and destroying oneself. Sex is a physical binding conditioned by our natural evolution from consciousness to form. Here is a well-known Vietnamese poem: "You and I counted Two but One - I and You One but in reality Two / Mình với ta tuy hai mà một - Ta với mình tuy một mà hai" and Soyen Shaku's "All things return to "One" and "One" operates in all things"[R6]. The challenge in the statisticlly significant deliverable outcomes to test all "theoretical claims" can only happen if-and-only-if there is kp-platform to enable two-prong approach to the issue: (1) theoretical investigations in an extensive academic process to focus on most likely practical outcomes, (2) implementtion of this process to expose it to the invisible hand of economics. This extensive two-prong approach has been successfully employed in "proof-of-state Cardano process" that we will sit on.

Can we naturally be Free from sex when it is not necessary, using the power of Prajna to actually see the outdated mark (physical binding and clinging) is "Unworthy, Not Actual and Relevant", just like the dissolution of unconscious "Fear / Phobia / Desire / Soul Mate"? Since "All things return to "One" and "One" operates in all things" and each person has a very long past of "trials and errors" with innumerable unique contributions - commonly known as one's Comparative Advantages - many can bring to the table (by "Reversed-Engineering") their unique trails of development as we are doing once Thing-As-It-Is natural laws are scientifically presented. It is the bottom line of Gotama's Right Understanding and Right Motivation in the Prajna division of his modified[D26] Eightfold Path toward What Count[R23]. That is why we said Buddhist Abhidhamma and Vipassana must answer the "Then What" through an "acid test" in Invisible / Helping Hands of Prajna and Economics. The test effortlessly renders all unworthy people - drawing their bags of tricks from fallacies of "the Blinds touching Elephant" to be explicitly identified as "cheating corona viruses" - unemployed.

2.2.2 From Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth for an Insight into the Emptiness

Other Scientific Facts such as riding on the unique qualities of highly evolved living persons, identifying and acting as an energy conduit in appropriate conditions to channel Cosmic Consciousness for a big push of individual streams of Consciousness. The 'big push' enables participants a direct experience in 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' such as 'natural levitation', 'sudden awaken', having 'astral body' in the space, etc, for a wider view of the World, direct recognition of one's past qualities that are lost in present Abyss of Entanglements, etc. This is known as "Cultivable Prajna in Sadhana" to personally experience the "Oneness / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Prajna / Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within" with an external assistance since the rational part of "Kiến Tánh / Wu-Nien / Awareness" is enforced life after life that one is more than all physical and mental manifestations in conditions and changing to clearly Aware Value of the values toward What Count.

Like a 'Sudden Awaken', it is required to start a physical wiring process for Awakening and/or register its quality in the store-house Consciousness for further evolution. We are currently aware of few, capable to use cosmic consciousness for their own benefits, but only four (4) living students having the quality to help others in their Sadhanas:

  • 'Sudden Awaken then Awakening', a practical implementation and extension of HuiNeng tradition[R5], [R5.2] of Beyond Word/Image (Bất Lập Văn Tự) and Wu-Nien Beyond Thought (Vô Niệm) / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh.

  • 'Natural Levitation', a practical implementation of Hindu 'Siddhi'.

Everything runs according to scientific (observable, testable, reproducible / achievable) facts. Natural levitation is a surge of energy to push the physical body upward against gravitational force similar to an aerodynamic force to levitate a plane. Instead of just relying on one's own effort, an accomplished practitioner can act as a conduit to channel the Cosmic Consciousness to individual streams of Consciousness for that surge of energy to personally know something beyond one's duality of Relative Truth. That outside the box is a characteristic of Oneness, transcending duality. Personally knowing Sudden Awaken and/or Levitation, one is convinced on the innate quality of [ Buddha Nature / The Kingdom of God / Latin Humanitas ] that a part from "Biology" there is No-Conflict Consciousness of Compassion and Prajna Making Life Easier and Happier.

There is a living student who takes the 'Natural Levitation' one step further using his internal wiring as a conduit to channel cosmic energy to make the levitation easier and faster for participants. Due to our long past connection, we are connected for a serious exchange of Views. We advised him that the Master-Disciple to enslave students to the master will destroy both the master and followers. Besides, it is only a scientific process and better to

  1. Study the effects of the outcome (the surge energy of levitation) to the mental and physical health of the participants to answer the "Then What" of the Wise Viet,

  2. Train qualified students to be the conduit of cosmic energy to help others further spreading the know-how and replace him at the right time,

  3. Enable the participant 'know more about oneself' in the Friendly and Compassionate [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] Culture to be a 'Good Person' (Tu Nhân - Right Speech, Rich Action, Right Livelihood) fully responsible for one's Action and the environment,

  4. Widen the participant perspective in one's Continuity of the Consciousness (Học Phật - Right Effort, Right Transcendental Awareness, Right Transcendental Inner Peace).

In this Right Direction, his unique contributions based on thousands years of cultivation will be a lasting value and sustainable. The technology is a gift to Humanity, sustainable beyond his life time. Since then, there have been many changes, especially due to a unique environment of "Close Encounters" among many past related entities. In that environment, true qualities of the consciousness of involved parties floated up or sunk down. The safest way is to be At Home / 100% Honest with oneself, in Right Effort, Taming The Ox, and Riding the Ox in empirical verification of Emptiness, returning to The Source, and being an Agent of Changes to "Care" for oneself and the environment.

The suggestions have been practically applied in wholesome approaches to practical living such as using Chi (cosmic energy) to neutralise the body imbalance for better and healthier living, yoga, ayurvedic and herbal modern medicine, technologies and entertainment, etc, to improve the quality of living. A contribution can only have lasting values when it is sustainable by meeting the first two i.e. knowing the effects of the outcome (e.g. the surge energy of levitation) to the mental and physical health of participants, and having qualified students to help others further spreading the know-how.

The third item - enabling the participant 'know more about oneself' - has direct impact on the quality of one's Dependent Nature and turn one into an agent of Changes for the benefits of One and the Whole. It is a natural phenomenon for both the Haves and HaveNots in wider perspective of one's existence when one can transcend the duality of conflicting events, elevate one high-up to an aesthetic state of No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1], then dissolving all contents to different depths of Right Transcendental Inner Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness on the plane of [ Oneness / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth ]. This is the essence of Not-For-Profit from AwakeningBudh [ ThankYou / Global Service Local Presence (GsLp) ] clubs to concretely kick-start the relevant local processes in Changing Oneself and the Environment of both the Haves and HaveNots, responsibly carried out by stakeholders. When one is able to see Thing-As-It-Is from Prajna, perpendicular to duality plane of conflicting events of The Right Thing ToDo, The Right Way ToDo, and one's Unique Comparative Advantage, the missing Right and Wrong of humanity touches is there in all activities and relationships from the grassroots relevant to local community. Modern cloud technologies and Artificial Intelligence where people are centres of all activities and relationships are at the right time to enable new Golden Era of International Trades and Co-operations happened at the local grassroots in the Right/Wrong and worthy human existence.

The last item deepens the Quality of the Agent of Changes in the continuous process of one's Continuity of the Consciousness right at the Volition (Sankhara) driven by Prajna (Right Transcendental-Awareness, Right Motivation) instead of Ignorance (Table 2). Only the cultivation of Prajna in the last item has the lasting value where all manifestations in duality are tools for Learning and Doing in the flowing depth of the Wisdom (gambhiram Prajnaparamitacaryam - thông sâu theo dòng Bát Nhã Siêu Việt)[R2]. The outcome of these depths in Right Transcendental-Inner-Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness and beyond the Gateway-to-Oneness is the Purification of the senses[D27], separating their functionality from the 5 entanglements (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness) for a Clarity of Right Transcendental Awareness (Chánh Niệm)[D12] to see 'Thing As It Is' in driving the Volition (Sankhara) for a Right Action. This is not any more at theoretical level, but deliverable results since there are living students fully capable to make these happened for many.

Here is an example of an invisible protective wall generated from Prajna[R11] that a wilful attacker cannot penetrate. If one's Compassion and Prajna deep enough one can not only protect oneself from a dark force, but able to direct cosmic energy to protect another target just by a "directed intention". Protection from a volitional harm is only one attribute. The agent of Changes may also direct the moving invisible wall reflect the energy back to the attacker for 100% Action-Reaction, or even 10, 100, 1000 times of the original force to teach the offender not messing around. From personal experience of a living student, the reflective energy back to attacker also depends on the state of the remote target. The optimum condition is when the assisted target has natural "Detachment and HonNhien". Any Fear and/or Grasping / Fighting from the target will make the attacking force stronger and hard to reverse its direction. This is the Art of 'Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict'[D34] and the 'Ceasing of Notions from the Source of Oneness' exposed by the Father of Zen Bodhidharma[D35]. These preliminary results from the Science of Consciousness need a lot more researches and empirical verification. For example, a highly qualified practitioner can direct the mind to remotely observe the focused energy and protect the focused energy from being invisibly harmed by esoteric dark forces. The writer has personally observed and told by this qualified practitioner. The problem is that the qualified practitioner cannot watch the focused target all the time since there are many things to do while the esoteric dark forces can attack the target anytime! Here human "Rule-of-Law" where integrity of the person can be protected not only by the laws of the person's current realm (such as human) but also "illegal attact / Voodoos" from other esoteric realms. Similarly, if two personas are closely and intimately connected one party can send thought signal for other's joint effort in fighting the overwhelmed dark forces. The writer has had personal experience with his "close friend". This is just a start waiting for the contributions of many others!

The suggestions will be fully implemented in the 'Sudden Awaken then Awakening' with additional deeper processes leveraging the Sound Technology already acquired by a highly evolved student in the AwakeningBudh Movement:

  1. Ability to scan the quality of the participant and directly pointing out the major hurdle at the Present Moment the participant better 'do something about it',

  2. Creating favourable conditions to resolve the hurdle,

  3. Help the participant resolve the hurdle with or without external assistance from a counselor who may act as a conduit of cosmic consciousness to raise up the participant's conscious and energy level for specific purpose such as opening the participant's Heart (Anahata) and Crown (Sahasrara) chakras, exactly as the external assistance in natural levitation performed by the other student from Hindu tradition.

The Aspiration from the Heart and External Assistance is Not as current practices in all organised religions via Praying where Buddhism from Buddhist cheating Sangha is a part, such as praying to Amitabha Buddha, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, Maria, Jesus, or Allah which is a form of 'Bribery' that destroys both the masters and the slaves. There is a difference from 'bribery' with the 'courtesy' in self respect respect others in dealing with Actualities. Aspiration comes from Noble Inspiration with a natural outcome of doing something because it is 'the Right Thing to do' or Vision to make one's existence purposely meaningful in the evolution of one's Consciousness. That aspiration is beyond duality of self, duality of conflicts, and/or 'defending the Faith' due to its duality. This difference between "Oneness / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Prajna / Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within' and "Duality" is made clear in Questions-Answers from Bodhidharma[D35]. The 'right thing to do' Vision connects one back to accumulated efforts in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles and generates its own driving force relevant to one's Unique Comparative Advantages in ones' Learning and Doing with [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ].

External Assistance is Not an 'empty promise' put up by opportunists and impostors in the name of XYZ having No Accountability, but driven by Natural Laws of Action-Reaction of involved parties in the complex Dependent Nature of one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles. They are the Right Relationship started by Gotama 2500+ years ago, opposite to the master-slave relationships cheated in current Buddhism and all organised religions. It has been demonstrated in Actual Lives of many.

Besides Cultivable Prajna in Sadhana, the other PrajnaTIPs can be self implemented in one's KhaiPhong which can be greatly enhanced with 'digital world' where individual and community KhaiPhong - together with one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles - are all interwoven in a mesh of Networks that snapshots of one's activities make up one's private graph to know more about oneself via hard evidences from advanced technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics: [ Instinct >< Data >< Intelligence ]. Person-to-person real interactions and private Circle-of-Inner Circles networking are happening in ThankYou Clubs and Sadhana while all other activities are taken place in the Digital World of Communications and Collaborations. Thanks to open sources and many advanced technologies in huge risks and costs - sustainable only by competing giants - to be one step ahead of the crowd, from 2020 we have sufficient standardised tools and infrastructures to turn each individual / service into an ecosystem, interacting with other independently-developed yet dependent systems to form the Relevant Whole where Normative Intelligence of individual and service is a driving force to change oneself and the environment toward a Right Direction of What Count[R23]. This is in essence the core of user-facing mu ecosystems.

In brief, "Cultivable Prajna in Sadhana" relies on the power of an advanced student to enable one experience the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Prajna / Latin humanitas / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within" in Higher Consciousness which helps release available outdated Marks and Purifying the senses. These two processes will either rekindle one's past qualities and/or start the process of accumulated Transcendental Inner Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness for required Clarity and Insight in daily activities. Those personally verify Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth - with or without assistance from an external force - can Share their actual experiences from different angles to enrich and take Nagarjuna Madhyamaka out of Buddhist ivory tower to evolving actual implementations for measurable practical realities. They join the above "Cultivable Prajna in Activity" to demonstrate once and for all there is no chasm between Nagarjuna Madhyamaka[D38] and Asanga Consciousness-Only[D39] egoistically driven by scholars and monks not passing the Gateway-to-Oneness.

2.3 Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Kindness

Switches from activities to utter Silence of Higher Consciousness - called Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP) / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness - are self sustainable due to their real value-adds. Built on the foundation of accumulated Right Transcendental Inner Peace / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness via Sound / Light Technology and other Cultivable States and Stock of Prajna, we next introduce an Integrated Technology and Foundation of this Prajna three-fold Verifiable Process - PrajnaTIP in Kindness - to turn Gotama's modified[D26] Eightfold Path into "the middle way producing vision, direct knowledge to calm and self-awakening - the way of practice leading to the Cessation of Sufferings (Dukkha)".

HonNhien (natural, unaffected, spontaneous, purity) is the driving force toward Compassion = Kindness + Empathy in wider perspective at the point of interest (Compassion circle in Figure 2) and Stability at deeper layer of patch C having different boundary of the Compassion circles that one can influence and change patch A to change oneself and the environment one a part. Its common vibration of energy embraces both Kindness (mettā - tâm từ) to drive you Sharing Happiness and resources to make others happy and Empathy (karuṇā - tâm bi) to enable you feel the pains of others to do something about it as if they are your own pains. It is part of the four Boundless Qualities of the Mind (Kindness, Empathy, Joy, Detachment) in Right Speech, Right Action and Right Livelihood. This covers all community activities of 'the Right Thing to do' where one consciously generates Real Merits, widen one's perspective of one's circle and circles of inner circles while enforcing the carry-on lasting values of [ Compassion - Prajna ] in one's evolution of Higher Consciousness.

The bottom line of KhaiPhong sixth turning of understanding in the Science of Consciousness is that "Prajna / Wisdom" of Right and Wrong according to natural laws in the transcendental part of Latin Humanitas is cultivable on the foundation of No-Conflict Consciousness of Compassion which manifests only on the layered No-Conflict Consciousness leading to observable Natural Relaxation in Joy and Detachment. Since all manifestations come from Right conditions, we can statistically test this discovery based on observable actualities of identified students (more than 10) and their contributions of optimal conditions from diverse environments that they have at different depths of [ Transcendental-Awareness / Wu-Nien / Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" }, while most from cross-cut civilizations, cultures, religions, nations, languages, skin colour, super rich in 1%, etc, do not have and yearn for it just like an infinite-thought Bodhisattva in Lotus Sutra[D49]. The top of these contributions to be further explored is PrajnaTIP in Sound due to its discovered underlying natural laws applicable to most people. Having quickly obtaining required layered No-Conflict Consciousness that others accidentally have had in their 1000+ years of Right Efforts, one can try discovered optimal paths based on past preferences in forming self-sustainable clusters of the [ Haves - Stakeholders - HaveNots ] with concrete activities and relationships to sustain the process driven by Invisible Hands of Prajna and Economics.

Let's unveil the cover of this [ Compassion - Prajna ] mechanism to have a peak into Avalokiteshvara technology, not only at the Sound level as asked by the Infinite-Thought Bodhisattva in Saddharma-pandarika[D49] for a switching button from noisy activities to utter Silence but at a deeper level of Compassion in the invisible Sunyata. It turns out that this is an Integrating Technology, connecting the two reversed directions to Emptiness to spell out its practicality right at the present moment and in wider perspective of one's Continuity of the Consciousness. It is mathematically proven from Optimal Control Theory in launching a rocket where there are unexpected storms and winds, and the optimisation at the present moment will lead to an optimal trajectory.

  1. The direction from Verifiable Emptiness via PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light enabling the natural force does the heavy lifting and from the Transcending Outer Appearances via Cultivable Prajna in Activity. It is not at the thought level of 'meditation in Emptiness and/or of Not-Self', but at the released built-up physical and mental energy.

  2. The infusion of Perfected Nature to enable the Imaginary Nature toward Dependent Nature of Thing As It Is, and using the "Intensity of Attention" to dissolve outer appearances in "Relative Truth on duality plane of conflicting events" to Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict in the "Oneness / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Prajna".

  3. The dynamic interactions between "Self" behind all efforts and "Not-Self" in "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Prajna / Conscience / Ultimate (Wider) Truth" to sustain the Right Effort by Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] or the insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3]. It delivers what Buddhist Samatha and Vipassana cannot deliver in 2500+ years of stagnant due to not knowing the dynamic interactions between Silence for reborn and rejuvenation and activities at Beyond-Thought / Wu-Nien (Vô Niệm) of the Observed, No-Mark (Vô Vết) once action completed, Detachment (Vô Trụ) as one's basis of Right Transcendental-Awareness, or ComPassion (Từ Bi) / Detachment (Vô Trụ) / HonNhien for the manifestation of Prajna.

With deeper and sufficient accumulation of the Right Transcendental Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) in both directions to Emptiness, the technology - PrajnaTIP in Kindness - is an empirical verification of Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] in daily living activities. It is Transcendental in Emptiness for natural Freshness and Rejuvenation of 'HonNhien', far beyond the tautology at thought level within the conditioned box of an esoteric dark force as described in many Mahayana Texts.

At an instance of Kindness / Empathy, one has an optimum condition where the Seals of the Consciousness (Buddhist Dharma / Tao) in KhaiPhong (Table 1.1) are present: Awareness, Dependent, Prajna as visible outcomes of Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachmnet (Vô Niệm, Vô Vết, Vô Trụ >< Kiến Tánh, Duyên Khởi, Bát Nhã). So besides the real merits coming from Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes of Kindness >< Empathy, the Samadhi-Prajna (Right Transcendental-Awareness) if deep enough can register that moment to deepen that "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Prajna" into Compassion then settle it down into a Signature in one's storehouse Consciousness so the precious quality can reproduce itself in the reincarnation process, scientifically as different activation points in one's DNA: [ Kindness >< Empathy >< Signature ].

The reason why many sincere people having Kindness / Empathy from all organised religions and cultures cannot recognise that precious moment is due to the fact that they do not have required "Intensity of Attention" and Right Transcendental-Awareness to make that precious Awareness recognised. Building from the above proven technologies plus required accumulated Right Transcendental Inner Peace / Empty-The-Content toward Non-Thingness, one is ready to turn Kindness / Empathy into a Signature in one's innate Consciousness.

This is the best training of Right Transcendental-Awareness (Chánh Niệm) that not a single member of Buddhist cheating Sangha has even touched in 2500+ years (up to 2024). Since Right Transcendental-Awareness is the State of one's accumulated Stock of Right Transcendental Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness, this hand-on training in all activities direct one's 'Intent' to the precious moment of eye-to-eye meeting with the Observed, having an Empathy to feel the pain of the other, and instantaneously enter different depths of Right Transcendental Inner Peace which add more Clarity to the Right Transcendental-Awareness.

Others from different cultures and organised religions may not know about Right Transcendental-Awareness, blah blah blah too long by Buddhists cheating monks and nuns not even passing the Gateway-to-Oneness, knowing nothing about "No Conflict Inside - No Conflict Outside". But they - silent (Christian) Samaritans - do personally know and cultivate it to naturally turn their living environments into a Vibrant Ecosystem of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings, observable, testable and verifiable far beyond the Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta at words and thoughts from all Buddhist traditions at the bottom line of beneficial Values to the present living. One important argument is one should have the "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" - not harming others while cultivating oneself - in a longer "Continuity of the Consciousness". Then we should deliver this "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" which is Beyond Words and Thoughts, and Cultivable at different depths of Samadhi-Prajna into "Actuality" which have been failed by Buddhish cheating Sangha in its 2500+ years of "the Blinds touching Elephant".

Adding the focused "Intensity of Attention" and Right Transcendental-Awareness in a wider perspective of Compassion, the Vibrant Ecosystems become Ecosystems with sustainable Created Values in the [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] culture driving by the Invisible / Helping Hands of Prajna and Economics toward a Normative Gross National Happiness (GNH). These core technologies will be in Clusters of Open Innovation Networks (COINs). They are the collaboration outcomes of several identified qualified individuals, each having behind thousands years of personal investigations. We have high hope the time is Right for these precious technologies, introducing Compassionate Culture to Humanity in the Friendly Collaboration of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One.

Next is the Stability in invisible Sunyata which embraces 'Verifiable Emptiness'. According to Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2]. 'Emptiness' is a scientific (observable, testable achievable) fact and simply means 'not' for naturally reborn and rejuvenation of all manifestations. A description of 'emptiness' is not 'empty' and only a 'thought construct'. That is why Buddhist sophisticated system on 'Meditation of Emptiness' leads nowhere outside its ivory tower. Same things happen to the Buddhist sophisticated systems of cultivating Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta as utopia rather than as Real Quality of the Actual Living.

Note that once a "wromhole" is connected to short-cut the separation of two bundles of energy - verifying One a part of the Whole / the Whole in One - whatever experienceable in "forms" one can further deepen to discover the same things applicable to feelings, perceptions, impulse and consciousness. The Stability is scientifically outside all conditioned existence, call by Madhyamaka as the 'Ultimate (Wider) Truth', by Consciousness-Only as the 'Perfected Nature', by HuiNeng as the 'Self Nature', by the (real) Jesus as 'the kingdom of God within you', by Lao Tzu as the 'Nameless', and by Gotama 'In the seen will be merely what is seen; in the heard will be merely what is heard; ... Just this is the end of suffering'[D44], claimed to be the most cultivable stable state[D43] to properly manage one's realities. It is pushed to the front line in :

For whom emptiness is tenable for him everything becomes tenable.

For whom emptiness is untenable for him everything becomes untenable.

— Nagarjuna's Grand Summary[D38]

Thanks to be in the Right Time and Right Place of the new Era of Higher Consciousness - having direct guidance to assure the evolution of all realms going according to discovered Natural Laws - few qualified students in the middle realms and currently living persons are exposed to deeper science of consciousness to directly experience (1) the utility of "Detachment" and power of "Prajna" in dissolving deep tainted marks to veil the clarity of senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) (2) wider perspective and vision based on uniqueness of each identifiable stream of consciousness which will generate different changes due to different focuses, manifested from the One Source. This means the right time for changing human consciousness in many key areas for sustainable Higher Consciousness is readily available. The above described Natures of Things are ready for the mass to make life easier and happier. We wish everyone the opportunity to be part of the "Conscious Living ecosystem".

Technologies and facilities will be open up for full implementations of one's KhaiPhong (Table 1.1): facing the observed 'Object' at Wu-Nien / Beyond Thought (Vô Niệm), having No-Mark (Vô Vết) on one's 'Substance' once the action completed and Detachment (Vô Trụ) as one's 'Basis' for deeper cultivation of one's Fibonacci Layered InnerSpace for the 'Manifestation' of Awareness (Kiến Tánh) , Dependent (Duyên Khởi), Prajna (Bát Nhã) to direct a Right Action. The 'Right Effort' is basically a hand-on Integrated Learning and Doing life-after-life in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, cultivating the six Perfections [ Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Energetic, Right Samadhi, Prajna ] in the dynamic interactions between "Self" behind all efforts and the [ Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / the Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas / No God but Allah ] of "Not-Self".

To bring the normative "Intensity of Attention" and 'Right Transcendental-Awareness' into all activities and issues of humanity, we augment the natural Mirror System from Samadhi-Prajna - an Awareness at the sources of sense signals and the state of one's being for an optimal Right Action in sensing the Sweet Spot of the present moment - with digital Artificial Intelligence between a Normative Persona having its Digital Identities with pervasive Business Intelligence and Analytics - driving by rule-based assumptions - to make its life Easier and Happier.

3. At-Home

with one's "Prajna / Wisdom" in continuous Learning and Doing

'Right Living / Effort' as proposed by Gotama is deepening the modified[D26] Eightfold Path[D21], making "Prajna" a starting and the ultimate Perfection in all living activities. Prajna is technically  the Wholesome Integration of Intuition, Intelligence, and wider perspective of ComPassion from the Heart for 'the Right Thing to do' which embraces involved parties in the Totality of Existence, outside the boxes of all local involved parties. Without ComPassion there cannot be Prajna. ComPassion, on the other hand, is sustainable by Ethics according to natural Laws to be DISCOVERED and SHARED. It is the manifestation from Dhyana (Thiền, Zen, Chan) through frequent Reflections (Bhavana), Clarity and Insight enforced at different depths with Effortless Right Inner Peace / Samadhi (Chánh Định) to deepen the seeing 'Thing As It Is' moving through different depths of Prajna to its Perfection. Without "Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP) / #EmptyTheContent toward Non-Thingness" in dissolution the appearances, the Effort and Living are crowded with tainted senses and unnecessary burdens of outdated Marks to have sufficient Clarity and Insight in seeing "Thing As It Is" for a Right Effort.

KhaiPhong personal assistant and command centre mu has two separate private networks: one totally private with its own database, and the other for your teams of activities and relationships where "Rule-of-Law and Ethics" are transparent, accountable and enforceable. In the case of employer-employee relationships, your private employee network - by default - belongs to the company Human Resources for directing your suggestions and work planning to appropriate channels, and assisting you in a bigger picture of the organization.

To appreciate the economics of deep and wide applications of 'the Essence of the Right Living / Effort', to 'Know Oneself' at different angles and depths of

Whatever the streams [binding clinging forces] are in the World, it is Transcendental Awareness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved

— Answer to Ajita's Questions[D22]

let's look at everyone, from newly born to death bed. One is pulled and pushed by incessant activities whose driving forces one may be aware of only at the gross sense level, completely in the dark of the actual driving motives: phobia, fear, sex appeal, hoarding, fame, money, power, excessive addiction in almost everything including sex, politics, sports, gossips, etc. That is to be a slave to the senses - that almost all religious leaders are the slaves to grandeur of the self, without knowing their state of beings - rather than using the senses to understand more about oneself and the meaning of one's existence. Rather than flowing with the Living / Effort, using whatever available such as money, power, charming, sex appeal, entertainments, etc, as tools to accomplish 'the Right Thing to do' from one's 'True Heart', one is addicted and/or slaved to these tools that one cannot carry on and loose sign of a Worthy Existence of Real Merits and Lasting Values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The burdens of tools and emotions are hanging long after their actions completed, not only with the pains but also with successes and happiness.  

Talking about the Essence of the Right Living / Effort we touch right at the core of human endeavour exploring in all cultures, religions, social orders, political and economic theories that make up the current social fabrics. Here is the revolutionary role of an Integrated Education of Middle Path driven by Prajna of the "Right Thing to do" toward an Integrated Person being able to look at the current situation from outside-the-box to have a wider perspective of lasting Values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, and use whatever available tools and resources at one's disposal for 'the Right Thing to do' relevant in one's Present Moment.

The Change in Consciousness of the Cosmos in its new Era will enable easier access to Higher Consciousness for many to Understand and Act according to the Essence of the Right Living / Effort with Clarity and Insight without the need of thousands years of pounding on the same "Intensity of Attention" to be outside the box. We propose the Lasting Values in the Seals of the Consciousness (Budh Dharma) or the Tao (Table 1.1) depending on what angle one is looking at the Totality: [ ComPassion, HonNhien, Prajna ] from AwakeningBudh Movement, or [ Awareness, Dependent, Prajna ] from KhaiPhong technical arm as outcome of [ Wu-Nien, No-Mark, Detachment ] of HuiNeng and [ Dukkha, Impermanence, Not-Self, End-of-Dukkha ] from Gotama. The technologies for experiencing outside-the-box in Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness and Unity are Prajna three-fold Verifiable Process: PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light, Cultivable States and Stock of Prajna, and PrajnaTIP in Kindness.

To share this common understanding of the Lasting Values and the deliverable technologies for personal verification of these described concepts, we ride on modern approach in large scale AI using evolving ontology to be communicated across people and computers, making happened Intelligence Integration in multi-agent ecosystem from human (Normative Persona with its Persona Graph) and computer (Digital Identities) perspective. It is a system of evolving technologies since there have been many ontological systems developed and standardised since 1970's. We only need to add in this specialised domain that is a part of our custom Computational Knowledge Engine to make life of the user and/or organisation Easier and Happier.

"At Home" technically means one can be in the eye of storm in all creations and activities. There are scientifically cultivable processes as described above, riding on discovered natural laws for heavy lifting. It is known but hidden in Budh Dharma, waiting for modern implementations and commonly called (1) [ "Dependent Nature traceable to Oneness Oneness in the Dependent Nature / Tùy duyên Bất biến Bất biến Tùy duyên" ], (2) Nirvana in the mid of Dukkha. Here is the secret of the first king of Trần dynasty "Chỉ sai hữu niệm quên vô niệm - Wrongly grasp a conditioned thought and miss the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict, the "Right Effort" turns into "Wrong Effort"[R7.3]

With this At Home - starting from the Present Moment and Situation, one can:

  1. "Reversed-Engineer" one's identified Comparative Advantages to know more about oneself with possible Value-Added at one's specialized angle to the community Knowledge Base so others on the same trail do not have to start from square one.

  2. Ride on available situation and resources to make happened What Count[R23] in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness" with assets one cannot carry on at the end of this life time.

  3. Make happened sustainable Life Forces that may last beyond one's life time for the benefits of many generations to come.

Current scientific evidence proves that there exists a driving force - commonly known as survival instinct, preconception, moral, cultural and/or indoctrinated values - behind what one calls "Freewill". Please watch all parts of "Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do?" for the argument that one is the creator and driving force of one's environment where there exists a fundamental "Moral Value" at the core of evolution. This advanced knowledge has been kept secret and exploited by all isms where organised religions are parts to enslave humanity in the past thousands years of "Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts", generating unnecessary Sufferings by unworthy beings in both human and higher realms to perpetuate artificial masters-slaves relationships. What is that "Universal Moral-Value" and whether one can access to the "Source of that Energy" for a Worthy Existence, Making Life Easier and Happier?

It was at its peak by the well-known Illuminati, riding on their accumulated wealth to direct the latest technologies and all under their controls such as food, health, entertainments, politics, millitary, religions and education toward their goal of the New World Order (NWO). They are ready to eliminate billions in population reduction and enslave people via Grasping outer manifestations rather than Transcendental Inner Peace from the Source in Oneness for the happy and meaningful existence. This is not even the fight between the light and darkness in the duality of all manifestations, but the Essence of Existence - the Right and Wrong Efforts generating Sufferings or Happiness - towards the lasting Value of the Values according to discovered Natural Laws.

There are scientifically cultivable processes to sense that driving force - the normative from the totality on top of the positive values - pushing your "Volition / Freewill / Sankhara" toward an "action" causing Sufferings or making Life Easier and Happier in one's continuity of the consciousness - where one life time is only a dot in that continuously identifiable stream of the consciousness - named by Gotama as Ignorance or Prajna, by Jesus as "the kingdom of God within you"[Luke 17:21], by LaoTzu as "Nameless", by Nagarjuna Madyamaka as Relative and Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D45][D46], the Perfected and Imaginary Nature by Asanga[D39], the Awareness of Self Awareness[D19] by Dharmapala-XuanZang theoretical model, the Wu-Nien / Self Nature by HuiNeng[R5].

The glimpse of this outside the box but within the reach of every person has been seen by many, commonly known as (natural / momentary) Happiness, Wisdom, Prajna and its self-discovered solution that may benefit many generations to come as the breakthrough of Lý Công Uẩn and the Zen monk Vạn Hạnh[R7.1] in an effortless "coup d'état" and moving the Vietnamese capital to the present-day Hanoi. It is beyond Image / Word / Thought, beyond the pleasure and pain in rational arguments of all philosophies as presented in the Harvard Lectures about "Justice", touching to [ the Dependent Nature traceable to Oneness Oneness in the Dependent Nature / Tùy duyên Bất biến Bất biến Tùy duyên ]. The Oneness / Unchanging are discovered epistemic objectives of underlying natural laws in layered scientific processes of No-Conflict Consciousness similar to the discovered gravitational constant G. Esoterically, Isaac Newton / Lưu Bá Ôn / Liu Yi is one identity currently in dragon realm to continue his efforts in complete integration of Science and Consciousness Technology.

Via Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, dominant emerging patterns can be used to detect moving forces for an upper hand in espionage tactics, stock prices, architecture, national security, etc. Only through Consciousness Technologies one can short-cut the path via Wormholes to select the "Right Effort" at the Right Place and Time to direct forces toward a Right Direction, vaguely known in the past as Oracle. We will show - via PrajnaTIP in Kindness[R1] at the right time - that this is the best way to cultivate "Awareness-Prajna" not even mentioned in the entire human history to see things at the "Event Horizon" as done by Lý Công Uẩn and Vạn Hạnh. Thanks to the exposition of ET and Inter-Realms, we can briefly touch a deeper aspects of "The Right Thing To Do" that needs more research to take human mass consciousness to a higher play ground.

Due to the "Dependent Nature" of existence and the second law of thermodynamics, there is a very close connection and common vibration (ComPassion) between one's identifiable unique stream of consciousness and the environment - humanity - one a part. That may be the reason the "greatest successful drop-out and philanthropist" doing something to Reduce the Complexity in Caring and inequalities among human beings. These may not yet be the lasting reason to touch a more fundamental "excitement in doing good among people" as past excitement generated by his software. The simplest cause - according to the working natural laws - is "To Know More About Oneself" where common vibration of energy (ComPassion) is the lasting value, unknown but exploited by unworthy people in past isms and organised religions. That common vibration of energy is now visible and the foundation to reclaim one's innate [ Buddha Nature / The Kingdom of God / Latin Humanitas ] capable of [ Wu-Nien / Transcendental Awareness / Kiến Tánh ] { "Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind "Fresh / Free" from stain and attachment" }, knowing more about oneself from the Right and Wrong in all activities and relationships purely driven by invisible hands of cultivable Prajna and Economics.

The foundation of that "Know More About Oneself" is the innate Budh - Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas - capable to learn from past mistakes and know What relevant to one's present conditions. Hence the fundamental approach is "Not Reducing Inequalities" in the name of X, Y, Z as being exploited, creating unnecessary sufferings for themselves and the environment. The assurance of equal opportunities in minimum Food - Health - Education together with KhaiPhong of (1) sensing the driving force of Volition / Freewill / Sankhara and the "State" of one's Being to properly manage one's Realities, (2) opening the knots of outdated Marks for the Quality of present living, and (3) expanding one's Potentiality in higher Consciousness will turn the innate "inequality / duality" into diversity which is the essence behind "GsLp / ThankYou Clubs" driven by both the Haves and HaveNots into "Stakeholders" to further enrich all living beings to enable equal opportunity of being a part of the whole.

From perspective of any identifiable stream of consciousness - commonly known as a soul - there are cultivable aspects to assure the evolution of one's quality of the consciousness according to natural laws[D32]: (1) being an Integrated Soul (Consciousness) and recognising False Environment to pull and push one toward the darkness of all isms and/or manifestations including super natural manifestations, (2) generating Sustainable Mass Consciousness (Dân Trí)

Almost all intelligent beings - including all manifested Gods, Buddhas, Allah, Bodhisattvas, Saints known by humanity - have some form of fragmentations that one can logically detect by looking at fact-based "reported / created" outcomes of their actions [ Plan >< Execution ]. If we look at the soul as identifiable stream of consciousness interacting with innumerable vibrations from other streams of consciousness, we can scientifically see the momentary changed and conditioned existence known by Buddhists as viparinama-dukkha and sankhara-dukkha. The more fragmentation (less naturally integrated) - being messed up by unnatural concentration and painted utopia - the more one is fooled by the false environments as exploited by all isms and organised religions of the past. Through Internet, the cheating processes of those selling what they do not know nor have to perpetuate the international cheating clubs will be exposed. We "consciously do our part of unpleasant conflicts" but necessary to reveal the possibilities in a higher playground via discovered Consciousness Technologies. This action reduces the possibilities of world-wide conflicts while making room for more consciousness-living persons forming a natural defence of the environment they are parts. Even with ET technologies of "soul snatching" as commonly explored in "past manifestations" of Illuminati NWO, the integrated soul has its own natural defence to be part of the "light" in effortlessly dispelling the darkness.

On Sustainable Mass Consciousness (Dân Trí), we talk about the derived principle from Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] that "Kindness and Empathy once favourably developed in any community - having equal opportunities in minimum Food / Health / Education together with KhaiPhong - that community can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause, benefiting all involved parties". The 1% to 8% seem to be a natural law of required critical mass so the advocate will not be harmed by the dominant dark force as what happened to the (real) Jesus since the "kindness and empathy" is the realisation of "the Good Samaritan"[R16]. In reality the Sustainable Mass Consciousness (Dân Trí) can only be visibly and naturally manifested when the percentage reaching 51%+ in "Exciting with Conscious Living and Opportunities to Do Good" as actually observed in some highly developed Western Communities. It is The Only Way in raising the quality of one's consciousness to a higher level of evolution according to natural laws.

"Human Rights according to Natural Laws" can only be a Reality if and only if many (1% to 8%) in the community can recognise this innate "Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God within / Latin Humanitas" driving force. An angle and solution of these discoveries have been contributed 2500+ years ago - known by Gotama but not yet properly exposed and verifiable - to manage the negative factors such as uncontrollable urges of all kinds including "shopping to death", "killing others" and "improper sexual drives" via Transcendental-Awareness and possibly dissolving a dominant one via Prajna[D22] in Seeing the problem and finding the solution.

The highest importance of all is not falling into the trap set-up by all isms destroying humanity via hallucinated personal glorification - precisely stated by Gotama as Not-Self in his second discourse about the discovery - but being part of the solution as done by Gotama, the real Jesus, and many other dedicated explorers in discovering and Sharing the Lasting Value of the Values which is one's "Quality of the Consciousness" in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The word "consciousness" is repeated to highlight the "natural laws" about (1) the non-destruction of Consciousness, (2) the "Not-Self or Impermanence" for a wider view of existence, and (3) the one-to-one mapping between the Quality of the Consciousness and its Happy Existence according to natural laws.

Start from simple observation that most can know the "Right" and "Unworthy" relevant to one's present moment when tainted parts of the senses can be momentarily "Silent". Honestly and Objectively looking at the evidenced-based hard facts of the action via Feedback from [ Plan >< Execution ], one can see what needs to be cultivated in "a very dynamic process of Discovering and Creating the Real You". Knowing more about oneself via innate quality in one's "Buddha Nature" is the part of Human Rights and Only Way to solve thousands years of "Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts". One student in our group has discovered these processes of Natural Purification for heavy lifting according to Thing-As-It-Is. The technologies have been personally verified and initially tested, forming the verifiable Foundation of What known by Gotama as "Emptiness" or manifested as "Compassion and Wisdom" that most Buddhist monks / nuns / followers cannot touch the "Described" since their efforts in 2500+ years of descriptions are in debating on of what they do not know nor have. Having discovered the precious Foundation which can be easily polluted as evidenced in past organised religions unless 1% to 8% human population know, forming a critical mass. We hedge a possible solution in 50+ years to overcome two other required augmented tools to be part of the sustainable Solution: Economics and Technology. The timing and opportunity are optimal now to build required facilities enabling these discoveries sustainable while effortlessly challenging all isms and organised religions delivering their painted conflicting outcomes commonly sensed as the "Moral-Value" core denominator.

It is an Actual Possibility when one realizes that every Effort which is cultivable is a step either closer to the 'Right Living / Effort' driven by 'Prajna' or 'Sufferings' driven by 'Ignorance'(Table 2). This revolutionary solution is based on outside-the-box deep Awareness of accountability in one's action and the environment one a part at the lowest factor of individual Volition / Freewill that drives one's actions whose aggregates make up the aggregate accountable and transparent culture on top of legal and social aspects to externally enforce the transparency and accountability in the functional system.

The possible outcome is in Higher Consciousness having wider perspective of a Worthy Existence embedded in all involved parties to be fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part. There are innumerable activities and innumerable personal patterns, so there are innumerable deep and wide applications that may be sustainable even beyond one's life time once the process of being outside the boxes, freely accessing Higher Consciousness, is available and easily reproducible by most persons, similar to applications of electricity once electricity is affordable and readily available.

To 'Know Oneself' involves the scientific 'How' and the reproducible 'What' equipped with 'Consciousness Switches' to directly access higher "Transcendental Consciousness" (Detachment, Tranquillity, Equanimity, Purity), "Cosmic Consciousness" (Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness) and "Unity" (Sunyata Non-Thingness, Border line of conditioned and unconditioned, momentary Nirvana) as shown in Table 4 and Table 4.1: PrajnaTIP in Sound (and Light), PrajnaTIP in Kindness, and Cultivable States and Stock of Prajna.

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